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What kind of man do you want to be at 62 years old?

13 had to have more/some Cowbell.  There was an invitation out to all PAX, specifically MASHers, to join YHC at the new workout in Wesley Chapel featuring Kettlebells and Sprinting.  We also planned a special birthday party for Blue Screen but thankfully Zinfandel never showed with the Birthday Cake that he was supposed to jump out of.  Congrats Blue Screen on being 62 and still kicking a$$ and accelerating in all 3 Fs!  Something for all the PAX to be inspired by.

  • The goal of cowbell is to keep the heart rates elevated by doing some weighted exercises and then short sprints (50-100 yards)
  • The goal of today’s workout was to get new PAX there to show them that this isn’t necessarily a tougher workout but a different workout . . . And it is good to mix up your routine and grow some new muscle
  • Mission accomplished as we had 7 new Site FNGs!  Well done men!


  • Traditional Exercises without Kettlebell
  • Low slow squat, Overhead Press, Halo, Thrusters, Curls, Figure 8

AND A 1, AND A 2, AND A 1, 2, 3 (cue Blue Oyster Cult’s “The Reaper”):

  • Sets of 2 exercises
  • Then sprint either around parking lot or across parking lot and back
    • MASHers subbed various Mary for sprints
  • KB Swings and Upright Rows
  • Thrusters and Curls
  • Lawn Mower and Halo
  • One-Legged Split Squat circles and Thrusters
  • 1 round of abs with double leg overs and chest press/sit-up/overhead press

THE MASTERPIECE (envision Cowbell-ist Gene (Will Farrell) working his magic throughout the studio)

  • Partner work
    • P1 sprints across parking lot and back
    • P2 does exercises
      • Round 1:  Thrusters
      • Round 2:  Chest press/Sit-up/Overhead press
  • Repeat x3 for each round
  • Finish with Russian KB Twist w/Twist Twist (move KB from 1 side to other and then twist back and forth once with no weight)

FEEDBACK SESSION (envision THE Bruce Dickinson coming in and giving a pep talk):

  • 6th Man:  It was only fitting that Blue Screen was the 6th man today (and it happened naturally)
    • He got his start at Weddington
    • Nickname due to background in IT (Editor’s Note:  I think he LITERALLY wrote the book on the Cloud)
    • Mike did a great job of laying out what F3 has meant to him
  • Here are a few things I have noticed and continue to be impressed with Mike
    • 1st F:  He is 62 years young today.  I saw him sprinting and beating Chastain in a sprint this morning . . . CRAZY!
    • 2nd F:  He has become good friends with many F3 brothers
      • He talked about how becoming an empty nester has changed and challenged some relationships
      • For him, F3 has filled that void with genuine friendships
      • This happens because Mike is very open, raw, and available
    • 3rd F:  This is the area where he has accelerated the most in the past couple of years
      • He started participating in QSource
      • Then tried out Sunday morning Open Door via Zoom
        • Editor’s note:  For first several weeks, he didn’t turn his camera on and was just lurking (ha!)
      • Now he is not only a big part of that Open Door group but also participates at Sanctuary on Monday nights
      • He is very active with Rice n’ Beans . . . In fact, he is going TONIGHT with his family on his birthday!
      • This weekend, he and 2 of his sons are driving to eastern NC to go participate in a 3rd F project being headed up by Mayhem
  • Blue Screen closed us out in prayer as well about tomorrow not being promised
    • Shop Dawg’s family
    • Damascus’ daughter’s friend has passed away
    • Centerfold’s mom in for another round of chemo today
    • Tanyatine’s brother continues to battle cancer
  • Tomorrow is not promised . . . Let alone 62 years . . . What are you going to do to keep improving and accelerating in all aspects of your life?

F3 Waxhaw Board Meeting 1/23/21

8 men gathered at Five Stones to get a workout in and then meet around a raging smoky fire.  The goal was to drink coffee, eat donuts, and not freeze discuss F3 Waxhaw’s successes and how we can add more fuel to the fire to ensure we are reaching more Sad Clowns and to encourage the PAX to accelerate our Male Community Leadership.  2 main reasons for the backblast:

  1. Get Zin and Gerber to stop harassing me so they can get credit for their workout today
  2. Share with the PAX what the Board discussed and the actions/takeaways from the meeting


  • Kettlebell exercises, Some burpees, and a little bit of running


  • WHO:
    • 1st F Qs (Fitness):  Dasher and Chastain
    • 2nd F Qs (Fellowship):  Gerber and Zinfandel
    • 3rd F Qs (Faith):  Shop Dawg and Centerfold
    • Weasel Shaker:  Mad Dog
    • Nant’an:  Bottlecap
    • 2020 RECAP:  What stood out for F3 Waxhaw?
      • Resiliency:  While COVID initially impacted our routines and threatened to splinter our group, it actually proved to do the exact opposite in the long run.  We are bigger and better because we had to adjust on the fly (ex. Neighborhood workouts, Parking Lot Happy Hours, MASH)
      • Growth:  F3 Waxhaw experienced tremendous growth in a number of different ways:  # of PAX, # of Leaders, # of Site Qs, increased 3rd F participation, Partnerships with local ministries.
      • 100 PAX Challenge:  During a period of economic impact to many, our PAX showed their generosity by donating over $10,000 for 3 partner charities to make an impact in our community.
    • 2021 GOALS:  What should F3 Waxhaw focus on?
      • 2nd F and 3rd F structure:    
        • Set up these events similar to 1st F with separate Site Qs
        • Encouraging Backblasts to bring awareness to PAX about what happened and who participated.
      • Diversity:  Of PAX and of our Workouts.
        • Encourage more participation and leadership from  PAX of all different backgrounds/experiences (race, nationalities, accents, ages, sizes, hairstyles, etc.)
        • Continue to support PAX who want to try a new workout idea (ie Rucking, Different Start time, Gear, New location, etc.). #FreedToLead
        • Evaluate option to expand 6th Man stories by adding video to be able to share via Social Media
      • Outreach to former PAX:
        • Identify the PAX who have fallen away
        • Be intentional about reaching out to PAX
        • Encourage a leader of this endeavor to keep us focused and generate new ideas to reach these men (events, lunches, etc.)
    • 1st F UPDATE:
      • Site Qs:
        • Review current Site Qs who could/should roll off; let’s keep it fresh and rotate off or onto a different site
        • Identify potential Site Qs who should be asked to step into new role
      • AO analysis (Area of Operation):
        • Map created that lays out all workouts
          • Where are we missing an AO?
        • Diversity of workout types (ie Bootcamp, Running, Gear, Rucking, Trail Running, MASH)
          • What type should be added?
        • What day and times are we missing?
      • Laying out the 2021 calendar
        • CSAUPs and Convergences
        • Q and Site Q Schools
    • 2nd F UPDATE:
      • COVID has impacted a lot of these events
        • Happy Hours will come back to parking lots when weather warms up
        • Lunches will come back TBD
      • F3 Dads
        • Hoping to resurrect Summer Saturday workouts
        • Current participation of 2.0s is fantastic with Clyent Dinner and The Appetizer
      • Other opportunities:  F3 Dad’s camp, Family picnic, Family baseball game
    • 3RD F UPDATE:
      • Seek out leaders to lead current 3rd F events/partnerships/meetings
      • Set up calendars similar to 1st F so awareness grows for what and when things are happening

I’ll end this backblast the way I started today’s meeting . . . A SINCERE AND BIG THANKS to all the leaders of F3 (and especially these Board members).

  • This Region is special; we are growing FAST!
  • We have 100+ active PAX and the majority are leading in some way
  • We are incredibly active in all 3 F’s
  • There is not much drama
  • We are constantly looking to improve and reach more Sad Clowns
  • We are making a lasting impact in this community
  • Let’s stay focused on our mission:  Plant, Grow, and Serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership!  

Last Call: Nobody touch Smuggler’s headband

9 bar flies PAX made their way to Marvin Tavern High to get a glimpse of the menu at the newest AO in F3 Waxhaw.  Maybe it was the booze but this AO looks eerily similar to Dromedary’s AO.

YHB (Your Humble Bartender) issued the DCCS which included some safety precautions about Kettle One Vodka Bells, then put a few dollars into the juke box machine and away we stumbled.

FIRST SIP (gotta be 21 in this establishment):

  • SSH x 21
  • Merkins x 21
  • Squats x 21


  • Mosey with KBs up to hill near bus driveway
  • Teams of 3
    • P1 at bottom of hill doing KB Swings
    • P2 at top of hill doing Chest Press/Big Boy/Shoulder Press
    • P3 runs up and down hill x 5 and switches out


  • Various KB exercises
    • Figure 8
    • Shoulder press
    • Upright row
  • Rifle Carry to bottom of lot
    • Overhead curb chest pull
    • Chest press
    • Deep squat thrusters
    • One arm press
    • Romanian Deadlifts


  • Rifle Carry back up the lot
  • Repeat various KB exercises


  • Drop off KB and line up going towards schools
  • 7 burpees in midpoint
  • 7 burpees at bottom
  • 7 burpees at midpoint
  • 7 burpees at COT


  • 1 minute of Have a Nice Day!


  • YHB opened up the iced down cooler with beverages for all . . . It’s Dryuary so they were just BodyArmors


  • Smuggler might be faster than ANY PAX in Waxhaw at doing his bizness.  The dude hit the woods during the first round of partner work and didn’t miss a turn . . . #DontPickUpThatHeadband
  • Big Ben got REALLY excited when YHB mentioned “little running” in DCCS although he must have been drinking again because he thought he heard “No running” . . . #YouBeenSippingGrandpasCoughMedicine
  • Noonan was apparently looking for a way to make the Last Call a bit more difficult and suggested knee up burpees . . . #BlameItOnTheAlcohol
  • Deep Dish is a respect but had no respect for the 2 girl-ish sweat figures that Noonan and One Star left . . . #WhosJessicaSimpson
  • One Star has owned this bar for a few weeks but today was the first time he actually set foot in the place . . . #AbsenteeOwner #DrinksOnTheHouse
  • Honeycomb and Premature were apparently a little tipsy and decided to take off together before COT . . . #ThatsHowRumorsStart
  • Fiji just came back from a week of vacation and apparently they didn’t have heavy stuff to lift down there . . . #BackToReality
  • Great morning and appreciate Noonan and One Star inviting me to Q . . . Always appreciate the unique flavor of new workout sites . . . Get the jokes flying early and the pain doesn’t seem so bad!
  • Come out and join Last Call . . . 0600 start on Fridays at Marvin High
  • Wax-Travaganza:  CSAUP event on Feb 6th in Downtown Waxhaw
    • It will start and end at The Floater
    • We will mosey to different AOs around western Waxhaw for 10-15 minute bootcamps
    • It will be great 2nd F (Fellowship)
    • Waxhaw Taphouse will open early for us (10:30ish) to enjoy some well deserved beers


Banjo and his Gout

7 PAX showed up for the reemergence of Banjo‘s gout.  After a quick disclaimer and deep dive of what causes gout flare-ups, we decided that Banjo is full of crap about doing Dryuary started the workout.  As part of disclaimer, Zin brilliantly let everybody know that you can’t sue the Q because YOU will be the Q at some point today.  Zin’s creative juices are apparently waning after not drinking for 15 straight days posting at 8 workouts this week.


  • Warmup
  • Light Pole suicide
    • 10 Squats back
    • 10 Merkins up
    • Repeat until Speed Bump’s hands froze so Gerber had to go get him gloves 5 poles


  • Smoked Shoulders
    • Mountain Climbers with hands on wall x 10 IC
    • People’s Chair with air presses x 10 IC
    • Balls to Wall hip slaps x 10 IC
    • Repeato
  • Ab Partner work
    • P1 runs lap
    • P2 does Abs
      • 2 rounds of Heels to Heaven
      • 2 rounds of Dolly


  • Light Pole suicide part 2 up the hill
    • 5 burpees and 5 big boys at each light pole
  • Light Pole Paula Abdul down the hill
    • Speed Skaters x 10
    • Bonnie Blairs x 10
  • Terrible Webb
    • 1 Big Boy
    • 1 American Hammer IC
    • 4 Merkins
    • Increase Big Boys and Hammers by 1 all the way to 10


  • Parking Lot 3-stop Torture
    • Merkins x 10 on one side of parking lot
    • LBC x 10 at middle of parking lot
    • Burpees x 10 at other side of parking lot
    • Repeat x 3


  • Audible after realizing benches are frozen
  • Dips x 20
  • Lap around lot
  • Step ups x 20
  • Lap around lot
  • Dips x 20



  • Gout Get better soon Banjo . . . We miss you
    • The balls to wall hip slaps were an Ode to you
  • Speed Bump is VISCIOUS
    • He jumped right in asking for a shot at the Q and proceeded to kill us with those 10 burpees
  • Gerber is a good dad
    • Selflessly gave his gloves to Speed Bump and ran to get extra gloves from the car
  • Blue Screen is a hoarder
    • He talked about cleaning out his attic after 20 years . . . Get ready for some “New” sweatshirts to be seen at an AO near you
  • Honeycomb is a drag racer
    • He mentioned “some kids” get onto the runway behind his house and drag race . . . We believe you HC
  • Ralphie is getting fast
    • He was out front most of the day . . . Killed the Burpees and Big Boys on the hill.  Well done
  • Zinfandel is a Caitlyn Decathlete
    • Congrats on completing all 8 workouts this week plus a 2nd and 3rd F
  • Solid Coffeeteria at Poppyseeds bagels
    • Learned that Ralphie’s mom also works at Coke . . . BOOM!  Take that Shake n’ Bake!
    • Learned that Blue Screen hates Mail Room guys who wear Yankee jackets
    • Topic of the morning:  Home office vs. Working at an office


  • Prayer Requests:
    • Ralphie’s college roommate lost his Dad this week to COVID
    • Zin’s brother-in-law is battling COVID
  • Wax-Travanganza:  CSAUP event (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless)
    • Saturday Feb 6th
    • Starting and ending in Downtown Waxhaw
    • Great opportunity for 1st F (about 3 hours of working out)
    • Great opportunity for 2nd F (Waxhaw Taphouse opening early for us after the workout)

Blue Screen prayed us out!

60 degrees and clear skies

There are lots of things PAX think about when deciding to post:

  • Great weather > Cold and rainy
  • Late start time > No sleep
  • Solid Q > Hard/Weak Q
  • FNG coming > Nobody will be looking for me
  • Short drive > Inconvenient location
  • Big crowd > Boring small group
  • Feeling good > Bowel issues

There is no doubt that there are some legitimate reasons not to post.  This soap box backblast is not a guilt trip but rather a challenge:  PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE, BE UNCOMFORTABLE, AND COMMIT THE NIGHT BEFORE

A couple questions to ponder:

  • Have you ever reminisced with another F3 brother and said, “Do you remember that time when I fartsacked?  I had the greatest time.”?!?!?
    • ANSWER:  Never happened
  • When is the last time that you truly regretted attending an F3 workout?
    • ANSWER:  Likely Never happened
  • Have you ever been on Q and nobody showed up?
    • ANSWER:  Hopefully Never happened
  • Has another F3 brother told you that he was going through a difficult time and your presence or an encouraging word to him at a workout caused his day/attitude to change?
    • ANSWER:  Probably Never happened BUT it is likely true and he is just not comfortable sharing that nugget just yet

Again, this is not a guilt trip but hopefully a reminder of what we have the opportunity to do every morning.  We have the opportunity to:

  • Get a free workout
  • Improve our physical health
  • Improve our mental state
  • Laugh out loud before most people are awake
  • Encourage a fellow brother
  • Be encouraged by a fellow brother
  • Bring a smile to somebody’s face/soul


Soap Box finished . . . Now onto the workout:

Speaking of COMMIT, 8 idiots PAX were rewarded for their commitment by getting some decent weather (40 and just misting) at Watchtower.

WARMUP:  SSH, Imperial Squakers, Merkins, Split-legged Squats


  • Mini AMRAP
    • 20 Derkins at newly found and dark boulder classroom
    • 20 Balls-to-Wall Hip Slappers
    • 20 One-Legged Jump Squats
    • 5 Pull-ups
    • Repeat for 15 minutes
  • Jacked Up Webb
    • 10, 8, 6, 4, 2:  One Legged Burpees
    • 20, 16, 12, 8, 4:  Knee Slaps
  • Circle Holds
    • Monkey Humpers
      • PAX hold ankles while each PAX in circle completes 20 Monkey Humpers
    • Merkins
      • PAX hold plank while each PAX in circle completes 10 Merkins
    • Mountain Climbers
      • PAX hold plank while each PAX in circle completes 10 Mountain Climbers
    • Merkins
      • PAX hold plank while each PAX in circle completes 5 Merkins
    • Plank Jacks
      • PAX hold plank while each PAX in circle completes 10 Plank Jacks
  • Lawson Webb
    • 20 Dips
    • 10 Derkins
    • 16 Dips
    • 8 Derkins



  • Blood Drive:  Jan 30th at Five Stones.  COMMIT
  • WaxTravaganza:  Sat. Feb 6th starting at The Floater starting at 0730
    • CSAUP (Completely Stupid And Utterly Pointless)
    • A great 1st F:  A 3ish hour trek traveling to different AOs for a 10-15 minute bootcamp at each
      • Also a Rucking option starting at 0700
    • A great 2nd F:  We stay together during workout and finish together with some beers at Waxhaw Taphouse
    • Able to jump in or jump out along the way:  Example, meet us at Millbridge parking lot and run with us the rest of the way
    • COMMIT!

Closing out 2020 with One Word

18 men showed up at The Floater to say good bye riddance to 2020 with a 45 60 minute tour of Downtown Waxhaw’s 3 picturesque notorious hills.  The pleasant surprise of an extra 15 minutes was received warmly, especially by the NO-show Co-Site Q (I might trademark “NO-show” as it is very fitting for those who kNOw him).

  • Weather:  Gloomy with a high probability of headlamps
  • Pre-Run:  3 suckers brave PAX took a 30 minute preview of the 3 hills
  • DCCS:  This is the METROpolis of Waxhaw so special emphasis on Safety; sounds obvious but don’t trust the guy in front of you when crossing the street . . . Look for yourself


  • 2 Exercise Themes:
    • Allow everybody to run at their max speed while keeping everybody together
      • Ran “Another Bad Idea”, “Bad Idea”, and “Keith Jong Hill
    • Doing exercises together and waiting for others to finish
      • 20 reps, 15 reps, 10 reps, 5 reps
      • Merkins, Supines, Hip Dips, Heel-touch Box Jumps
  • 1 Discussion Theme:
    • One Word that was your focus in 2020 or will be your focus in 2021


  • We paused throughout the workout and had a few guys share their ONE WORD while the rest of us planked/Al Gored
  • EDITOR’S NOTE/QUESTIONS:  Listening to these MEN this morning, it is very encouraging to me and very clear that we have something special in this group.  Do you truly believe it?
    • If you don’t, are you not leaning in enough?
    • Do you need to be more vulnerable?
    • What areas are you holding back?
    • Have you done a project by yourself?  Have you done a project with a bunch of others?  Which one is more fun and more accomplishing?
  • Some of the Words and notes shared this morning:
    • REFINEMENT:  Keep filtering out the bad in my life (ie screen time, wasteful endeavors) and adding good (ie family time, educational reading/podcasts)
    • REVOLT:  Don’t give into the negativity and noise that is keeping me away from pursuing deeper relationships with family and faith
    • COMMIT:  Jump in see things through
    • SERVICE:  Look for ways I can serve others, especially those in need
    • FOCUS:  Less focus on me and more focus on family and others in my life
    • RESILIENCE:  Keep showing up and breaking down barriers
    • JESUS:  Listen and pursue Him more in all aspects of my life
    • FELLOWSHIP:  Stop just focusing on my fitness and begin being more intentional with 2nd F acts and events
    • GENEROSITY:  Being more giving my money and my time
    • THANKFULNESS:  With all that happened in 2020, I have a lot to be thankful for
    • PURGE:  Getting rid of the bad things in my life so I have more margin for good things
    • TRUST:  Stop modifying throughout my daily life and begin trusting and following the Lord’s plans

Take a look at those ONE WORDS and explanations.  Those were spoken about by MEN this morning.  MEN that need each other.  MEN that want to be better leaders . . . In their homes, their workplaces, and their communities.  I’m VERY thankful to have these MEN in my circle.  You make me better and more importantly, you make me WANT to be better and WORK HARD to be better.  Not just TALK about being better.  Please hold me accountable in 2021.  Help me REFINE every aspect of my life.


  • NEW YEAR’S DAY:  Convergence to celebrate F3Nation’s 10 year anniversary
    • 0800-0900
    • Cuthbertson Middle
    • 2 workout options
      • Bootcamp
      • Gear (limited/no running)
    • Coffeeteria in parking lot directly after workout
    • Invite a neighbor, friend, or a Kotter (F3 guy you haven’t seen in awhile)

Ice9 actually a good idea?

6th anniversary of Commitment.  19 men showed up to celebrate a big piece of how F3 Waxhaw got its start.  YHC reached out to some of the OG’s (Old Guys) who were involved in starting F3 Waxhaw and was pleased to hear that some of them would be able to make it.


  • DCCS whipped out and the old guys were not impressed (who cares about safety . . . Back in my day . . .)
  • Mosey down path to the circle and sharp left onto grass field (we never do stuff on grass anymore)
  • SSH, I-Squawkers, Merkins
  • Mosey to circle for 6 hand release knee slap burpees


  • The Beast . . .  I don’t care if Chastain tried to steal my thunder at Impromptu
    • 6 Bomb Jacks
    • Run 6 3 trees
    • Repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK: We hear from Snowflake about how Commitment started
    • He let us know that it was actually Ice9’s idea to plant a workout down in cow country Waxhaw
    • Anything he is doing during 1st F stuff is definitely a BAD IDEA


  • Partner up and grab a weight
  • P1 rifle carries weight to Front Parking Lot of Kensington
  • P2 does 6 Bomb Jacks and chases P1
  • Flapjack
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from Dasher about how he actually used to work out when it was cold out


  • P1 planks
  • P2 jumps over P1 6 times
  • P2 does 6 Derkins with feet on P1’s back
  • Flapjack and repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from former Site Q Popeye about Transporter calling him out in a loving way
  • Second round of Partner Rifle carries around parking lot
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from Damascus about Commitment ended
    • He blamed it on Bro-lympics
    • He blamed it on Doughboy’s kid’s Porto-Potty explosion
    • He never mentioned he brought chain cutters he had any responsibility


  • 3rd round of Partner Rifle carries back to launch
  • PLANK TALK:  We briefly hear from Gerber about his memories of Commitment
    • Apparently he either has a bad memory or he was tired of planking


  • Mosey to soccer field
  • Bunny hops to midfield with 3 stops along the way for 6 knee slap burpees
  • Sprint to end of field
  • PLANK TALK:  Goodfella steps up so we can see him and reminisces about the day at Commitment when FNG Orville was almost killed by Transporter’s Q . . . Never to be seen again


  • 100 yard sprint
  • Popeye crushes it and shows the whole world he is a sandbagger . . . And then gets upset with the Q when he realizes we are doing EVERYTHING in SIXES today
  • Repeat 6 times
  • PLANK TALK:  We hear from current Site Q who talks about how co-Site Q Mad Dog is not pulling his weight in attendance and missed very much


  • Thanks to Snowflake for taking the horse and buggy long drive to Waxhaw as he did 6 years ago
    • His, and Ice9’s, selfless act each Saturday morning 6 years ago was the cornerstone of today’s F3 Waxhaw
    • Your COMMITMENT, no pun intended, has set F3 Waxhaw up to successfully find sad clowns and impact our local community
    • THANKS for to both of you for following the calling that God placed on your heart
    • I can’t wait to see Ice9’s second good idea . . . It should be coming shortly
  • Thanks to all the Site Qs, past and present, who have made this Saturday workout flourish and to be welcoming to all FNGs
  • Speaking of FNGs, welcome Norwood . . . Another lame sports great nickname given by the uncreative men of F3 Waxhaw #Buffalo
  • Well done to Das Boot who brought the FNG and kittens Catnip back out
  • 6th MAN:  Catnip gave his story and is still bitter about not being named “Tiger”
  • Kotters:  Along with Catnip, Maple Syrup and Ben Stein’s Money dusted off the white Reeboks workout gear and re-joined the cult PAX


    • Kevin:  Tanyatine’s brother who has been battling cancer and recently found out he has a gum ball-sized growth
    • Virginia:  Centerfold’s mom who is going through some tests and awaiting some results
    • Rice n Beans:  Centerfold is leading this initiative to get PAX, their M’s and 2.0s to head uptown on upcoming Wednesday nights (12/2, 12/9, 12/16) from 6:30-8:30pm to feed the underserved.  WILL YOU COMMIT TO ONE UPCOMING NIGHT?  Great opportunity to give back during this Holiday season and share that opportunity with other F3 PAX #Fellowship #Service


Do you mind if we both mount you?

PRAYER REQUEST:  Tanyatine shared in COT that his brother Kevin has been battling colon cancer for a number of years.  He just recently found another growth is going back in for a PET scan.  Please pray for healing, peace, comfort, strength, and that he would see God moving and working through this entire ordeal. 

Bushwood is a great spot offering lots of different courses.  The staff is always friendly.  Great to roll up and see a large crowd and even some guys with their passports in hand ready for stamping . . . Not so fast.


  • DCCS and we were off to the usual neighborhood
  • Some exercises including Samoan fire dance (an ode to Site Q Fiji)


  • We took the cart path to the members only par 3 course on the south side of the property
  • Partner up and go opposite directions
  • 9 Derkins on your partner’s back
  • Repeat with 9 Derkins and 9 knee slaps


  • Find the uphill Par 3 to do 9’s
  • 9 T-Tap merkins on the green
  • 9 In and Outs on the tee box
  • Play this hole 9 times dropping a stroke each time


  • Big Ben and Rudy were YHC’s partners . . . “Not the threesome I imagined” said Big Ben but he did ask if both him and Rudy could mount me during the partner work . . . #NoThanks
  • Happy Birthday to Noonan . . . Who didn’t know it was his birthday until he got to the parking lot
  • Good push from La Fonda today . . . Never giving up on the hills
  • Kudos to Gerber for adhering to the strict dress code . . . Sleeveless collared shirt . . . Chilly
  • Great to see Brexit taking his golf cart the full 12 minutes from his house to earn the passport stamp
    • Let’s return the favor and head to his site, Arsenal . . . Thursday at 0530 at Indian Land Elementary
  • Surprised to see Big Tuna playing solo . . . Apparently Chipotle isn’t a golfer
  • Thanks to Mayhew for giving his 6th man speech today . . . The first F is important but the push should be for each of us to get more involved in the other 2 F’s
    • He also had an announcement to start thinking/praying about a service project he is putting together in January in eastern NC


Restrictor Plates at Ignition

12 immigrants looked to get their lower back Passport stamped at Ignition.


  • DCCS – Staying on campus and running with weights
  • Hot lap back to launch
  • SSH, Merkins, Sumo Squats


  • Get in teams of 3 PAX (equal height/speed)
  • Grab a 45lb plate for each team
  • Restrictor Plate Racing #1
    • P1 runs 4 light poles
      • 10 high knees, 10 in/outs, come back to P2/P3
    • P2 and P3 run with plate and catch P1 and switch out 1 partner
    • Repeat until high school entrance near football field
  • Rinse/Repeat back to round about behind HS
  • Squats for 6
  • Rifle Carry catch me if you can #1
    • P1:  Rifle carries plate around double HS circles
    • P2 and P3:  1 hand release burpee and catch P1 and switch
  • Triple Nickel #1
    • Bottom Circle:  10 high knees, 10 in/outs
    • Top Circle:  10 backward hand merkins on curb
    • Repeat 5 times
  • Rifle Carry catch me if you can #2
    • P1:  Rifle carries plate past Rudy’s shed to middle school benches
    • P2 and P3:  1 hand release burpee and catch P1 and switch
  • Triple Nickel #2
    • Benches:  10 derkins
    • Rudy’s shed:  20 balls-to-wall shoulder taps
    • Repeat 3 times
  • Restrictor Plate Racing #2
    • P2 and P3 run with plate
    • P1 runs does 1 hand release burpee and catches Partners and switch out 1 partner
    • Repeat until COT
  • Plank moves and 1 sprint
  • 30 seconds of Have a nice day


  • SCREW YOU GUYS who left me with Hurry and Ice9 . . . That was awful . . . They literally pulled me around the campus for 60 minutes
  • I don’t have anything else to write because I couldn’t pay attention to anything but trying not to fall down chasing them
  • Good push by all of you guys . . . Lots of guys running faster than I usually see them running
  • Thanks to the guys at the front (Hurry, Tool Time, Wolverine, Ice9, Hollywood, Dasher) for setting a fast pace and making the rest of you keep up . . . That is what I need every morning so I appreciate it . . . I don’t necessarily like it though


V.O.T.E. with Yuge Mularkey

26 men showed up at Watchtower to VOTE!  The preblast went out to wear your patriotic colors (Note:  Black is not very patriotic nor reflective).

DCCS explained . . . Not a professional, Not a Democrat, Not a Republican, Modify Early, Modify Often


  • Short Lap to let the mouths warm up . . . Zin and Recalc showing up early to the polls
  • SSH, Merkins, Squats


  • A Presidential Webb
  • 1 Biden Bomb (similar to Bomb Jack but yell “Mularkey” at the top)
  • 4 Monkey Trumpers (similar to Monkey Humpers but much more YUGE)
  • 2 and 8, 3 and 12, etc.
  • Schneider and Ricky Bobby wanted to learn more about the candidates as they weren’t happy we only made it to 5/20 before going back down


  • Get into teams of 3 to decide which party . . . Apparently Glidah isn’t political as he decided to head to MASH at this point
  • DEM
    • Derkins x 20
    • Elbow Plank with partner feet on back . . . Fuse Box finally got his chance to kick me in the back
    • Mike Tysons x 10
    • Vote/Repeat twice
  • REP
    • Rocky Balboa
    • Elbow Plank Jacks
    • Pull-ups x 10 (timer for other 2 partners)
    • Vote/Repeat twice . . . Ralphie passed me on the way into the voting booth and had some choice encouraging words for me


  • Partner up
  • P1 runs a lap . . . Or as Easy Button and Shake n Bake call it, “A leisurely stroll”
  • P2 does V.O.T.E.
    • V-Ups
    • Outlaw (ROTATE)
    • T-Tap Merkins . . . Or as Cobbler and Blue screen call it “Talk about Patriots”
    • Elbow Plank Jacks


  • 3 rounds of bicep merkins x 10
  • 3 sprints across parking lot . . . Baio and Smithers really wanted to get their entries in quickly
  • 1 Have a Nice Day . . . DUNN!


  • Nice job by Floppy Disk giving his 6th Man speech . . . 55 Posts pre-COVID . . . Lot of weight post-COVID . . . Missed the fellowship . . . Welcome back brother.  Well done!
  • Chatterbox with the good deed of the day getting Baio’s keys after the workout
  • Deflated and O-69 are putting together a Podcast (“Walkin’, Rockin’, and Talkin'”) . . . Be on the lookout for the launch soon
  • Welcome FNG UnderCoat (Isaac) who works for CarMax . . . No Haggle, Sticker Price, and other easy names . . . Caught us on a good day.
    • Christ’s Closet REALLY needs help folding and organizing
      • Tonight (Tuesday) from 6-8pm . . . Bring your wives, kids, neighbors
      • Weekly on Mondays and Thursdays from 6-8pm . . . Bring your girlfriends and your neighbors’ kids
    • Project Hot Wheelz:  This Saturday 11/7 8:30am.  Fixing a wheelchair ramp.  Reach out to Centerfold, Recal, or Shop Dawg.  Need guys to dig some post holes and nail some boards