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Workout in the Cloud

ByChastain Jun 12, 2021

Sounds like a virtual workout but it wasn't. I assure you it was quite physical. "What could be more humid? How about if we workout inside a cl

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¡No más!

ByDasBoot May 20, 2021

Five PAX arrived at Homecoming with no idea that the following Monday was Sugar Ray Leonard's birthday.  Yes, Sugar Ray Leonard of the famous 

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My First Homecoming Dance

Byxerox May 8, 2021

Thank you to Honeycomb for helping me plan my first Q at the Homecoming site. Six strong PAX took on the Weddington Middle School/Elementary Scho

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Near Zero (Station)

ByHoneycomb Apr 18, 2021

Warm up: 20 each of SSH, Moroccan night clubs, Imperial Walkers.  Herschel helped me do the counting. The Thang: Mosey around to the schoo

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Such A Bad Idea

ByBanjo Apr 10, 2021

What a beautiful morning to get out and bathe in the pollen that is suffocating right now.  8 very fit guys and 1 fat feller showed up for a nic

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Easter Egg Hunt

ByHoneycomb Apr 3, 2021

I thought it was appropriate to have an egg hunt since this is Easter weekend, so I put in a request to the Easter bunny, and he delivered! We

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F3ers almost mowed down F3ers

ByChicken Little Aug 22, 2020

DICCS- CPR certified, cell phone, modify as needed, social distance, do not sue anyone Warm up- Nice mosey up around middle school drop off

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This ain’t no Party, this ain’t no disco

ByRecalculating Jul 19, 2020

Got the call from Posse to head up Homecoming on the day of the SOB 5K Charity/Virtual run.  We agreed that 5K was the distance; but that it nee

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The Sweat Factory

ByGerber Jun 7, 2020

Posse and Banjo gave me the keys to the Homecoming show for my Birthday Q I’m also typing this while laying in my food coma in a hammock post

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Run Bread Bowl Run

ByDoughBoy Jun 1, 2020

I love the opportunity to lead a group of men and come up with new ways that people think my workouts are insane.  For some reason, I enjoy the

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