You did this to yourself

You did this to yourself

A seasoned crew of 12 showed up this morning at Fast Twitch, even with the weather experts advising of heavy precipitation in Area 51.  Thankfully we avoided the predicted rain and after submitting a thorough and legally-binding disclaimer, headed out to Raintree.  Here’s what went down:

Mosey from the launch to the intersection of Raintree and Providence. Advised the PAX of the day’s plan – the Raintree 5K AMRAP.  Run the length of Raintree to Highway 51 and back.  Round trip is a 5K on the nose.  A simple yet challenging plan and as YHC’s high school soccer coach would say, it was “Gross but Effective”

Moleskin and Observations:

Although YHC and the entire PAX have spent countless mornings and evenings in that terribly hilly neighborhood, this morning seemed extra difficult.  The struggle was real for YHC and was well summarized by Purple Haze at the end of the first 1.6. He simply stated the obvious and advised YHC, “you did this to yourself.”

Round 1 – Purell jumped out front early a la Secretariat.  I think that guy is put together like the Million Dollar Man and simply does not get tired.  Alf, Turkey Leg, Enron, Joker and Prohibition were on Purell’s heels and moving at a very nice clip.  Gummy, Taco Stand, and Utah were also shot out of a cannon, and YHC kept seeing the blinkies and flashy vests getting farther and farther away.  Purple Haze and Retread were in cadence and putting in the work on the hills too.

Round 2 – more of the same order (although Purell may have been on round 3 or 4).  The second group had spread out a bit but were still killing it.  Gummy mentioned something about a promise to himself… perhaps making a deal to crush the first 5K and work on form for the second 5K.  Utah, Taco Stand, Retread and Purple Haze continued to chop wood. Circa 6:08, the PAX gathered back at the top of Raintree, then headed on back to the launch to harass Hawks Nest and Hopper’s National Nut Day Q.

Mileage varied from 5.5-ish to over 8.  No one got lost, no one got shushed, and no one got run-over.  Overall a solid, demoralizing run… typical for Fast Twitch.  And tclaps to Purell on coming back for YHC, after YHC went a little too far on the second out and back. #watchyourwatch

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this great group; and for the privilege to pray with the men of F3.


F3 Christmas Party in November – check Slack for details

Area 51 Coat Drive – bring to Fast Twitch and Hawks Nest, or any participating AO

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4 years ago

I mean, it’s more than a little generous to say that Pro was on Purell’s heels, but ok. Maybe it was his aerodynamic shirt.

4 years ago

Let’s get something straight. It was I that jumped out front early a la Secretariat…aka Chelms. Purell finally caught up to me just before Four Mile Creek. I’ll be honest, I think he has lost a step. #justsaying I may or may not have shaved a few years off my life with how fast my heart was pumping trying to hold it together.

Thanks for noticing my tight shirt, Bryan. I’ll let you borrow it next week.

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