Royal Rumble @ Diesel

Royal Rumble @ Diesel

10 Pax entered the Royal Rumble at Diesel this morning and only 1 was crowned Champion.

Plan today was to use WWF (old school wrestling fan) theme songs to signal change of each station. Based on early HC from Posse “Jim Cornette” one of the Top 10 hype men, YHC decided to expand music selection and include some WCW themes for today. So with that here is an overview of what went down today:

Each Pax partnered up and picked a station to start. Timer set for 1:00 minute, and rotate with new theme song to start next round. Below are the stations and list of WWF/WCW stars who joined our 10 pax in the Royal Rumble in no particular order.


  • Chair Slams on Tire ( Diesel / Stone Cold Steve Austin)
  • Balance Ball Squats/Curl Bar ( Vader / Undertaker)
  • Forearm Rope Rolls w/ 10 or 15 lbs (Shawn Michaels / D-Generation X)
  • Slam Ball Choke Slams (Andre Giant or Undertaker style w/ 1 hand) (Ted DiBiase / The Rock)
  • Jump Rope ( Koko B Ware / Mankind)
  • Cinder Block Swings ( Legion of Doom / John Cena)
  • Cinder Block Overhead Press (Think Hulk body slamming Andre) ( The Rockers / Ken Shamrock)
  • Tricep / Steering Wheel holds w/ 45 lb plate (Wolfpac / Earthquake)
  • Halos w/ 35 lb plate ( Kurt Angle / Bam Bam Bigelow)
  • Ground & Pound on Sand Bag (go until ref breaks it up) ( Shane McMahon / The Big Show)
  • Concrete Bucket Squat/Shrug (Nation of Domination / Val Venis)
  • Resistance Band Flys (show off the championship belt) (Sting / Oddities)

We also had guest appearances from Four Horsemen, Macho Man, New Age Outlaws, X-Pac.

After completing 1 round come to center and do plank hold for 1 minute and rinse and repeat stations above. Upon completion of 2nd evolution plank hold for 1:30 and complete 5 more stations.

To finish off our wrestling training with partner went into the ring. P1 bounce off the ropes and coming in with running clothes line as P2 burpees underneath and comes back with counter clothes line off the ropes. Do 10x and 1….2….3. We have a new champion!

Post Match Interview:

  • Appreciate Brutus Barber Beefcake and Chastain aka 1-2-3 Kid for allowing me to Q and have little fun with theme. Good site and lots of fun also allows for good mumble chatter due to 0.0 mileage.
  • Providence Downs Group – Never fails to break into the M’s makeup or closet to dress up for an event. Did not disappoint today with One Star aka Lord of Darkness – Undertaker, Lazy (Nature) Boy Rick Flair, and Boitano Hulkster making their Diesel debut. Was hoping to see Krusty come as “Doink” but maybe next time. Believe we also found someone that could go toe to toe with Turnbuckle on WWF nostalgia in Boitano
  • Posse aka Jim Cornette- again ever the best hype man knowing how to distract the ref work in a few moves while being matched up with Lazy (Nature) Boy Rick Flair.
  • Smithers aka Road Dog – Way to step up and take Diesel Q for your VQ next week. This will be your first Pay-Per-View match, so go big!
  • Ricky Bobby aka Gorilla Monsoon- always the people champ good effort today and way to control the match
  • Big 10 aka Stone Cold Bret Austin – hopefully this Q lived up to your standard for entrance music and potentially provide some new tracks for future appearances. Personally, would like to hear at next one pull in with Val Venus “Helllllooooo Ladies…..” playing

Have a good weekend. And looks like Diesel triumped over Impromptu as we got the cover and backblast out first. 1….2…..3…..Diesel wins!


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