Quad Combustion

  • When:06/27/14
  • QIC: Purple Haze
  • The PAX: Madame Tussaud, Frehley's Comet (Respect), Senator Tressel, Scabby, Chelms, Champagne, Hannibal, Brushback, Soft Pretzel, Outback, Checkpoint (Respect), Haggis, Lukewarm, Snowflake (Respect, Happy Birthday), Mermaid, Boomer Sooner, Rip Curl (Respect), Chipotle, Frasier, Tootie, Swanson, Philmont, Udder, Ribeye, Hops, Semi-Gloss, Snapper, Abacus, Cane, Purple Haze

Quad Combustion

The VSF was planted alongside the slew of men that arrived early for pre-KB as 30 pax gathered for another #F3Centurion fun-filled Friday. After the disclaimer about YHC’s lack of professionalism, we got straight to work. Here’s a peek at what we did today:

The Thang

10 burpees – Plank – 10 merkins OYO

Run through the student parking lot, stopping in front of the school – 10 burpees – Plank – 10 merkins OYO

Run through the Chipotle (not Chipotle’s) parking lot, across 51 and back behind Cabo’s, stopping at the base of Palatine Hill – 10 burpees – Plank – 10 merkins OYO

Line up along the base of Palatine Hill

  • AYG sprint to the top x 10
  • Jump squats x 25
  • Backwards run to the top x 5
  • Bear squats x 40
  • AYG sprint to the top x 10
  • Monkey humpers x 40

Run to the parking lot close to Planet Fitness – 10 burpees – Plank – 10 merkins

Run back across 51 to the picnic tables

  • Left leg step up with calf press x 25
  • Right leg step up with calf press x 25

Run to the student parking lot and line up along light post

  • Flutter kicks x 25 IC
  • AYG sprint to second light post
  • Freddy Mercury x 25 IC (varied speeds)
  • AYG sprint to last light post
  • AYG sprint back to the starting line

Mosey back home

  • 10 burpees – Plank – 10 merkins OYO
  • LBCs x 25 IC



Last week in his BB, @F3Escargot noted that YHC had the Q and that we’d most likely be on Palatine Hill. Well, YHC certainly couldn’t disappoint the site Q…he and his sidekick Chelms are the bosses. And so I planned some adequate time over there.

Not sure about the rest of the Pax but workouts that are simple and just keep repeating the same thing over and over and over are the ones that break YHC’s spirit. So that was the plan…to attack the legs (and lungs) early and often with some incessant hill work. Somewhere about 3/4 up the hill on the first backwards run the quads went from burning to numb…and basically stopped functioning.  Nice work from the Pax pushing through 5 of those.

It is worth noting that Frehley’s has become a big fan of the bear squat…kept calling it a warmup for his weekend. #DirtyOldMan

We also noted that the Planet Fitness parking lot was full. A lot of people in there with their iPods blasting Nikki Minaj while they stand around waiting for the next machine to come free, wondering to themselves “why am I here?” They are totally missing out on the beauty of the gloom and camaraderie forged when 30 men do 40 monkey humpers in unison.

Solid take out by Snowflake who turned 53 today. Happy Birthday brother! We should’ve done 3 more burpees.


  • July 4th convergence at Calvary Church. 0700. Hops, Bulldog & Dora on Q.
  • See Chelms for volunteer opps at AG.
  • F3Dads Saturday 0900. Beatty Park.



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9 years ago

30 men + 40 monkey humpers = sthg you only do in the gloom in empty parking lot

9 years ago

The ignominy of bear squats followed by the degeneracy of monkey humpers, all in the dawning light no less.

Lewd, lascivious, salacious: outrageous.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Tiger-Rag
9 years ago

I think I heard TR just slap himself upside the head for missing Centurion this am.

9 years ago

Simple but painful game plan from PH. Backwards runs x 5 up Palatine Hill really sucked, but coming back down the hill each time afterwards hurt even more. For not doing a lot we did a whole lot.

Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Great lead and I would say you are very professional – in a mafia/break the PAX finger sort of way.

For those interested/able to help this summer at AG, here is a list

There is a wide range of volunteer opportunities to support this program, including:

•Providing healthy snacks
•Shopping for supplies
•Helping students with art projects & more (no experience needed!)
•Chaperoning field trips
•Grilling at Cane Creek Field Day
•and more!

Email me at pchepul@gmail.com if you can help

9 years ago

Nice Q, Haze. Those hills were unending. #shortlegsnogood Glad we skipped the McD drive-through on the way back, though I thought for a while you were headed that way. Solid beatdown. Expected and delivered.

9 years ago

Loved the Q PH! Palatine Hill took out half the Pax; looked like hamburger hill out there. Enjoying F3 workouts and the great people i’m meeting more and more each post.

9 years ago

If anyone is missing having tunes to listen to while getting your sweat on, the pre-KB workout has a good soundtrack going. No Nikki Minaj but I’m sure that can be arranged if that’s what you’re into.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Tootie
9 years ago

Only one man’s opinion but we need to get our old DJ (Champagne) back. Avett Brothers and similar music just don’t get me fired up in the gloom. Need something to hit me in the face a little harder (don’t even think about trying it PH)

Reply to  Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Aye brother. Will be back to Q the next pre KB and will bring the angry man music with me.

9 years ago

An absolute smokefest Haze! Always miserable and always welcome when you lead. Aye, quads were torched on first backwards climb, numb by the fifth, and jello at the picnic tables.
Way to bring it!

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Random coaster news for the men at Centurion…

Carowinds is building a 300+ ft. coaster next year, and one of the rumored names is… Centurion.

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