With 1 minute to spare YHC rolled in and gave a short dumb disclaimer and we were off.
Learn we have two FNGs.

Mosey to Basil Thai for warm-up:
20 Side Stradle Hops (SSH) in cadence (IC)
20 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Windmill IC
Plank, Down Dog, left right leg stretch.

Mosey to fountains and partner up.
Two rounds:
P1 – Lap around two buildings
P2 – Dips

One round:
P1 – Step up, with leg lift
p2 – Lap

Mosey carefully across the street the hotel
Grab a lifting rock
15 Curls + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Presses + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Tricep Extensions + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Squats + Run Up/Down the Hill
15 Bent-Over Rows + Run Up/Down the Hill

Mosey to the Brown Bag
20 Slow LBC, squeeze it tight.
1 Donky Kicks, Run up the stairs 6 Jump Squats, Run out and Down
2 Donkey Kicks, Run up the stairs 6 Jump Squats, Run out and Down


20 Flutter IC
20 Dolly IC

Mosey back to launch
1m late. Im sorry. Again.

Moliest of Skines
Rolled in hot. Speaking of hot… Taco Tuesday in the Wingy house was filled with one too many Jalapenos. Case of the firebutt almost had me phoning in a friend.
Two FNGs.
Jerry World brought out Yard Tool. Regional Manager of Toys-R-Us -> Now owns a Construction Company -> Olafs mind is wandering… = YardTool
Odd Job (FNG from Monday at Firestarter) brought out Mountie (Super Trooper)
Originally from Canada -> Mountie. As Q, with now Site-Qs present, YHC reserves the right to rename.
Originally from Canada -> Annexing part of Canada in Super Troopers 2 = Super Trooper.

2.0 Friendly Workout with Kickball on Monday July 5th 8:00 AM. Park across from the Gibson Near the small park.

Olafs birthday is August 13th
Crane Relay is also August 13th – Signup

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2 years ago

So it is Mountie or Super Trooper?

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