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Mystery LIFO

OK, I was told that the DMZ needed “a little more running” by @DaytonFail the (self-appointed) site-Q of the abomination that is DMZ. So, that’s what I gave the Faithful. The Lannisters may always pay their debts, but this Q steps hard to the mike whenever and wherever asked. #JustSaying

ALSO, and note, there’s been some (well) complaining in the Twitterverse about the alleged (ahem) tardiness of this BB. Well, unless you have spent the last two days trying a case in front of a jury in Meckleneburg County Superior Court (or you’re a brain surgeon . . . or whatever), stop yer dang griping, because YHC has been trying a case in front of a jury in Mecklenburg County Superior Court. Bottom Line: been kinda busy y’all. That’s not an excuse, but it is an explanation. #JustSaying

SO LOOK HERE, I know the uhhh, ethic at DMZ is to blend the two fitness levels of @F3Metro and @F3Area51 into some kind of acceptable compromise (blah blah blah), buy Homey don’t roll that way. I’m about launching out of jump fully erect (emotionally) and en fuego. #JustSaying

AND THUS, we did just that with a full-throated #ParadeOfHorribles #C2C. I mean, we ended up running halfway up Arborway, where we stopped for tidy little OldSchool #JacobsLadder. @Swiper frontfaced the Q on that, but just by a bit. Young man, so no shame there. The rest of y’all I cannot speak for. #JustSaying


CAN I GET a major TClaps for @MySharona, who ran himself right into a broken foot. I’m sorry about that Brother. For a 60 YO man (hell, for any man), you’re a heckuva man and I mean that MOST sincerely. Heal fast Bother.

CAN I GET some TClaps for our Brother from #Oaks, @Grady. It ain’t easy to walk DanielStyle into the lion’s den and come out smiling, and yet THAT is precisely what our Wake County Amigo did. Do NOT change Brother.

CAN I GET some TClaps for @Skywalker who kept nagging the Q about the time, only to reveal at #Endex that he had a plan to catch to (for some reason) Saskatchewan Province. Personally, the next time YHC goes to Canada will be the first time I go to Canada but I (cuz it’s a dang sin and all) refuse to judge. Just won’t do it. Aye.

Sooooo, there was this dude at the six (dressed all in white, for what that is worth), who pealed off the Six right as we left the JL on Arborway. Both @Swiper (young #MansonLamps) and YHC saw the dude. But where did he go? UNK. And who was he? UNK. A mystery. A Mystery LIFO. Here’s to you Mr. Mystery LIFO. We like what you are trying to do, IF in fact you exist . . . king of spooky, right? Aye.

The No-Mascot Special

A RARE day Brothers. A rare day that #YHC pushes the #EmotionalMiniVan south of Fairview into the @Area51. Not because I don’t love it there, but because I get lost easily. #JustAdmitting.

THE FAITHFUL had some good, crispy icy gloom to gather in this AM, and gather we did, to do the #Thang:

1. #Warmarama (always, a must)

2. RuckRun in stages to #DMZ. Along the way we did some #CTC with #Randorama and sets of 10 #BOYO. We did #WhisperCount through the Alleyway of Peeps.

3. Once at the #DMZ we did a 2 X Merkin/#BOYO sandwich.

4. Moved into the park and did 5 X RangerRun/#BOYO series.

5. Practiced a little column/rank formation.

6. #RangerHump (5 mph) back to the start.

7. #SixMinutesOfMary.


1. For those who are not #RuckTards, #YHC recommends a @Spearhead post once per month . . . it clears the passages Brothers. Just so.

2. #Kotters to @Culkin who stretched his #FMLA to the legal limit. At least @BTB is acknowledging him again. Said how that went. Sad Brothers.

3. @Angler, who #VictorCharles referred to (out of respect Brothers) as “Le Fusil” gave the #PAX some #HipPocketTraining on compass-free navigation. One man (might have been a UNC-grad, might not have been) looked up the Big Dipper and asked, “you mean the stars in the same place every night?” #TClaps to Le Fusil for driving on. Aye.

4. @MallCop (a/k/a @KevinJamesMiniMe) made his #FNG post. #TClaps Brother.

5. There was some (ahem) pointed grumbling about the ease with which #YHC was throwing his GRC1 around, the point of which seemed to be that it was a bit on the light side. All #YHC can say to that is keep a #FullHeart and don’t hate brute strength.

6. And finally (#YesYes), don’t forget the difference between a Mascot and a Man. Men have #Impact and Mascots get their furry anthropomorphic heads rubbed for good luck. Let’s live as Men and die with our Brothers, with a #FullHeart Brothers. With a #FullHeart.