Better Together

Better Together

8 men and 2 of YHC’s many 2.0’s Q’d a bootcamp in the zoom and proved again that virtual bootcamps are legit.


  • 2 minute run into our respective ‘hoods (1 min out / 1 min back)
  • Pax 1 calls an exercise
  • 2 minute run
  • Pax 1 calls his exercise again
  • Pax 2 calls an exercise
  • 2 minute run
  • Pax 1 calls his exercise again
  • Pax 2 calls his exercise again
  • Pax 3 calls an exercise
  • 2 minute run
  • etc etc

Here are the exercises that each PAX chose as we built the pyramid:

  • Tuck – merkins x 10
  • Wild Turkey – single leg Romanian deadlifts x 5 each leg
  • Fire Hazard – burpees x 10
  • Point Break – LBC’s x 10 IC
  • Geraldo – CDD’s x 10
  • Bucky – Sister Mary Catherine’s x 5 each leg
  • Bratwurst – Heels to Heaven x 10
  • Wingman – 1 minute plank


Thanks to all for helping YHC Q this one.  The format kept everyone engaged and provided a good mix of exercises and running (~2.5 miles total).  We started w/ 9 PAX and at some point YHC’s 2.1 wandered into the garage and was conscripted into the workout.  As we were running down the street she was overheard muttering to herself “But I was just looking for some tape…”.

It is clear to YHC that we need these virtual 1st F workouts/2nd F hang-outs/3rd F discussions in our daily lives as a source of light as we face the growing darkness around us.  Please do everything you can to stay connected and bring others into the fold.  We are better together.

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Thin Mint
1 year ago

This is awesome, Tuck. Good ol’ FH calling Burpees on the 3rd level of the pyramid. Looks like I have my OYO workout for the day — thanks guys! I am somewhat concerned that your daughter was awake and looking for tape at 5-ish in the morning, but we’ll save that conversation for when I can actually see you face-to-face.

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