Kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend Birthday Bash

Kickoff to Memorial Day Weekend Birthday Bash

Welcome to Diesel and I am your host and guest of honor for today’s workout here at Diesel. I chose to Q this weekend in celebration of my 43rd birthday.

Due to the busy holiday weekend I am late with my backblast. But like they say…better late then never. Rumor has it that im actually not that late compared to someone like Posse who is still weeks late in turning in his backblast.

The Bottom Line:

Disclaimer provided to the 13 Pax in attendance.

I wanted to do something a little fun for this weeks workout. Since we are a 0.0 site…I had the Q juices flowing and didnt want to just stand around. As Premature stated…man…someone has some energy to move this morning.

So we started with warmups first:

A: Moroccan Night Clubs

B:  Imperial Walkers

C: Side straddle hops

D. Potato Pickers

E. Stretch to the right foot / Stretch to the left foot

F. Shoulder stretch (arm across body) each arm

G. Tricep stretch (old baseball elbow stretch) each arm

H. Downward Dog and Upward Dog

I. Calf Stretch Each Leg (The Damascus favorite…told me I wasnt a good Q unless I included these in my weinke)

J. Sit on your six and spread your legs open…stretch down the center, to the left and to the right

The Thang:

Let’s Mosey. Neighborhood Watch…meet Diesel! We took a walk around the campus of Five Stones Church where the Pax talked it up…around Mt.Chiseled and up to Cuthbertson Road and back. Along the way we stopped at different times and myself and a long with others that I called upon led us on different exercises such as Side Straddle Hops, Big Boys, Squats, Merkins and a few others.

Returned to COT area and completed the following:

  1. Bent over rows (coupon)

      2. Overhead press (coupon)

      3. Canadian Beavers (bricks)

      4. Curls (coupon)

      5. Merkins

      6. Hammer Curls (bricks)

7. Overhead Tricep Extensions (coupon)

8. Weighted Shoulder Shrugs (bricks)

9. Recalc’s Curb Squats

10. Scarecrow

11. Bobby Hurley’s (I love seeing Mayhem cringe when hears the name of a great Duke basketball player)

12. American Hammers

13. Lay down chess press (coupon)

14. Speed Skaters

15. Captain Morgan Squats

16. Al Gore

17. Outer Curl/Muscle Flex Curl (bricks)



I absolutely love Diesel. It is my favorite AO to workout at. I one day hope to become site Q here when Chastain and Brutus decide it is time to move on. The workout which doesnt always need to include running brings a change of pace and something different to our region. What I enjoy about this site is the chatter, laughs and good times had at this site. Diesel is a site that everyone should try at least once. We have the reputation of being slackers and the weaker link AO, but when people show up, they learn that you do get a quality workout in at Diesel. Some of the big guns in F3 Waxhaw have shown up recently to Q Diesel and they seem to have walked away with a new found respect for Diesel.



Memorial Day Convergence: 6:30am on Monday 5/31 at Waxhaw Elementary

Beer Run: June 5th. See Zinfandel for more info

Christ’s Closet needs your help. They need help with clothes folding. Please come out and help fold clothes on your free time. Any time you are able to give helps. Saturday’s 10am to 1pm or if you need a week day/night, please contact one us on the CC team to get you access to the building. Family friendly. Can be used as a service project.

Rice & Beans is in need of men’s underwear, socks and belts (men’s, women and kids). See Centerfold or Turnbuckle for more info.

Blood Drive: Saturday, June 19th at Five Stones Church. Sign up now:

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