Pure Rock Fury

Pure Rock Fury

9 men made their regular weekly mistake by showing up to a Hoover Q of Meathead.  YHC is not sure which site q made the worst decision, Voodoo for scheduling YHC #voluntold or Lorax for convincing Bounce to lead that motley crew over at Anvil.  Pretty sure someone’s standards are slipping.  Who puts a Georgia fan in charge of anything?  It’s probably those Clemson fans he keeps hanging out with, bad influence.  And let’s not talk about those Alabama snowflakes.

But I can’t talk trash about Bounce, he and I live within 3 miles of each other and we drive out of the Metro region to post to Area 51.  That’s like a 17 – 19 minute drive to Calvary on a cold Wednesday.  #YoureWelcomeArea51  #SmellsLikeDesperation

On to the terrible idea that was YHC’s Q.  No need to badger Voodoo about the worksheet he probably whipped up between Tuesday morning emails.  It’s structured to keep the weinke from going off the rails with enough flexibility to keep it interesting.



Warmup:  25 two handed swings, IW x 10, Sharon Towers x 10, Prying squat, 25 two handed-swings


First Round:

Double Swings 10 sets of 6, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off (10:00)


Second Round:

Armor building: 2 x Dbl Hamburger Hands (cleans), 1 x Dbl OH Press, 3 x Dbl Freakin Front Squats  #FFS, 1 minute per set, 15 seconds rest, for 15:00 (12 sets) 


Third Round: 5:00 minutes to complete per set, 2 sets

Upper Body Pull, Explosive: 2 sets

Lawnmower (5 per side), Dbl High Pull: 10 or 10 per side, Dbl Up-Right Row:10, scratch that, single upright row is bad enough, 50 swings pax choice #Just DoTheWork


Murray: 30 seconds each, because we’re too old and ugly for Mary

Plank & Hollow Body Hold


Italian Notebook:

YHC started working on this thing somewhere around 7:00 on Tuesday.  Because, well why not?  It’s the same reason YHC is writing a backblast at 8:30 on a Wednesday.  This work ain’t gonna get done on its own.  Thankfully for YHC, 8 brave souls proved that point this AM.  Legitimately.  They worked hard.  YHC was feeling it the rest of the today.  

It’s also a solid #Respect crew that shows up regularly.  #OldManStrong Pretty sure Focker was the War Baby, and YHC isn’t far ahead of him.

It’s worth noting that the Anvil crew must have gotten lost going “off campus” this AM.  They wound up at Meathead and all had to tie their shoelaces or something at the same time.  Again, this is what one can expect from solid Georgia-influenced leadership being assisted by those Clemson boys.  Couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag with a map.

The real fun for YHC is, as always, pulling together a playlist.  It’s one of those cathartic things, like therapy.  Searching through the internet for some good tunes that don’t get overplayed.  Anyone who’s been to a workout when YHC is pumping some tunes #HooversJukebox knows that the musical range can be anywhere between the eclectic, the aggressive, classics, soul, punk, motown, you name it YHC probably has it.

So the flavor of the day was an aggressive mix of hard punk and metal.  Enjoy.  YHC just found the American Sharks recently, they’ve got a solid Motorhead vibe.  If you’re into that sort of thing.

The Flatliners – Calming Collection

American Sharks – Overdrive

Monster Magnet – Powertrip

Deftones – Swerve City

Clutch – Pure Rock Fury

Soundgarden – Room A Thousand Years Wide

AFI – The Lost Souls

Foo Fighters – La Dee Da

Incubus – A Certain Shade of Green

A Perfect Circle – Judith

P.O.D. – Boom

Rage Against the Machine – Know Your Enemy



Blood drive – Friday

Beer Mile – a month from Friday


Thanks to High Tide for the take-out

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2 months ago

Nice lead, Hoover. That was brutal.

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