The Evil Elevator

The Evil Elevator

So with all the buzz about IPC swirling around I thought we should start incorporating some of week3’s exercises and distance into a workout.  I remember during our solo quarantine days, a Pax posted an Elevator workout (@Gerber?) – with rounds building off the previous.  So I plucked this off the fax machine with a few tweaks to emphasize the movements for IPC.

Warm up

Mosey to the front of the school: SSH/various calf/Dogs/Dugans. THEN DEMONSTRATE several moves including Mike Tyson, Shoulder Tap MERKINS, and an IPC Squat  (lots of mumble chatter from a few – deadwood and easybutton……)

The Thang

Head over to Brookmeade Neighborhood.

Double Dimes down Brook Glen circle.  10 Bobby Hurleys at circle/10 speed skaters at top. 2 Times

Main Stage: The Evil Elevator:

Head to intersection Abbeywood & Brookmeade.  This first section of the neighborhood is 1/2 mile. split that in half and two 1/4 mile sections at the diagonal corners.

Run 1/4 mile

10 Mike Tysons

Run 1/4 mile

10 Mike Tysons/20 IPC Squats

Run 1/4 mile

10 Mike Tysons/20 IPC Squats/30 Shoulder Tap Merkins

Run 1/4 Mile

10 Mike Tysons/20 IPC Squats/30 Shoulder Tap Merkins/40 Single Leg Lunges

Run 1/4 mile (running late on time) 10 Tysons/10 IPC Squats/10 Shoulder Tap Merkins/10 Lunges/10 Big Bois

5 minutes to get back to COT

We got in some good mileage (3.25) and over 250 upper body/leg work in.

Lots of good work out there today:

Co- MVPS today go to DoughBoy and Chatterbox – Doughboy made it a point to get through the exercises with form and complete all.  Chatterbox with grit and determination only a month in and finishing one of the longer bootcamp workouts.

Bread Bowl- he got some form pointers from some angry form police – but that doesn’t bother him.  He also put in some mileage so should be sleeping through all his zoom classes today

Ricky Bobby – He got out to a fast start to set the pace.

Red Tape – runs easy and it looked pretty effortless

Schneider was grinding man- his legs were tired be he was pressing through the runs-

Deadwood and Easybutton were setting the pace out front – their listening skills need work

Rockwell is sneaky fast – he was pushing the front of the pax.  IPC cant contain him – if he shows up

Surge – continues to get faster after taking ignition/swarm runs..

Magnolia – seems to be building up his speed and strength as was pushing the pace

Sugar Daddy –  consistent posting everyday and usually the first respect pushing the front guys

High Hat – he’s not going to sneak up on you, you’ll hear him coming- but he’ll also pass you.  you left me in the dust today..

Swimmers – silent assassin – doesn’t say much- plugs away and is pushing the pace

Baio – ditto – silent assassin-  are we going to lose him to the Gazelle crowd……..

Mashers there to towel us off at the end:

Mayhem, Lambeau, Wrigley, Posse


Prayers up for Mack and Jack. Mayhem asked we pray for him as well.


IPC  Saturday at Cuthbertson

Blood Drive October 17th

Thanks for having me at Watchtower.


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