What is you favorite station

What is you favorite station

DICCS given, well minus Cell phone and CPR, those are kinda important try to do better than me and include those 2.


Quick mosey to the front of five stones and circled up for some ssh, planking, runners stretch each side with a reach for the sky on each side, dis bot end with calf stretch much to Damascus’s displeasure.

The thang


We grouped up in 3s and maybe one group of 2 and hit 4 stations around mt chiseled, blockies, curls, squats with the block and big boys. The last station was the tire flip on the other side of the campus. We rotated stations with a group of runners leaving squats and going to the tire flip station. We did this rotations twice. Next we gathered at mt chiseled and did derkins ( feet on the block) 25 took a lap x2, then squats with the block 25 took a lap x2, then heels to heaven 25 times took a lap x2. Last we headed back to COT with a rifle carry where we circled up and made Damascus happy by ending with a post work out calf stretch.



Christ closet is in need of help on Saturday mornings folding and sorting.

Church on the street is also looking dor help caring for and reaching out to the homeless


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