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Kill the Fatted Calf

In the story of the prodigal son, the forgiving father orders his best calf to be killed in order to provide a feast to celebrate the return of his wayward son. This morning’s Centurion was a return of sorts, for the Q, and Shoe, and probably Hops (even though he Q’d last week) and Runstopper. It was like old times. Mermaid was like the father, welcoming us all back with open arms. Although there was no fatted calf, but he could have least purchased us a pastry from Amelie’s.

The workout was pretty straightforward. We moseyed from the Amelie’s parking lot around Carmel Commons to the lot at Palatine Hill. We just did some IWs, and skipped the hill due to the rain that fell just before tip-off. After that we continued on Carmel Commons, crossing over Carmel Rd where we tucked into the parking lot of the first office building on the left. We did a little more COP, then moseyed down to the rock pile at the Colosseum. We did a rapid fire upper body rock set and then ran a loop up the Carmel Commons hill and then back down the parking lot. We then did a leg set with the rock, followed by another loop run. We returned our rocks, and found a line in the parking lot where we did sets of merkins and squats w/ chair plank holds followed by sprints up the parking lot hill. We moseyed back across Carmel Rd toward Cabo’s and turned left to get some bench set work. The benches were not steady so we stuck to upper body decline merkins, dips and incline merkins. After that we lunge walked a bit and then ran around the front of the shopping center back to launch. We ended with some Mary and one burpee just for Mermaid.

It had been a long time between my posts at Centurion. It was good to be back out there, and I couldn’t help but reminisce at Palatine Hill and the rock pile at the Colosseum. And it was a strong group of Pax that did solid work throughout. Thanks for the opportunity to lead, and for the push through all we did this morning.


Slow Texting

A forecast for rain and temps in the 30s caused many to not even set the alarm last night, even though there’s a parking garage at Centurion. It didn’t rain. But we stayed in the garage anyway…no need to get the hands or back wet when you don’t need to. Seems we live the soft life in the South Charlotte suburbs.

What We Did:

Mosey lap around the CCHS gridiron then into the garage for the Square of Pain: IWs x 15IC; LSSs x 15IC; MCs x 15IC; Merkins x 15IC; LBCs x 15IC.

Dora 1-2-3 up the full length of the garage ramp: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBCs.

Run (with lunge walk on one level) up the short ramps to the top of the deck. Descend the stairs.

Merkin Plank Walk x 2 on the parking lot lines: 1 Merkin, plank to next line, 2 Merkins, plank walk back, 3 Merkins, plank walk back, 4 Merkins, plank walk back, 5 Merkins.

Run (with lunge walk on one level) up back short ramps to the top of the deck. Descend the stairs.

Triple Nickel on short ramp: 5 Jump Squats, 5 Burpees, 5 Times

Finished with some Mary, led by each of the Pax in attendance. COT

The Skinny:

30s and rain is probably the worst condition we encounter for a workout. So it was nice that the rain didn’t show so we didn’t even get wet before we headed into the garage. Still, the forecast kept many in the fartsack. Thanks to Bout Time, Brilleaux, and Snuka for showing up…and making me the slowest, weakest Pax in the bunch.

Mermaid showed too. Got out of his Forerunner, shoes still untied, cheeks full of Halls Menthol-Lyptus, with a full bend over to cough up his lung onto the teachers’ lot. He didn’t look good. Said he was about to text Margo but before he could type out the text using the buttons of his flip phone, Margo had used a fancy talk-to-text feature to let Mermaid know that he wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t make it. Slow texting costed him sleep and the gas he used to drive up. Such a dedicated Site-Q…but thankfully he decided to just go back home before pneumonia set in.


Bout Time noted that Jennings received a perfectly clean report in his latest visit to St. Jude.

Check Yosef!

First bootcamp Q in a while…and it was at the Mumblechatter mecca that is #F3Hydra…so the nerves were at an all-time high. The plan was a little loose too, but I was enjoying the freedom from my normal super-structured long tempo run. So thanks to the Pax for sticking with me.

The Thang

We did a little bit of everything, which I roughly remember as the following:

Mosey around the front of the school, around the other side to the basketball court for COT: IWs x 15IC; MCs x 15IC; Merkins x 15IC; LSSs x 15IC; Flutters x 15IC.

Mosey across Rea to the church rocks for a rapid fire rock set: 10s of curls, triceps and presses; 15s of curls, triceps and presses; run around the church; finish with 20s of curls, triceps and presses. Return your rock.

Mosey back across Rea to the bus parking lot that used to be a hazard for twisted ankles and torn ACLs, but was paved once the new site-Qs took over. We did various things while sprinting back and forth, including suicides, burpees, backwards bear crawls, and the like. We then planked up on a line for some merkins and plank walks…1 merkin, plank walk to next line, 2 merkins, plank walk back…up to 5 merkins. We ultimately did 2 sets of that.

We moseyed to the benches for a 10 and 15 bench set of step-ups, dips and derkins. Then back to the parking lot for a triple nickel of merkins and jump squats. Throw a couple of laps around the school somewhere in between all that and some closing Mary on the basketball court. That was about it.

The Skinny

Gummy texted me incessantly leading up to this…making sure I didn’t forget. Wanted me to stir up the App fans with some Gamecock trash talk in my Q advertisement. I know he thinks it’s cute when Gamecocks try to trash talk anyone…yet I obliged. The App gang didn’t disappoint, showing up en masse to represent the Sun Belt powerhouse. Ironsides sported the gym shorts that he slept in while in the dorms. Puddin was wearing a shirt that he clearly had borrowed from a petite co-ed during a “study hall” back in the day. HIPAA came down the mountain to talk of the superiority of @F3Boone while wearing short running shorts and a tank top. And Gloss, well let’s just say his shirt and short combo left little to the imagination, often times revealing his tramp stamp tattoo of Yosef, whose beard was enhanced by the Gloss back hair…and you don’t even want to know about the pipe.

The mumblechatter and refusenik ratio was high, as expected. Much of time, no one heard or paid attention to instructions and it was absolutely hopeless keeping up the rep counts…so everything noted above is pure estimation. Only Foghorn gave 110% on every exercise and every rep. Everyone else got what they paid for and Gummy’s Strava Relative Effort was surely lower than average.

It’s now basketball season for some…so Clover was in the Duke attire, having put his Notre Dame gear away. He swears he’s not wearing it again until Brian Kelley is fired.

I had heard rumors of his return, but it was good to lay eyes on Bounce and confirm that the stories of his death were indeed fabricated. It seems he’s chasing the years of Day Zero’s past, even though he repeatedly mumbled something about a lady named Barbie from Orange Theory. Apparently Gloss’ midriff just doesn’t compare.

Jet Fuel was matched up and tucked in as usual. But his normal Bama gear was missing. I think he’s nervous about the game with LSU and is playing it pretty low key. Don’t think I heard even one “Roll Tide”.

Big JV football game tonight at AK, as the young Knights take on Providence. 6pm kick. Hopper and I have a beer bet on the game. Pretty sure that’s against NCHSAA rules, and probably a violation of moral code. Nevertheless, I shall enjoy that winning beer. And I’ll be wearing my Gamecock attire after Saturday night’s victory, supporting the best 5-5 team in the nation.

Thanks to Gummy and Sprockets for the opportunity to lead. Thanks to the Pax for playing along.


  • Monday Veterans Day Convergence at BaseCamp – 0700
  • Sign-up for the A51/SOB holiday party
  • Vagabond this weekend

Last Chance Q

11 men assembled at Calvary for Anvil this morning. This was my shot at redemption, after sleeping through my Q two weeks ago. A berating from Brushback ensued and Lorax offered me this one more opportunity. My #LastChanceQ. Here’s what we did.

We did my usual COP of IWs, MCs, Merkins, LBCs and LSSs. Then we picked partners of similar strength or work ethic for a little #YouGoIGo for the rest of the workout. The basic gist is that you go for some reps, your partner goes for the same reps, and you keep repeating until you each reach the called total number of reps. We mainly stuck with reps of 10.

Merkins x 100; Squats x 100; Dips x 100; Hill Sprints x 10; Shoulder Presses x 100; Curls x 100. We ended with alternating parking lot suicides before moseying back to launch. Pretty simple, but hopefully effective.

Mermaid got stuck with me and Lorax…a lot of CPA talk but an aversion to counting since we do that all day, every day. Gummy took Jet Fuel as a partner. Gummy’s attempts to tuck in his Britney Spears tummy shirt in order to match Jet Fuel’s style very much ended in vain. Then Jet Fuel tried to match Gummy’s Britney look by actually twerking his squats. It was a show.

Hammer, in his usual 100% cotton tee, put in the work with Snowflake. He chatters more during football season…kept asking me about the Gamecocks remaining #DoubtfulWins. It was a nice twist on my typical Gamecock outlook. It’s been too long now, and Hammer has forgotten about the Cocks’ 5 in a row. The tables will turn again, maybe sooner than he thinks, especially since we have the greatest true freshman QB I can think of in recent years.

First time working out with ManTooth, although I’ve seen him at Tuesday COTs plenty. He put in solid work. I’m pretty sure Snowflake and Snuka go to the same cryogenics lab…big effort from the 58 year old #Respects. Ductwork and Way were next to my group most of the AM, putting in solid work.

It was nice little rain this morning, even though Gummy’s jeep got wet. But with the way he sweats, probably was not an issue when he got in to go home. Although he did express disappointment in my Q that I had an extra two weeks to prepare for. Kind of like losing to UNC in football after having all summer to get ready. But I digress.

No announcements.

Perfect 7 Defeats 666

With the scheduled Q @HannibalF3 in the Gateway to the West, @Lorax in a canoe fishing and @BrushbackF3 sleeping soundly inside his gated community across the street, YHC took the Q for this morning’s #F3Anvil

7 of us gathered beneath the lights of Calvary. 7 is the number of perfection. Only appropriate that we took on The Beast. And won.

The Thang —

After a mosey to the front parking lot for the usual COP of IWs, MCs, Merkins, and LSSs, we took our places at the last island. There are 8 of them, which was good for 6 stops in between the two ends. We stopped at each of the inner islands for 6 reps of the called exercises: Merkins, Squats, Flutters, CDDs, Jump Squats, and Burpees. Then we ran over the #HotBox for a 10, 15, 20 of Step-Ups, Dips, and Derkins. A short mosey to the pitch facing the hill revealed a soaked field…#Omaha. We skipped the planned hill sprints and moseyed the new parking lot rock pile for another 10, 15, 20 of Curls, Tricep Presses, and Overhead Presses. Back to the launch point for some random Mary. Done.

The Skinny —

YHC pulled into the parking lot at Calvary, noticing a car strategically parked in the big lot where all spots were in view. Once he made visual of where we were, FNG Brian navigated the cone-filled lot and parked by us. Turn out his #PastorOfPain mentioned @F3Nation and he looked up a nearby workout. Thanks to Magoo’s waterboard interrogation techniques, we learned a lot about our FNG…locations of every house he’s owned, his SSN, and I think even a bank account number. The native of the Badger state, turned Chicagoan, now Charlottean is a Best Buy rep…named him #CircuitCity. @Magoo may be the CapitalOne hacker.

@Runstopper flexed all morning. The intimidation started with the tight shorts and continued with the short-armed burpee advantage. Then he chose Jump-Ups over Step-Ups and picked a rock that weighed more than him. #NapoleanComplex

@Snuka would not be outdone by Stopper and decided on Jump-Ups as well. Sprinted everywhere as usual. The man is likely the next spokesperson for Cenegenics, unless his Flutter form is one of the small print termination clauses.

The only thing last about @Brilleaux is when he shows up for the workout. Otherwise, he’s out front the whole time, for everything. And @PopTart put the work in, despite a little shoulder injury that he allegedly incurred during taste test #2ndF Q missions.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Great takeout by Stopper.


It’s the week of 4th and the KOA Campground vacation was in full force at Anvil this morning. There were grassy knolls, picnic tables, rock piles, tree lines, RVs, RV toilet smells, pop up travel trailers, scooters, and old men telling stories of days gone by. We used many of the items in the list for the workout, and what we didn’t use certainly impacted the workout.

Vacation started with Lorax almost running over a camper that had wandered out of his RV. Perhaps he was sleep walking but the presence, thankfully, of a worn out terry cloth robe suggested that he was headed to the bathhouse.

Like all campground vacations, we ended up with extra guests… you know, like that 3rd cousin that did a little jail time for the “misunderstanding with the officer”, along with his live-in girlfriend, the guys from Death Valley just dropped in, started eating our Andy Capp’s hot fries and drinking all our Sun Drop, without even asking.

All the old guys, like Chelms, Snuka and Magoo, started talking about the independence days of old, when they shot bottle rockets out of the old 10 oz. Coke bottles…at each other. Chelms even mentioned a scar in a certain location that thankfully he stopped short of trying to show us. None of us would have recovered from that. BLC just kept spitting ‘baccor juice into his Sub Station II cup and laughing at all the stories.

MPG strolled in on his scooter and then wandered around the entire campground looking for us, like that uncle that no one really speaks of anymore.

The only thing missing this morning was that brother-in-law Spack, the one that pops his first top before he takes the first bite of Sugar Smacks, and a shirtless Gloss, that shows the top of his crack every time he bends over to crush out his cigarette.

Happy 4th. ‘Murica.

Herd Mentality

24 gathered at OPES on this morning for #F3Hydra.


We took off from the launching point, toward the back of OPES, and circled the entire school before coming back to right where we left, stopping for COP.

  • IWs x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • MCs x 14 IC
  • LSS x 15 IC

Mosey over to the the SCRA pee wee football practice field and line up abreast for a couple rounds of 10-20-30, which consisted of running the length of the field and performing the called exercise for the prescribed reps.

  • Set #1 – 10 burpees, 20 jump squats, 30 LBCs
  • Set #2 – 10 burpees, 20 jump squats, 30 Flutters

Mosey around the school, across Rea Rd. to the rock pile at the church. Grab a lifting rock for another couple rounds of 10-20-30.

  • Set #1 – 10 presses, 20 CDDs, 30 squats
  • Set #2 – 10 CDDs, 20 presses, 30 jump squats

Return the lifting rock and mosey toward Evelyn’s rock. We did a few rounds on the hill. We used two street lights and street at the gated community as our stopping points.

  • Round #1 – Run to the top, 10 merkins at each stop, Run back down
  • Round #2 – Run to the top, 20 squats at each stop, Run back down
  • Round #3 – Run to second light, back to first light, then to the top.

Run back to our launching point at the school for 6 MoM.

  • LBCs x 15 IC
  • Straight Leg Lift x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 OYO
  • Freddie Mercuries x 15 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 OYO
  • Flutters x 15 IC
  • Rosalitas x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 OYO

We wrapped up the remaining seconds with burpees.


I arrived a little early to OPES to find a lone One Eye doing parking lot laps after running in from his home. I took a lap around the school, just to make sure what I thought was there was still there, and when I returned most of the herd had assembled. This Q has been on the books for a while, actually scheduled by former site-Qs Marge and Queen. I think they have all of 2019 scheduled so there’s really nothing for Gummy and Sprockets to do except send out reminder messages and show up. Except, I guess they did work weekends to pave a little strip in the parking lot with some fresh asphalt. It was nice. The new site Qs…I guess they balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Sprockets sprints everywhere, does all the reps, and waits in high plank without being asked to do so. And Gummy, well he tells me before launch that he’s “probably going to mail this one in this morning.” #YouCompleteMe

In set #1 of the field 10-20-30, Puddin informed the pax that he hadn’t quite finished his morning business. Most of us lived the next 35 minutes in fear for our lives. #DontCutTheRedWire

Good to see Hopper back out this morning, his first post since having a bionic shoulder installed. He subbed squats and lunges for all the upper body work…legs are now less like twigs and more like trunks. Spackler also graced us despite a hectic work week of playing golf today, and attending the golf tournament Friday and Saturday.

Jet Fuel told the story of Evelyn’s Rock yet again, like he was narrating a documentary on the History Channel. His voice is silky smooth, and he has that off-camera quality about him.

Warm and humid spring mornings means there’s going to be #ShirtlessGloss sighting. And since it’s before the pools have opened, it means he hasn’t had that annual back waxing appointment. Why wait Gloss? Check out and save us all.

I’m sure there were other stories I missed…chime in in the comments. Thanks again to Marge and Queen for asking me to Q…and to Gummy and Sprockets for renewing my contract.


Unsanctioned #beermile at undisclosed location on June 7th.

Hot Laps

11 for this morning’s rendition of #F3BaseCamp. Here’s a snapshot of what we did.


A little baby jog around the parking lot before circling up in upper left hand corner for COP:

  • IWs x 15 IC
  • MCs x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • LSS x 15 IC
  • LBCs x 15 IC

Mosey down to the track, gathering around the 100m start line for instructions. The main event was the Dirty McDeuce. 4 sets of 3 exercises of 12 reps with a lap around the track in between each set.

  • Set 1 – Merkins, Squats, Flutters
  • Set 2 – CDDs, Jump Squats, LBCs
  • Set 3 – Wide-Arm Merkins, Left Leg RDLs, Dollies
  • Set 4 – Close-Arm Merkins, Right Leg RDLs, Freddie Mercuries

Mosey from the track down to the bleachers from some classic SCMS bench work, with a run up the steps and around the loop between each set.

  • Set 1 – 10 Decline Merkins, 10 Incline Merkins, 10 Dips
  • Set 2 – 10 Step Ups (Each Leg), 10 One-Legged Squats (Each Leg), 10 Jump Squats
  • Set 3 – 10 Decline Merkins, 10 Dips, 10 Lil’ Hazes (Each Leg)

Mosey back up the parking lot for a basketball goals suicide, followed by a forward lunge walk to goal #1 and sprint to the end, followed by a backward lunge walk to goal #1 and a backwards run to the end.

Circle up in the upper left corner where we began for some Mary, etc.

  • Straight Leg Lifts x 10 IC
  • Toe Tap Crunch x 10 IC
  • High Plank, 10 Merkins, High Plank, 10 Merkins, High Plank, 10 Merkins
  • Broken Egg (led by Fireman Ed) x 10 IC



Semi-Gloss never texts me. So I was shocked by a Sunday afternoon text asking about my plan. Even more shocked by his request for 3 to 4 miles. Didn’t have that kind of mileage in the cards for BaseCamp, so we met for a pre-run…and we had to book it around the Rounding Run loop to get back in time for launch.

Good group at BaseCamp this morning. It is a moderate workout, but there were no moderate athletes present. So we pushed it a little. The Dirty McDeuce reps add up over the course of the sets. And the laps after each one get you a full mile by the time you’re done. Gloss kept screaming “Hot Lap” before each one. It was true…the Pax smoked the laps. Pretty much dried up all the standing water on the SCMS track.

Tagalong, looking like #WhiteHarden, crushed the hot laps…kept rapping “saucin’, saucin’, I’m saucin’ on you” during each lap. Brushback was giving chase all morning. Gloss probably ran the 2 miles pre-run and the 1 mile hot laps at sub-8 pace…then died. BOG was dominate on all the jump squats #TripleSalchow. Clover is a world class backwards runner. Fireman Ed led us in this new Broken Egg core exercise…so glad it was still dark out…none of us will ever speak of it again. Scratch & Win HC’d at church yesterday, conviction got him out of bed this morning. HIPAA ran in from Boone this morning. Thunder Road and Sardine hammered out the reps and running.

Normally don’t post on Monday’s…that’s my #NoJudgmentZone day. But had the opportunity to fill in for @Spackler, who somewhere on a beach while I type this backblast. Thanks to the site Qs, Thunder Road and Jello, for allowing the switch.

Crumb Rubber

11 men gathered at the #F3HawksNest on this moist morning. Here’s what we did.


We moseyed from the launch spot, up the hill past the SwimMac, to midfield of the turf lacrosse for a little COP:

  • IWs x 15 IC
  • MCs x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • LSS x 15 IC

Then we moved to the end line for the first part of the workout.

  • 10 Burpees, run 100 yards, 10 Burpees, run back 100 yards
  • 20 Jump Squats, run 100 yards, 20 Jump Squats, run back 100 yards
  • 30 Merkins, run 100 yards, 30 Merkins, run back 100 yards
  • 40 Squats, run 100 yards, 40 Squats, run back 100 yards
  • 50 LBCs, run 100 yards, 50 LBCs, run back 100 yards

Mosey just to the other side of the new fieldhouse at the lacrosse field to the little baby hill for a triple nickel.

  • 5 Jump Squats at the top
  • 5 Merkins at the bottom
  • 5 times up the hill

A little People’s Chair as the Pax finished, with a 10 count from Deep Dish.

Mosey back down to the lacrosse field for a Four Corners Escalator.

  • Run to Corner 1 – 10 Jump Squats
  • Run to Corner 2 – 10 Jump Squats, 20 Merkins
  • Run to Corner 3 – 10 Jump Squats, 20 Merkins, 30 Jump Squats
  • Run to Corner 4 – 10 Jump Squats, 20 Merkins, 30 Jump Squats, 40 Merkins

Mosey back over to mid-field for some Mary.

  • Flutter Kicks x 15 IC
  • LBCs x 15 IC
  • American Hammers x 15 IC
  • Freddie Mercuries x 15 IC
  • Dollies x 15 IC

Back to the end line.

  • 10 Burpees, run 100 yards, 10 Burpees, run back 100 yards
  • Suicide
    • Run, Touch the penalty box line, run back
    • Run, Touch the mid-field line, run back
    • Run, Touch the opposite penalty box line, run back
    • Run, Touch the opposite end line, run back

Mosey back to launch point. COT.


It was a great morning for a bootcamp workout. Many of the #F3HawksNest faithful were in attendance, although some were noticeably absent, either choosing other workouts or losing the battle with the #Fartsack. But Gloss was there, and I was happy.

There was no creativity to this workout nor did we venture very far out into the dark recesses of the Latin campus. I stayed close to home, mainly so as not to get lost wandering in the maze of campus sidewalks and cut-throughs. However, we did get 2.44 miles and got lots of Merkins and Jump Squats, although the Pax can blame McGee for the double up in the Four Corners…either he’s sleep deprived and called out random exercises or he lives his whole life on the #WAMRAP philosophy.

Mr. Magoo won the battle with the #Fartsack this morning. Any opportunity he can get to wear his neon nylon track jacket, he takes. One Eye and Sprockets were crushing all the exercises and staying up front most of the time. Gloss did half the reps of half the exercises and stayed close by. Deep Dish was heroic with his 10 count that lasted about 30 seconds. And a shout out to Escargot, the only Pax counting in cadence to keep me on track…thanks brother! Spack and Puddin spent most of the time talking about Spack’s recent ski trip…there was a lot of complaining about the high cost of lift tickets. Yes Spack, prices have increased since you wore a one piece teal ski suit back in the 90s.

With all those Waverly workouts McGee goes to, he blew the lid off a Viva Chicken scandal. Similar to the Seinfeld episode when the non-fat yogurt was discovered to contain fat, McGee noted that he had found out the Viva sauces were high in calories. The lab work was quite conclusive. Gloss was devastated to realize he’d been lathering his healthy wraps in 2000 calories of mayonnaise and food coloring.

We probably took a few years off our lives this morning. We worked out by the SwimMac building, breathing in chlorine gas. We rolled around on the turf field, covering ourselves in crumb rubber. And we were in the Mary circle when Puddin and Gloss unleashed some deadly Methane greenhouse gases.

Thanks to Snowflake for the great takeout. And thanks to Hops for the opportunity to Q #F3HawksNest. And thanks to the Pax for following as I led.


15 men gathered for what turned out to be a great morning for a workout. After a disclaimer that no one, save Mermaid, listened to (and Mermaid only listened so he could critique the content and verbiage), we launched from our parking lot.

The Thang

We moseyed from our lot into deck and up the short ramps to the very top. We circled up for a quick warmup:

  • IWs x 15 IC
  • MCs x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • LSS x 15 IC

Down the far stairs to the bottom and across Walsh to the rock pile beside whatever that building is. Pick a lifting rock. In the parking lot, round 1 of the workout was explained:

  • 10 curls, 10 tricep presses, 10 shoulder presses; drop the rock
  • Run into the garage through the middle gate, up the short ramps to the right, then down the short ramps to the left, out the side entrance gate to the benches
  • 10 incline merkins, 10 decline merkins, 10 dips
  • Run back down the road between the garage and Keffer stadium to our rocks

Round 2 – 15 reps of each exercise with the rocks. Up the near stairs, run across the top, down the far stairs back to the benches. 15 reps of each exercise there. Back to rocks.

Round 3 – 20 reps of each exercise with the rocks. Enter middle gate, up short ramps to the right and go up two levels or level 2 ( who knew there was a difference?), then go across and down the short ramps to the left. 20 reps of each exercise at the benches. Back to rocks.

Find a partner for some You Go/I Go lifting:

Round 1 – Partner A hold rock out front, Partner B 10 curls. You Go/I Go until each partner gets 50 curls.

Round 2 – Partner A hold rock over your head, Partner B 10 shoulder presses. You Go/I Go until each partner gets 50 presses.

Round 3 – Partner A hold high plank, Partner B 10 merkins. You Go/I Go until each partner gets 50 merkins.

Round 4 – Partner A hold rock above chest, Partner B 20 flutter kicks. You Go/I Go until each partner gets 100 flutter kicks.

Return our rocks and mosey back to launch via the visitors side of Keffer stadium. Just enough time for 10 burpees OYO. Done.


Late arriving crowd created quite a ruckus at launch time…a lot of mumblechatter over the disclaimer. Think it might have been an effort at plausible deniability of having ever been disclaimed. Go ahead, take my Corolla…I don’t care.

During our run to the top of the garage, we turned a corner and a little car was tucked into the first parking spot…almost took us out. There was an empty bottle of Remy Martin Cognac on the ground beside the driver’s door and a vintage red velvet smoking jacket laying across the front seat. Now we know where Pro ditched his old Nissan Versa.

A lot of complaints about muddy rocks. Sorry, it’s rained a lot. And these are drainage rocks. Planet Fitness calloused hands don’t notice, right Brushback?

Solid work out there by Speed Bag. Said this was day 5 in a row of posting. That’s a tough week brother…#Tclaps.

We kept the mileage to 2 miles and focused on the upper body this morning. Thanks for obliging while YHC nurses the pulled hamstring. A few questions about the tape on the back of the leg…mainly what is it and what does it do? Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape 1) lets everyone know you’re hurt (this is its most significant benefit), 2) is used to support and relieve pain in muscles, joints and ligaments, 3) reduces swelling, increases bloodflow and mobility, and 4) enhances recovery.

Always a good group of regulars at Centurion. Thanks for the brotherhood and the opportunity to lead.


Joe Davis Run – 3/9. Great event for a great cause. Sign up and run.