The Rock Zero Holiday Spectacular

The Rock Zero Holiday Spectacular

19 pax gathered for what was billed as the holiday event of the season for Area 51.  Site Qs Geraldo and YHC teamed up for a beatdown to remember to send pax off with plenty of holiday cheer.  With the shovel flag planted, and a disclaimer-ish thing delivered the festivities started at approximately 0701 just in time for O’Tannenbaum to pull into the parking lot.

Pre-Runners:  Purell and Tiger Rag (Mc Rib) claimed 6.5 miles before 0700.  Not sure of the pace but both looked “warmed up” not anything like the rest of us should look after a 6 mile “warm-up”.

The Thang:  Geraldo has procured a number of sandbags that were connected carabiners in three groups.  These were the reindeer to lead the way to the hot box.  Pax teamed up and followed the sandbags as they were shuffled across the parking lot.  The usual chaos ensued as pax switched off sandbags but everyone (and everything) successfully arrived together.  30 seconds of the peoples chair and then AYG to the light post.  Circle up for the COP and mumble-chatter (YHC was NOT wearing skinny jeans, they’re ruck pants *insert the cat meme here*), after COP pax went into the hot box for 8 days of hannukah.  YHC delivered a not so inspiring tale of the 8 nights of hannukah then got to the fun part.

On the first night of hannukah, 1 – burpee
On the second night of hannukah, 2 – jump squats and 1 – burpee
On the third night of hannukah, 3 – merkins, 2 – jump squats and 1 – burpee
This pattern repeats through the remaining nights with the exercises listed below.

4 – step-ups (each leg)
5 – Dips
6 – CCDs
7 – WWII Situps
8 – Mountain climbers (each leg)

Pax ran down the ramp to the last trashcan and back to the hot box between each night of hannukah.  There was much cheer and hardy praises of YHC and his great idea.

After the 8 nights of Hannukah, Geraldo took over with a partner sandbag murph.  Grab a partner, grab a sandbag, and do the following:

P1 runs to a lightpost and back while P2 does exercises.  Flapjack.  100 presses, 200 rows, 300 squats.  Next was some more time in peoples chair with sandbag passes down to the end and air presses while you wait.

Pax then set off on a CMIYC back to the launch point where a partner Mary set for the last 8 minutes.  P1 does Mary while P2 runs down to the end of the parking lot and back.  Kudos to Voodoo for actually doing all of the running sets.

In the end the Site Qs gave some time back to the pax and called it at 0759.

Holiday Moleskine:  Great group to have at Calvary, Flipper was back from marathon training and clown-carred it with Udder from Steele Creek.  Bounce and Gummy kept our mumble chatter going as usual.  Hammer looked like he was training for a fight with Rocky Balboa in his gray champion hoodie.  Ductwork was the silent assassin crushing the workout without much complaining, while Jet Fuel was still in mourning over Alabama’s lack of championship performance this year.  Sprockets was his usual cheerful self but that may be due to the long winter vacation he has planned in the great midwestern states.  Boerwors brought the ever warm reindeer outfit and regretted it after 5 minutes of sweating.  Witch Doctor showed up in his son’s new (to him) pick-up truck that looked like something pulled out of “This Redneck Life” complete with mud and bumper stickers of questionable content.  YHC is pretty sure Lorax showed up to keep us in line with Clavary’s rules of the parking lot.  McGee might just be back for a permanent Saturday rotation, hopefully the M will keep his hall pass current for Saturday mornings.  Anything YHC missed, sound off in the comments below.

Announcements:  Holiday party is next year, sign-ups for BRR are going to happen in 6 months, and there will be a new strength and gear workout at McAlpine Elementary starting on January 6th.

Thanks to Flipper for the take-out.

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4 years ago

Geraldo and Hoover, thanks for the beatdown on Saturday. Great 2nd F as well, including donuts and egg nog after the workout. I appreciate the shout out about the sprints, but I just wanted to make sure Geraldo had to do a plank, too.

And you forgot to put yourself (Hoover), Bounce and me in the pax list above. #fullcredit

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