Miracles abound this AM

  • When:8/15/2014
  • QIC: Dredd
  • The PAX: 33 but Dredd was a quest Q and I didn't keep a list.

Miracles abound this AM

Post by Chelms on behalf of Dredd

The shovel flag was planted (Escargot is a great site leader) and 33 men were ready to get after it with Dredd on Q (several started at 5am with some KB work to get warmed up).

The thang:

Jog up to parking lot for quick warmup of SSH in cadence.

Jog up to entrace of school for a burpee ladder from 10 down 2 and finish with 10 for good measure (short rest in between each set via 10 count, 9 count, 8 count etc,)

Jog over to bus parking lot for 6 minutes of mary (flutters, dolly, high, low. etc – you get the idea).

Jog back to regular parking lot for COP – Merkins, Plank, Wide Arms, etc.

Jog around football field and back to school entrance.  Dips X10 and Decline merkins X10 – Rinse and repeat

Jog around football field again (i think) and back to parking lot for a jacobs ladder – run down to shovel flag and back up to starting point – 7 burpees down to 1 (obvioiusly).

FInish with some plank, LBC’s, etc.


Naked Moleskin:

First miracle was Dredd finding his way to CCHS given its south of Fairview.   Luckily Siri talks to him (one of the few “voices” that can keep up and get a word in) and guided him in for an on time start.  Great to have the original Nan Tan out.   Not sure about others but I noticed a few Q techniques I need to use more often.

Second miracle was, well, “Miracle”, an FNG.  He got EH’d by two F3’ers from Columbia while in San Francisco.  Go figure.  Dredd is busting his chops about keeping in synch with his cadence (perfect per Dredd) and FNG doesn’t even know how cadence works.  Kirk is contributing to the chaos by telling Dredd that the FNG is Koi Pond.

Great work by all.  As Dredd noted, if you were out this am then you are a better man – Iron Sharpens Iron

Favorite line of the day by our Q “I alone do not judge your grooming habits, just your form”.  Pretty sure that one has been used before.

Great take out by Dredd to send us off ready to take on the day

Tutoring programs back in action next month, including new Area 51 program in Mathews.  Contact Champagne or contact Chelms if you are interested in helping out at Billingsville or AG Middle School




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9 years ago

The best miracle was Miracle (Mike to his parents) posted solo, at 0500, for KB.
Great job first time out !!
Q did not disappoint. At least I’ll get plenty of rest this weekend, on a plywood bunk.

Reply to  Snowflake
9 years ago

Dredd was busting your chops this AM, and after a pre-KB beatdown at that. Poor guy. Think it stems from you having him by a couple years. Aye!

Reply to  Snowflake
9 years ago

There are too few members of #TeamTedBaxter in @F3Nation not to have my heart warmed by the mere site of a charter member such as . He fights the #GrecianFormula temptation each day, and he does it of for the PAX. Aye.

9 years ago

Too many hilarious moments to recount, as is always the case with Dredd…but here are a few:
1) calling Kirk the “Pride of Morganton”. Kirk’s from Lenoir but didn’t have the heart to correct Dredd as he was on a roll
2) asking Boutique if he’s French
3) not a first obviously, but calling wide arms – Larry Craig’s = pure comedy
4) flying squirrels – new lexicon to Area51 methinks. They are burpees not in 6-count cadence
5) the exchange with Caveman was quintessential Dredd #hadtobethere
6) “Stinkerama” – still not sure what that means but the exercises/combos were painful

Great to have Dredd Q an Area51 workout – maybe the first time since the convergence and NBC filming crew came to the Rock? Great to have you as well join 12 of the Area51 pax afterward for some 3rd F at The Stand

Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

The “We jus…” diatribe at 3rd F was amazing!

Purple Haze
9 years ago

Loved the cadence count, directed at Miracle FNG, within the first minute: “In-the-BlueShirt. Follow-My-Lead. My-Count-IsPure.”

Reply to  Purple Haze
9 years ago

Aye, well I do sneak into the #DMZ upon request from time to time.

The Stand was great. Just what I needed to get my day rolling.

9 years ago

About the only standard missing today was the “Six inches” plank bit, but otherwise A51 got the Dredd experience – beat down full of humor.

This was my first trek down to Centurion, and though we missed the Palatine (sp?) Hill, I’m glad I went. Good group and good AO.

Chelms – having never witnessed the infamous burpee form, I always gave you the benefit of the doubt, but if possible, I believe every single one of the prior descriptions managed to understate it.

Purple Haze
Reply to  Kirk
9 years ago

Kirk, I’m on Q at Centurion next week. Don’t want to give too much away…but it seems to be a given that I’ll take us over to Palatine. Come back out next Friday…I won’t disappoint.

Reply to  Purple Haze
9 years ago

Another time – I’ve got the Q at Sparta on Friday.

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

War daddy tricks. War daddy tricks only.

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