Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to Mouth

DiCCs given let’s mosey through back trail to Lawson.

Past the pool make the right and take to the end where there are 2 culdesacs. Head to the right one for some warmup stretches.

Mouth to Mouth – from opening of culdesac to opening of culdesac (aka mouth to mouth) is about 200m with hills in between. Run mouth to mouth then jog back. Rinse and repeat 5 times.

Hills were a killer.

Jog down Trading Path make a right at Great road to the end of the culdesac.

Another Mouth to Mouth for 800m then jog back and rinse and repeat.

The Huge hills in between sucked.

There is clearly a theme with this workout.

The theme is hills you floosey….get your mind out of the gutter.

Mosey to light post right before the house on Surveyor General that has a driveway of 3 driveways. From that light post to first entrance of the pool is 400m then jog back.

Rinse and repeat and finish at COT.


Dasher is looking forward to turning 50 and getting his first intimate exam. He is looking for a third so him and swimmers can get credit for a back blast.

Potential candidate, Wolverine – said he may be able to get Taphouse to sponsor and host an event. I expect some monkey humpers on their next Qs as they prepare.

Ghosted was able to rope me into a pursuit Q tentative summer of 2024.

Praying that Premature biopsy turns out okay as there was something in the MRI. We are here for you brother!

Lot of great mumble chatter and a tough workout. Thanks for letting me lead!



June 10 starts white water center races which are monthly 5k and 10k. Live music and Beer after

June 19 – Blood drive

Monday Memorial Day Convergence 7AM start for an FNG friendly workout

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