Facing The Hydra

Facing The Hydra

21 brave and motivated men decided to Face The Hydra this morning…with most of the workout in a foggy, wet and pitch black, gloom.

COP Warmup:

Mosey to front Soccer Field for COP

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Squat x 18

Jack Webb Pyramid 1 & 4 x 7

The Thang:

Mosey to Playground


P1 5 burpee/fence jumps

P2 Pull-ups until P1 completes


Rinse and Repeat x 2.5 (Q audible)

Mosey to Football Field

Trail Relay (Honoring those F3’ers doing the BRR and in prep for the MudRun)

P1 hits the trail (.25mi)

P2 runs the length of the field with the following every 10 yards then jogs back:

1. 5 Merkins

2. 5 Spartan Burpees

3. 5 Maktar Jai’s

4. 5 Squats

Rinse and Repeat

***Plank until partner returns then partner-up for 10 partner TUNNEL JUMPS between repeats (P1 planks while P2 jumps over P1 then crawls under…counts as 1)

Plank-o-rama until all return from the jungle.

Right/Left arm high

Right/Left Leg high x 2

Hip Drops x 10 each side

Fast mosey to front parking lot for COT/BOM.


Awesome performance this morning by a pax of 21 driven men.  Shoulders were sufficiently smoked during COP with special thanks to Jack W and verified by mumblechatter of “I have no shoulders left”. YHC will work on his cadence count and thanks all for humoring him during his first solo Q. Once warmed-up, all tenaciously attacked the fence burpees/pullups.  YHC cant thank Runstopper enough for the mid pull-up snack #Chips which really energized him. Although we initially were planning to repeat x 3 it seemed a good idea to call an audible, around the 2.5 repeat point, considering the greater fun that awaited the pax (never mind the almost perfect fence front flip by a nameless pax). Nice landing Gummy!

At the Football field, all became quiet except for some grunts over the next 30 minutes. With visibility near 10 yards it made for an interesting atmosphere. #FOG  The pax really showed character in teaming up those with/without headlamps as groups 1&2 entered the trail.  T-claps to Greyhound for his perseverance today and to Fireman Ed for completing the last trail loop at an impressively fast pace considering his occular challenge earlier this morning! #eyegoop

YHC would like to thank Bugeater, 49’er and Donkey Kong for allowing him to Q in honor of their upcoming BRR. Thank you, pax, for posting!!


South Charlotte CPR class

When: 9/14/2013



Covenant Day School; Building C (near the school buildings not the main sanctuary)

Cost: $10. Class is limited to 20 people.

Contact: StoneCold at wes.wetmore@randstadusa.com for information.

Safe travels and performance to all BRR competitors!!!



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