Ranger Physical Fitness Test (revisited)

Ranger Physical Fitness Test (revisited)

8 of Area 51’s strong came to Devil’s Turn this AM to take on the 2nd running of the Ranger Physical Fitness Test (RPFT).  Results were improved across the board from the Halloween Challenge which means this F3 thing must really work.  Iron sharpens iron brothers.  Aye!

Special thanks to Rock Thrill who had the idea to revisit the RPFT this week.  It was time!

The adjusted test was comprised of 4 parts:

1)    2 minutes of perfect form merkins (goal = 49)

2)    2 minutes of full sit-ups (goal = 59)

3)    Pull-ups (dead hang with no lower body movement x 6 minimum)

4)    5 mile run (goal = 40 min or 8min/mi)

At Halloween, 3 of the 9 taking the test passed. Today, 3 of the 8 passed, but there were 3 more who just missed it on the sit-ups (2 by just 5 sit-ups!).  Looks like some more mary is in order (or at least full sit-ups) prior to the next running of the RPFT. 

Here is a summary of each event:

1)    Merkins: Range 39 to 105 with Rock Thrill pounding out the max (114% increase since Oct!), Frasier also posted a big gain with 60% more than Oct.

2)    Sit-ups: Range 38 to 75 with Frasier taking the lead with 75 (53% increase), but Rock Thrill showed the most improvement with 54% increase over Oct.

3)    Pull-ups: Range 5 to 25 with Frasier again killing it (92% increase from Oct.) with Fletch showing the biggest gains with a 117% increase

4)    5-mi Run: Range 31:43 to 39:08 (6:25 to 7:55 min/mi) with Bratwurst and Frasier laying smoke boots to pavement and Fletch and YHC just trying to keep them in sight.  NOTE: ALL PAX PASSED THE 5-MI RUN PORTION OF THE TEST! 

Another shout out goes to Rock Thrill for making sure all PAX knew the way back home.  Thanks brother!

YHC is glad to witness the improvements in the fitness of the DT regulars. Over 100% increases in 3 months?  What?!?!  Keep it up brothers!

For those taking the test for the first time today, we will be sure to revisit in a few months to check the progress.  Keep posting at F3 and you will see results!

It’s an honor brothers.  See you in the gloom.

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