Workout in the Cloud

Workout in the Cloud

Sounds like a virtual workout but it wasn’t. I assure you it was quite physical. “What could be more humid? How about if we workout inside a cloud?” Gerber was right. We had a foggy morning and it was nasty. The great part about these muggy mornings is you really feel like your money’s worth.

7 guys for Homecoming. DiCCS provided and were off. A nice warm up Mosey up the entrance road hill with some stretches and such at the top. Down to the bottom for a couple of hill repeats. 10 Merkins at the top and 10 Dry Docks at the bottom. Repeato.

Partner time. We don’t get enough ab work on the regular. I was aiming to fix that. 150 Big Bois, 150 Flutters (2=1), 150 and In and Outs. Partners alternate running the loop.

Mosey to the elementary school side. At each of the numbered columns, starting with 8, do burpees then run a loop, working your way down to 1. Instant whining from the pax. Apparently Chatterbox just did this on Tuesday. Yeah, but I’m nicer and we started at 8 and work our way DOWN so it gets easier as you go. More whining. Fine. Audible to only the even numbers.

Apparently not all the pax heard the audible so a few got some extra burpees. You’re welcome.

Mosey to the lot near the playground and grab a lifting rock. Take it to the curb.

  • 10 curls
  • Rifle carry to the opposite curb
  • Sit your rock down and Sprint to the starting curb and back
  • 10 Curls
  • Rifle carry back to the start
  • Repeato with 10 Shoulder Presses tenement again with 10 Tricep Extensions

It was here that I decided to rename Fuse Box to reFuse Box. It’s one thing to modify as needed or even Q Jack. You get a name change (unofficial) when you blatantly reFuse to follow instructions.

My first thought was to shame him into compliance but quickly realized he has no shame. Instead I decided we’d run more. I know he enjoys that. For unknown reasons the playground is now entirely fenced off. So instead we headed through the trails in a big loop that lead us right back out to the parking lot we started in. Oh well…

We still need to get to the other side of the playground so we made a big detour around the fences to the road. 5 Merkins at each light pole (4 total poles) until we’re at the basketball goals.

Mosey to the sidewalk for the last round of exercises.

  • 15 American Hammers in cadence
  • 15 LBCs in cadence
  • Suicides to the center line and then the far curb. Sprint!
  • Repeato

Mosey back to COT for a couple Box Cutters and then 30 seconds of Have a Nice Day.


“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member” – Groucho Marx reFuse Box

So reFuse Box knows what he’s doing with his reFusenik behavior. He knows that he can mess with me and I’ll put up with it. What he ALSO knows, and for the life of me I’m not sure why he’d choose MY Q to play this game, is that I have a compromising photo of him…


F3 Dads – Every Saturday from 9:00-9:45 – Bring your kids, boys and girls, and have some good quality time with them

Blood Drive – Saturday June 19th at 5 Stones from 9:00-1:30. Sign up NOW

Homecoming is looking for Qs. Get off your butt and Q something


YHC took us out


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