Time to get back on the wagon

Time to get back on the wagon

With the dawning of a new month, it seems appropriate to get back in the habit of writing backblasts for gear workouts.

After failing to set my alarm last night, I somehow (?) woke up at 4:37 and was conscious long enough to set an alarm for 5:30am. I rolled in hot at about 5:59am to find Wild Turkey (#kotters) doing some jump roping and Uncle Leo and Hoover getting their gear out. Ickey came in on two wheels and we had 5 for the main event.

Warm up:

  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Windmills x 10 IC

The Thang:

  • 4 rounds of 5 1H swings with your left hand
  • 4 rounds of 5 explosive merkins

Repeato for 4 sets of each, alternating right and left hands every set so you end up with 40 swings per side and 80 total merkins

After each set of swings (every 4 rounds), perform the KB complex on the left. After each set of merkins, perform the KB complex on the right.

KB complex:

  • 1 swing
  • 1 high pull
  • 1 snatch
  • 1 clean
  • 1 racked squat
  • 1 press

Waiter carries x 4 for :60 each, alternating hands for each one.

Finally, 2 more times through the KB complex on each side with 1:00 rest.


  • SOB/Philly virtual beatdown with CSPAN and Wild Turkey at the helm


  • After this weekend’s heat (which will probably feel downright luxurious in a couple of weeks), this morning’s cool temps were a nice break.
  • Another day of solid turnout from the pax, with Wild Turkey make his initial (I think) in-person post since the lockdown began. Gear workouts are a great way to post and still be socially distant since we’re pretty immobile and there’s not sharing of equipment. If you’re uncomfortable in a larger group with more movement, feel free to join us. Uncle Leo is becoming the latest Area 51 meathead while Hoover and Ickey have definitely been wooed into more regular posting by the later start time. Two other regulars, Mighty Mite (DR) and High Tide (IR – plantar) were not present, but both had good excuses. Thanks for coming out and allowing me to lead!
  • We’re starting week 11 of the A+A program this week and hopefully the pax are feeling stronger. It’s a different approach to a workout, but keeps you fresh so you’re able to recover for your next workout. At the same time, it builds strength and aerobic endurance. The key is to use the right sized bell so you can deliver maximum power.
  • Wednesday will be snatch day at Meathead and Hoover is already saying he wants to post-run, so plan accordingly.

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4 months ago

I like Voodoo’s advertising approach here: “Are those other, more popular workouts too crowded for you? Come to Swole instead!”

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