Oh, that McGee

Oh, that McGee

McGee was scheduled to lead The Body Shop in April but conveniently went skiing a couple of weeks beforehand and injured himself out of commission for several weeks after that.  Waxhaw was excited to have an F3 OG leading one of the newer workouts in the area, though it became apparent some were not as excited to see him.

“Oh, that McGee.  I should have stayed home.”

Or when he called 10 burpees OYO to start the workout… “Really?!”

And when he began to explain his plan for partner work of 200 / 300 / 400 reps with 5 burpees each partner when exchanging between exercises and the running lap, One Star offered, “You guys grab him and I’ll beat the $#*% out of him!”

Midway through, there was a, “Who invited this [man of questionable lineage]? Don’t let him Q again!”

And after all that, the final partner work was 100 burpees, but with mere squats at the interchange.

10 PAX came and felt the wrath of McGee’s groin injury and left much more tired and hopefully a little stronger for it.  It was a beatdown and the only disappointment was that the Waxhaw Form Police didn’t show to maintain their honor.  The PAX held strong but the Form Police seem to have just talked a big game and didn’t come up north when multiple invitations were made well in advance.

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