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Death Valley Circuit

10 of Charlotte’s finest ignored the potential for freezing rain and got after it at Death Valley. Here’s what we did.


  • SSH
  • IW
  • Low slow squats
  • Good mornings
  • Merkins

Circuit x3

  • Lap around the track
  • 20 merkins at the outhouse laps 1 and 3 / 20 CDocks lap 2
  • 20 dips at the bleachers / 20 step ups
  • 20 supine pullups / 10 donkey kicks

Wall work, catch our breath, People’s chair with arm raises

Run some street with merkins and CDocks at street lights

Finish up with some Mary

Solid group out there, I was struggling to keep up. I was a bit surprised to see Dredd roll in on two wheels to meet up with Stinger. I felt like I had a bit of extra pressure with the expected smack talk and potential harassment from Dredd. Chatter was kept fairly minimal (relatively speaking) so I’ll take that as a sign that it was a fairly difficult workout. Prayers for the team headed to Peru. Thanks to Dollywood for the chance to lead.


Skunkworks – 600 Reps + Humidity

The Thang:

SSH x 20

IW x 15

Jog to touch the rock and come back

10 deadlifts – 10 swings – 10 overhead presses

8 deadlifts – 8 swings – 8 overhead presses

6 deadlifts – 6 swings – 6 overhead presses

4 deadlifts – 4 swings – 4 overhead presses

2 deadlifts – 2 swings – 2 overhead presses

Jog to touch the rock and back

2 deadlifts – 2 swings – 2 overhead presses

4 deadlifts – 4 swings – 4 overhead presses

6 deadlifts – 6 swings – 6 overhead presses

8 deadlifts – 8 swings – 8 overhead presses

10 deadlifts – 10 swings – 10 overhead presses

Jog to touch the rock and back


Mosey to field


40 curls – sprint -10 regular merkins and sprint back

30 curls – sprint -20 regular merkins and sprint back

20 curls – sprint -30 regular merkins and sprint back

10 curls – sprint -40 regular merkins and sprint back

jog a lap, plank until everyone finishes

40 goblet squats – sprint -10 LBCs and sprint back

30 goblet squats – sprint -20 LBCs and sprint back

20 goblet squats – sprint -30 LBCs and sprint back

10 goblet squats – sprint -40 LBCs and sprint back

jog a lap

40 presses – sprint -10 nipplers and sprint back

30 presses – sprint -20 nipplers and sprint back

20 presses – sprint – 30 nipplers and sprint back

10 presses – sprint – 40 nipplers and sprint back

jog a lap


Partner Up (like sized bell):

P1 Lung walk down, drop bells, sprint back

P2 is doing LBCs


P2: Flutter

P2: Heels to Heaven

P2: Rosalita

Jog cool down lap




Not much chatter this morning, especially after starting into the 50s. We ended up doing a total of 600 reps in the 50s section and several before and after. Solid work out there by everyone on a hot, humid July morning.


An honor to lead!


Posted on behalf of Sanka

Burnt Forearms at Skunkworks

A solid 23 accepted the challenge of putting on the big boy pants and showed up for the toughest workout in the S. CLT area.  YHC is always trying to bring something a little different and new to the pax at Skunk.  So, if you google tough kettlebell workout, you get something like this:


The Thang:

Two handed swings x 20

Good mornings x 15

Low slow KB squat x 10


KB suit case carry x 40 steps (~30 sec)

20 swings 

Repeat as we mosey down our normal Farmer’s carry route

“Omaha” called as we were too slow and we had lots to do.


15 mins later we were at the bottom of the hill by the church doors


Teams of 4 spread out with KBs:

PT 1- (timer) AYG up to the top of the hill

PT 2- KB squats at top time 1 tags you to go to PT 3

PT 3- mid way back doing KB snatches til PT 2 tags you to go to PT 4

PT 4- at church doing 2 KB swings til PT 3 tags you then you run up the hill

Repeat for another 15 or so mins (maybe 4-5 rounds)


Mosey back to parking lot for Circuit work


Circuit work: 20 sec on; 10 sec rest x 3 sets for each exercise

KB Halo

Mt. Climbers

KB Swings

Squat Jacks


High Knees





Moleskin (Naked):

Comment for feedback:  good, bad, etc.  YHC wants to hear from you.

Good work by all on the Suit case carry with swings:  forearm burner, ouch!

Relays were a little hard to explain but I think they did the trick.  Solid work by each group.

Circuits:  YHC sometimes does this workout in my garage with a few more additions.  It’s a good one and maybe one you’ll see again.




Humid Hills

Six of South Charlotte’s finest got after it this am in the humid hills of Hydra.

– SSH (Gumby stand and watch)
– IW
– Low slow squat
– Lap on track, 10 merkins at corners (quasi corners on oval)
– Lap on track, 20 lunges at 1/2 way point

Big Hill
– Run to bottom of Summerlin, suicide run back up
– 10 merkins at first speed bump, back down
– 10 wide arm merkins at second speed bumb, back down
– 10 diamond merkins at top, back down

Smaller Hill
– Make your way to Foxworth, lunges along the way
– 7s on hill, LBC at top, lunges at bottom
– Plank it up for a while

Field Work
– Trail run to football field
– 50%/100% run
– Backwards run
– Karaoke run
– Back to start

We covered 3.5 miles today, felt more like 10 with the humidity. Small group but good times. Enjoyed the chance to lead.

– Harley

Skunkworks – Round and Round We Go

The Thang:

Head to the field for a quick warm-up. Nothing too unfamiliar.



20 KB Swings OYO

Leave the bells, take a lap, and momentarily regroup. Next up is a few rounds of 4 corners. At each corner of the track, increase the exercise rep number by 5, starting with 5 reps at corner 1 and finishing with 20 reps at corner 4. Change the exercise and repeat.

First Round: Merkins

Second Round: Squats

Third Round: Big Boy Sit-Ups

Back to the middle to grab the bells; they were getting lonely while we were running the track. Line up along the goal line for a set of 11’s.

Bell Squats on the starting line, with burpees on the other side of the field. Each round contains 11 total reps, increasing the squats by 1 each round while decreasing the burpees by 1 each round.

First Round: 1 Squat, 10 burpees

Second Round: 2 Squats, 9 burpees


Last Round: 10 Squats, 1 burpee

Staying on the line, find a partner (bell weight doesn’t matter). P1 stays on the line and performs an exercise AMRAP while P2 runs down and back the field. They switch, and P1 runs while P2 exercises. They do this until they achieve a collective total of 50 reps.

First Round: Right Arm Rows

Second Round: Left Arm Rows

Third Round: Upright Rows

Fourth Round: KB Swings

Fifth Round: Flutter Press

Back to the middle with your bells for some Jack Webb. Merkins were normal; arm raises with KB. 4 raises per merkin, ladder of merkins going from 1 to 4 and then back down to 1.

Some abs to finish it out, 20 reps of Dolly and 20 reps of Bicycle.


Count it up.

Names and prayer to finish.



F3 Dads Colonel Beatty Park, Saturday at 9

Next week, change of location to the nearby tennis courts



I designed the workout to be pretty touch-and-go, with very little rest, so I was impressed when everyone kept up and put in the work. A special thank you to all the guys who came out this morning, as well as the guys who couldn’t make it. This was my last Q in Charlotte, but I’ve loved getting to know a ton of you and getting in shape with y’all. Over the course of the next two weeks, I’ll be moving with my new wife to Durham, NC to begin graduate studies and will be leaving the Queen City behind for a while. There might be a chance that I even miss all of the burpees and suicides from these workouts, but mostly I’ll miss the people.


Skunkworks – Deck of Cards

Did a bit of a warm up there in the parking lot. Warm up consisted of side-straddle-hops, mountain climbers, imperial walkers, and merkins. After the warm up we moseyed over to the north entrance and pair off. Played a bit of Catch Me If You Can, partner one did 10 merkins while partner two took both kettlebells for a ride. Flap jacked our way around the church until we got to the north lobby entrance. Waiting for us there was a deck of cards. The cards were used to give the number of reps for each called exercise. We did one handed swings, goblet squats, cleans, lunges, shoulder presses, good mornings, merkins on the bell, Romanian deadlifts, and snatches. I’m not saying I didn’t “tamper” with the deck of cards but it was weird that face cards seemed to be the only cards showing up. Even after Smokey gave the deck a good shuffle, the face cards continued to show up. Crazy, right! After each set, we ran a lap around something. Either the first island, or around the second island, or even around the church. We ran up the set of stairs and we also ran up to the road and back a couple of times. With time winding down, we headed back to the parking lot and finished up with some mary. Next time I’ll be sure to give those cards a better shuffle.


Announcement from Swiss Miss:

The 6/6 Skunkworks will be a “Potluck O’ Pain”

Everyone needs to bring their favorite workout gear, and just like a potluck dinner, we’ll all get to taste the pain baked up by each other.

It would be great if we had: Plates, ropes, sledge hammers (on tires), weight sleds, medicine balls, rucksacks, and any home-made gear that will bring plenty of downpainment.

If you don’t have said gear, no worries: bring your KB.

High Humidity at the Skunk

After a quick disclaimer we were off. 

COP: 15 SSH, 20 IW, 20 Murkins and a warm up lap 

The Thang: 

Partner up with same size KB: 

Round 1:  Partner 1 does Murkins while partner 2 carries both bells 1 lap around track. Flapjack

Round 2: Partner 1 does Low Slow Squats while partner 2 carries both bells 1 lap around track. Flapjack

Round 3: Partner 1 does LBC’s while partner 2 carries both bells 1 lap around track. Flapjack

Warm up complete. Circle up for 5 rounds of:

20 Swings

20  Upright rows

20 Squats

20 Lawnmowers(10 each arm)

20 Overhead Press(10 each arm)

1 lap around the track

Idea was to get 100 reps in. Everyone completed

Line up on goal line. 10 snatches (5 each arm) OYG to other side of field then do 25 LBC’s

Rinse and repeat 3 x’s

Line up on goal line. 20 squats, OYG to other side for 20 dolly’s.

Rinse and repeat 2x’s

Circle up for Flutter press and Freddy Mercury.  Done.



It looked like a rainy morning which may have scared some off. Rain held out for the most part. Lots of reps so not much chatter. We did have a FNG show up 10 minutes late , therefore the FNG name Dr. Snooze!

Thanks to Smokey for taking us out!


F3 Dads Saturdays in June 9am Beatty Park in Matthews

Convergence Death Valley and Anvil at Calvary Wednesday. Testimony by Stinger done by 6:50am.

Posted on behalf of Blazing Saddles

Skunkworks 5-year Anniversary

20 of South Charlotte’s finest came out to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Skunkworks. Here’s what we did.

– IW
– Good mornings

Burpee/Swing Ladder
– 5 burpees, 10 swings
– 10 burpees, 20 swings
– 15 burpees, 30 swings
– 10 burpees, 20 swings
– 10 burpees, 20 swings (had to get to an even 50)

Catch Me If You Can
– Partner up with likesize KB
– Partner 1 run, partner 2 5 merkins and chase
– Flap jack
– Around the church

Hill Suicides
– Partner 1: suicide run to first median and back, second median and back, road and back
– Partner 2: double swings
– Round 2: double cleans
– Round 3: single snatches

Catch Me If You Can 2.0
– Back around church
– If combined KB weight is < 80 lbs, 15 merkins, otherwise 10 merkins


Good to celebrate what Stone Cold and TR started five years ago. Two of the OGs out there in Stone Cold and Joker…TR was running or something. Second round of CMIYC was brutal both physically and mentally. Strong work by all, worn out.

– Harley

Skunkworks – the Tulip Reformation

20 men showed up by 0530 for a nice moonlit morning. Disclaimer given, site FNG (Caddy) welcomed, and we began…


  • Side Straddle Hop (x25)
  • Imperial Walker (x25)
  • Lap around the track
  • Merkins / Low Slow Squat w/ Bell / Swings (1st Rd: 5/5/10, 2nd Rd: 10/10/20, 3rd Rd: 15/15/30)
  • Mosey w/ bell to back entrance of Christ Covenant

Round 1

  • Partner up with like-sized bell
  • Farmer Carry Catch Me If You Can all the way around parking lot to the new field entrance
  • Chaser alternates 5 hand-release merkins and 8 jump squats on the switch

Round 2

  • Mosey up to the field and line up on the sideline with your bell
  • 40 seconds of exercise (focus on form and quality, not reps) then run to opposite sideline and back:
    • Reverse Lunges
    • Overhead Press
    • Cleans
    • Russian Twist
    • Dead Lift
    • Merkins

Round 3

  • Line up at end line of field with partner
  • 80-90% sprint to opposite end line and back (partner 2 rests while partner 1 runs)
  • 5 reps each (about 1,000 yards/PAX)


  • Farmer Carry Catch Me If You Can back to base
  • Chaser alternates 5 hand-release merkins and 8 jump squats on the switch
  • Flutter kicks (x25)
  • Rosalitas (x 25)


It was a gracious group for my first Q. The usual chatter at first died down as quickly as the swing count rose. The farmer carry was long, but the chatter picked back up as we headed to the field. By the time we got to the 1,000 yards of pain all you could hear was heavy breathing under the moonlight. Props to Yeti and Joystick who put in some extra work between sprints; most of the rest of us were on hands and knees. Anyone else’s forearms feeling numb? Good work fellas!


  • Expansions going full tilt. Indianapolis and Columbus launched last month. Upcoming launches in Louisville, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Toledo, Birmingham and Minneapolis. Help needed in lots of categories. Contact to volunteer.
  • Convergence tomorrow (04/12/17) with Death Valley and Anvil at Calvary Church. Bill Greer (Jedi) speaking after from 0630 to 0650.

Posted on behalf of Tulip. I think the source of Tulip’s nickname goes back to the five points of Calvinism – total depravity, unconditional election, limited atonement, irresistible grace, and perseverance of the saints…Reformed theology trivia for the day.

Uphill at Hydra

12 men survived some serious uphill running at Hydra.

– IW
– Time to move on out of the wind

Big Hill Suicide
– Run to bottom of Summerlin
– Run to first speed bump, 10 merkins, return, 10 squats
– 2nd speed bump, 10 wide arms, return, 10 squats
– Rea road, 10 diamonds, return, 10 squats
– Various mary and lunges at bottom of Summerlin

Small Hill 7s
– Run to bottom of Foxworth
– 7s with burpees at top and squat jumps at bottom
– Various mary

Back home
– Run up Windyrush, 10 Carolina drydocks at lightposts on right, 10 lunges at lightposts on left (more CDDs)
– Finish with mary

Solid group out this am, I think we were all ready to move after standing in the wind waiting to get started. I’m feeling out of shape, so wanted to get some running in this am. We hit 3.5 miles according to Flutie Flakes, so mission accomplished with lots of elevation change thrown in. Too much smack talk to recount here. No announcements, on with the day. Thanks for the opportunity to lead.