You can do anything you want, but I’m not taking you to the ER

You can do anything you want, but I’m not taking you to the ER

From the very dark cinema side lot, we circled up for jumping jacks and time bomb burpees.

The Main Event
Forming an Native American Run from the shopping center to the St. Matts brick wall via Elm.
50 shoulder taps & run to the curb
40 hip slappers ”
30 regular push-ups ”
20 incline push-ups ”
10 decline push-ups ”

Run to the weird neo-classical financial building with the fountain
50 squats & run to the bush
40 Sister Mary Catherines ”
30 Mountain climbers ”
20 step ups ”
10 jump ups ”

Native American run back to AO
50 LBC & run to the curb
40 Flutter ”
30 Dolly ”
20 Freddy Mecury ”
10 sit-ups ”

Finish with Time bomb burpees and jail break home.

Beer Run
Functional Fitness Challenge
Get vaccinated

A boisterous crew, but we did enough miles to keep anyone from getting too silly. Circuit City, Mic Check, Morning After, Floor Slapper and War Eagle out front. Good to see Olaf back. Cooter asked for no hills and I delivered. He’s cancer free for 2+ years, prayers up for that.


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