Partner Up for Encouragement

Partner Up for Encouragement

29 “giddy” pax showed up in the cold breezy air in anticipation for a solid workout before the blizzard of 2014 hits later today.

The Thang:

SSH x 25

Rockettes x 25

Good mornings x 20

Shore shoulders x 30sec each (forward, back, in front, up and down)

Partner up:

Catch me if you can:  PT 1- 10 hand release merkins, PT 2- Farmer’s carry w/ shrugs

Main event (w/ Partner)

10x RT/LT Clean and Press

15x Burpees

20x KB crunches



KB wings- Up the hill and back

Goblet squats- Up the hill and back

Figure 8 kb curls (50)- up the hill and back

Catch me if you can back to lot- with 5 Burpees



Lots of chatter during the warm-up, especially from Brown with noises about the “new” Rockettes move.  (thanks Brown- were you squealing or grunting?)

YHC’s hope was that you got the encouragement/push you need from your partner today during the main event. That is the part that the #sadclowns don’t have, let’s keep that in mind.

1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV  Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

It was good for YHC to partner up with Wolfman.  Miss that guy after being kidnapped by SPEARHEAD for months.

Farmer’s carry w/ shrugs, the shrugs didn’t last long.  No one must want a football neck.  #bigtraps

Harley, “I’m warm now” (nuf said)  YHC takes that as a compliment.

Solid performance by Robin Hood (WD) who showed up with all smiles saying, “I made it here” to Bulldog.  That’s half the battle, RH, beating the fartsack!

Lab Rat kicked it in high gear for the final “catch me if you can” and not sure if Night Court could.


SNOW!?!?!— watch the tweets about tomorrow workouts–WHAT?  come on, just get the snow pants out and show up.

ICE?!?!–ok, definitely watch for tweets here, dangerous driving.

BRR- see Baracus if you are interested

Weight In tomorrow at Death Valley for the Jan. weight loss challenge.  You know who you are.




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10 years ago

Thanks for leading. Somehow, I blasted past Spielberg on the farmers carry and spent a while looking for him while backtracking. I should have looked for the leg warmers. Who wears those?

Oh wait – you had those on too didn’t you.


– HH

Hair Band
10 years ago

Sounds like a solid beatdown, sorry I missed it.
Getting over a sinus infection that has kicked my butt the past 2 days.

10 years ago

Proud of you Robin Hood for getting out of the fart sack.

Your 2.0

10 years ago

SC – strong workout today brother! I picked a fine day to upgrade my kettlebell.

High Tide
Reply to  Baracus
10 years ago

Ditto! Actually, I borrowed/test drove Mall Cop’s KB, but I’m looking to upgrade to a clean, used KB, as I need a “weightier” excuse for my poor running/burpee performance. Any pax looking to upgrade from their tiny 35# KB, please let me know.

Also, t-claps to Mall Cop for his support on the 100’s, as I struggled running the hill… (someday, I’m gonna have to try Fast Twitch, if they didn’t start at 5:15…)(or, start up a Slow Twitch workout…)


Reply to  High Tide
10 years ago

Skunkworks and Fast Twitch are both worthy of posts. I’m alternating between the 2…not sure anyone else is however. TR used to alternate some….I think. Joker maybe? Didn’t Joker help launch Fast Twitch?
At any rate – give it a shot High Tide.

10 years ago

HT – I will second the motion for a 0530 fast twitch start. I know I will have to set these kettle bells down for a bit when we get into BRR training mode. Great partnering with Robin Hood today. Strong work. I dusted off my 35 pounder and have returned the 20 to my wife. Last, Tiger Rag call off the name calling. I returned the serving spoon that rightly belongs to your family. Thing made it into my crockpot at holiday party. If it was real silver I may have considered melting it down…

Reply to  Bugeater
10 years ago

I support a 5:30 fast twitch start too. 5:30 is crazy enough. 5:15 just seems mean.

Great workout this morning.

Reply to  Gummy
10 years ago

Excuses. Excuses. If you can do the 5:00 pre-KB work – you can Fast Twitch at 5:15.

10 years ago

SC – squealing at 5:35, grunting by 6:10!! We coulda done more “rockettes”! Great workout!!

Purple Haze
10 years ago

It is only 15 minutes earlier for FastTwitch gentlemen…not that big a deal. I think y’all are just using that as an excuse to avoid running.

High Tide, Bug and Gummy…see you at FastTwitch next week…0515.

Reply to  Purple Haze
10 years ago

The early time is Sprague’s doing, abetted by Joker.

Why don’t we move it back to 0430 so we could hit both back to back? It’s not right that two of the most sucktastic work outs are at the same time. A Fast Twitch knee to the gut, with a Skunk upper cut to finish you off.

10 years ago

Great work Stone Cold, old school Skunkworks beatdown!

10 years ago

Something about getting up at 4-anything haze. I will plan to get back on the twitch when the time is right. Working on my guns lately…

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