Rain – the most unpredictable thing in Waxhaw

Rain – the most unpredictable thing in Waxhaw

This was my second time at Watchtower, one of them being the Q… I was supposed to Q here ~3 weeks ago, but it got postponed. When I did my Weinkey for the earlier date, the weather outlook was great. When I checke it again the night before the workout, it said that rain will come down and the world will end. Well… should I adjust my Weinkey? The AO has a lot of cover… No, Iron Water sharpens Iron! Well, Mayham did not think so and moved MASH last second (!) to Cutherbertson… so we had to re-direct Landfill… Luckily, it was not terrible at all and it was only an (almost) refreshing drizzle.  DiCSS were given and off we went!


Mosey up the hill to the road, down again and to the back parking lot, circle up and: All the classics:  15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, Potatoe Picker, Mountain Climbers – then six inch plank followed by calf and runners stretch, 6 in plank, half way plank, upward dog and downward dog.

The Thang

Mosey around to the bus parking lot. My plan was to cut through and go around the school to the other parking lot. But since it was only my second post at this AO, I did not know better and relied on google maps. Anyhow… there were still lines for the parking spots. Find one and  side-step along the line 3 times, then do 3 burpees until I say stop… the last part was not heard by everyone, so I had to repeat it several times… listen up! 😉

Then, while partnering up, we moseyed around the school to the containers and grabbed a lifting rock. By overwhelming popular demand, we made our way to the bottom of the name-giving watchtower, staying on the road. One partner is running up to the tower and up on the tower, does 3 squads and came back to relieve the partner – all as a timer. The other one is doing an exercise – first curls, then trizeps, then overhead chest presses and then this thing where I always forget the name. “bend-over-and-pull-the-rock-up”. Rinse and repeat again – with a lot of moaning. During running to the tower, the importance of headlamps was discussed between Mad Dog and Zinfandel – much to my amusement… Mad Dog asked: “name one thing which is not better with a headlamp” – Zin: “sex” – Mad Dog: “no – it is better with it as you are seeing where you are going… ok, the down side is, that you see everything of your partner very much in detail”… lol!

Then, return the rocks and go to the covered area. Bottlecap was Q-jacking and suggested that while the partner with the stone is doing a rifle-carry, the other has to do 3 burpees and catch up again to take over the rock. I liked it – but not everybody else. So it was more a voluntary addition to the workout. Again, partner up with a different partner. One is running around the parking lot as a timer, but has to do 3 burpees on the other side. The other partner is doing exercises – Freddy Mercuries, Donkey Kicks, Big Boys, Mike Tysons… Rinse and repeat until I say stop.

Mosey back to COT – and done!


It was a cheerful group of people and bottlecap shared some nice stories and memories from his trip to Honduras (also see below). Besides “whaaaat? rinse and repeaaaat?” and the normal “I can’t give it any more”…Not much going on!


  • CPR class coming up next Monday and Tuesday 6pm – sign up now! A few slots are still open! Also good for kids who want to be babysitters! DM Surge!
  • Bottlecap talked about his trip to Honduras, where he was washing kids’ feet and handing out shoes. It was a great experience for him and his entire family, humbling, seeing life in a different perspective! “the kids have so little here – and still they are smiling! Meanwhile I am so miserable”, a life lesson not only for his youngest son!

Schneider took us out – thank you!

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