Finding New Territory

Finding New Territory

Light numbers this AM, just a total of 3 Pax showed up and ready to get after it.  The plan was to get off school property and look for some new (or rarely used) territory- Rose Cliff hill.  To get warmed up the workout hit us in the face almost immediately as we took a right out of the parking lot

The Thang

Speed bumps (x3) Burpees x10 at each with ruck press vs jump

Light posts (x6) Bent over rows, curls, overhead press and triceps extension w/ ruck


Once at Rose Cliff Hill

Starting at the base…circle driveway

Lung walk to their next driveway, ruck the hill and perform the following at both the top and bottom of the hil

Top of Hill: Squats x15

1 min of overhead hold (each Pax slow counted to 60)

Bottom of Hill: Ruck swings

Complete 5 total rounds

While this component to longer then expected, it did save us having to do the Burpees/ row, curl, press on the way back


Once back in the parking lot:

Standing side crunches x12 per side

Ruck press flutters x20 in cadence



Announcements: Blood Drive

Take-out: Well, that did not happen, but I was able to share the story of my niece- Search slack for details.  Thanks for all the prayers

Ye’ Old Mole Skinny

  • Thank you for the opportunity to lead/ Thank you for following my lead without complaining
    • This core group along with the guys that pop in and out continue to push for 60 mins.
  • WT wanted to get off property, hope you enjoyed the hill
  • Geraldo claims he can’t do burpees- thanks for the modifications
  • Overhead presses are hard, hence the focus today.  My goal is to get better, so by the time we got to the 5th round I was done
  • Thank you to Wild Turkeys M who provided me a one of a kind, commissioned art piece.  Its perfect gift for a family member.  This was a unique request and his M did a great job.  I will have another to give to my M, something about the kids for mothers day
  • Speed Ruck tomorrow….get some!
  • Combat Carl creates a plan, Combat Carl sticks to the plan.



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