It’s always been my party, you’re lucky that you even got an invite!

It’s always been my party, you’re lucky that you even got an invite!

YHC thinks of Qing a little bit like throwing a party. The initial excitement – What will the theme be? How do I make it unique and exciting to stand out from other parties? Then the fear in the back of the mind – What if no one shows up? Will I get laughed at if I say/do something stupid?

Party Plan

IPC is on the horizon and even being considered for workouts in SOB land. So I wanted to give the pax the flavor of an IPC workout. I took 2020’s Week 0 workout and modified it as follows. Here’s the original workout if you’re curious:

  • 25 air squats (instead of 50)
  • 20 big boi situps (instead of 40)
  • 15 merkins (instead of 30)
  • 10 bonnie blairs (instead of 20)
  • 5 burpees (instead of 10)
  • .25 – .33 mile run (instead of 400 meters)
  • Repeat 5 times over the course of running 2.5 miles (started at the top of the Murderhorn and made the long way home on Ballantyne Commons)

Party Favors

  • T claps to Yard Tool for sticking with this thing from his first workout just a month or two back. Getting faster and stronger each time I see him
  • Quote of the workout comes during the final mile of the run back to launch. Frehley’s is making a push to the front of the pack when Sabertooth gleefully states, “Nice of you to join the party at the front of the pack!” To which Frehley’s responds without missing a beat “It’s always been my party, you’re lucky that you even got an invite!!” A reminder that this is Frehley’s world and we are all living in it.
  • While simple in concept, I could tell the intended outcome was effective. Legs were burning after the squats and bonnie blairs. Modifications were needed. Pax were gassed in between stops.
  • Rousey and Sabertooth crushed this one, as they were darting like gazelle throughout this workout. During the last stretch Rousey challenged him to a sprint and they took off for the last 100 meters.
  • T claps to Sabertooth for taking the daily red pill and pushing to make these workouts. The only reason Kirby made it out was because he had to drive Sabertooth. YHC just would have given the keys and said good luck.
  • Rousey drives like works out: blasting with energy, reckless and unafraid
  • Good to see Franky and Loogie back out
  • As promised to Cooter, no cinder blocks were involved or hurt in the making of this workout. That will come later in IPC.
  • I’m intrigued by IPC because I want to challenge myself to push beyond my current fitness level. While this no doubt happens on a regular basis at workouts in the gloom, I’m drawn to the concept of tackling 4 separate workouts during the month of September that will require a new level of strength and resilience. One that can only come from the shared experience with other pax taking on the same challenge. Who’s with me? –>

Other Parties

  • Bike drive that Stone Cold is organizing for men in the area who don’t have viable means of transportation
  • Q school on 8/21 (looking at you Sabertooth and Yard Tool)
  • Sabertooth VQ on Saturday at Da Vinci!
  • Cooter launched us into the rest of the day in prayer

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