Who Is Ya’ll?

Who Is Ya’ll?

So I am not even sure why I need to write this backblast up. Waxhaw’s super secret internal messaging platform has already had several memes and jokes about the events that took place this morning, and I’m sure everyone from SOB already knows that old school Waxhaw can be a little rough around the edges. We’ll get to that. However, 7 studs were exited to start off their week by basically copying Gerber’s workout from last week, this time with the added danger of cars and discussions with a local on Waxhaw’s recent mayoral results and what that means for an ever changing and growing city with increasing complaints on development and traffic.

Warm up: Run long way down path back up past the stairs and out to Cuthbertson and the school entrance. About a mile. 11 Mountain climbers IC, 11 Merkins IC. Start to leave, have a brief conversation with a local.

Thang: -Mosey to Lawson Dr. near clubhouse. Run from stop sign on Abbotts Creek Dr. to Oxford Mill Rd. 0.34 mi. At ends, 15 merkins and 15 Jump Squats; in middle at path, complete 5 burpees each time path was passed up to 50 total burpees. When done, run backwards up Lawson Dr.; more jump squats while we wait

-Playground work. Clubhouse parking lot, 10 merkins, down to playground 10 pull ups. Complete each 5x for a total of 50 of each.

-Run back to Cuthbertson Rd. –20 LBC’s at Abbotts Creek Dr. and Riverbank Rd. 40 LBC’s at Cuthbertson Rd.

-Mosey back through new Lawon and Five Forks RD. 20 Merkins at Pinewalk. Continue to second Lawson pool. Plank. -Down Surveyor General Dr. 10 jump squats every other light pole. Shortcut to the middle school to join up with the Flash crew for the last minute. 5mi plus

Moleskine: We got a little thrown off by the incident at 5:23am local time. The 7 of us were confronted and threatened by a lovely young gentleman in red flannel pajamas. Really wanted to talk to, have a conversation with, FIGHT all of us. He threw out some lovely and very Lawson-like language like the phrase in the title (technically he’s a Lawson guy) and we initially attempted to engage him back wonder what the heck was happening and if this was real before we realized he was serious and seemed wild enough to have a weapon (he did walk 50 yards with no shoes on across the busy street to confront, ask to join F3, FIGHT all 7 of us, ON SCHOOL GROUNDS). We were counting too loud (not confirmed though I can get loud like Deflated) and somehow woke him up with 11 MC’s and 11 merkins (both IC). But apparently the hundreds of busses and cars that zoom by his house every morning are like white noise to this guy.

I’m not really sure any of us ever answered his main questions, which is why we woke him up and who we were. While still standing in the middle of the street, we all just took off. Didn’t really turn around to see what happened next as I went full Kipchoge pace to the next stop. Figured Rubbermaid and Easy Button have been in a few scraps in their days and would take the guy if needed. And that was the end of it. Went home the long way to avoid grumpy, likely really really tired, pajama guy. I missed a lot I’m sure. Nobody that’s reading this anymore cares.

So yeah we did something similar last week but the workout still sucks. Threw in some pull ups because our last pull up challenge was an massive success epic fail. Good solid core group for Ignition. Just glad none of us were wearing our F3 shirts.

Announcements: May be partnering with Ray of Hope charity in Waxhaw. Stay tuned. Official announcement hopefully soon. Presents and money from our Christmas party delivered last week. 24th-Converge at Watchtower 31st-converge at Bushwood

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