Chickens Throne of Lies

Chickens Throne of Lies

Diccs- Given and covered within 45 seconds since I was running my beak and about forgot to cover–

Warm up

Fast mosey to high school entrance


Jimmy Dungan stretch into a plank/calf stretch/ runners pose

Recover and stand up and get into squat position and then point right leg out for 10 tabs flap jack with left leg tabs.

Good form Speed skaters 10 count both side ( I saw a tear in Recalculating’s eye– I think he was like a proud papa!!)

5 low slow squats

Mosey around lot to the first Alcove

The Thang

Alcove 1

25 Donkey Kicks

10 Mike Tysons

run to road for 5 bomb jacks and 1 Burpee

Rinse Repeat one more time

Alcove 2

25 Shoulder Tabs

10 Mike Tysons

run to road for 5 jump squats and 1 burpee

Rinse Repeat one more time

Mosey around park lot to triangle area with benches near cafeteria and partner up with someone you normally do not hang or roll with

P1 run to circle island and back

P2- 200 LBCS/150 Pistol LBS/100 Gas pumps/ 50 Big Boys.

Mosey around school to stair area for 2 rounds around the triangle

5 -Mike Tysons

5- Bomb Jacks

2- Burpess

As a group 15 Big Boys/ 20 pistol LBCS each leg

Mosey to front of middle school for Step ups until 6 arrives then as a group 15 step ups

Mosey to COT for 10 Big Boys DONE SON!!


Well today was a first time in almost 1 1/2 that a completely ALMOST… let my Co Site Q down when I noticed  I failed to have a Q for Monday.. THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING!!   So since I screwed the pooch the only way to TOTALLY redeem myself was to take the Q and roll with it. I am no Zinfandel who has Q-ed 77 times but I actually enjoying Qing and pushing myself as well as the PAX. Today was a great turnout and it was great to see some new faces and old faces back out at Flash ( Fife, Mayhem, Golden Plates, and Magnolia) Nice work boys…

Chickens Throne of Lies– So at approximately 5:21 am while cruising to FLASH Schneider ask what the Wienke looked like,  I said not really sure bro as I decided to drink and eat last night verse write my Wienke out like I should. He threw out a few good suggestions and ask how many burpees did I have planned I said maybe 4-6. I guess after burpee 10 or so he decided to call me a liar during the workout.. HOW RUDE!!



Christ Closet needs help Saturday after the workouts moving furniture. ( Food will be there!! yes!!)

Next Monday and Tuesday there are spots for CPR training- reach out to Surge. ( Five Stones 6pm)

Pray for Pepper— Ghosted friend passed away in a car wreck and his family is in need or prayers and lifting up

Zinfandel is a darn good model for Gerber’s shirt push ( 3 left)





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