Track is Wack

Track is Wack

Warm-up Run

Original plan was to run Champion Forest today but we happen to run by the stadium and the gate was wide open so we did an audible.  Cobbler belts out “you can’t lose me on the track”.  Gerber gets excited to run on a soft surface.

The Thang

400, 400, 500, 600, 800, 400, 400, Bleacher run, 400


We were all a fan of the flat surface.  The Pax was not a fan of the bleacher run.  BC jumped the fence to get a head start and I had flash backs from the last time I lead bleachers.  Wolverine talks about all the records Kyle has on the big board. Proud Papa!  Crouton was looking to do some 100’s, maybe next time.  Sprinters are typically not fans of running and 800.  Smither’s was flying around the track today.  Heard him talking about his football day playing WR Center. Glory Days!  Of course KY was sliding all over the place today.  He even did some Yoga before heading home.

Thanks BC for taking us out

Peace out!


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