You want me to show him my what?!

You want me to show him my what?!

Our new pandemic protocols require us to split up into groups 10 or less.  Which means the Q1 has the pleasure uneasyness of sharing his Winkie ahead of time with another man Q2.  All these feelings started to overcome me earlier in the week when JWoww reached out asking what I had in mind.  Would it be long enough?  Would it be hard enough?  Would he laugh when he saw it?  What if he was expecting 4 and I only gave him 3.0 (miles)?  Ok, enough double entendres.

I arrive early to see a group of gazelles heading out.  Damn it, did I screw up the start time?   Nope, they are off to 521 with a circle back from Rubbermaid – wait what?  521?  What the hell?!  Get the music going (and start catching hell from Rubbermaid…checks group me….and still catching hell from Rubbermaid).  See JWoww and inform him that I have audibled the exercise for the second time (first time to make it harder, second time to adjust it slightly softer easier but still harder that originally planned.)  JWoww asks what I was planning to do as the warm up as it looked to him I was going straight into exercises…oh no, there is a warm up, yup that’s it.  Turnbuckle walks up out of nowhere already sweaty and breathing hard.  “TB, where the hell did you come from?”.   “Oh, I’ve already got 1.5 miles in this morning.  Had planned to do three before joining you guys” – TB.  Well ok then, good job.  Other pax started sprinkling in, but it was apparent as we got closer and closer to start that we wouldn’t hit the 10 pax needed to split.  JWoww reluctantly put his phone away and I gave the DICCS1010 speech.  Off we go.



Run to school and Yo-Yo back to the 6 until everyone is at the school.  Circle up for deconstructed burpees (along with audible groans from Popeye – he may have done a few of these with me during our quarantine workouts).  10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 In/outs, and 10 Bobby Hurleys.  I then passed it to my left to Rubbermaid for 9 each.  Around we went 8, 7, 6.  We get to 5 and TB attempts to pass it on to Popeye.  Oh no.  I stopped that idea right in its tracks.  TB – do 5, and he did.  Quite well I might add.  With 9 in the group we got down to 2 and then I asked everyone to do one final burpee on there own to close us out.



Mosey towards school entrance for a slight modification (two times apparently if you refer to earlier in the BB) of progressive 4 corners (5 corners for JWoww cause he’s fast).  At Corner 1 do 10 Baryshnikov right leg and 10 Baryshnikov left leg (yes I had to google how to spell his name).  For those wondering, that is a front lunge, then hop into a back lunge keeping one foot planted (so not a Mary Catherine).  Once Corner 1 is done run to Corner 2 and repeat.  Run back to Corner 1 again for Baryshnikov’s then out to Corner 3.  Keep that pace doing the exercise at the next corner and then again at the starting point (corner 1).  Everyone got in 4 corners except JWoww.  He was so far ahead I told him to do Corner 5, but I saved him the long run back.

Mosey to bus lot and line up on the curb for Suicides (I hate this name, isn’t there a better name for this?).  At the curb do 10 T Merkins.  At the different points to 10 In/Outs.  The 4 points were the 3 basketball goals and the light at the end of the parking lot.  JWoww once again killing it so I made him do an extra.

Quick recovery lap around the parking lot and find your sweat pile again for another suicide.  This time with 20 T Delts on the curb and 10 superman’s on the out.  T Delt is the bottom half of a T Merkin.  Lay on the ground, hands out and pinch shoulder blades together.  This one got the rear delts burning…mission accomplished.

Mosey to Rock Pile and grab lifting rock.

  • 30’s 40’s.  10 bottom half curls, 10 top half curls, 10 full curls….and another 10 full curls as I wasn’t quite burning yet.
  • Run to the school curb (about 1/8 mile) and back.
  • 11’s.  Military Press for 10, hold for 1 down to a 1 press and 10 hold.  (Having previously worked out with Popeye and having to hear him say he never did presses in the Navy so they couldn’t be called Military Presses, I now rename them Marine Presses – just to piss Popeye off :).
  • Run to school.
  • Tricep extension until you burn out then curb dips until you burn out.  (Chainsaw beat us all.  Yes, you read that right).  I won’t mention who put his rock down first but I will tell you he’s an asshole that writes way too long back blasts.)
  • Run to school.
  • 11’s with Rows and a hold.
  • Curls while you walk to put your rock up.

Meet on the curb.  Rubbermaid reminds me we have less than 2 minutes (yes I know, I have a watch too).  With only 1.5 gazelles in our midst, I had to reassign Gazelles today.  I had the Clydesdales sprint back to Cot with about a 5 second head start.  If Rudy, JWoww, Rubbermaid, or myself caught anyone, we all had 10 burpees to do.  It came down to me and Chainsaw.  I was on his heels the entire time and let off the gas as Cot was in site because I was beat and didn’t want to do burpees he found an extra gear to beat me.


  • Great work by everyone today.  The plan was to get at least 3 miles in for the Clydesdales and allow the Gazelles to get over 3.5.  Both were achieved.
  • Was it the new found heat and humidity or was that workout that hard?  I got back to cot drenched in sweat and breathing hard.
  • Turn Buckle turning up the heat on his workouts lately.  Over 9 miles in the last 24 hours.  He has a goal to hit of losing 50 total pounds by the end of May and he has about 7 pounds to go to do it.  If you see him walking in Mill Bridge cheer him on, or better yet, grab your shoes and go join him and push him to walk faster.  Don’t worry, there is another goal of 100 pounds by the end of the year that he has his sights on as well so we have more work to do.  Good push today TB!
  • Chainsaw claimed he had a knee problem and would be in the back of the pack.  In my best Maury Povich impression “We determined that was a lie!”.  I had to find extra gears to catch up with him on the Baryshnikov’s.  Great work.
  • Rubbermaid apparently hates Tedeski Trucks Band.  I would expect as much from a Buckeye.  You damn yankees didn’t grow up listening to southern rock like us natives.
  • Rudy pushing hard today as well.  Got ahead of me on the suicides which made me work harder to catch up to him.
  • Popeye working through a nagging knee injury pushed hard today.  Can’t wait until your back to true form and I can start giving you hell again (and he now asks him self “Wait, you stopped?”).
  • Sledge has been pushing hard lately at the workouts.  I’m seeing an improvement on speed and endurance.  Keep it up big guy!  (And perhaps you need to hone your singer song writer skills at the next happy hour since all the bars are closed?)
  • Deep Dish has left the leg/calf issues in the dust and was working hard today.  So hard that he lost grip of his coffee cup during Coffeteria.  (Thanks Rubbermaid for the coffee and drinks….when is your Co Site Q going to show up and help out…((Cough cough Run Flat)))



  • 100 for 100 to raise a million dollars and retire funds for local charities is underway.  Donations can be maid to F3Waxhaw Venmo or paper checks for you double respects (I thought Chainsaw was going to punch me when I looked at him).
  • Shop Dawg starting a new Q Source on Friday’s after the Cutty workouts.  I highly recommend.

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