The Maul

Pitfall @ The Maul

Bytagalong Aug 3, 2017

21 PAX including 1 Respect and FNG El Chapo (formerly known as Dalver Bruges). Mostly a veteran group with a few unfamiliar faces.  We did a qu

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ByWildTurkey Jul 26, 2017

We opened with a long jog across the strip maul from the cinema to the far side of Target. Warm-Up Side Straddle Hops x 10 Mountain Climbers

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How about a little Murderhorn and some Rocks

ByFire Hazard Jul 13, 2017

24 or so men stepped into the Gloom to get a bit stronger and faster this sweaty a.m.   The thang.... 5:30 lets go. Circle up in fr


Form 101

ByStrawberry Jun 27, 2017

Sometimes we get caught up with trying to move as fast as we can; we (I) can power through a movement without regard for proper form. Which is co

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“It’s Too Wet to Plow”

ByFredo Jun 14, 2017

17 showed up, well 13 plus three or four more as I concluded my Disclaimer. My Grandfather lived on a farm and would sometimes say "It’s too

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You can get 2.5 Miles without leaving the launch spot……

ByHeartbreaker Jun 7, 2017

21 Gentlemen in attendance The disclaimer was given and we were off..... The Thang: -COP in cadence- Merkins x,-SSH x25, -Hillbillies x20, -LB

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Is this Mountain Goat?

ByDrano May 31, 2017

17 PAX posted on a pleasant somewhat muggy morning to partake in YHC’s Maul Q. With the disclaimer duly given, we were off… Warm up jog


Summer Kick-Off Convergence (SOB)

ByArgonaut May 24, 2017

~68 men gathered (15 new guys), in a tight circle, in the parking lot next to the cinema. Disclaimer and instructions were given, and we were off


Hitting the Maul with my Homies

ByColdCuts_Metro May 17, 2017

I like trying out new sites throughout NC and SC.  But there are a select few I always seem to come back too.  The Maul is one of them.  Great

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PreBlast: Memorial Day 2017 – SOB Murph Convergence

ByTuck May 16, 2017

“The patriot’s blood is the seed of freedom’s tree” -Thomas Campbell “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something big

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