Blackhawk 8/7

Blackhawk 8/7

Today at Blackhawk was all about Elmers! Along with Chatterbox,  he has made the most strides from where he was at Day 1 up until now– that I have witnessed since joining F3 over a year ago.

You crushed it today Elmers…and motivated everyone to keep improving.

We had a group of Gazelles today–Gerber, Bottlecap, Dasher— along with Chicken, Elmers, and YHC,

Great job to all!

Special shoutout to our brother Chicken who had a rough week as he had to deal with a catastrophic event at work— We all know, if anyone is able to handle this type of thing with grace and respect, it is Chicken.

Then Chicken to us out–reminding us how precious life is,,,,and how the support of your brothers in crucial.

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