Biking on Mountains with Beers

ByZinfandel Apr 6, 2021

Wild times in the newest AO in Waxhaw. If our family photos weren’t Kumbaya for those watching, well now we have added bikes? What’s next? Tr

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A 20 Year Love Story at Cooter Brown’s…

ByZinfandel Mar 22, 2021

And for my 68th Q, I’m now in the great state of LA with the family as our tour of the Southeast continues.... These guys have a freaking Gr


Come Meet My Friend Mike Tyson…

ByZinfandel Mar 15, 2021

For my 67th Q, I’m in the great state of FL with the family for a tour of the Southeast of the US of freaking A. When we took a tour of the NE

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Watchtower (Virtual) Edition

ByFoundation Jul 7, 2020

3 Pax met at Poop Island today for a virtual Watchtower as Smithers flow was heavy bracelet was red and unable to join entire pax.  Plan was to

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