No LowT/Low Post Here

No LowT/Low Post Here

Choices,,, we now have a lot of those with regard to workouts here in the Waxhaw cluster. I guess it’s like ice cream flavors as some workouts are plain like vanilla (running), some contain nuts and fruit (Diesel) and some are low calorie (Cerberus). Here at Impromptu we aim to be the freaking blizzard. We stand the test of time, we’re consistent and who doesn’t love a frozen treat?

13 PAX showed up to hit the Circuit course (AMRAP apparently scares people) and test themselves.


Quick mosey to the course with some 80’s music – course preview and set the watches.

Awesome Work/Results

Rudy got off to a quick start  and hit the Tysons with a left hook.  We knew that pace would be hard to sustain, but he did it and knocked out a solid run.  Way to go Rudy. PS he didn’t leave the course for a dump; but looks like he was practicing the stance in the picture.

Gerber – If you’re going to Talk the Talk, you better Walk the Walk!!!!  Gerber threw down the hammer last night and didn’t disappoint.  Set the pace and first group in the clubhouse.

Old McDonald shows up to most AMRAPS  circuits gives his all and continues to improve. Always encouraging others around him – a true team player.

Chain Saw – what can we say – just damn impressive. A Double Respect who is also regular of the circuit club.  He’s old school- like a timex – just keeps ticking.  Awesome!!!

Big Ten – I mean where do we start? Or where does he finish?   Well – both at this circuit.  Big Ten started and complete the course for the first time.  I can only think that he enjoyed this style of workout over the others he left in the past. Great results for first time on the course!!!!

Trojan – Making progress…. That’s what I see.. killed it with over 3 laps + Derkins.  Solid effort and turned in an A+ performance.  Very quiet out there – goes about his business like a professional.

Hooch – one of the main architects of this fine circuit.  He owned the course today pushing like an animal after running 8+miles at a secret running club yesterday. (we forgive you).

Sprinkles – A pace setter today – leading the charge.  I will say that I noticed an improvement in the Tyson form(pushup portion).  That can only tell me that Sprinkles is getting stronger and has taken his citation from the form police seriously.  Way to race today!!!

Segway – He’s not scared of a circuit course!!!! He had choices – like workouts without running.  He tamed the inner beast and rose to the challenge!!!!!  Glad to have you at here this morning. 

MadDog – another long time Circuit goer. Results show as MD went further than last month and seems to thrive in the bootcamp style workouts that offer a variety of exercises!!!!

Legal Zoom (Andy) – A surprise entry in the circuit race this morning.  He likes to hit the pavement and run at Clyent Dinner so this was like home turf for him.  Nailed it with 4+ laps setting an impressive pace!!!

The Knish – Fast out of the gate – a pace he know would be hard to maintain.  But he dug deep and seemed to kick it into another gear hearing “ballroom blitz” for the second time.  Well done!!!


Commitment & Gladiator at Nesbit tomorrow. Christ Closet Xmas toy collection. Tons of things going on in Waxhaw tomorrow.

It’s going to be a sad day when we retire this version of the circuit course at Impromptu. I am blessed to have the opportunity to be around such a strong group of men who put up with my grumpy old man persona. Out

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