We Don’t Stop, the Body Shop

We Don’t Stop, the Body Shop

7 non-Lawsonians and Briarcrestians joined me for a sweat filled morning.


mosey to other side of parking lot; Plank, 15 plank jacks IC, 15 Mountain climbers IC, 15 peter parkers IC, 10 merkins IC, 10 CDD IC, 10 parker peters IC, 10 wide arm merkins IC


at parking lot wall: 40 donkey kicks, 30 shoulder taps, 20 jump squats, 10 mike tysons; then run to first light pole, back to start remove donkey kicks and continue, to second light pole; continued until we hit all 4 poles

Heels to Heaven x20 IC, LBC x15 IC, Dolly x10 IC, flutter x10 IC

To other side of lot:  pair up, 1 partner does pull ups, timer is other partner doing 40 donkey kicks; repeat until complete each three times

To other side of lot: Bear crawl across lot, 10 merkins, back to start then 9 merkins, etc down to 6

break to complete Mary; then finish bar crawls with merkins 5 to 1

To other side of lot: suicides-2x -at each line 10 CDD’s, at start 10 jump squats-total of 4 lines each time


Threw in a little pump fake by asking where the rocks were and not using them.  Rea View has small rocks.  That’s it.

Thanks to Das Boot for the invite to a site I do not get to and PAX I don’t normally work out with. I think they all expected a lot more running but kept it to under 1.75 for a change in the regular routine.   They are all coming to Ignition on Monday though as they felt cheated with the mileage.

Das Boot-holding it down for North Waxhaw. Was disappointed that I didn’t throw in some weird exicon move like Bizarro or Bolt 45s (scoured the B section)

Chipotle-broke out the khaki shorts, must of thought today was Bushwood . Speaking of Bill Murray, there is an exercise named after him in the exicon.  I think some people are trying a bit too hard.

Bill Murray-Same as Sheldon Cooper, but instead of decreasing reps after

each run, you do 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 BBSU, and 10 burpees each time.

After the 3rd or 4th round, one of the PAX said he felt like he was in

‘Groundhog Day.’ That is what led us to Bill Murray for the name

Big Tuna-shunned Chipotle all morning, not 100% but I’m fairly confident these guys don’t like each other and don’t talk much

Bunyan-By himself on the MASH crew, he said he did 350 block shoulder presses in 2 minutes.   F3 Hartsville where you at?

Noonan –No relation to Foundation.  Also, was disgusted during his shining moment of bear crawling when he noticed the Q stopping 10 seconds after stating “try not to stop”

Jwow- Killing it, out front all morning.  Said he went to Body Shop rather than Floater as he felt this was going to be an easier workout (or because he was afraid to get maimed crossing the street) 🙁  He was right :((

Honeycomb– Something to work on, he was only smiling like 97% of the workout.  Only said “good job” and “thanks” like 10 times this morning.

Announcements: YHC took us out





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