Case of the Mondays Because of Spiders…

Case of the Mondays Because of Spiders…

And for my 76th Q I’m glad the Chicken confirmed my attendance as the Q at Flash. It slipped my mind but great timing to get up on a Monday as today is the last week of a hectic 1st half at work. Stress at a high and I needed this more than I usually realize.

Arrive at the start and the street lamp is gone. I blame a shitty driver jumping the curb, man what a story that would be. As we greeted each other by voice since visuals weren’t an option we learned that Butterman hates Chastain! I’m kidding but he said he wishes his name had a story. I think the story is that Chastain is a dumbass and that’s a better story than most. A renaming could get worse so time to embrace the name…

DiCCS given. Let’s roll.


Mosey towards the high school

Circle up in front of high school

  1. 20 x SSH IC
  2. 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs
  3. Jimmy Dugan
  4. Downward Dog
  5. Upward Dog
  6. 10 x merkins IC
  7. Calf Stretch
  8. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey to steps. Bunny hop steps. Bear crawl sidewalk. 10 x Donkey Kicks. 10 x Heels to Heaven. 2 x Mike Tysons at bottom of the stairs. Double the MTs each round. 3 rounds

Mosey to traffic circle. 1/2 a Webb. 1 x Sit Up, 4 x LBCs. 2 x Carolina Dry Docks between each round.

Mosey to wood benches. 20 x dips. Mosey to school for 20 x Step Ups. Run a lap around 1st traffic circle. Rinse and repeat 2 rounds.

Mosey to Rudy’s Poo Palace. Wall sit. Heel lifts x Air Press. Toe lifts x Boxing. 2 rounds.

Split into two groups. A true Indian run up to main road and long way to front of the middle school. Complete the last 5 rounds of the Ab Webb. Indian run back to COT and 50 seconds of Have A Nice Freaking Day!


On Monday morning only gets worse when you start by walking into a spider web as you hop into your car. What if I was to tell you I ran into another web as we ran to the traffic circle. I got a real case of the Monday’s boys!!

As always a pleasure to lead! See you all in the gloom tomorrow…

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