Sweatin to the 90’s Grunge

Sweatin to the 90’s Grunge

Yesterday YHC took the lloonngg trek from the Bushwood/Marvin country club to Flash/Cuthbertson to say hey to some old friends and maybe pull off a little marketing for the ever-growing Marvin Location. I looked at my 5:10am Alarm setting (says Bushwood/Dromedary) turned it off and swiped Green on the 5am Cutty alarm that had been neglected for quite some time, then took the 15minute trek to Flash with Inspector Gadget’s 2nd Q. Was great to see some old familiar faces. From time to time we have get up and check out some old stomping grounds. It was like the Flash/Ignition crew had seen a ghost as I walked up. Truth be told, the Bushwood crew is closer to SOB and will often times cross county lines and hit up Firestarter on Mondays. I thought to myself it would be a nice change to head down New Town Rd and double dip by taking the opportunity to re-invite the PAX to the far West Side site to meet the many new faces of F3 in the Marvin area. Heard Gerber yell out he was Hard commit, so I knew we reached someone.

On to the Workout; 17 PAX showed up in the sticky weather for a beauty of a morning that had a huge Orange supermoon and a good ole Tanyatine Q.  I am commonly known for a pretty regimented Q that mixes a little bit of everything from stretching, Ployo’s, Running, and Rock work. This would be no different, except with a bit more mileage into the mix

Warmup: Mosey to regular Lot

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Calf Stretch
  • Up/Down Dog
  • Plank Jack
  • Mountain Climbers


After the Warmup, it was clear we would be in a sticky situation with the 70+ degree weather and abnormally high humidity. we took a rather long jaunt to the rarely used north side of the course through the woods to MC and Arborvitae ln. At the corner of Arborvitae and Autumn blossom, alternate 10 merkins and 10 Speedskaters (2:1) at the four houses to the circle on Running horse. Mary for the 6

On Running horse, 15 Drydocks at the first circle, 15 Jump Squats at the other with 3 burpees in the middle both ways. Repeato 3x until the sweat starts dripping. This was a bit longer of a run than I think we all expected! Mary for 6 with some Big boys with Gerber and Flo in the lead.

Take the long trek back to the favorite rock pile. Crank up the tunes to Lithium on Sirius with some Social Distortion, Nirvana, Veruca Salt, and STP. Each PAX line up in a parking space ready for Suicides. Start with 10 of the exercise called out, go to short/mid/far line doing 10 reps at the beginning for 30 total reps.

  • Curls
  • Tris
  • Shoulder raises
  • Hernias
  • Chest Press
  • Bent rows

Rifle carry rock to rock pile, head back to COT where Smuggler and Long Haul decided to have their weekly sprint to the Finish; Great job fellas!

End with the Favorite-Finish-Fiji-Fast-Feet Merkins for the last 45 seconds. Say that Five-Times-Fast!


We definitely got more mileage than this guy expected! Somewhere between 3.3-3.5 miles for some! great job by all the PAX sweating it out (YHC was dripping through the wife-beater and T).

Some general observations: Great to see Kinish back out here hopefully making it more of a habit again, Awesome to see Both Gerber and Rockwell head on over to Bushwood today and take me up on my Cross-over challange, Zidane hit up his second workout and will hopefully start to be a regular-Go to bed earlier buddy!! And finally, huge props to Deep dish for killing it before going under the knife tomorrow.

As previously stated above, look at the schedules on the F3 SouthCharlotte site, there are now over 18 locations to choose from just in Waxhaw with exercises at different times to suit your needs. Go out and check out some new sites, or visit some old ones, cross over the boundaries, see what SOB may be doing. I guarantee you will meet some new faces and the familiar ones will be happy to see yours.


  • Blood drive 6/19
  • Need Qs for Last Call and Bushwood—Step up fellas
  • Waxhaw Convergence on Monday Memorial Day 5/31- Waxhaw Elementary MURPH or Popeye Bootcamp. Check GroupMe for times
  • Prayer request for Deep Dish getting hernia surgery! ballsy move with me on Q, luckily you modified when I called Hernias!!

Enjoy the week fellas! see you somewhere new tomorrow!

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