Bagpipe – Where everybody knows your name

Bagpipe – Where everybody knows your name

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you’ve got
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot
Wouldn’t you like to get away?

Sometimes you wanna go
Where everybody knows your name
And they’re always glad you came

Rolling into Bagpipe in the gloom reminds me a lot of the opening song of Cheers. Tagalong’s steady bearded strut. Cooter’s 4Runner parked in the same spot each week. The squealing of Rousey’s two tires and reverberations of heavy metal music. Scattered cars in the dark from runners already launched. Upon arrival YHC instantly feels at home. A place where everybody knows your name.

YHC wanted to take the pax on a wide-reaching tour through the corporate park while keeping the exercises simple. T-claps to Wild Turkey (who stole this from Premature) for leading a similar format at the Brave weeks back that provided the inspiration. Four (called exercises), three miles, while working together in cadence. Every half-mile we did all four exercises starting with five and escalating up an additional five to 20. Then back down to five. We ended up not doing the final set of 5 of each exercise, so ended up with 75 reps of each called exercise.


  • Heard a few pax sharing how their hopes were dashed of an easy workout to ease back into the week. Mission accomplished. Tagalong went so far to even say he’d put this in the future weinke playbook. The simplest workouts are usually the hardest.
  • At one point Rousey found himself immediately behind Frehley’s during the set of 15’s, which prompted cautionary tales and curious statements from many pax. Happy to say Rousey made it out alive.
  • Goonie immediately called YHC out upon calling plank for the 6 before our first set. He also kept me honest on my burpee cadence count, which was all over the place. I still struggle with the count being somewhere between a 5-count and 6-count. At the end of the day we got 80 burpees in one workout, which is impressive.
  • Much respect to Mountie, Odd Job, and Yard Pole Tool for crushing workouts in the last week. Well done and keep up the effort, you each have been fantastic additions to the crew. You’ll be leading a workout in no time!
  • Sweetwater crushed the AYG sprint back up the hill to launch and left Happy Meal, Jerry World, Rousey and YHC in the dust. Must be the unlimited amount of beer he has access to that gives him the extra speed.
  • Frehley’s was thoroughly disgusted and disappointed with the fact that we left the final set of 5 reps on the table. Extra credit for later today/tomorrow morning before you post.
  • Sparkler Bombs are a thing. Happy Meal enlightened me and you should check them out.


  • Crane Relay
  • Flag making party on 7/17. 2:00 p.m. at Taco Stand’s culdesac. Going to be a good time for current and future site q’s to build a shovel flag, enjoy some libations and food with the brothers. Plant the flag, grow the men, serve the community
  • Speaking of current and future site q’s – Cooter is rolling off and delegating to none other than SOB’s rising star Rousey. Next Tuesday will be the ceremonial passing of the shovel flag when Rousey steps up. Pax are eagerly excited and fearful of what will come with Rousey and Cable Guy leading as site q’s.
  • Grateful for your service Cooter and creating a culture at the site where everybody knows your name

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