Tuesday Pump and Run

Tuesday Pump and Run

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning and all the guys that wanted a real workout this morning came to Chiseled. This was also the final day that Fuse Box was site Q for this site. He saw a need and started this site after being site Q a floater and F3 Waxhaw is better for it. I enjoy this site because of the use of the gear and I encourage those that Q this site to take advantage of the gear.


From COT we moseyed up to the entrance of Five Stones  then came back to the backside of Mount Chiseled.

15 Side Straddle Hops, 15 Imperial Walkers, Calf stretch, Plank, 6inch plank, Merkins, Runners stretch both sides, Plank, 6 inch plank and then recover. Moseyed back to COT grabbed our coupons and headed to the area by the Gravel.


Starting at the Gravel parking lot we lined up with our coupons and did:

3 sets of Dirkens -20 reps, then run to the first island in the parking lot and back, 15 reps, then run to second island in the parking lot and back, then 10 reps and run to the third island in the parking lot and back.

We repeated this with Incline Merkins on the coupon and then again with a Bench press and lastly with an overhead press. (Due to time limits we did not do a set of 10 on the overhead press.)

We then moved to the parking lot by the office were we did a circuit of equipment Using hair burners (2 across small parking lot)  as the  timer the Pax rotated through  the following excercises:

Weighted Lunges, weighted squats, slam ball with a squat and triceps extension, Hair Burners, Sideway shoulder raises, forward shoulder raise, overhead shoulder raise with a curl, knee slams with a dumbell, step ups and dips.

Finished up by running across the parking lot and back to COT



Overall it was a pretty good workout. The weather was pretty good, not as oppressively humid as it has been lately. I had a little technical difficulty early on with my blue tooth speaker, so we went with no music. We ended up with about 2.25 miles of running and still had a pretty good workout with the equipment.


Christ’s Closet this weekend. Fuse box stepping down as the site Q


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