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ClyentDinner – Introducing the 6th Man


  • New tradition we are starting to implement in F3 Waxhaw
  • GOAL:  Get to know some of the PAX a little better
  • IDEA:  In COT, the PAX who is #6 in the count, gives his “FNG speech” (30-ish seconds)
    • How long has he been doing F3?
    • Who brought him out?
    • What does he do for work/fun?
    • How did he get his nickname?
  • ASK:  Please remember to do this at each COT

13 Clyents showed up to Dinner to enjoy some football and tennis on a “Kids eat free” night.  Lots of bitching banter from Wrigley about the injuries from his co-Site Q’s chefs.  He has had to prepare the dinners all alone lately.


  • DCCS:  The Head Waiter instructed the group about the amount of traffic at the school
  • Grab a friend:  Each PAX got their own souvenir tennis ball for them to keep with them the entire workout
  • Mosey with some exercises to 7 reps and/or 3 reps


  • Stuffed Chest with a side of Legs
  • Merkins on the tennis ball
  • Exercises with Rocks
  • Tennis ball fetch:  Partner races with throwing/retrieving tennis balls while P2 does exercises
  • Lightpole race:  P1 does wall work while P2 runs to various spots . . . Loser does burpees


  • Ab work
  • Sprint to COT


  • Awesome to see some 2.0s
    • It started out a little dicey with the kids talking and not working out but they hunkered down and put in some hard work
    • NOTE OF CAUTION:  This is still a workout and not F3 Dads.  Be sure your kid comes ready to workout first.  We will try and incorporate some fun but no adult is going to keep coming back to F3 if there are kids fooling around and/or there isn’t a good workout.
  • Wrigley is doing a great job as Site Q:  Well done keeping the site unique and welcoming
  • Centerfold showed off his latest masterpiece . . . A Chicago-style Cinderblock with more detail than an annual report . . . Sharp looking
  • Baio is quietly becoming one of the faster PAX . . . Time for him to start showing up at Ignition, Swarm . . . And is there a Q in his future?
  • Drive By continues to push hard . . . Even with his injuries, he doesn’t complain
  • Chatterbox is ALL IN on F3 . . . He is posting 8 days a week, involved in all 3 Fs already . . . Well done!  Love having you part of the group
  • Chastain is a true HIM . . . Always helping out and encouraging PAX . . . He even brought two extra 2.0s from another PAX
    • On a related note, does sending your two 2.0s to a workout count as a post for you? #WhereIsFloppyDisk?


  • Kudos to Wrangler for giving his 6th Man speech . . . His hospital name is Levi so that is how he got his name


Runners are actually athletes! Who knew?

Still confirming with Guinness, but it appears to be a record 17 joggers runners showed up to Pursuit.  Wolverine has taken over as a new Site Q and has started paying guilting PAX into Qing.


  • DCCS given:  The Safety piece is important here . . . Well done on Headlamps and Safety gear
  • Mosey 1 mile to other side of Millbridge with a slight pause for stretching


  • Arringdon Road loop
  • About 800M
  • All you got
  • 2ish minute recovery
  • Repeat x 3
  • Some other 800M loop that was uphill both ways
  • Repeat x 3
  • 400M loop race against partner . . . Loser does 100 burpees
  • 150M loop sprint
  • Repeat
  • Mosey back to COT


  • Running makes you sweat . . . Who knew?
  • Great to see some new guys at Pursuit
    • Ghosted’s first weekday workout
    • Ex-Lax’s first running workout
    • Smithers first time away from LRC
  • Big pack of Ruckers
    • TB showed up despite Ice9’s threats
    • Ice9 rucked with a dead body lot of weight around his neck
    • Great to see Bratwurst back from accident
    • Awesome to see Jingles even though his wife can’t read this
  • Glidah and Wolverine crushed it today


  • Blood Drive
  • Folding Party
  • Open Door

Prayer for Louisville and our injured F3 borthers

Ignition PAX Challenge

10 guys showed up at Ignition to complain about IPC’s Week 3 workout.  With rumors of this being the last warm morning of the year, YHC was planning on barely getting to the min. 4 mile requirement and get some exercises in to prepare for this week’s IPC Merkin-Fest.

DCCS covered (Thanks to Legal Zoom for the Cell Phone)


  • With Ice9 in attendance, you know the first mile is going to have the pace of Lil Sweet from Hartsville Usain Bolt
  • Circle up at the HS circle for various exercises


  • 3 Strikes and you are out
    • 75 merkins without coming out of plank more than twice
    • If you fall to your knees or do the butt in the air plank, that is a strike
    • 3 strikes = run around upper circle and back to lower circle to complete 75
  • If you ain’t first, you’re last
    • Race your partner opposite directions around big HS lot
    • Loser does 25 T-Tap merkins (unless winner is gracious)
    • Rinse and Repeat the opposite way with 10 knee slaps when partners cross
    • Rinse and Repeat only halfway around parking lot with 25 Dorothy Hurleys
  • Islands in the Stream
    • Run from front lot in HS across 7 islands to football field
    • 10 knee ups at island
    • Run back to start and do 3 burpees
    • Repeat for all 7 islands
  • Mama I’m coming Home
    • Run along outside of HS back to circle
    • Every other light 10 T-Tap Merkins
  • Last Dance
    • Race partner down and around circles and tennis sidewalk
    • Loser does 25 Dorothy Hurleys
  • Feeling Randy
    • Stop at Rudy’s Palace
    • 20 Balls to Wall Shoulder Taps


  • Glidah and Deflated don’t like islands
  • Racing Ice9 is awful interesting . . . But always to good to hear your opponent dry heaving when you are racing them (sorry Easy Button)
  • Legal Zoom was back at Ignition after a long break . . . His loud feet and conditioning seem to be in running shape
  • Wolverine and Glidah were holding hands while competing running . . . They tied every time!
  • Surge with his first trial of Ignition.  Well done trying something new!  Some other PAX should take note.
  • Cobbler keeps pushing and is getting faster
  • Smithers is still sneaky fast . . . He was right up front on the Islands running
  • Great to have Deadwood back . . . Similar to Ice9 (and Carb Load), they go out fast and empty the tank every workout


  • Christ’s Closet needs help from a few guys (and wives and 2.0’s) every Thursday 6-8pm to help unstack/restack bins for people shopping
  • Waxhaw Express Tuesday 0515 at Cuthbertson . . . Free memberships to all who show . . . Try something different
  • Blood Drive . . . Oct 17th in Waxhaw . . . Sign up now and Turnbuckle will walk a mile for each PAX that signs up . . . 100 miles?!?!


  • Lots to be thankful for . . . Let’s live out that thankfulness with everybody we encounter this week . . . including/especially our wives and kids

F3 + 3 more F’s = Waxhaw’s 1 Year Anniversary

70+ guys came out to F3 Waxhaw’s “In-Vergence” celebration of our 1 year anniversary.  As always in Waxhaw, we incorporate all 3 F’s into our big events:

  • Fitness:  4 separate workouts (High-intensity bootcamp, 2.0 Friendly Bootcamp, 5k race/run, and MASH)
  • Fellowship:  Coffeeteria in the parking lot afterwards
  • Faith:  2 local charities joined us on site
    • We collected a FULL CAR of donated goods (Tarps, Sleeping Bags, Clothes) for Rice N Beans to help the homeless
    • F3 delivered 2 checks from our 100 PAX Challenge
      • Rice N Beans:  $2,000 . . . Pastor Daryl talked about our PAX helping them feeding the homeless in Uptown on Tues/Weds evenings (families welcome)
      • Christ’s Closet:  $4,500 . . . Ice9 spoke about using these funds to get a mobile “boutique” to get more clothes into the hands of more people more often

But this workout also included an additional unofficial 3 F’s that Waxhaw does really well:

  • Friendship:
    • Fellowship sometimes stays at the surface . . . There are MANY Waxhaw PAX that are TRUE friends and it shows up in many ways
    • Picking up the Six isn’t a “duty” when you genuinely know and care for that PAX
    • CHALLENGE:  Get to know PAX better by introducing/talking with ONE guy you don’t know well at EVERY workout
  • Family:
    • We want to know your whole family
    • Lots of 2.0s are frequently at our workouts and we had about 10 at this one
    • One PAX also brought his 69 year old FNG dad (“Mancuso” after his deli shop’s #1 sub)
      • When he came into the circle to tell us about himself, he got choked up
      • He later told his son that he didn’t realize how much he missed this type of male camaraderie
  • Funny:
    • We don’t take ourselves too seriously
    • Many PAX have been offended . . . only later to realize that it’s just busting balls lighthearted fun
    • Even “serious” matters like handing over a Site Q shovelflag and the Nantan role are met with short jokes
    • Although Zin is actually not trying to be funny about Iron PAX Challenge on Twitter . . . He’s legit pissed!


MASH (A 0.0 workout which we offer Mon-Sat . . . Perfect for injured PAX and/or guys who can’t/don’t want to run):

  • Mash was co-led by the three headed monster of Popeye Damascus and Ditka
  • Popeye took the upper body, Damascus focused on the lower body (of course, that’s where the calves are), and Ditka focused on the core
  • As typical for a mash workout, there was plenty of use of the custom-painted cinder blocks and bricks and modifying as well as needed by the participating PAX
  • 9 guys took part this morning and we picked up a couple stragglers that finished the 5k before our hour was up


  • This was a 5k so there were no fancy exercises besides the half mile warm up and warm up dynamic stretching
  • The goal on this 5k was to offer a little something different with half trail and half road.  So, the race included two loops of the middle school spirit trail and two loops in front of the middle school to hopefully keep the PAX in sight of each other and push each other
  • A few observations from today:
    • If you didn’t notice, there was a definite stall at the beginning of the race to try to get some daylight on the trail.  The first loop was definitely a little on the dark side
    • Gerber screeches like a girl and has weak ankles
    • Hollywood pre ran 8 miles before his 5k, who does that?!
    • Chastain says he can’t run more than 2 miles without hurting yet he finished third?
    • Great to see Halfback out and looks like he’s been keeping up with his running
    • Deadwood continued his hot week back in saddle with a strong 5k performance and will probably need to take another week off…
    • Tuck and 2.0 might have made their first Cuthbertson appearance.  Excellent father/son bonding
    • Dana may like to ruck but he can also run, I see more running workouts in your future
    • Posse, Mad Dog, Recalc, and Premature crushed it, you can see the Waxhaw Express workouts paying off.
    • Fusebox kept circling back so actually ran a 10k, looks like we’ll be seeing you at Ignition on Monday.
    • Ghosted’s first post was IPC and second post was a 5k race on our Anniversary.  Way to stay on top of it.
    • Great job Turnbuckle finishing the race and staying focused.


  • Rockwell was honored when Dasher “voluntold” him to assist in leading the In-vergence bootcamp.   With Glidah as his counterpart, they held a top secret meeting to determine the course of action (Ed. Note: “top secret” means talked briefly in a parking lot after a workout).  The plan was for Glidah to lead a high intensity workout covering more distance while Rockwell tailored his to stay closer to COT and to be more 2.0 friendly
    • Warm up exercises
    • Some Dips, Steps Ups, Donkey Kicks and Air Jabs with a partner
    • A series of 10 different exercises done with a timer (1 minute each w/ 20 second rest in between)
    • And a card game with dice (Draw a card and roll the dice.  The dice reveal the exercise and the card reveals the number of reps)
  • Oh yea, and the highlight was a rockin’ playlist!  You haven’t truly lived until you workout while jamming to songs like Macarena, Twist and Shout, Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It and Apache by The Sugarhill Gang!


  • Glidah was a natural pick to lead the “High intensity bootcamp” . . . He has been in beast-mode for over a year and looks like he needs a burger a Greek god
  • Opening mosey of .75 mile with a stop along the way for the Six
  • 4 corners of building a burpee x 8, 6, 4, 2 got the smoke show started
  • Partner work at the stairs with Mike Tysons, Donkey Kicks and Big Boys made some people angry
  • Rounds of table exercises with a full court bear crawl finished ’em off
  • Welcome and kudos to Doozy from Richmond for being up front the whole time
  • The young guns, Summit and FNG Ralphie, pushed hard as evidenced by the latter’s new merlot-esque nickname

Are you still reading?  Announcements consisted of Goodfella handing over the Dromedary Site Q ShovelFlag to a well-deserved Premature and the Nantan magic wand role to Bottlecap.  BC then recognized the outgoing board members (Goodfella, Posse, Hollywood, Deadwood) and the current board members (Mad Dog, Chastain, Dasher, Zinfandel, Gerber, Centerfold, Shop Dawg).  Appreciate their leadership.


  • It’s not about you . . . Show up for another PAX.  He needs to see/talk to you.  You may be tired.  You may not be at your best.  But you just might make a BIG difference by showing up that morning.
  • Lead something . . . Get in the mix.  Lead a workout, a Site, a 2nd F event, a 3rd F service project, etc.  This group needs your ideas and your passion.
  • Get involved in all 3 F’s . . . You are missing out if you think this is about a workout.  Get to know other men in a different way via Coffeeteria, Happy Hours, Lunches.  Take the “scary” step into a 3rd F group.  Trust me, there are no snakes at these events most of the time and you will be surprised at how your home life starts to transform for the better by the wisdom you gain during these conversations.





Dating Game makes for Awkward Workout

22 men at Impromptu tried to have either the Post-IPC or Pre-IPC easy workout.  Since YHC was still smoked from Wednesday’s individual IPC and got more tired doing the IPC Team Relay #GoFilmYourself at 0500 this morning, the weinke didn’t have a lot of tough stuff on it.


  • DCCS given along with map of where we are heading for COP (I think Qs can/should do this more often and I think the SIX should ask for this more often)
  • Mosey to back of HS circle
  • SSH, Deep Lunge w/Moroccan Night Clubs


  • Grab rock in football parking lot w/various called exercises
  • During curls, walk around and find a partner of similar speed
  • AWKWARD ALERT . . . Love the look of some guys sizing each other up at 0535 in the morning . . . “YOU MIND IF I DANCE WITH YOUR DATE?”
  • Run opposite direction of partner around lot
  • Meet up and do 5 knee slap burpees
  • Plank for 6
  • Sprint back to start/rocks
  • Loser does 5 knee slap burpees (unless the winning partner is nice)
  • A few rounds of this with called exercises with rock
  • Crowd favorite was the Pulsed Curls . . . A quick 4” burst . . . #ThatsWhatSheSaid


  • Head to tennis courts . . . Where REAL athletes live
  • Hill work counting to 10
  • Bottom of hill:  8 knee slap burpees
  • Run backwards to top of hill
  • Top of hill:  2 Bomb jacks
  • Repeat dropping 2 burpees each time
  • Head to Rudy’s palace
  • Sprint every other light pole to COT
  • End with HAVE A NICE DAY


  • The IPC is starting to impact the workout effort
  • YHC was spent so I apologize if I short changed any of the PAX today
  • Bring your receipt to Monday’s anniversary and I’ll refund your money
  • Baio was pushing hard today . . . Looks like somebody is ready for some Ignition and Swarm workouts
  • Shop Dawg continues to impress . . . upfront on the sprints at the end
  • Chatterbox is crushing it . . . And even starting to speak a little bit


  • LABOR DAY ANNIVERSARY:  0630 at Cuthbertson Middle
    • 3 workout options
      • Bootcamp
      • 5k
      • MASH (no running, injury friendly)
    • Invite an FNG or a Kotter (PAX you haven’t seen at workout in a while)
  • SATURDAY (Tomorrow):  2 Workout options
    • Commitment (Nesbit Park):  Iron PAX Challenge
      • Timed workout . . . Great test and something different
    • Blackhawk (Walnut Creek):  Bootcamp
      • War Eagle on Q

YHC closed with prayer about intentionally seeking out another brother this weekend . . . Do you need to pour into somebody or are you the one who needs to be poured into . . . Be vulnerable

Swarm – Don’t be scared

5 men decided that 15 minutes extra sucks is a good way to head into the weekend.


  • We are going to be holding an “Impromptu” graduation ceremony soon
  • Some of you 45 minute guys need to listen to Glidah’s backblast (read this:
  • Take an uncomfortable step and join Swarm or Ignition next week
  • The workout is not really any harder physically . . . But you will learn that mentally, you will have a new challenge to overcome and it feels GOOD at the 61 minute mark
  • Premature is apparently blind at morning workouts so please hold his hand
  • SCUBA Steve CRUSHED us last night at ClyentDinner with his VQ
    • Dasher, Zin, and Easy were all there and we were feeling the effects this morning
  • Easy Button is getting faster . . . out in front all day
  • Zinfandel LOVES Diamond Mike Tysons
  • Dasher doesn’t care to know how to fix a flat tire


  • Indian Run to COP
  • Warmup stuff
  • Burpee Indian Run to COT
  • Monkey Humpers as Surge was whipping out his DCCS for the first time . . . But he focused until he finished
  • Tire Changers with plates
  • Hill work with plates
  • Hair Burners around the entire parking lot
  • Laps in front of middle school
  • Foot Burners across parking lot (feet on plate and walk with hands)
  • Ab stuff
  • Curls
  • Sprints
  • Stairway Tyson Webb


  • Check Surge’s backblast
  • Open Door
  • Labor Day Launch-Anniversary


Transporter is scared of hair burners

As it was created for, Cerberus hosted (12) men from all 3 Regions (Area 51, SOB, and Waxhaw) this morning.  This 3 headed dog is so famous that we even had a Cherokee County (north of ATL) PAX join us . . . Welcome Lifeboat!


  • As is typical, when a Waxhaw boy leaves the farm for a day, he is known for showing others his DCCS
    • Disclaimer (Modify as needed, not as wanted)
    • Cell Phone (Hopefully nothing happens but if something does, we need a to make a quick phone call)
    • CPR (Hopefully nothing happens but if something does, somebody is getting a lip lock we need somebody who knows what to do)
    • Safety (We are in a busy area, be alert and be your brother’s keeper)
  • Mosey to top of garage
  • SSH x 15
  • Merkins x 30
  • Mt Climbers x 15
  • Diamond Mike Tysons x 15
  • Elbow Tap Planks x 5 each side
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10


  • 10 pull-ups
  • Run down staircase
  • 10 Bomb Jacks
  • Run up staircase
  • Repeat 3 times


  • Grab a plate for EACH PERSON
  • Partner up . . . And grab a plate for EACH PERSON
  • EACH PERSON grab a plate
  • This is when the whining advice started flowing
  • P1 lunge walks with plate overhead
  • P2 runs with plate opposite direction
  • Flapjack and repeat until 1 big small lap is completed


  • Webb with Curls and Shoulder presses


  • Sprints on the up ramps til the top


  • Have a nice day for 30 seconds . . . HIGHLY recommend more Qs incorporating this into the routine


  • Nice to have Lifeboat join us today.  Cool to hear a little bit of his story.  As he shared, let’s be very intentional when we see somebody we don’t recognize at a workout.  Go ask them where they are from and maybe how they got their name.  Simple stuff goes a long way.
  • I always viewed Transporter as a tough guy up for a challenge but I was very surprised to see him so afraid of hair burners today.  Multiple times he told me not to do hair burners due to his fear of sweating too much
    • SITE Q 101:  I am obviously joking on the above.  I appreciate Transporter speaking up when it looked like we were going to do hair burners.  He told me that the plates make too much noise and alerted me that hotel guests have complained in the past.  If there is a questionable exercise or location during a Q, please say something.  The last thing we want to do is dirty the name of F3 and/or get kicked out of an AO
  • Awesome to see Doc and Snowflake out there this morning.  These guys, along with Transporter, were the first HIMs in F3 I was around when I started 4.5 years ago.  Always supportive, always working hard, always ready with a quick jab to keep the mumble chatter alive during a workout.
  • Also awesome to see some F3 Waxhaw familiar faces.  Thanks Sugar Daddy, Wolverine, C3PO, and Swimmers for coming out.  We have a special and tight knit group in Waxhaw and it makes a Q feel good when he sees some familiar faces when he pulls into the lot.  But can you let the Q win a sprint at least once!?!?!
  • Great to meet Bypass and Homer.  Might not be as vocal as the others but their effort was noticeable.
  • Thanks to Mighty Mite for the quick education on how certain plates slide or don’t slide on the specific concrete that was used to build this garage.  #ConcreteLube


  • Mighty Mite organizing the SOB Blood Drive in October.  Stay tuned for details.  Can SOB out due Waxhaw’s 86 pints of beer blood?
  • F3 Dads Camp:  Some guys want to go but nobody knew the exact details. #MoreQuestionThanAnnouncement

Prayer for Bypass’s 2.0 #4 who is on the way.

A PitchforkFlag for the new Site Q

95 degrees, humid, sunny, worked out at The Floater in morning, and donated blood today . . . Other than that, I can’t think of a good reason not to go to ClyentDinner for the evening buffet workout.

WARMUP:  None needed since it was a steam room . . . But DCCS was explained thoroughly

THANG:  Cinderblock/Rock circle of fun

  • One PAX does 10 jump over block burpees
  • 11 PAX do called exercise until PAX #1 done
  • Several water breaks
    • Yes . . . Part of DCCS is SAFETY
    • Don’t be so “macho” that you lose sight of being smart/safe
    • YHC brought cooler of icy cold and delicious Dasani bottles
  • Jack Webb
    • Merkins
    • Air presses


  • It was nasty and dangerously hot but everybody fought to get all the reps in
  • Welcome to 2 FNGs
    • Crime Dog:  2.0 of Blart.  Likes Atlanta Braves
    • Whaler:  Friend of Blart.  Long Island transplant, hockey player, gambler
  • Kudos to Showgirl and Wrigley for recognizing and staying with Johnny5 who wasn’t feeling good and rushed to get him some water
  • THE REAL REASON YHC decided to show tonight was to celebrate Wrigley being ordained announced as co Site Q
    • He’s been doing F3 for about 6 months
    • He has Q’d several times
    • He went to Site Q school . . . And already implementing tactics but helping other PAX during the workouts
    • He has brought several FNGs
    • He was a great role model during COVID by consistently working out in the early morning afternoon with his wingman fellow wet bandit, Drumstick
    • He’s not afraid to mix it up in the Playhouse
    • He enjoys beer has jumped into many 2nd F events
    • He is active in 3rd F . . . Christ’s Closet and Open Door
    • He is a great Dad
    • He is a HIGH IMPACT MAN!
    • Couldn’t be prouder to be a co Site Q with Steve
    • Now we just need to make a permanent PitchForkFlag to keep the theme of ClyentDinner alive and well


  • Q School tomorrow/Saturday at 0630 at Cuthbertson
    • You will get a good workout
    • You will learn some tips/tricks
    • This is an important step to help F3 grow
    • Just do it . . . You will be glad you did

PRAYER of thanks . . . OUT!

Diamond Mike Tysons?!?!

18 sleeveless men showed up to beat Bushwood after preblast warned them about some Diamond Mike Tysons on the weinke.


  • DCCS given (2 Q fails:  Not grabbing a cell phone even though we were staying attached to the parking lot and no mention of COVID distancing . . . When is Q school?)
  • Mosey to bus lot for SSH, Diamond Mike Tysons (here we go), Diamond Peter Parkers, Wide Arm Merkins, Low Slow Squat with knee slaps


  • All you got back to parking lot and partner up with similar speed PAX
  • On either side of island facing each other, we did called exercises and then raced around a loop back to your parking spot
  • We did this 6-8 times
  • Exercises included:
    • Backwards hand merkins (bicep exercise from LazyBoy)
    • Knee slaps
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Staggered merkins left and right hand on curb
    • Diamond Mike Tysons
    • Knee slap Burpees
  • Loser of the races had to do another exercise that winner called
  • Winner of the races had to do one of the leftover exercises that loser called


  • Mosey to hill by track for Sevens
  • 6 knee slap burpees at bottom
  • Crawl bear back up hill
  • 1 bomb jack at top of hill
  • Repeat until 1 burpee at bottom and 6 bomb jack up top


  • Mosey around track to the wall on school
  • Balls to wall shoulder taps x 10
  • People’s chair shoulder presses x 10
  • Repeat 3 times
  • 10 Diamond Mike Tysons


  • Mosey to parking lot
  • Suicide across lot
  • Stop at each of the 4 lines for a knee slap burpee
  • Upon each return, one Diamond Mike Tyson

FINISH with a Have a Nice Day (30 seconds)


  • Great feedback from the group on this workout
  • Lots of compliments
  • Some wished it was harder
  • Chainsaw saw even said it was “too nice” of a workout
  • Zin refused to do modified exercises which is perfectly ok for somebody who has been away for 3 weeks hurt
  • Good to see some Briars and Crests not at a bar back at a workout (Chicken Little, Schneider, Ricky Bobby, O-69)
  • Catfish and Glidah going toe-to-toe on the races . . . Well done
  • Surge has no quit . . . Nice job on Crawl Bears
  • Recalc, Glidah, and Easy Button graced us with their presence turned in the Waxhaw Express card and came out for a real bootcamp workout
  • Sledge-o-Matic was noticeably enjoying himself after he tore off his sleeves prior to the workout
  • High Hat, Mad Dog and Rockwell don’t talk much but they get after it each workout . . . 3 Respects we can learn from
  • Mayhem and Centerfold did the MASH . . . Their arms are looking like Easy Button’s guns


  • Site Q School this Sat
  • Q School next Sat
  • Blood Drive next Thurs
  • Prayers for Catfish’s co-worker Rhonda going through family health issues, Centerfold’s wife Karen recovering from surgery, Goodfella’s wife Renee recovering from complications from recent birth


Old SCHOOL Floater

11 Men went back to school at The Floater.  As one of the original Site Qs (along with Moneyball), I might be a little biased, but downtown Waxhaw is my favorite AO.  Lots of unique options and the traffic scenery is much different than our typical AO.


  • DCCS given with emphasis on Safety . . . Guys, we are getting a little lax with reflective gear.  #LockItUp #BlackIsNotVeryReflective
  • Mosey to basketball court by school for typical exercises some yoga and a new exercise (one arm Plank with other elbow tapping the ground)


  • Partner up
    • P1 runs lap around racetrack
    • P2 does up and overs on uncomfortably high cement block
    • Repeat x 2
  • Partner up
    • P1 does supines
    • P2 does Diamond Mike Tysons
    • 4 Rounds (20, 15, 10, 5)
  • Partner up
    • P1 does arm hang knee ups
    • P2 does 5 up and back burpees
    • Repeat x 2
  • Mosey until you can smell the bacon at bottom of hill
    • At each telephone pole, 1 burpee and 5 knee ups
  • Mosey to Main Street Half Wall (aka “The Full Goodfella”)
    • 20 Heel touch box jumps
    • 20 Derkins
    • 10 Heel touch box jumps
  • Mosey to COT
    • 30 seconds of Have a Nice Day


  • OF COURSE I was going to keep the streak alive . . . Derek and I started that stupid thing . . . Almost 2.5 years of Backblasts every single week . . . #NotOnMyWatch
  • It feels like the Respects are starting to outnumber and even outwork the younger guys . . . Well done Hot Yoga, Surge, Sugar Daddy, Recalculating, Rockwell (Recalculating Jr.)
  • Easy Button realized that only doing the Waxhaw Express workouts makes his arms start looking like mine . . . I hope ClyentDinner used some rocks tonight
  • Chastain thought he found a shortcut by running the racetrack backwards . . . How did that work out for you?
  • Twinkle Toes is very honest.  He actually asked if his butt should be resting on the wall during the arm hang knee ups . . . #DontAskJustModify
  • Carb Load does a great job as Site Q . . . Pinging me during the week to see how he could help and then always looking out for the 6 during the workout.  #SiteQCampCounselor
  • Oh Yeah, I can’t forget about Loafer.  Oh Yeah, he left early but Oh Yeah, he put in a lot of effort.  #SubtleOhYeahsThroughoutWorkout #SomeOfThemSoundedDirty
  • SAFETY:  As we get more traffic in the mornings, let’s yell at encourage PAX to wear something bright and/or reflective.  #QsLeadByExample


  • Q School and Site Q School:  July 25 and 18th respectively.  Participate and stop leaching off of F3 . . . Get involved
  • Blood Drive . . . Thursday July 23rd.  See NewsChannel and/or Fuse Box for more details . . . Give a pint, get an antibody test

Prayer for Goodfella and his wife as they are back in hospital for more observation.