One-year anniversaries can creep up on you!

One-year anniversaries can creep up on you!

Last week I was at Asylum again after a few weeks of an Asylum-break and Flanders hit me up with “hey – we need a Q for next week, I’ll put you on the calendar!”. Thanks, Flanders! I was camping last weekend – and as you all know, this comes along with a little bit of too less sleep combined with bad sleep quality and one or two beers (per hour, as we count them in Germany ;-)). So – late last night I threw a Weinkey together and was hoping to get it behind me. Then, this morning, I realized that it was raining! I did not check the weather yesterday – and for those who know Asylum, you know that there is almost no shelter from rain. Well… rain or shine… bla, bla… On top of this, I also realized – Thanks for bringing this up as well, Transporter – that it is my 1 year anniversary with F3! How time flies, when you have fun! DiCSS were given and off we went!


Mosey around the parking lot to Novant, circle up and: All the classics:  15x in cadence: Side Straddle Hops, Maroccon Night Clubs, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers – then calf and runners stretch, 6 in plank, half way plank, upward dog and downward dog.

The Thang

Mosey to the bank on the east. Or so I thought it was a bank the entire time… Transporter was kind enough to correct it – most likely it is a kind of a town hall? I still don’t know it. And Google Maps does not help either, that’s almost impossible! Partner up and grab a lifting rock. While one is doing the exercises, the other one is running to the end of the parking lot and back. Exercises were: Curls, Trizeps, overhead presses and… well, I forgot the name again… the ones where you bend over and pull the rock up… Rinse and repeat, until I said stop. I think it was almost two round for everybody…

Mosey to PetSmart parking lot. Starfish: 3 Burpees in the middle, one corner (where PetSmart is) 20 donkey kicks, second corner 10 Big Boys, third corner 10 Mike Tysons, fourth corner 20 Freddie Mercuries. I was very kind to the Pax and asked, if we should replace the Big Boys and Freddie Mercuries due to the wet conditions, but: only iron sharpens iron! We are not melting when it is wet out there! I think it did not matter anyways at this point, as everybody was soaked in sweat already… Rinse and repeat – we accomplished two rounds. Marry till the 6 is in with American Hammers, Floaters and Shoulder Taps.

Mosey to the top of the Hill, down into the neighborhood. 7’s. Starting on top of the hill with 1 Bobby Hurley, then at the bottom of the hill 6 Speed Skaters (2 is 1)…

Mosey back to PetSmart – I realized I had more time to cover, than anticipated. 4 Corners, deconstructed burpee: first, 5 Merkins, then 10 ins-and-outs, then 10 Squats, then 5 full Burpees.

And still, there was time left… the Pax were too fast and strong today! So: mosey back into direction of COT, do some step-ups and Dips in front of Brooklyn Pizza and then go back to COT. Done!


Not much mumbling or chatting going on – or I just did not hear it… But: I always take this as a good sign, because then everybody is too much out of breath to actually complain!

Shop Dawg (my then next door neighbor) Eh’ed my on the first day when I arrived (7/3) with the moving truck, while he helped me getting the sofa in the house. But since I had to go back to WI, clarify some stuff up there and come down to beautiful NC again, it took me another ~2 weeks to get out for the first time (07/15/2020). Man – I’m glad I can write this here now, as I really thought I had to die! Tanyatine was Q’ing Dromedary at 100% humidity and I was almost throwing up the entire rest of the day! But I managed to hold everything in… I am really glad to be part of F3 Waxhaw, that I was able to improve my physique and overall form, meet great people, have the opportunity to lead and become a better person over-all! A big thank you , to all of you out there!

Besides that: it is Bypass 38’s birthday today! Happy Birthday!!! If I would have know it, I would have baked 38 burpees in there… Actually, we needed only 3 more… deng it!


  • Blackhawk needs more people – especially from Walnut Creek. If you know anybody, EH them! (Saturdays at 6:30am)
  • Qsource: we need more people to step up and lead!
  • Bypass stepped up to be Co-Site-Q at Asylum (Thanks, Bypass!), since Swimmers opened Aspen as a new site!
  • Asylum needs more Q’s in August: now is the time to shine!

Shop Dawg took us out – thank you!

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