Saturday’s are for….Coffeteria?

Saturday’s are for….Coffeteria?

13 guys at Commitment – 10 for the bootcamp and 3 mother ruckers.  1 FNG so I attempted to scare him by offering to show him my DiCCS.



Mosey to the school, quick audible for a longer run and mosey around the cul de sac and then up to the school.  Circle up for Jimmy Duggans to catch our breath.

Short mosey to the paved hill for 50 crawl bears on your own.

Mosey to the bus lot.



I asked J Woww the most important question he would be asked all day.   So important that I got down on one knee to ask it but left him absolutely no context.  “JWoww, mini or full?”.  To my surprise, he answered mini.  (I thought he was loose experienced enough to take a full one).   Mini Murph it was.  Partner up.  Partners split 150 Merkins and 200 Squats (as opposed to the full of 200 Merkins and 300 squats) while one partner runs across the parking lot to do 10 pull ups.  I somewhat stole this idea from JWoww on his last Q as he had us doing pull ups and I was sore for 3 days after.

Mosey to front of the school for “four corner” sprints.   50% run one straight away.  70% the next.  All you got the 3rd, and walk/recovery jog the 4th.  I told the group we would do this twice.  I asked after the second one if anyone wanted to do it again.  Both Popeye and Mad Dog wanted a third.  After the third I asked if anyone wanted to do it again.  Popeye decided he did so we did a 4th one.  I asked again and the pax figured out a way to shut Popeye up.

Partner up groups of 3 for Grinder (learned that at Q school).  Here’s what the three partners would do in rotation:

  • Split 50 Turkish Get Ups, 100 Sister Mary Katherines (2 is 1), and 200 Speed Skaters (2 is 1).
  • Runner
  • Chest Press and Row round 1.  Curls and triceps round 2.  Keep alternating until we are done with the leg heavy reps.

Rocks up.  10 minutes left and I’m out of wienkie.  10 Aussie Burpees a minute for 5 minutes.  Thank you Bottle cap who provided the timer.

Split up gazelles and Clydesdales for a race to the cul de sac.  Clydesdales got a 3 “tree” lead.  We needed every bit of it.  Thanks to Popeye for some phenomenal offensive line blocking, we tied.  So instead of one group doing burpees….we all did Mary.  20 Gas Pumpers followed by 20 LBC’s.

Less than a minute so all you got back to COT.


  • Another great group at Commitment.
  • Welcome Dead Head who gets his name by way of being a pilot for United (and your based out of Charlotte???).  Paul was brought out by his neighbor bottle cap and gave it all he had today.  I thought there was a couple almost melot spills, but he held it in.  Great job on the last sprint.
  • Tanyatine (Tonyatine?) out there expounding about the proper way to do speed skaters again.  I think he is trying to make a move to get deputized by the form police.
  • Bottle Cap wondering what was beneath all of Ghosted’s clothing today (weird).  He suspected he was covering up a rock hard physic and he cant wait to see what Ghosted looks like in summer time clothing (again, weird).  You will always be Steve to me Ghosted.
  • Good to see Deep Dish finding ways to stay active and a part of the group even with his injuries.  Great Job Turn Buckle and Jingles getting him out.
  • Freon scared me at the end complaining about his heart beating.  I was there and waiting with freshly brushed teeth in case he dropped.  Good push on the final run and it was good getting to know you at Coffeteria.
  • Speaking of Coffeteria, we had one of our larger showings today.  I enjoy getting together with all three workouts afterwards and hearing how tough the other workouts were, how the week was, and having some deeper conversation.  Who am I kidding, I like hearing the locker room joking and ball busting that goes on at Coffeteria.  Some highlights:
    • Popeye letting us know he likes his coffee California girl style – blonde, sweet, and artificial.
    • A small amount of finance channel talk at one end.  Bit Coin apparently way down this week has a few feeling kicked in the gut.
    • Xerox arrived wrapped in a towel like an old lady.
    • Ghosted wondering why we don’t do 1 Q per month challenge every month.
    • Awkward Season 4 GIF by The Office
    • People still talking about Dough Boy’s Ralph episode from Commitment like 6 weeks ago.
    • And so much more…



  • WTF sponsored by WTH
  • Blood Drive is June 19th

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