Infantry Bounding Drills or Classic Slip and Slide???

Infantry Bounding Drills or Classic Slip and Slide???

This morning’s muggy gloom called forth 8 strong brothers for a wet, grassy beatdown to be remembered.

The Thang

Big League Chew (QIC)


  • SSH-25
  • IW 25
  • Hip Rotations 3L 3R
  • Merkins 20
  • Mtn Climbers 15
  • Daimond Merkins 10
  • Peter Parker 10
  • Flutter Kick 20
  • Dolly 20
  • Heel to Heaven 15

Mosey to lower 40

  • Pull Ups 5
  • Dips 10
  • Run to Javilin Poles
  • Squat Jumps
  • Rinse repeat 4X


Rock Pile for coupon

  • Plank Tunnel of Love crawl 3x

Deposit coupon

Line up in the Endzone (Infantry bounding drills)

  •  Now you see me Now you don’t. 100 yards.

Countertop (QIC)

COP 6+ MoM

  • LBC x25
  • Bicycles x20
  • Back-scratchers x 20
  • Side-crunches (x15 each side)
  • Plank x 1min
  • Leg-lowers x 15 (hold)
  • Dolly x15

Ark Loader

  • Bear Crawl x 50 yds
  • Sprint x50 yds
  • Plank
  • Bear Crawl x 50 yds
  • Sprint x50 yds
  • Plank
  • Crab Crawl x 50 yds
  • Back pedal x50 yds
  • Backward lunge walk x 50 yds
  • Back pedal x50 yds

Up against the Wall

  • Peoples Chair x 1 min
  • Speed Squats x 20
  • Peoples Chair x 1 min
  • Speed Squats x 10
  • BTW x 1min
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 15
  • Mosey back to Disc Golf Course
  • Plank
  • Jail break up the hill



This morning’s gloom provided the added challenge of 97% humidity.  A bonus for sure if you’re training to invade a small South American country or getting ready for one of the many upcoming mud run / obstacle races.
Big League Chew was channeling Gunnery Sergeant Hartman this a.m. and kicked the workout off at a pace that had YHC gasping for breath starting with the “warm-up” and on through the pull ups, squat jumps, tunnel of love low crawls and infantry bounding drills.  On the bright side…The beauty of performing bounding drills on a water logged field with good turf is that you can get an extra few yards for each dive #F3SlipAndSlide.
Outland has been officially chistened:  A milestone was reached this a.m. as Outland demanded it’s toll from a PAX , who will remain un-named, spilled Merlot during the Ark Loader.  Way to push youself brother.  #missionaccomplished

Welcome new #F3PAX:
Vila (Dave Kaminski) origin: Robert Joseph “Bob” Vila is an American home improvement television show host known for This Old House, Bob Vila’s Home Again, and Bob Vila

Francis (Rob Ginas) origin:  Francis from the movie Stripes

Shark Bait (Scott Lyons 2.0) origin:  Nemo’s initiation at into the club at the base of mount “Wannahockaluggi” in the fish tank


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Big League Chew
10 years ago

Spillage…AYE… that would be me…I thought I might draw some merlot from one of the new guys when I dialed this up. Some of you regulars need to come check out the Outland and give us some love. I think we got the best overall on a Saturday in the southland nation. You can’t get to it all in one workout.

Hair Band
Reply to  Counter Top
10 years ago

Great job to both of you!

The humidity & the workout made it almost impossible to catch your breath! When I question my sanity while in the midst of the thang but love the fact I did it when it’s all over, you know it was great.

Big League Chew
10 years ago

That’s why we keep coming back for more isn’t Hair Band. It was great to have you out! I love your enthusiasm. Keep posting and before long you will be laying down the smack.

Hair Band
Reply to  Big League Chew
10 years ago

Thanks, the workout is one thing but now that I am getting to know some PAX that really helps to stay involved.

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