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30 for 30 with Brad (Red Rocks) Challenge

February 16, 2020 will mark one year from when Brad Sherrill (Red Rocks – Area 51) suffered a massive stroke, changing his life and others around him forever. While his recovery has not been easy, both Brad and his amazing wife, Ali have fought hard and never let off the gas in making progression.

Whether you are close with Brad, met him once or simply heard of Brad from someone you know, then you likely know Brad always sees the positive in everything. Ever since I’ve known Brad, no matter how sour of a lemon is thrown at him, personal or work related, he always turns lemons into lemonade…and I’ve never seen him lose his cool. Given the severity of his stroke, his medical professionals are still amazed with how far he has come. If you know Brad, give him a challenge, he’ll beat it. And if it was something Brad knew others would benefit from, he’d invite you to join him.

So why not continue with the glass half full mindset in 2020! Join Brad, Ali, myself and others for the “30 for 30 with Brad” Challenge starting Jan 17. There are only (2) requirements…

1)       Make time to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days straight. It can be any form of exercise you choose…walking, running, swimming, tennis, yoga, pilates, body weight exercises, stretching, boot camp, weight lifting, barre, sculpt, aerobics, skiing/snowboarding, shadow boxing, bike riding/spin class, jump & jacks, etc…mix it up…again, whatever you choose that gets you moving! If needed, you can even break up the 30 minutes into chunks (15 mins here, 15 mins there), just knock out at least 30 minutes per day.

2)       Track your activity. There are far too many platforms and devices out there that can track one’s activity so to keep this simple, we’ve created a Google Docs spreadsheet you can access via the URL below.

Once you’ve accessed the spreadsheet…

  • Enter your name (First & Last) in the name column (column A) at the bottom of the names already entered. The names will periodically get sorted alphabetically so you may have to scroll to find your name when returning to enter your daily updates.
  • Each day, enter your total minutes of activity for that specific day. Your TOTAL Minutes at the end the 30 day challenge has already been calculated for you. You’re on your own honor system.
  • For those using a personal computer, be sure to bookmark the URL above in your web browser favorites so you can easily return to it daily.
  • You can also edit your personal data for the challenge using your mobile device (phone/tablet). To do so you will need to download the Google Sheets app…

o   Apple Devices:

o   Android Devices:

  • If you find that your totals are not calculating or have other issues with the spreadsheet, please email Adam Bickford ( directly.
  • Please do NOT edit anyone’s name or data other than your own.

Brad will be tracking his therapy, walking and riding his new 3-wheel bike! So guess what that means?!?! Brad will get to see each of you who have joined this challenge and holistic progression for all who participate.

Brad, Ali and I will convene for coffee on Sunday morning, February 16 at the Piper Glen Station Starbucks to celebrate what he’s overcome as well as the results of the challenge. You are welcome to join us and weather permitting, we may even get a walk/ride in on the greenway across the street. Don’t forget to celebrate your own personal accomplishment with this challenge too!


Adam Bickford (Billie Jean)

Jon Williams (Brushback)


Game of Spades

Nice long mosey around the perimeter of Anvil campus to get started…


SSH x 15 IC / IW x 15 IC / Merkins x 10 IC hold Mtn Climbers x 10 IC / LS squat x 15 IC


Grassy knoll: bear crawl up& over, plank walk back to start (x 2)

11s on columns: derkins and jump squats

Deck o’ Cards (benches): Hearts – CDDs / Diamonds – diamond incline merkins / Spades – jump up squats / Clubs – HR burpees (Pax draws twice)

Sprints: 50% of max, 75%, AYG

Rocks: 21s curls (x2); run around light pole; ring of fire holding rock above head

5 HR burpees, AYG to light pole…back to launch

Mary: Fred Merc x 15 IC / Diamond merkins x 10 IC / Flutter x 20 IC


Great crew working hard out there.  Nice to have Flutie Flakes out with us again, circa 2016. Few grumbles about hazardous conditions for the mosey around campus, but what fun is F3 without some risk of injury?!

Shoulders were smoked after the grassy knoll, and was quickly regretting the 11s derkins call but it was on the weinke.  Just roll with it.

Pulling out the deck of cards was an oldie but goodie that I remember from a few of my initial posts back in 2014.  Swear I shuffled but first draw was a joker, followed by just about nothing but spades.

Appreciate the push by the pax today, as I was smoked but required to keep up with your strong efforts.

Appreciate the takeout Lorax. Praise for Red Rocks returning home, and continued prayers for healing. 

Record skip

Clear cool morning, quick disclaimer

Moving COP (x4): 5 burpees OYO, 10 merkins IC, 15 LS squat IC, 20 Freddie Mercury IC


Rocks for lifting (4 sets with reps 10/15/20/10); run to far pole and back in between

Curls / Squats / Skull crushers

Partner Work (2 full times through)

Partner 1: run to benches for ladder (ascending 1-6, jump up followed by Irkin)

Partner 2: run down to light pole for 10 burpees OYO

Back at mid-point: 10 handslap merkins (flapjack)

Wall sit: presses / wall sit Indian run with 5 merkins run to end

10 HR burpees OYO

Flutter x 25 IC / LBC x 10 IC / 3 burpees OYO done


Good old-fashioned work today. All the pax pushing through and little complaining (i.e. Gummy nor Spack in attendance). Slight grumbles as Q was on repeat (hence record skip) during the moving COP. More reps equals more gains.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead this crew of gentlemen every time.



Great Monday morning to get some much needed exercise in. The men of Base Camp arrived in numbers and were ready to roll.


SSH x 20 IC  / MC x 15 IC / LS Squat x 15 IC

The Thang:

Ring of Fire

mosey to track for 4 x 100 (exercise at each corner)

Lap 1: 10 burpees / 20 WW2 situps / 30 merkins / 40 Freddie Mercury’s

Lap 2: 10 burpees / 20 WW2 / 30 CDDs / 40 flutter

Lap 3: 10 burpees / 20 WW2 / 30 wide arm merkins / 40 Fred Mercs

Lap 4: 10 burpees / 20 WW2 / 30 merkins / 40 flutter

Sidewalk up hill: 5 squats / lunge walk to top / 5 jump squats x 2

Parking Lot: (partner up) 100 combined merkins while partner runs down to far light pole and back


Box cutters x 15 IC / LBC x 15 IC / 2 burpees OYO


Joe Davis Run for Recovery – March 9

Update on Red Rocks – out of ICU, but still determining the extent of the stroke and recovery


It took about 5 seconds before YHC was hearing the audible boos from the crowd (Gummy and Spack of course) due to a perceived lack of ingenuity.  I’d like to see you guys try and plan a full 45 minute workout……..oh wait……you mean all F3 workouts are 45 mins? My bad.

Good chatter today (Gummy and Spack of course). Nice to see Hannibal out working off the cruise ship cocktails. Hipaa ran 4 miles in; impressive. Solid work put in by all (except for whomever plastered their undershorts on the last mary exercise of the 4×100….repugnant).

MNF Effect


Merkins x 10 IC

Mtn climbers x 10 IC

LS Squat x 20 IC

10 HR burpees OYO

The Thang

Lacrosse Field:

Bear crawl across field; backwards run back

Partner up: Partner 1 run across and back; Partner 2: Called exercise (AMRAP)

Round 1: CDDs x 2 rounds

Round 2: Freddie Mercurys x 2 rounds

Round 3: Diamond merkins x 2 rounds

Round 4: plank hold x 2 rounds

Covered shelter tables:

Partner 1: run down to baseball bleachers; Partner 2: Called exercise (AMRAP)

Round 1: jump up into squats x 2 rounds

Round 2: Dips x 2 rounds

Track: Latin 400 (called exercise at each corner x 4)

Lap 1: 10 HR burpees

Lap 2: 20 merkins

Lap 3: LBCs

Lap 4: Flutters (DNF – time expired)

Mosey back to launch:


The Panthers hangover was well played out amongst the Pax today. Numbers reflected that downtrodden Pax were unwilling to get out of bed.  Despite that 13 true men of valor got the H up and did hard work.  Job well done.

Haze Saves

All vets, no disclosure (implied), let’s roll….


Wide-arm Merkins x 10 IC

Peter Parkers x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

LS Squat x 20 IC

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC


The Beast (at medians near 51)

Round 1: HR merkins

Round 2: Squats

Round 3: Diamond merkins

Round 4: Jump squats

Round 5: CDDs

Round 6: Freddy Mercury’s


Bermuda Triangle (x3)

Grassy Knoll: plank walk across width of grassy knoll; 10 jump squats

Playground: 10 pullups

Round-about: 10 Mahktar’s


Rock work

Curls, squats with rock, merkins on rock, skull crushers on 6




I rushed in with 2 minutes to spare as my garage door spring broke this morning and had to scramble to find M’s keys.  All good.  Runstopper asked if I did my hair this morning, negative, and promptly also praised my nicely trimmed beard.  Why thank you RS!

Haze was very pleased with the call for wide-arms right out of the gate, and again complimented my LS squat rotational prowess.

The Beast is meant to be 6 rounds of 6 called exercises at 6 stations; at least that is what I understood.  Anyways, got some flack for the call to do the HR merkins and squats down and back #aggressive. HR merkins continue to suck; Lorax mentioned it may have been the earliest his arms were shot at F3. I agree. Snuka was flying; has to be PEDs right?  Utah receives kudos for his version of the jump squat aka bunny hops.

Also received some kind feedback on my version of the Bermuda triangle.  Hey, it had 3 locations, doesn’t that constitute a triangle? no matter how obtuse?  Boom!  Several refuseniks on the plank walk, not sure why but will investigate.  The Mahktar’s call was again highly appreciated from the pax and don’t think I heard a single complaint.

Rock work had to be abbreviated due to time. But this is where Haze saved the lives of many men.  During the call for skull crushers, in the parking lot drive, Haze selfishly alerted the pax to an oncoming car.  Thank you PH. Seriously…should have moved those off the thoroughfare.

Puddin Pop took us out with a thoughtful prayer touching on how blessed we are to have our health and this group.  Aye.

Until next time.


An amazing day for work as the temps dipped and the grounds dried out.  15 were ready for the Friday beat-down.  As follows:

Mosey up to Panera shopping center


Imperial squat walker x 10 IC

Mountain Climbers x 15 IC

SSH x 10 IC


Partner circuit work:

P1 run the shopping center circuit while P2 performs called exercise (flap jack)

Aggregate to:

Round 1: 200 HR merkins

Round 2: 200 squats

Round 3: 250 Freddy mercury


Mosey over to planet fitness shopping center (where Haze and myself truly feel at home/accepted)


Partner derkins 20 each


Palatine hill

7s: jump squats at top and bottom


Mosey back to school


Partner up again:

P1 called exercise at benches by school entrance while P2 runs to parking deck staircase 1, up to top and back down (flapjack)

Derkins AYG

Dips AYG




Morning temps were pristine for sweating out the work week.  Happy I was in CLT to Q as my flight getting back from NY last night was iffy at best.  Good amount of chatter today, most of which was either Q hazing or just calling out one another on form.

Champagne got us started with a request for Q to increase the volume in COP.  I admit, a bit weak on the imperial squat walkers….hey i’m just trying to keep in rhythm.  Swiper was well pleased with the IWs…”you don’t call IW in metro”.  Well, this ain’t metro, south CLT loves the IW.  I agree though, IWs are weak, but the squat adds some redeeming quality.

Champagne kept it rolling during the partner work, wrongly accusing the Q of stealing from Bananas Q at Hawks Nest this week, and then brazenly calling out Bugeater on his freddy mercury count. Good stuff.  By the way, HR merkins are brutal.  We should make all merkin calls as HR.  You can’t cheat if you do them correctly.

Club 9Round was on point this morning.  Complete with a bouncer at the door.  The thumping music was a good distraction for the pax.  I’m not positive but I think Swiper went in for at least 1 drink; “1 chocolate martini please, extra sweet”.

Swiper commented on why he doesn’t eat at Jack n the box as we passed by, “because of the owner in the commercials wearing the big head”.  I thought everyone just didn’t eat there because the food is garbage.

Enjoyed seeing the old WWII hero/security guard again this morning.  As he watched us struggling up and down the deck stairs Runstopper vaguely overheard calls to “pick up the pace” and “you should have seen me in my day”.  Appreciate the encouragement.


Announcements: 1 chair left for the Charlotte Marathon/Speed for Need (5k portion); continue to keep Cooter in your prayers as he goes through radiation; pray for those affected by hurricane Michael



Kotters Q

It has been quite some time since I’ve Q’d.  I’ll spare everyone the explanation/excuses and get to the workout.  Great to be back at the helm.

The Thang:

Warm-up with light mosey including butt kickers, high knees and backwards run.  Much to the delight of Haze who remarked “wow, an actual warm-up”.  You’re welcome.

COP: Merkins x 10 IC / LS squat x 15 IC / Imperial walker x 10 IC / Burp n merk up to 5 merkins

Grassy knoll circuit: bear crawl up and over the knoll, plank walk back to staring position, lunge walk perimeter of bricks x 2

Merkin ladder: 1 up to 10 from curb to curb across parking lot

Groups of 3 and do the following:

  • Station 1 (timer station) – grassy knoll area has 10 columns: alternate 5 donkey kicks then 5 diamond merkins at columns (25 total of each); complete and then relieve station 2
  • Station 2 (roundabout) – 5 squats every other set of trees on the way down; return with 5 wide arm merkins at every set (repeat until relieved by station 1, then relieve station 3)
  • Station 3 (tables by Church) – 10 step ups / 10 derkins / 10 dips (repeat until relieved by station 2, head to station 1)

Ring of Fire: always a real crowd pleaser. All pax were extremely excited about this call.

Head to end of parking lot by launch: Plank up; AYG to launch when I say go, but first let’s hold it and go 6 inches. Another well received call subsequent to the ring of fire.

Mary: Flutter x 15 IC / Freddy Mercury x 15 IC / 10 diamonds OYO



Wonderful morning and great temps out there today.  No one fell behind and everyone pushed to their personal limit. Apologies to Haze as Q errantly accused him of heckling. Of course I was simply taking a 50/50 shot at it either being Haze or Spackler; confirmed it was Spackler asking when warmup would be done.  Q was also highly praised for his ability to rotate with compass-like precision during LS squat. I credit my 3 years (with no degree) of engineering in college for that skill.  Haze serenaded the pax to the obligatory Johnny Cash ring of fire and we are all blessed for that experience.


Mermaid made a great mention that September is national suicide prevention awareness month.  It is very easy to fall into the trap of hiding our difficulties and not confiding in our community when we are facing depression, anxiety, etc.  Please be aware that many of our brothers and families are facing great struggles and may not be reaching out for help.  We are instructed to love thy neighbor, so remember that everyone is valued and loved in God’s eyes and we can be the light for someone in need.  Mermaid and I have both lost family members to suicide, and are more than willing to talk to anyone that is facing these issues personally or knows someone who is.  Mermaid took us out.

A pleasure and an honor.


The Manmaker

Alarm went off at 5am and i immediately checked outside to see a steady rain. My first thought was “wow would i love to fartsack”, subsequently followed by “there’s a preblast, everyone will be fine, i won’t be missed”, and finally “they’ll probably only be 3 of us like my last sofa wib q”.  Alas, duty calls, get dressed you bum and get going!

I went through the standard routine: drain lizard, brush teef, apply 1 extra swipe of deodorant as top layer over yesterday’s base, neglect to address my Semi-Gloss ‘esque morning hair, hock up sinus crud, cry, drink water, grab rancid work out gloves, proceed to AO.

And here’s what we did:

Partner-up accordingly

Opening mile: new route

  • Start at our trusty 5-0 whip
  • left onto Rea Road
  • left on Windyrush Road
  • Run to intersection of Windyrush and Foxworth Drive
  • Reverse course back to to 5-0 (approx 1 mile)

Baby track:

  • Partner carry 1/2 lap / 15 partner derkins each / flapjack and complete 15 more partner derkins at start


  • Primate bars: 5 pull-ups on one end / traverse bars / 5 more pull-ups on last rung (audible to 10 pull-ups due to wet bars)
  • 20 partner plank sit-ups each

Concession stand:

  • 20 incline merkins each
  • People’s chair on concession with 50 overhead air press

Batting cages: (very aggressive in hindsight)

  • 10 hand-release burpees
  • 20 diamond merkins each

Run through field back to baby track and repeat.

6:06 wrap-up by 5-0 for closing mile. Done.

Most completed 2-2.5 full circuits.


So Bushwood called me out yesterday in the preblast comments for not coming up with a catchy name for this workout, and i’ll admit it was a lazy miscue on my part.  So i came up with The Manmaker.  I also considered Legendary Loop and others but they were lame.  This workout contained a fair amount of upper body work thus the name.  It will be back.

Rumor has it Sundancer knows someone who spilled merlot thrice.  Voodoo may or may not have been partnered with that person and was subjected to witnessing.

Kirk partnered with me despite my reluctance and pulled me the entire way. Thanks for the push. One day i’ll learn to not try and keep up on the opener…it wouldn’t be today.  On my last partner derkin set i thought i was either going to spill or collapse; luckily neither.  We all know Kirk is fast but his motor is impressive.  He was stronger on the partner carries with me on his back at 190-195 than i was with him on mine and he’s 170.

Welcome to our brothers GOP, Sloppy and Becky from the Valley AO (new AO check it out). Great work out there today.  This workout was not easy and you all crushed.

I saw strong work being put in by everyone.  Icicle and Bel Aire stood out on the circuits. Voodoo and Talk Box pushing a strong pace on the closing mile.

Honored to lead and get stronger with you brothers.

SOFA WIB: Pre-blast

Partner-up accordingly

Opening mile: new route

  • Start at our trusty 5-0 whip
  • left onto Rea Road
  • left on Windyrush Road
  • Run to intersection of Windyrush and Foxworth Drive
  • Reverse course back to to 5-0 (approx 1 mile)

Baby track:

  • Partner carry 1/2 lap / 15 partner derkins each / flapjack and complete 15 more partner derkins at start


  • Primate bars: 5 pull-ups on one end / traverse bars / 5 more pull-ups on last rung
  • 20 partner plank sit-ups each

Concession stand:

  • 20 incline merkins each
  • People’s chair on concession with 50 overhead air press

Batting cages:

  • 10 hand-release burpees
  • 20 diamond merkins each

Run through field back to baby track and repeat.

6:06 wrap-up by 5-0 for closing mile