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Who Posts Outside in these Conditions???

Low 40’s, steady light rain on a Friday morning.  Both Site Q’s DR due to other commitments.  Chelms out, per prior evening text, as he had to take his 2.1 to get her Driver’s Permit, or at least that was his excuse.  Not sure what to expect as I headed to Charlotte Catholic to Q at Centurion.  No worries, 9 other PAX arrived in time to join me for another weekly beatdown.

With Cheddar rolling in at 0528 hours after not finding anyone at The Brave, we had a total of 10 ready to roll.  YHC gave a heartwarming disclaimer which did not seem to make Lorax feel all warm and fuzzy.  Just wanted to remind everyone they were out here of their own choosing and that though I would be suggesting exercises for them, they were responsible for choosing to participate or not.

Here’s what we did:

Nice easy jog over to Tartarus and up the ramps to the top and then back down Stairwell 1 for COP on the ground floor of the parking deck.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Squats x 15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Peter Parker x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 15 IC
  • Shoulder Taps x 15 IC
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • Flutter x 15 IC

Head over to the bottom of the Ramp on the 1st Level for a little warm-up:

  • Lunge walk up ramp, jog back down
  • Backwards run up ramp, jog back down
  • Karaoke (left shoulder lead) up ramp, jog back down
  • Karaoke (right shoulder lead) up ramp, jog back down

With everyone properly warmed up, time for a little deck work up all 4 levels.  With a nice cool rain making conditions outside not the best, decided we would spend the morning making good use of Tartarus.  2 rounds up the deck as follows:

  • R1 – Run up the ramp to mid-point for 10 Merkins, back around the flat section to Level 2 for 10 Jump Squats.  Make your way up to the top of the deck and then head down Stairwell 1 to the base of Ramp at Level 1.  Front runners lead Mary until the Six is in.
  • R2 – Rinse & repeat with CDD and Old Fashioned Sit-ups.

With everyone back at Level 1 after finishing R2, time for some wall work.

  • People’s Chair w/ 40 Air Presses (60-90 sec)
  • Lunge walk to other side of deck
  • 15 Donkey Kicks
  • Lunge walk to other side of deck

Time for a little Partner work up the stairs.  With 10 PAX on hand we had 5 teams of 2.  Instructions provided as follows:

  • 5 Hand Slap Merkins then Partner 1 up Stairwell 1 and Partner 2 up Stairwell 2.  Meet at each Level for additional 5 Hand Slap Merkins, all the way to the top.  Back down to Level 1 for R2.
  • 5 Dumbocrats for each Partner, then back up the Stairwells.   Meet at Levels 2 & 3 for 5 Dumbocrats each and then work your way back down repeating the Dumbocrats at each Level.

Just enough time left for a variation of Jack Webb and a little Mary:

  • Jack Webb with 1 Merkin/4 Shoulder Taps up to 5 Merkins/20 Shoulder Taps
  • 3 MOM with Dolly, Flutter, Protractor

Back to launch for COT


  • Never ceases to amaze me the viability of F3.  Late October with temps in low 40’s and a pretty good rain as I drove to the Charlotte Catholic campus.  Surely not too many guys going to roll out of bed and make the decision to show up in these conditions.  However, by time 0530 rolls around, 10 PAX are on hand to run around for 45 min.
  • Great to have Bout Time back out at Centurion.  Glad to hear that Jennings is doing well after spending 100ish days at St Jude’s Children’s Hospital.  Palmer family thankful for all the prayers and support from F3 Nation.
  • TClaps to Cheddar for his post.  Drove to The Brave for 0515 launch and arrived couple minutes late.  Wild Turkey, upon finding no one posting for his Q, had headed over to Cerberus to post.  Rather than head home and get in another hour or so of sleep, Cheddar made his way over to Centurion to join us in time for our launch.  Good to have him out there with us and provided us with an even number for the Partner work.


  • Vagabond scheduled for Nov 10, 2018.  CSAUP for Area 51, SOBs, W-UC.  Preblast here:


Showing Up and Finding there is a Q

5 hombres showed up at McKee Rd Elementary this weekend to find there would be a Q assigned to lead.  YHC has made his way back from tax season coma and Huggie Bear and I are striving to return the original AO in Area 51 to its glory days.  OK, maybe not its glory days but at least make it a viable workout PAX will want to show up for.  Beaver (WD) is on the mend from his time on the IR and was the first PAX to join me, followed closely behind by Turkey Leg (nursing some knee tendinitis among other things which has him focused on bootcamp workouts) and O’Tannenbaum (pulled himself away from the Royal Wedding and tea and crumpets with his wife & 2.2).  And last but not least, Prohibition (WB) made his way out just before our 0700 launch.

With all the formalities behind us, YHC led the crew for a short jog through the lower parking lot by the soccer fields and we circled up for COP in The Matrix parking lot where we completed the following:

  • SSH
  • Cotton Picker
  • Merkins
  • MC
  • Dolly
  • Flutter
  • LBCs

Properly warmed up we headed up to the teacher’s parking lot in front of the school.  Original plan was to head over to South Hall neighborhood and the nice little hill on Derbyshire.  However, with Turkey Leg nursing some knee tendinitis and groin issues and Beaver working his way back into shape after some time on IR due to his hip surgery, YHC decided to alter his original plan.  In the teacher’s parking lot we ran suicides in a descending ladder as follows:

  • Run to 1st light pole, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, back to the start for 5 LBCs
  • Run to 2nd light pole, 15 Carolina Dry Docks, back to the start for 5 LBCs
  • Run to end of lot, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, back to the start for 5 LBCs
  • Plank series in between sets
  • Rinse & repeat x 2 with Squats/Russian Twists and LBCs/Burpees

Having broken a pretty good sweat, we made our way to the back playground for some circuit work:

  • 10 Pull-ups, 20 Step-ups or Jump Ups on the benches, 20 Dips
  • Rinse & repeat x 2

Head back up to the front of the school and find a spot on the wall for PC w/ air presses followed by BTW wall walk, Lunge walk across bus parking lot and the 10 Incline Merkins.  Rinse & repeat (w/ jabs instead of air presses during PC)

Next on the agenda was our old buddy Jack Webb.  Circled up on the track infield and worked on shoulders and upper bodies with the following:

  • 1 Merkin/4 Air Presses, 2 Merkins/8 Air Presses and on up to 10 Merkins/40 Air Presses.  It was at this point that O’Tannenbaum had a bit of a middle school giggling fit as he listened to Turkey Leg’s strong cadence counts on each series of merkins.

Once we wrapped up our visit with Jack, YHC led the PAX up to the front playground for another round of circuit work consisting of the following:

  • 10 Knee-ups or Toes to Bar
  • 20 Calf Raises
  • 20 Decline Merkins
  • Rinse & Repeat x 2

With 8 minutes left on the clock, we circled up on the lawn for a little Mary:

  • Rosalita
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Back Scratcher
  • Cumberland County Viaduct (CCV)
  • Toe Tap Crunch (courtesy of O’Tannenbaum)
  • Russian Twist/American Hammer (Beaver)
  • Dolly? (Prohibition)
  • Protractor (Turkey Leg)



  • O’Tannenbaum continued his streak of showing up at McKee Rd elementary for Area 51.  He has been the most steady attendee over the past 3-4 months.  OT was one of the original PAX that attended the early workouts in South Charlotte when we met on Saturdays and Tuesdays, beginning with our 1st workout on Sep 10, 2011.  He has witnessed all the growth we have experienced over the last 6+ years.
  • Turkey Leg has cut back on his running due to some knee tendinitis among other things.  Focusing on bootcamp type workouts while he recovers.  Glad to have him out this past few weeks.
  • Prohibition saw YHCs tweet on Friday evening and made the decision to show up at McKee Rd Elementary.  Thought he had shown up at “The Fishing Hole” when he realized he was War Baby by about a decade.  Always provides some good commentary when he is in attendance.  Really spoke up when YHC called for 6 MOM on the nice cool grass/weeds at the end rather than the dry parking lot.
  • Beaver continues to make strong recovery from his fall off a ladder several months ago.  Still not at 100%, but that did not prevent him from putting forth a strong effort all morning.


  • Area 51_McKee Rd to converge at Rock Zero for the annual Memorial Day Weekend workout next Saturday, 5/26.  Great workout to take part in if you will be in town.
  • Keep Beaver’s mom in your thoughts/prayers.  She is in an assisted living facility up in Boston and has had a couple falls recently.  Would ask that she make a full recovery.



Please Don’t Make Me Post Solo

Not a bad morning for the first Saturday in December for this week’s edition of Area 51/McKee.  Arrived at 0650 to an empty parking lot, but that’s not unusual as the PAX tend to take their time getting to the AO on the weekend.  However, by 0655 starting to wonder if I was going to have to decide between posting Solo or heading to Starbucks for a cup of Joe.  However, not too worry as first Chin Music and then Turkey Leg appeared on the scene.  We were soon joined by O’Tannenbaum (as always, shows up right when the gun is set to go off) and Huggie Bear.  Quick disclaimer provided and we headed off for the lower parking lot by the soccer fields.

Short run around the parking lot and circled up for COP:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Squat x 15 IC
  • Merkin x 10 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • Peter Parker x 15 IC
  • Dolly x 15 IC
  • Flutter x 15 IC
  • IW x 20 IC

Time for a little warm up in the parking lot.  PAX lined up along the curb.  Idea was to cross the parking lot with called motion and then complete called exercise at each end.  Here’s what we did:

  • Rd 1 – High Knees to cross the parking lot, Incline Merkins at one end, Jump Squats back at the start
  • Rd 2 – Butt Kickers, Carolina Dry Docks, Sister Mary Catherine
  • Rd 3 – Karaoke, Russian Twist/American Hammer, Squats
  • Rd 4 – Backwards Run, CDD, Old Fashioned Sit-ups
  • Rd 5 – Lunge Walk, Decline Merkins, Prisoner Squats

For the next part of the workout, made our way over to the soccer field and lined up along the sideline/endline.  Idea was to start with easy jog to mid-field and then work our way up to full sprint.  At mid-field complete the called exercise and then same effort back to start:

  • Rd 1 – 50% sprint to mid-field, Merkins
  • Rd 2 – 60-70% sprint, Jump Squats
  • Rd 3 – AYG sprint, CDD
  • Rd 4 – Run full length of the field & plank it up

Time to work on the soccer arms, so we headed over to the rock pile for a decent size lifting rock.  With rock in tow, back down to mid-field of one of the soccer fields.  Completed a round of lifts and then short jog to each of the corners of the field (sans rock):

  • Rd 1 – Curls, Rock Press & Triceps x 15 IC, Run
  • Rd 2 – Curls, Rock Press & Goblet Squats x 10 IC, Run
  • Rd 3 – Curls, Rock Press, Triceps & Goblet Squats x 5 IC, Run
  • Rd 4 – Curls, Rock Press, Triceps & Goblet Squats x 10 IC, Run

Deposit the rocks back in their resting place and we headed back over to the far end of the soccer fields for the Beast or Devil’s Workout.  6 rounds, 6 stops each round, 6 reps of called exercise at each stop.

  • LBC
  • Jump Squats
  • Hand Release Merkins
  • Old Fashioned Sit-ups
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Burpees (much to Chin Music’s chagrin)

Once we had finished up this last round, we had just enough time for 6 MOM:

  • Rosalita
  • LBC
  • Back Scratcher
  • CCV

Headed back to launch site and that was a wrap.



  • Welcome to Chin Music as he made his 1st weekly post to McKee Rd on a Saturday.  Visited the AO before for The Matrix on Mondays, but we were happy to have him join us out there on the weekend.
  • The Beast is also a soul crusher, especially when you have to finish it up with a round of Burpees.  Chin Music was ready to string up Turkey Leg for suggesting them for the final round before we informed him that The Beast is always supposed to end with Burpees.
  • O’Tannenbaum was looking forward to the SEC Championship game later in the day after attending the Auburn/Alabama game the week before and watching his Tigers take down the Tide.
  • Good to have co-site Q Huggie Bear back in town with us.  He spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Atlanta and posted at F3Alpharetta while visiting family.  Gets easier and easier to find F3 workouts when you are traveling with all the F3Expansion taking place.


  • Last week to sign up for Area 51 Christmas Party.  It’s scheduled for Friday, 12/8, at Seaboard in downtown Matthews.   Hors d’oeuvres will be provided and their will be a Cash Bar.  Cost is $20 per PAX.  More info available at:
  • Joe Davis Run to be held on Saturday, 01/06/2018 in Fort Mill.  5k & 10k options.  Come out and support Rock Thrill and his family as they raise money/awareness for Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill.



Just Keep Moving

Had 4 PAX who either weren’t participating in Charlotte Marathon/Speed for Need relay or the SOB BALROG CSAUP but still wanted to get in a workout on a chilly Saturday morning.  YHC had a horse show for 2.1 over at Anne Close Springs Greenway, so needed to get some work in before heading over to serve as stable boy/lacky.  O’Tannenbaum was looking forward to the 3:30 match-up of his Auburn Tigers & the Georgia Bulldogs (Have to imagine he was pretty stoked with the outcome).  Couple of the regulars, Pop Tart with the SFN guys & Squid carrying Old Glory at Balrog, had other commitments.  Rest of the crew may have still been recovering from Turkey Leg’s beat-down the week before.

Clock struck 0700, so YHC led the group down to the track for a quick lap and then we circled up in Bus parking lot for COP:

  • Merkins x 11 (IC)
  • Mt Climber x 11 (IC)
  • Peter Parker x 11 (IC)
  • Parker Peter x 11 (IC)
  • Squats x 11 (IC)
  • Dolly x 11 (IC)
  • Flutter x 11 (IC)
  • LBC x 11 (IC)

Head back over to the track for a round of 7’s across the track infield, with Burpees & LBCs.

Made our way down to end of the track and lined up for some field work.  Ran from one end of track to the other & completed 11 reps of called exercise.  Back to the other end & repeated the 11 reps of the called exercise, as follows:

  • Forward Run, 11 CDDs at each end
  • Backwards Run, 11 Jump Squats at each end
  • Karoke, 11 LBCs at each end

By this time seemed like everyone was warmed up and the chilly breeze we had at the start didn’t quite have the same bite.  Headed down to the rock pile and everyone grabbed a decent size rock.  Made our way down to the soccer field.  Started in 1 corner of the nicely lined field and worked our way around the perimeter of the pitch, stopping at each corner for the following:

  • Corner 1 – 11 Curls (IC)
  • Corner 2 – 11 Curls, 11 Rock Presses (IC)
  • Corner 3 – 11 Curls, 11 Rock Presses, 11 Goblet Squats (IC)
  • Corner 4 – 11 Curls, 11 Rock Presses, 11 Goblet Squats, 11 Tricep Extensions (IC)
  • Back to Corner 1 – 11 Tricep Extensions, 11 Goblet Squats, 11 Rock Presses, 11 Curls (IC)

Return the rocks to their resting place & we headed up to the playground for a little circuit work:

  • 11 Pull-ups, 11 Dips, 11 Incline Merkins
  • Rinse & repeat x 2

Head over to the front wall of the school for PC/Lunge Walk combo:

  • PC x 60 secs
  • Lunge walk to sidewalk
  • PC x 60 secs (included some calf raises)
  • Lunge walk to sidewalk

Over to the parking lot for a Suicide Ladder:

  • Round 1 – Down & back to each of 3 trees lining the side of parking lot w/ 5/10/15 Merkins at each stop
  • Round 2 – 5/10/15 Prisoner Squats
  • Round 3 – 5/10/15 LBCs

Had about 10 minutes left, so we wrapped it up with Jack Webb & 6 MOM:

  • Jack Webb, started w/ 1 Merkin/4 Air Presses & made our way up to 7 Merkins/28 Air Presses.  Then worked our way back down to 1 Merkin/4 Air Presses
  • Rosalita x 20 (IC)
  • Back Scratcher x 20 (IC)
  • Russian Twist x 20 (IC)
  • Freddie Mercury x 20 (IC)
  • Scissors Abs x 11 (IC)



  • Smaller crew this weekend.  Had several other viable options with the Speed For Need chariots being pushed in the Charlotte Marathon and the SOBs hosting their 2nd Annual CSAUP event, Balrog, covering 5 AOs across Ballantyne & S Charlotte.  However, glad to have Ocho, OT & Huggie Bear join me at McKee Rd Elementary for our weekly push to get stronger.
  • O’Tannenbaum looking forward to the afternoon match-up of his alma mater, the Auburn Tigers, and the Dawgs at 3:30.  Had to be pretty excited with the final results of that one.  We’ll see if they can keep it up in 2 weeks when the face Alabama in the annual Iron Bowl.  And I’m sure his 2.2 forgave him for missing her B-ball game due to the 3:30 kick-off.
  • OT was sporting some new kicks as well.  Finally wore out his Costco special sneakers and actually went out and purchased some real running shoes.  Either they made him faster or he is just getting stronger as he was up front with Ocho Cinco all morning.
  • Thanks to Huggie Bear for serving as reliable co-Site Q at Area 51/McKee Rd.  YHC’s participation has been spotty at best with 2.0s sports events and other scheduling conflicts.  Huggie Bear has kept everything running smoothly.


  • Area 51 Christmas Party – Friday, 12/08/2017 at 7:30 P.M. – Seaboard  Preblast:
  • SOB Christmas Party – Saturday, 12/16/2017 at 5:00 P.M. – Red Barn Waxhaw  Preblast:
  • Joe Davis Run – Saturday, 01/06/18 – Walter Elisha Park, Fort Mill, SC  Preblast:

4 Corners Until We Get It Right

Nice Saturday morning for weekly edition of Area 51 on the grounds of McKee Rd Elementary.  Started off with 5 PAX and eventually ended up with 6 after Floor Slapper made his customary tardy appearance as we were beginning the COP.  Quick, short disclaimer provided for this veteran bunch and we headed over to the lower parking lot by the soccer fields.

Quick jog around the lot and we circled up for COP:

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Squats x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC, Hold Plank
  • MC x 20 IC, Hold Plank
  • Peter Parker x 20 IC, Hold Plank
  • Parker Peter x 20 IC, On Your Six
  • Dolly x 15 IC, Hold’em 6 inches
  • Flutter x 15 IC, Hold’em 6 inches
  • LBC x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC

After an extended warm-up, we headed over to side of parking lot and lined up for the next round

  • 20 Incline Merkins on curb
  • Lunge walk across the parking lot
  • 20 Decline Merkins on curb
  • Backwards run across the parking lot

Properly stretched and having warmed up the legs a bit we made our way to corner of the parking lot.  Here the instructions were provided for a round of Four Corners:

  • 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, 20 LBCs
  • Run to next corner
  • 20 Merkins, 20 Squats, 20 LBCs
  • Continue this sequence for all 4 corners

Then it was off to the playground and the pull-up bars for a little circuit work:

  • 10 Pull-ups, 20 Dips, 20 calf raises on the curb
  • Rinse & repeat

Completed 2 circuits and then we were on the move again.  Made our way down to the recently paved track for another round of 4 Corners:

  • Complete 15 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Jump Squats, 15 Russian Twists
  • Run to the next corner
  • 15 Carolina Dry Docks, 15 Jump Squats, 15 Russian Twists
  • Make our way around the tracking stopping at each corner to repeat the same exercises

After completing 2nd round of Four Corners, made our way over to the wall at front of school and completed the following:

  • People’s Chair x 75 secs
  • Lunge walk across the bus parking lot
  • People’s Chair x 75 secs (mixing in 25 air presses)
  • Lunge walk across the bus parking lot

Enough break time, we headed back to launch parking lot for Round 3 of Four Corners.  This time we completed the following:

  • 10 staggered merkins (5 staggered right, 5 staggered left), 10 lunges each leg, 20 Old School Sit-ups
  • Run to the next corner
  • Continue to each corner of the parking lot and complete the called exercises

PAX were pushing it pretty good and we quickly worked our way through our 3rd round of 4 Corners. Still a decent amount of time on the clock, so YHC led the crew to the logs at the NC Landmark playground area for another round of circuit work:

  • 10 Jump-ups/Step-ups
  • 10 Decline merkins
  • 10 Tire hops
  • Rinse & repeat x 2

After completion of the 3rd round, circled up for a few Minutes of Mary (Pax choice):

  • Heels to Heaven x 15 IC
  • Russian Twist x 15 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x 15 IC, but heels never come down
  • Protractor
  • LBC x 20 iC
  • Can Opener x10 IC (each side)

With the PAX getting so much enjoyment out of the Four Corners, time for one more round.  We made our way down to the soccer fields for a final round.  Original call was to run to light pole at mid-field but after a little prodding from Lobster Roll the decision was made run to the light pole at other end of the soccer field.  Ran to each corner of the soccer field and completed 5 Merkins, 5 Prisoner Squats, 5 LBCs.

Time to head back to the launch point.  Back in time to knock out one final round of Circuit Work with 10 Pull-ups, 20 Dips, 20 Calf Raises.



  • Good to have Floor Slapper back out with us on a Saturday morning.  He has been posting pretty regularly during the week, but had not seen him out McKee Rd Elementary on a Saturday in a while.  Made his normal 7:05 appearance as we started COP.
  • COP went a little long this week.  Threw in a few more exercises to get the PAX blood flowing.  Heard a little mumble chatter from the Pax with the extended Plank holds during COP, with Lobster Roll making the most noise.
  • Cold Cuts was flying during the various rounds of Four Corners.  Always good to have him out there pushing the pace and posting weekly with his 2.0’s softball hiatus during the colder months.
  • Beaver trying to stir the pot a little with a few comments about the intensity of Lobster’s last Q at Area 51.  PAX was just glad he didn’t call for more burpees like he did last year.


  • Joe Davis Run on 1/7/17 in Fort Mill.  5k and 10k options.  Sign-ups can be found here:

Not a Runner are You???

8 PAX at McKee Rd Elementary for another Saturday morning at the original Area 51 workout.  Welcomed Little W to our group as he made his first appearance at this AO, capably subbing in for his 2.0, McGee, who was recovering from some nasal surgery last week.  Informed YHC that he typically posts at Core workouts in Metro and, with having had knee replacement surgery, did not run too often.  Little birdy told him YHC was not too much of a runner, which I will not deny.  Will run, but not real fast.

With 7 PAX in tow, we launched for an easy mosey to the other side of the school yard.  Quick circle back to pick up Donkey Kong as he arrived at 0701 and then we headed down to bus parking lot and circled up for COP:

  • Squats x 15 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • Plank Jack x 20 IC
  • Dolly x 15 IC, hold’em
  • Flutter x 15 IC, hold’em
  • Rosalita x 15 IC

Little mumble chatter about the extra work in COP but a little core/Mary never hurt anyone.

Time to loosen up the legs, so lined up at one end of the bus parking lot for the following:

  • Karaoke (R) length of the lot
  • Karaoke (L) back
  • Back Pedal length of the lot
  • Back Pedal back
  • Shuffle (L) length of the lot
  • Shuffle (R) back

After the last round we headed up McKee Rd to the neighborhood just up the street.  Starting at the entrance we ran down the main drag, stopping at each side street for increasing reps of called exercise (2, 4, 6, 8, 10):

  • Rd 1 – Merkins
  • Rd 2 – Jump Squats
  • Rd 3 – LBCs
  • Rd 4 – Lunge walk to 1st side street, run/jog to 2nd street & keep alternating to the end

After short plank to wait for the 6, gathered PAX up to continue trek up McKee Rd.  Made our way to the next development and headed up the main drive to the first traffic circle.  Time for the Triple Nickel with CDD at the other end and Prisoner Squats when you get back to the traffic circle.  5 reps each end with 5 complete loops.

Time for a little break from the continuous movement, so we headed over to the fountain near the community pool.  Completed the following:

  • Dips x 15
  • Derkins x 15
  • Rinse & repeat x 2

Headed back out to McKee Rd and lined up at the neighborhood entrance for an Indian Run back to the school.  Once there we headed over to the wall at the front of the school for the following:

  • PC x 60 secs (w/ arm presses)
  • Lunge walk across the bus parking lot
  • PC x 60 secs
  • Lunge walk

Made our way through the parking lot back to the playground near the launch point.  Final round of circuit work:

  • Toes to bar or Hanging knee raises x 15
  • Plank walk on the curb for 5 parking spaces
  • Rinse & repeat x 2

Circle up for 6 MOM (PAX choice)

  • Freddie Mercury (O’Tannenbaum)
  • Jack Webb (Donkey Kong)
  • Can Opener (Pop Tart)



  • Great to have Little W join us as a site FNG.  Hung in tough, though we did complete a little more running than he is used to.  Prayers were lifted for a clean report for his M this week as she battles cancer.
  • Lot of mumble chatter about the shoulder and quad focus this week.  Pop Tart always willing to put forth his two cents.  Always makes the workout go a little quicker if PAX are providing colorful commentary.
  • Good to see Young Love back out at McKee.  Looks to have recovered from his surgery earlier this year.  Know he has been posting to some of the gear workouts but always makes for a nice addition to the bootcamp crowd.
  • Kudos to Squid for watching out for the 6.  Usually running with the guys up front but kept on eye on the guys bringing up the rear this week.  Hopefully still got a solid workout in.


  • Area 51’s CSAUP event, Southern Discomfort, is scheduled for 10/22/2016.
  •      Preblast is available here:
  •      Sign-up is here:
  •      Service element for Southern Discomfort:  Collecting donations of $s, single snack packs, bus passes, and gift cards for The Relatives, a system of resources that helps children and youth find shelter and support.  See pre-blast for additional details.  Drop off donations at workouts.
  • Please keep Huggie Bear and his family in your prayers.  His mother passed away recently.  He’s back in town now.
  • Prayers also go out for the family of Little W.  His M, Ruth, is battling ovarian cancer and they are scheduled to receive results of recent scan this week.  Prayers were lifted for a clear scan.



The Sweet Sound of “Rinse and Repeat”

(Posted on behalf of Cold Cuts)

Q arrived early, with all his pain tools to get set up.  No idea what PAX would arrive for this.  Then the All Star parade of cars started to pull in.  Seasoned, hardened PAX arrived one after another.  These were men who eat burpees for breakfast.  Time for the Q to step up and deliver.

Q leads the PAX on a mosey to start.  Stop for normal COP circle?  Nope.  Q recognized the stare of hardened F3 veterans (hardened, not OLD).  Hard decision is made, mosey is all this group needs.

PAX and Q mosey to the soccer field, where 6 well-spaced soccer goals lay.

  • Rd 1 – Run to each soccer goal, Jump Squats at each goal.  Start with 4 Jump Squats, add 4 at each goal (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24).
  • Rd 2 – Same route but with Monkey Humpers – cars driving by need a show (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 reps).
  • Rd 3 – Same route, this time with Merkins (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24).
  • Rd 4 – Why not one more time, this time with Burpees (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12).

That was not fun, a thought echoed by all in attendance.

  • Mosey over to the wall for some fun with wall sits.  Brothers line-up shoulder to shoulder and assume the position.  Q has a nice 20 lb ball that makes its way down the line of PAX 3x’s.  Thighs are burning.
  • PAX then drop and complete 20 Donkey Kicks.
  • Rinse & Repeat (word/phrase of the day) 2 more times.

Since we are already here, let’s do some planks:

  • PAX line-up shoulder to shoulder in plank position and then pass the same 20 lb ball back and forth 3x’s.
  • Rinse & Repeat 2 more times.

Q is thinking everyone is warmed up by now.  Pain tools are waiting.

Mosey to parking lot.  8 stations set up for 8 PAX.

  • Station 1 – Run the length of the parking lot
  • Station 2 – 80 lb sand bag on shoulders for weighted squats
  • Station 3 – Pair of 30 lb dumbbells for shoulder presses
  • Station 4 – Pair of 40 lb dumbbells for walking lunges
  • Station 5 – 20 lb ball for American Hammer
  • Station 6 – Pair of 45 lb dumbbells for farmer carry
  • Station 7 – Pair of 50 lb dumbbells for another round of farmers carry – hands never felt better
  • Station 8 – Very thick battle rope for rope slams

PAX running was timer for each station, once they returned the PAX moved down the line to next station.

What was the word/phrase of the day?  Rinse & Repeat…completed 2x’s through the stations.

Clock is ticking down, so PAX completed quick round of Mary:

  • Civilian sit-ups
  • Heels to Heaven
  • Flutters
  • LBC



Strong effort by everyone.  No place to hide.  Fun to be pushed by strong group like this.  Living legends (in their minds at least)…Q was feeling the pain over the weekend.



BTW Wall Walks are Good for the Soul

13 PAX gathered at MRHS once Doc McStuffins made his normal arrival at 0530 hours on Wednesday.  Bratwurst had the SF planted firmly in the soil and we had a solid group ready to roll.  Time to make the doughnuts, or at least break a sweat.

Disclaimer was properly delivered and YHC made sure everyone knew I was not a professional, just acting like one for the next 45 minutes.  With all that behind us, we launched for a nice jog across the student parking lot and headed over to the front of the high school at Marvin Ridge.


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • IW x 25 IC
  • Squats x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • Dolly x 20 IC
  • Flutter x 20 IC

Continue the jog around the side of the school and then alternate Lunge Walk and a Jog between the light posts until we made our way to the Globe at the back entrance of the campus.  Time for a little partner work.  We had an odd number so Dasher threw himself on the sword and ran the next portion of the workout on his own.

  • P1 head right out of the traffic circle back down the drive to the 2nd light post and complete 20 Carolina Dry Docks.
  • P2 head left out of the traffic circle behind the school to the sidewalk behind the high school and complete 20 Carolina Dry Docks.
  • Both partners run back to the traffic circle and complete 10 hand slap merkins.
  • Flapjack and complete another round of 20 CDDs and return to the traffic circle to plank for the 6.
  • Rinse & repeat x 2, replacing CDDs with Prisoner Squats and then LBCs.

Time to continue our nice easy mosey around the back of the campus to the patio outside the Middle School gym.  Once at the patio we continued with the partner work.

  • P1 headed over to the back wall of the gym for BTW wall walk.
  • P2 headed to the benches at the tables for dips until P1 was done.
  • Flapjack
  • Rinse & Repeat

PAX were working pretty hard so thought it was time for a little recovery.  Everyone line up on the wall for People’s Chair:

  • PC – 60-75 secs w/ 30 air presses
  • Recover
  • PC – 60-75 secs w/ R Foot up, then L Foot up, then Arms straight out, finally Arms over head
  • Recover

Head back through the bus parking lot (try not to breath in the fumes) towards the launch point.  Once we were back in the high school student parking lot, stopped about 1/2 up the nice incline for abbreviated Ark Loader.  Some chatter about the Q trying to decide what to do next, but just deciding how far to make the next series of movements.

  • Bear Crawl up the hill
  • Jog back down
  • Crab Walk up the hill
  • Jog back down
  • Lunge walk up the hill and then head back to the SF

2 MOM:

  • Rosalita x 15 IC
  • Freddy Mercury x 15 IC



  • Another good crew out for Dromedary this week.  Missing a few of the regulars due to BRR taper, but still had a good crowd.
  • With Doc making it a Baker’s Dozen we had one extra PAX for the partner work.  Dasher was the odd man out and replaced the hand slap merkins with Front Clap Merkins.  Definitely wasn’t just taking it easy out there.
  • So much for tapering for the BRR this weekend.  Bratwurst was there bright and early with the SF and gave consistent effort throughout.
  • Good to have Stump Hugger join us back out in the Gloom.  Working his way back into shape after taking a little time off.  Always a bit more challenging when you have been away for a while.
  • I think it was Backsplash out front for the bear crawl and the crab walk at the end.


  • Dromedary will be converging at Calvary Church (corner of Rea Rd & Hwy 51 – AO of Anvil & the Rock) next week for the Area 51 5-Year Anniversary workout.  Workout will be an hour from 5:15-6:15.  Dromedary will resume at Marvin Ridge on Wednesday, 9/21.
  • Q schedule for Dromedary is open for Sept-Oct.  Let Bratwurst or Bananas know if you want to sign up to Q.  That’s how this system works.  If you have been posting more than 6-7 weeks, you can lead a workout.  Current Qs happy to split a workout with you to allow you to get your feet wet.
  • Convergence to support Army 385th MCT Deployment on 09/13 with the Fort Mill PAX.  Bounty Hunter is QIC & his brother-in-law, Convoy, will serve as guest Q before his unit deploys later this month.  See preblast here:

Visit to South Hall

9 men showed up at McKee Rd Elementary for another 60 minutes of fun on a Saturday morning.  All were on time this week, with O’Tannenbaum even making it to the AO before 0701 hours.  Think we can thank Tiger Rag as he had forewarned OT about my Tweet the night before mentioning heading off campus down towards the fire station.  Had 2 site FNGs as Lumberjack and DQ joined us for the first time on a Saturday morning.  With everyone in tow and the clock indicating 0700 hours we headed out for a warm up lap in the lower parking lot by the soccer fields and circled up for COP.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Squats x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • MC x 20 IC

Properly warmed up and giving any last minute stragglers the opportunity to find us before we headed off campus, YHC led the crew on a mosey down the sidewalk along the soccer fields and we made our way to the rock pile.  Quick stop to work on the soccer arms.  Pick a friend for a some light lifting:

  • Curls x 15 IC
  • Rock Press x 15 IC
  • Goblet Squat x 15 IC
  • Rinse & repeat x 2 (w/ 10 reps IC and then 5 reps IC)

Return the rocks to their resting spot and we continued our jog down to the fire station.  Circled up and everyone completed 25 Carolina Dry Docks OYO.

At this point we had reached our final destination (sort of), which was the South Hall neighborhood just across McKee Rd from the fire station.  Made our way down South Hall Dr into the neighborhood and made a quick stop at the first side street to gather the 6.

  • Merkins (?) x 15 IC

Continue down the main drive into South Hall with 2 more stops along the way, prior to our final destination, with LBCs x 25 IC at Stop #2 and Flutter and Dolly x 15 IC at Stop #3.  One last straightaway on Warwickshire Ln and we arrived at Derbyshire Dr for the main event.

Derbyshire Dr is about 1/4 mi long with a nice little up and over to a dead end.  4 decorative street lights spaced evenly along the length of the street.  Perfect set up for a modified Triple Nickel.

Idea was to run up and over Derbyshire Dr, stopping at east light post along the way and with a final stop at the end for 5 reps of the called exercise at each stop.  Plank and wait for the 6 a the end of each round.  Completed the following exercises during the series:

  • Merkins
  • Jump Squats
  • LBCs
  • Carolina Dry Docks
  • Flutter (5 each leg)

At the wrong end of Derbyshire at the end so we alternated Lunge Walk and Sprint between each of the light posts and the other end at Warwickshire before heading back to the launch point.  Made our way back to McKee Rd Elementary with a couple stops along the way to gather the 6.



  • Welcome to Lumberjack and DQ to the AO.  Both have been posting for a few weeks with Area 51, but this was there first visit to McKee Rd for the 60 minute edition.
  • Strong work by Lobster Roll, Ocho Cinco, O’Tannenbaum and Squid leading on the modified Triple Nickel with Slapshot not far behind.
  • Beaver appeared to approve of the off campus visit and indicated he may take us back out that way on his next Q.  PAX can thank Frasier for the tour as he found this hidden gem a good while back and we had not been back for a return visit until now.
  • Apologize for the 2 min of overtime as I miscalculated the time for the return and probably could have cut the rock work by a round to time it better.  See management for a refund of your admission $s.
  • Thanks to Squid for the takeout.


  • Area 51/SOB/Union County end of summer pool party was Saturday afternoon at Candlewyck Pool.  Van Pelt provided some quality BBQ from all reports.
  • 2nd Annual Southern Discomfort, Area 51s own CSAUP event, is scheduled for 10/22.  Should be 10-13 miles with several stops at various AOs for short pain stations.  Margo and Gerber are the co-Qs.  Look for more details to follow.

4 Corners w/ 17s thrown in for good measure

4 PAX, including one visitor from F3 Gastonia (welcome Hushpuppy), ventured out to McKee Rd Elementary for a holiday weekend workout.  It was toasty so we attempted to find shade when we could.  After quick introductions around the VSF, YHC led the small group out at 0700ish.  No late arrivals this week, so O’Tannenbaum and Floor Slapper must have been DR.

Short loop to the lower parking lot beside the soccer fields and we circled up for COP:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Squat x 15 IC
  • Merkins x 15 IC
  • Peter Parker x 20 IC
  • Parker Peter x 20 IC

With the warm-up out of the way, found our way over to the rock pile to pick up a coupon to be toted from spot to spot and used as necessary.  Tried to provide ample warning that we would be carrying the rocks for a while, but Cold Cuts may not have understood the ramifications as he decided to pick a hefty coupon.

With rocks in tow we headed back over to whence we started and found some turf over by the lower parking lot.  Time for a little stationery lifting:

  • Curls, Rock Presses & Goblet Squats x 15 IC
  • Lunge walk across parking lot (sans rock) and jog back
  • Curls, Rock Presses & Goblet Squats x 10 IC
  • Lunge walk across/jog back
  • Curls, Rock Presses & Goblet Squats x 5 IC
  • Broad jump across/jog back

Wrapped up our stationery lifting and then instructed PAX that they could temporarily set their coupons aside.  Time for a round of 4 Corners with some 17s mixed in.  Grassy area behind the lower parking lot had a few practice areas lined off and decided this would make a nice area for 4 Corners.  Field was chalked off into a couple soccer field shaped areas, so picked the driest one and instructed the PAX to complete round of 4 corners with stop in each corner for mix of Merkins and LBCs (16/1, 15/2, 14/3, etc, all the way to 1/16).  Result was 4 loops around the shrunken field (blatantly stolen from workout Heartbreaker as led at Dromedary a few times).

Once we wrapped up that nonsense we grabbed our coupons and headed over to back of the school for couple rounds of PC:

  • PC x 60 secs (held coupon over head and then rock presses)
  • Lunge walk out 20-30 yards
  • PC x 75 secs (held coupon straight out for 15 secs or so)
  • Lunge walk out 20-30 yards

Looking for a bit more shade, we grabbed our coupons and headed over to the Nature Trial behind the school.  Gathered around the benches at the entrance to the trail for the following:

  • Curls x 20, Dips x 20, set rock down and run loop around the trail
  • Rinse & repeat

Enough work with the coupons so we grabbed the rocks and took them back to their resting spot.  It was at this point when Cold Cuts started having 2nd or 3rd thoughts about the rock he had chosen. Of course, he refused any assistance when offered.

Once we had made our way back to the rock pile and returned our coupons we headed back to the front of the school.  Circled up for a quick visit from Jack Webb, completing 1 Merkins/4 Air Presses and working our way up to 7 Merkins/28 Air Presses.

5 minutes left so we finished up with some Mary including Dollies, Flutter, Back Scratchers, and Freddie Mercury.



  • Good to meet Hushpuppy who was visiting from F3 Gastonia.  Mother-in-law lives in area and family had come up for Bday party.  Welcome to join us again anytime you are in the area.
  • Speaking of Hushpuppy, the 4 Corners/17s combo was not kind.  Modified as necessary to avoid spilling Merlot and powered through to the end.
  • Not that I have to mention it, but Turkey Leg can run.  Didn’t matter if it was the 4 Corners or a couple loops around the Nature Trail, consistently found him near the front of the pack.  Made his way down to Hilton Head for a little R&R this week and managed to post a strong 19:30 in the 5k down there on Independence Day.
  • Cold Cuts managed to pick a good size lifting rock from the pile when we started.  Made for a long trip back once we were done, but he was determined to finish up with no assistance.


  • F3 Golf is Friday, 7/29, at Olde Sycamore Golf Club off of Hwy 218 in Mint Hill.  Register to play golf or sponsor a hole, lunch, etc.  Proceeds will benefit F3 Leap Expansion efforts.  Additional information can be found here: