Area 51 2nd F Preblast: Lone Survivor Movie Friday followed by Murph Saturday

Area 51 2nd F Preblast: Lone Survivor Movie Friday followed by Murph Saturday

Gentlemen of the Saturday Gloom,

Our own Stone Cold has presented an excellent opportunity for a private F3 movie showing for the men of Area 51.

Head lock others and join your F3 Area 51 brothers in this 2nd F/CSAUP combo to honor the men and women in uniform who risk it all for our freedom on a daily basis.

These two servings are certain to inspire and motivate.  This movie will provide perspective and appreciation for those who serve our country. The 2nd F reinforces the F3 mission for our fellow F3 brothers who we lead, follow, work out with, confide in, and team together for CSAUP events like the Mud run, Spartan races, Blue Ridge Relay, and Go Ruck – among others.

Lone Survivor Movie Premiere in Charlotte: On Friday evening, January 10, 2014 we will be watching the movie premiere of Lone Survivor at a private F3 showing at Cinebarre movie theatre in Arboretum. This is a powerful movie based on a best-selling true story about 4 Navy seals under insurmountable odds and is for all things that push us past our physical and mental limits. Many PAX have read the book.

“The Murph” workout:  Saturday  January 11, 2014, the Area 51 Qs have confirmed that they will integrate “The Murph” or some version of it into each of their regular workouts (Area 51, Ascent, Day Zero, Olympus, Outland, The Rock, Stonehenge). The workout was designed by Lt. Michael Murphy, who died while serving and whose character is in this movie, and is intended to honor him and all who have served. The Site Q’s for that day will provide special instructions as needed. Day Zero has mentioned converging with The Rock for this event.


Serving #1: Lone Survivor Movie Premiere in Charlotte – Friday, January 10, 2014:

  • Event Q is Stone Cold, contact information in Evite
  • RSVP to Evite:
  • Evite Reminders to be sent out prior to event but can click link above to RSVP now
  • The confirmed movie launch time will be a 2030 start time – SHARP!!!
  • We are pushing max limit so be there early to ensure you get a seat
  • Cost of tickets will be $15 due to overwhelming response
  • Cinebarre will have a table setup for F3 to collect your cash for the amount (no debit/credit cards due to combined cost of rental and tickets)
  • Meet-up at Cinebarre Theatre before the movie for those interested (1900 – 2015). Some pax may gather at The Lodge in Colony Place but will move to Cinebarre if/when it crowds. NOTE: Change in plans to NOT meet at Vintners due to size of response!!!!!
  • Trailer and Story behind the movie available at:

Serving #2 : The “Murph” plus more at your regular workout locations/times – Saturday, January 11, 2014

  • CSAUP Q for this 2nd F is Honey Bee, for questions regarding the “Murph”/workout
  • Area 51, Ascent (modified), Day Zero, Olympus, Outland, The Rock, Stonehenge
  • 1 Mile Run – 100 Pullups – 200 Merkins – 300 Squats – 1 Mile Run (modify if necessary)
  • The “Murph” typically takes 30-40 minutes to complete, so factor into workout schedules
  • Red Pill: wear a fully laden ruck like the real Murph -Lt. Michael Murphy featured in Lone Survivor
  • Coffeeteria to follow at your regular location and times

Movie 2.0 Disclaimer: The Lone Survivor is rated R due to profanity and realistic depictions of violence where the characters portray real people who die (parent’s guide linked below).  F3 Nation does believe the film is appropriate for mature/teen 2.0s and would welcome all interested 2.0s to attend the event to learn more about those who serve our country and a real world depiction of heroes:

Note: Many PAX across F3 Nation are coordinating similar Lone Survivor events during this nationwide opening weekend event, include NoCo and Metro here in Charlotte. This event is open to F3 pax everywhere.

Promote in work out announcements and spread the word. Get your fellow workout PAX to participate. Headlock some FNG’s and we can use opportunity to get them to post for a workout!!!

Some notable lines provided in the movie and by interviews with the real life Navy Seal survivor Marcus Luttrell:

“I can fight.”

“There is nothing I cannot do.”

“There are brothers that never leave your side.”

“You can die for your country, I am gonna live for mine.”

“As a Navy Seal, our greatest fear is not being there for each other.”

“I will have your back, I will be there for you, including giving my life for you.”

We are glad to support this 2nd F opportunity brought by Stone Cold,

Jason Hilliard, Bugeater & Joe Evins, Honey Bee

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Rock Thrill
10 years ago

Great idea!
Thanks, fellas, looking forward to it!

10 years ago

In & will endeavor to EH some more guys. Thanks Honey Bee, Bugeater and Stone Cold.
“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Prov 17:17

Mall Cop
10 years ago

In & may have my oldest 2.0 with me. Looking forward to it and the Murph the next morning, Aye!

10 years ago

is there another decrease in ticket price if we hit the max 160 pax? Currently, we are paying $15/head right?

Reply to  Bugeater
10 years ago

Looking to bring an FNG last minute. Still some room i hope. :{

10 years ago

Could not let this go without alerting the Pax. Right in the middle of the fight, I am sitting on the edge of my seat. I take a look around to gauge the reaction of everyone else around me, and sitting right next to me Passport is sawing logs. Out cold in the middle of the most exciting movie I have seen in years. #passportgetsomesleepbrother

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