If he dies, he dies

If he dies, he dies

There were a lot of queries this morning before we started. Some guys wanted to know where we were going. They wanted advice on what to wear. What to bring. Would it hurt? The Q didn’t answer any of this in order to keep it exciting: “if he dies, he dies.”

We ran to Champion Forest. Then we partnered up and went to the stop sign with either partner carries or wheelbarrows. Hollywood cheated.

Then we divided up into two groups and Indian ran to the end. The Q may have spilled a little at that point. We did a lot of reps of mostly ab work.

Then, we found a 60 pound sandbag that someone negligently left at the end of Champion forest. Two guys grabbed the bag and ran as hard as they could. Everyone did 5 burpees and chased until two guys caught them and took the bag. Repeat to the end.

Found the hill at the top of the middle school. Did a lot of exercise. then one man sprints with the sand bag to the bottom. Other guys make sure to beat him. Repeat up and down the hill till everyone had a turn. exercises in between.

Repeat of the sand bag chase until we get home.

Kiss your loved ones. Tell them how precious they are to you. Listen. God loves you so much, and is so glad when you reflect that love to others. We sharpen each other because we know that Iron loves best.

Ice9 out.

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