Earth day to Waxhaw

Earth day to Waxhaw

the floater: 18 men showed up at floater

  • DCCS shared
    • Disclaimer:  PAX are here at their own risk
    • Cell:  We had cell phone in our group
    • CPR:  Several PAX were recently certified
  • Safety: shared boundaries of Waxhaw animal hospital to Main Street. 

mosey to warm up

20 SSH ic

10 IW ic

potato pickers b/c stretching feels great, then walk it out to a plank for runner stretch, 10 murkins “while your down there” and finish warm up with 20 LBCs for those abdominals.

let’s mosey to find a nice parking lot with 4 corners to perform a star series with meet in the middle.

10 burpees then to center for 5 murkins

20 big boys  then to center for 5 murkins

30 flutters then to center for 5 murkins

40 plan jacks then to center for 5 murkins

repeat 2 X

run up Kim jung Hill (KJH) and catch breathe, 5 count for the six, then on to a short .25 mi loop with 10 more big boys at each of the next three corners.
mosey to Main Street! Staying together is important.

ah yes, here we are; here is a nice place for a new pattern of:

10 Derkins

20 step ups

& 30 dips then run .25 mi loop

repeat 3 x

good cardio and hearts are pumping this whole time.
about 10 minutes remaining, we found a wall (the exterior wall to Waxhaw’s finest bike shop) as we needed some helmets for this next exercise 😉

Handstand and toes on the wall, we are upside down and will now recite the pledge of allegiance In cadence  – (my best made up on the spot creative exercise yet and hope to see it added in more lexicons to come) I think everyone liked it.

mosey – down KJH for one last sprint back up KJH before meeting at COT for a american hammer web 4:1 with murkins. We got to 36:9 and added one more murkin to hit 10 right on the 45 min  nose.

Cliffs notes:

my first Q at floater was successful no one got hurt and we did it together, made it feel good! Missed several pax  I thought I wouldn’t see here.

Some notables I recall:

Made Ice nine, dry heave or whatever he does so someone said that was a good thing if I could get him to do that.

Shnider – is a beast, he was always in my sights kept pounding.

Chicken little – also always pacing and pushing harder and harder. He makes you better.

Thanks easy button for asking me to Q.

flanders making significant pushes up KJH was impressive.

Bypass: 1st post since new born! Congrats on so many levels there.
Prayers for Shakenbake’s grandmother – found another tumor, prayer requests that this one is benign and no surgery. We ask God to be with Estelle Pauline and family. And for all others we ask that you lift them up to the lord to hear our prayers we have inside our hearts and family that they may feel your presence with them.


WTF is happening, may 1st, start pout 6:30 sharp Blackhawk clubhouse, sign up and come support your fellow PAX. $10




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