Feel a Prickle and Enjoy the Goo

Feel a Prickle and Enjoy the Goo

13 PAX showed up at a dimly lit parking lot with their mats in order to become more flexible.

We stretched, we laughed, we shared our feelings.

Some passed wind, a few reached past their limitations, and the Q was inspirational.

Most vowed to return next Wednesday, while others left with a strange look on their face.

All were amazed at the total body and mind transformation that occurred.


Come see what all the hype is about next Wednesday, 5:30am at the playground in Millbridge.

There is WTF, a blood drive, and many other 2nd and 3rd F opportunities in our region.

Happy Birthday Deadwood. Instead of 40 burpees we made him do 40 partner stretches.

Bratwurst was our 6th man. He is an OG and one of the PAX behind the start of the Waxhaw region, if you can ever keep up with him when he posts, a great PAX to speak with and get to know.

Thank you for allowing me to lead and SYITG.

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