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Coke vs. Pepsi? No competition

8 Coke-loving PAX were lucky enough to be every other PAX counted selected into the good RED group at Impromptu.  Since Deadwood took the BLUE group counter clockwise, we went clockwise.


  • SSH x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • PP x 10
  • MC x 10
  • 6″ Plank Jack x 10
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10


  • 11’s:  Donkey Kick x 1/Hold for 10/Merkins x 10
  • Rock 4 Corners:
    • Rock work for various exercises x 20
    • P1 and P2 run opposite ways around parking lot; meet and do exercises
      • Knee Slaps x 20, Dorothy Hurleys x 10, Burpees x 5
      • Race your partner back to start for 5 loser burpees
  • Plank Work
  • Derkin laps
    • P1 runs lap, P2 does Derkins x 2
  • Sprints to finish
  • COT for Have a Nice Day . . . Best finishing exercise in the land


  • SICKNESS ALERT:  A new sickness called “COMFY-20” is trying to take over COVID-19 as the most dangerous disease in the area
    • This sickness has many symptoms:  Fartsacking, Back-of-the-Pack-itis, Loneliness, Same ole workout schedule, First F-itis
    • First step to avoid it:  Be sure to wear a mask text a buddy and hold each other accountable for showing up
    • Get Tested:  Try something new (ex. Ignition/Running workout, 2nd F Happy Hour, 3rd F QSource/Bible Study)
  • I know it is said a lot and sometimes people might not mean it but these men worked hard today
    • Those runs back to the rocks competing against your partner added a bit of energy
  • Shop Dawg is getting fast . . . Nice work pulling the group today on the fast mosey . . . I especially liked the pep talk you gave yourself
  • Job well done by Fiji today working with BreadBowl and encouraging him the entire time . . . Thanks for your leadership in this group and congrats again on becoming Site Q at Bushwood
  • Doughboy said he was feeling the 2 weeks off . . . With your work ethic, you will be back in shape in no time
  • BreadBowl was not his normal self today . . . I didn’t hear one wise crack
  • Recalculating might be crusty but the old young guy keeps crushing workouts even with some injuries . . . Love working out with you
  • JWow has been showing up on weekdays and it is paying off . . . You were leading the way on sprints
  • Chainsaw SNUCK by without letting anybody know it is his birthday today . . . I could have used 61 burpees to close out that workout . . . Well done on earning RESPECT x 2 by pushing at every workout
  • AWESOME to see the campus buzzing today . . . 3 workout groups, lots of 2nd F conversations, QSource, and 100 PAX Challenge committee meeting . . . If you weren’t involved in any of that, you are missing out . . . Get plugged in . . . F3 is not F1


  • Saturday:  3 workouts in Waxhaw @ 0700 (Nesbit, Walnut Creek, Weddington Middle)
  • Memorial Day:  Holiday hours (Ignition @ 0645 and Flash @ 0700)

YHC took us out . . . Happy Memorial Day Weekend . . . Lots to be thankful for . . . Look around and give back/thanks

Blackhawk – The smell of burning asphalt

15 gathered at Blackhawk (Walnut Creek Park) so we split up in to 2 groups.  Shop Dawg and Bottlcap had done a pre-visit that morning to ensure the same weinke would be executed for all so that nobody complained about not getting their money’s worth.

WARMUP . . . The usual

THANG . . . Grab some rocks

  • 5 minutes of 10 knee slap Burpees
  • Run with Rock to parking lot with various exercises while en route
  • Partner work
    • P1 – Runs Long Lap
    • P2 – 5 rock press Burpees, bear crawl with rock, 10 T-Tap merkins, bear crawl with rock, 15 Front Raises, bear crawl with rock, 20 Mary Catherine’s with rock above head, bear crawl, repeat with 5 burpees, etc until P1 gets back
    • 3 rounds of that
    • Audible:  Bear Crawls turned into hairburners . . . Asphalt and Rocks create a very nice aroma (think Cap Guns)
    • #Audible 2:  Stop bear crawling with rock and just do exercises in place
    • #Audible 3:  Switch to Curls
      • A couple rounds of that
  • 10 knee slap Burpees
  • Capt Therkin (Webb)
    • 1 Big Boy sit-up, 4 Flutters, 4 merkins in between each round
  • Put the Rocks back 
    • Left/Right/Center – Shoulder presses x 20 IC
  • Put the Rocks back
    • Front Raises x 20
  • Put the Rocks back
  • Sprints in parking


  • Great site . . . Terrible backblast (sorry for delay)
  • Solid coffeeteria afterwards in Hickory Tavern parking lot . . . Lots of breakfast choices
  • Celebrity sighting of the Waxhaw Express crew slowly doing their “recovery” run . . . Terrible job of advertising


  • 100 PAX Challenge . . .
    • Partnering with local charities that are helping the needy in our communities
    • Asking for 100 PAX to donate . . . Please consider giving something back
    • Venmo:  @F3Waxhaw
    • PayPal:
  • QSource:  Starting Fridays after Cuthbertson workouts 0700-0730
    • Great discussion on leadership
    • Bring a chair and a coffee cup


Clyent Dinner – Grand Re-Opening

6 PAX stormed back into the SC restaurants Clyent Dinner for a Zoom workout in person.  (SIDE NOTE:  Clyent Dinner is still serving takeout with a Zoom workout offering at the same time . . . They had 7 PAX on Zoom).  During the shutdown, the Clyent Dinner chefs played around with some recipes and decided to put a new item on the menu tonight . . . “The Blutarski” – A delicious 0.0 workout baked in sunshine.


  • No mosey . . . Circle Up
  • SSH, Merkins, PP, Merkins, MC, Calf Stretch


  • Grab a coupon and grab some bench
  • Curls, Half Curls, Negative Curls x 15
  • Shoulder presses, Chest Press, Overhead chest pull, Behind back push x 15
  • Partner work:
    • P1:  Various exercises (Curls x 200, Shoulder Press x 200, Bear Plank Hydrant AYG x 3 times)
    • P2:  Various exercises to halfway across parking lot (Bear Crawl, Lunge Walk, Double Broad Jump Burpees)
  • Backwards Webb
    • 1x Behind Back Push, 4x Behind Back Squat . . . Repeat 2/8, 3/12, etc.
    • Breaks for some chest work


  • The arms hurt so bad we could barely lift up the post-workout beers . . . Way to fight through it gentlemen!
  • We ended with the “Have a nice day” . . . F3 Waxhaw’s newest and best finishing exercise
    • Lay on your back, Spread your arms and legs, Look up into the sky, And just be silent for about 30 seconds . . . Great way to end the workout and begin your day (night)
  • SCUBA attended his first in-person F3 workout (previously only on Zoom) . . . #Respect for many reasons, but my favorite is that he has Wolverine chasing HIM on long distance swims
  • Cobbler and his 2.0 Beans came to work today . . . Don’t tell Gronk but she wants to beat him and she is on track to doing so . . . Hard Worker
  • Wrigley looked lost without Drumstick put in some serious work with his cinder block tonight . . . Appreciate him hustling on the partner work so I didn’t have to wipe my tears do too many reps
  • Easy Button posted TWICE today despite being injured (pulled calf) . . . Calling all MASHers, Fartsackers, Perennial 6’s . . . What is your excuse?  Get your butt out there and get better


  • 100 PAX Challenge:  We are trying to get 100 PAX to donate $100 (or more or less) by mid-June with the goal of giving away $10,000 to local Waxhaw charities so we can impact our community in a BIG way . . . And not just with $ but also with our time . . . Please consider being a part of this in some sort of way
    • Venmo:  @F3Waxhaw
    • PayPal:
  • Blackhawk:  New F3 Waxhaw Saturday bootcamp workout
    • Saturday 0700-0800
    • Walnut Creek Park (Awesome AO)
    • Bottlecap on Q this Saturday
  • Clyent Dinner:  Continuing with 2 Options
    • Zoom and In-Person
    • Both 5:30-6:15pm Thursday nights

YHC took us out . . . We have so much to be thankful for.  Let us live out that thankfulness by helping others.

100 PAX Challenge

A few questions heard during this recent craziness:  “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?” . . . “DO YOU KNOW AN ORGANIZATION IN NEED?” . . . “DOES ANYBODY ELSE FEEL THEY SHOULD BE DOING MORE OR JUST ME?” (Ed. Note: That last question is the one repeating in my head)

It has become abundantly clear since our #LaunchVergence on Labor Day that F3 Waxhaw is a group OF leaders.  With all that is going on lately, it is a great time for us to live out our mission of “Male Community Leadership.”

About a week ago, one of the local charities we partner with dropped a comment in a text conversation that read in part: “We are ok on food (pantry) but we are behind on rent and utilities for the building.”  They have never asked us for money so we know that this situation is different.  When we threw out a GroupMe GIF brainstormed, one of our PAX remembered hearing on the F3 Podcast about another Region doing a unique fundraiser.

So F3 Waxhaw stole the idea presents to you the “100 PAX Challenge” . . . The premise?

  • Get at least 100 PAX to each give $100 (or more or less) for a TOTAL GOAL of $10,000
    • We know everybody’s circumstances vary widely so please just give as you are led (all donations accepted)
    • We aren’t tracking who has/hasn’t given, but just the total number to encourage participation
  • We will give away all the donated money to 2-4 local charities of our choice
    • $2,500 or $5,000 grants
    • Interviews will be conducted to see how F3 could partner with them for the long term; not just give money and run
    • Focus would be on local charities who are helping the less fortunate in our Waxhaw community (ex. Meals for families, Lunches for children, Help for Single Moms, etc.)

Next Steps:

  • PAX:  By end of May: Donate $100  (or more or less)
    • Venmo:  @F3Waxhaw
    • PayPal:
    • NOTE:  All monies donated will be collected and monitored by F3 Waxhaw Board (you can trust most of us)
  • PAX:  Raise your hand to help with this initiative (ex. Identify/Interview Charities, Present ideas to improve process, Encourage companies to match funds, etc.)
  • PAX:  Encourage other PAX and family/friends to participate
  • “100 PAX” Committee: By middle of June:  Interview Charities and award the funds

We are incredibly blessed to be a part of such an amazing F3 organization and we have the opportunity/resources to make a collective big difference by giving back in a relatively small way for each of us.  Thanks in advance for your support and for being a leader.  Reach out to Dancing Bear, Foundation, Recalculating or Bottlecap with questions or if you’d like to help in different ways besides $.

F3 Waxhaw

3rd F Team – Meeting Minutes

5 men (we missed you Dancing Bear) gathered at Dreamchasers to discuss next steps for how F3 Waxhaw lives out our 3rd F (Faith).  Here are a few of the highlights and things in the works:

Service projects (Site Qs Deadwood and Carb Load):

  • Downtown cleanup in March
    • Key contact left
    • Still opportunity for pull-up bars
  • Western Union
    • DW in contact with Principal
  • Weddington/WCWAA
    • Dana investigating potential tie-in to baseball league for Special Needs
  • Five Stones
    • Getting close to building a walking/running trail
    • Bottlecap getting more details on how to help

Ray of Hope (Site Qs Bottlecap and Dancing Bear):

  • Meals for upcoming breaks
    • Spring Break
    • Summer
  • Drives (food, toothpaste, etc)
  • Events

Christ’s Closet (Site Qs Dana and Shop Dawg):

  • 2nd and 4th Thursdays folding
    • Need a name
    • Can we get on the calendar?
  • Giveaways
    • Thursday April 2nd – Pageland Elementary
      • Volunteers needed (take day off)
    • Ideas needed for more dates
  • New shed
    • Building is paid for
      • Lighting is needed
    • Concrete down
    • Waiting for contractor due to rain
    • 30’ x 50’
      • 20 racks need to be built
      • Need materials
    • Ideas:
      • Corporate sponsor
      • Individuals buy a rack
    • Shop Dawg working on design
      • $ per rack
      • Material list

Fixing It For Christ

  • June 17-20
    • A HUGE community-wide initiative helping to fix 20+ homes in our area
  • Jingles involved with initial meetings (Waxhaw United Methodist is leading church)
    • Need a PAX to be Co-Q
  • Jingles to give us a recap/next steps


  • Calendar
    • COTS:  1st week of each QTR
    • Service Project (Waxhaw)
  • GroupMe (“2 PAX and a truck” channel being added)
    • Geared towards service opportunities (ie Elderly lady needs furniture moved this weekend)
    • Last minute/Flexible

Qsource (Site Q Shop Dawg)

  • Friday morning option
    • Starting May 1st
    • 6:30-7:00am
    • McDonalds on Cuthbertson
  • COT announcements:  Education about the content/Purpose

Core Principles of F3:

  • Need to repeat at COT
  • More intentional about talking about Leadership
  • Influence through Marketing


Ignition Gets Back To Its Roots

12 of Waxhaw’s finest (yes, Moneyball, we include Mineral Springs as part of Waxhaw . . . but not Monroe DW) adhered to the call for headlamps and reflective gear as we were going old school.  When Hollywood and Halfback started this workout, they created a strict set of rules to follow so YHC wanted to ensure this long list was followed to a T.


  • Toughest workout in Waxhaw
  • Minimum 4+ miles
  • No Mary
  • Opening 1 mile at faster than mosey pace


  • Opening mile to Lawson clubhouse
    • SSH, Imperial Squawkers, Mike Tysons
  • Mosey to an open garage and steal some heavy weights
    • P1 runs with weight / P2 does 10 T-Tap merkins and catches P1
  • Bottom of Dearmeadows nasty hill . . . Do we have a name for this hill?
    • 3 burpees at top of hill
    • Exercises at bottom of hill
      • 3 sets of shoulder presses (Reps = 70 minus # of lbs of your weight)
      • 3 sets of bicep curls
      • 3 sets of goblet squats
  • Mosey back the garage
    • P1 runs up 2 mailboxes and does Dorothy Hurleys
    • P2 runs with weight overhead
  • Fast mosey back to COT with some exercises along way


  • Hollywood also created the Ignition MVP award where he gives out a “Party Rock” shirt to the winner
  • If you haven’t received one yet, you aren’t trying hard enough in his eyes
  • Not sure who was the MVP from today as Hollywood likes to give the award in private but I have my guesses
  • Thanks to Carb Load for bringing the phone (that is a MUST if you are going any distance away from COT)
  • Legal Zoom was a heck of a partner today . . . Thanks for getting to me so quickly on that last weighted mosey
  • Easy Button is getting faster . . . Dude was crushing the hill today
  • Glidah and Gerber were seemingly getting faster up the hill each time
  • Wolverine and Hollywood aren’t human
  • Zinfandel back strong today after Mr. Mom weekend
  • Recalculating and Deflated impressed me today with no slowing down despite nagging injuries
  • Dasher is so consistent . . . Always up front and pushing


  • March is “1 Q” month:  60+ workouts need 60+ PAX to step up and lead . . . Do your part and ask somebody.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Be a leader!
  • Prayers needed:
    • Posse:  Lost his job recently.  Looking for title of CEO, Chairman of the Board, or Housewife (I believe I caught that correct but I’ll defer to Goodfella’s backblast).  Reach out to him on LinkedIn and see how you can help.
    • Gator Cub:  His son has been battling an illness and was recently diagnosed.  Thankfully it appears treatable.
    • Easy Button:  Him and his wife (who is a lot faster than him) recently became foster parents to a teenage girl.  Lots of adjustments for them so reach out if you can help in anyway.

Goodfella took us out with a Ball of Man around Posse . . . #IronSharpensIron

Frack misses tee time . . . Tee box is open

14 Golfers, including 1 FNG, jumped the fence at Bushwood and snuck in 18 holes before the sun came up.  YHC opened up GroupMe while using the Squatty Potty restroom and realized Frack sent out a late night plea asking for a substi-q.  I thought Why Not, and grabbed the Bushwood uniform (sleeveless collared shirt) and off we went.


  • Quick mosey
  • SSH, Merkins, LSS, Peter Parkers


  • 4 corners
    • Run 4 corners, do 36 reps
    • Run 3 corners, do 27 reps
    • Run 2 corners, do 18 reps
    • Run 1 corner, do 9 reps
  • Round 1: Merkins
  • Round 2:  Dorothy Hurleys (heel touch squat, heel click jump)
  • Round 3:  Flutters


  • Partner Foursomes
    • P1:  4 Pull-ups, 8 Merkins, 12 Dorothy Hurleys
    • P2:  Lap around track
    • 20 total times


  • On way back to COT, we got side tracked
  • Finish off Round 4 of 4 corners
    • Carolina Dry Docks


  • Welcome FNG Baby Face . . . Last name Gerber but I’m pretty sure LazyBoy was just looking at this guy when he blurted it out
    • Current FDNY firefighter commuting back and forth for a few more months before he officially retires to the South.  Welcome to New York South!
  • Congrats to Big Ben who continues to lose weight . . . Yelling out “245” in name-o-rama . . . If that is actually his age, he looks tremendous . . . I smell a VQ coming up!
  • Kudos to The Knish, One Star, LazyBoy, and pseudo-Site Q Boitano . . . This site is great and continues to pull in solid numbers and I obviously love the golfing angle
  • TERRIBLE JOB by The Knish, One Star, LazyBoy, and pseudo-Site Q Boitano . . . This site was built on integrity and proper Dress Code . . . Wayyyyy too many sleeves this morning
  • Thanks to Delta for joining YHC with the sleeveless today
  • Noonan and Fiji are getting fast!
  • Long Haul and Carb Load have always been fast and showed it today . . . Well done on that last round of CDDs
  • Wrigley and High Hat are hard workers . . . I hear those grunts


  • Christ’s Closet giveaway this Saturday 9am-3pm.  Need help during the event to restock and organize items (even 30 minutes) as well as before the event bringing furniture from the house (trucks especially needed)
    • Reach out to Dana, Shop Dawg, Ice 9, and/or Ackbar for more details
  • March 1 Q Challenge:  We will need 67 separate men to lead a workout . . . Each workout needs to have a different Q throughout the entire month.  Don’t wait for people to ask you, please reach out to the Site Qs:
    • Flash:  Rockwell, Chicken Little
    • Ignition:  Gerber, Hollywood
    • Asylum:  Damascus, Swimmers
    • Watchtower:  Doughboy, Smithers
    • Bushwood:  One Star, Knish, LazyBoy
    • Dromedary:  Goodfella, Dana
    • Chiseled:  Rudy, Fuse Box, Glidah
    • Floater:  Foundation, Carb Load (no, it’s not you Deadwood)
    • Clyent Dinner:  Centerfold, Bottlecap
    • Swarm:  Deflated, Hooch
    • Impromptu:  Ackbar, Recalculating
    • Diesel:  Chastain, Brutus
    • Homecoming:  Banjo, Posse
    • Commitment:  Run Flat, Rubbermaid

YHC took us out.  #CradleToGrave . . . Let us see and treat people the way Jesus did!

My wife thought my weinke was too hard

7 beasts and 1 tennis player got after it at the only best 0.0 Gear workout in Waxhaw.  In preparation for my first Diesel Q, I dusted off the ole weinke machine.  Since it was the night before Valentine’s Day, I gave the M a sneak preview.  To say she was not impressed would be usual an understatement.  After she said “That is too hard.  I’ve never seen anything like that.”  I decided to modify the plan a bit.


  • Mosey Circle up right where you are standing
  • SSH, Merkins, Peter Parkers


  • Partner up
  • 8 stations
    • 45lb dumbbell Chest Press/Cinder Block Jump Overs
    • Forearm Slamball Grab Overhead Toss/Big Boy Slamball sit-up
    • 55lb bar curl/Flutters
    • 50lb Bucket Shrugs/Dorothy Hurleys (heel touch, heel click)
    • 40lb Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Knee ups
    • 35lb Hammer Curls/35lb Goblet Squat
    • 30lb Kettlebell Swings/Bomb Jacks
    • 20lb Shoulder Flies/J-Lo’s
  • P1 does 30 of weighted exercise / P2 does 30 of other exercise
    • Can’t stop until second partners does 30
    • Flapjack
    • Then 20 of each
    • Flapjack
    • Then 10 of each
    • Flapjack
    • Switch stations until all 8 are complete
  • Farmer Carry around parking lot to my car


  • Turnbuckle really impressed me today.  The man didn’t shortcut any reps.  Even though I was begging him a couple times.  Well done brother
  • Mayhem and Draper keep showing up and pushing hard.  Time to get out of the friendly confines of Five Stones AO and venture to other workouts
  • Gerber showed up with a USA wifebeater and jorts . . . Not sure what he did after that as I was so distracted
  • Big 10 is a weird guy to figure out . . . He acts/talks like he can’t keep up but the man pushes hard and can throw around some weight.  No quit
  • Chastain and Brutus are a great power couple . . . They not only are doing great at being Site Qs (thanks for the help in setting up and tearing down) but they push each other and everybody else at each workout I see them at (except for today’s Homecoming when Chastain was sandbagging)
  • Diesel is a great workout and kudos to Chastain and Brutus for starting it.  Great option for FNGs and MASH (injured guys), but I would urge all PAX to check it out as a nice change of pace.  There were some heavy weights out there and we don’t do that at our boot camp workouts so you are working out different mucked and/or working muscles differently.

#CradleToGrave prayer by YHC . . . We are truly blessed . . . Let’s live like we know that!

Waxhaw raids The Arsenal

7 guys got tricked into showing up at The Arsenal.  Very slick gracious move by the Site Q (Happy Meal) to beg invite YHC to Q and then purposely not show up but unfortunately he was sick and couldn’t post.  With the horrible forecast, I was not sure what to expect but got good news when a few HCs popped up on Waxhaw’s famed GroupMe Playhouse.   Due to how whiny those Waxhaw PAX are the rain, YHC did a site visit last night and found a LONNNNNNNG covered area.  Showed up this morning to drop off some coupons at that covered area but got chased away by the Bus maintenance crew Chastain and Brutus (why were you lurking in the bus lot?).


  • SSH
  • Grab the weights out of the car
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Mosey to long portico


  • Partner work
    • P1 – Does Pull-ups (Audible due to lake) Curls, Shoulder Presses x 200
    • P2 – Runs length of portico inhales Marlboro smoke and returns
  • Partner work Part 2
    • P1 – Broad Jump Burpees
    • P2 – Runs length of portico does 5 Dorothy Hurley (heel touch squat exploding up with a heel click at top) and switch w/ P1
    • Go length of portico
  • Partner work Part 3
    • P1 – Frog Jumps length of portico
    • P2 – Merkin shredders x 10 and switch w/ P1
  • Circle work with weights
    • Various leg exercises
    • Various plank exercises


  • I appreciate the Waxhaw PAX coming and supporting my Q
  • It doesn’t go unnoticed when someone goes out of their way
  • I signed up to Q so I have to show up
  • You fellas drove further for this workout without knowing what to expect on a terrible weather day
  • This is another example of “THIS is what F3 is all about” . . . Set your alarm a little earlier, drive a little further, go somewhere new, support one of your fellow brothers . . . LIVE 3RD!
  • Being unselfish and/or realizing that somebody would feel better Qing a workout with some familiar faces
  • I am in debt to you clowns and plan to pay you back . . . Just let me know when you need me!
  • Chastain and Easy Button are getting fast
  • Frack was bored with a 30lb kettlebell (sorry)
  • C3PO crushed it today . . . Especially on the leg exercises
  • Brutus and Rockwell don’t get cheated at a workout . . . Great effort
  • Happy Meal owes me . . . When are you Qing Clyent Dinner?  Your name is MADE for it!


  • Frack was supposed to be on Q at ClyentDinner . . . Next week be ready!
  • Q School on Saturday:  0630-0830 at Cuthbertson Middle School
    • Stop thinking that “Somebody else will lead” or “I’ll lead when I get in better shape”
    • We need YOU!  Everybody needs to pitch in.  This Q School is a great way to get a better understanding and some tips on making a successful workout
    • This is also a workout so you get a 2 for 1

Q with the takeout . . . #CradleToGrave

Striving for Better . . . Strength in the Swarm

13 PAX lived up to the BB title at the Swarm.  Actually, the whole idea of a Swarm workout was born out of a few PAX wanting to get better.  This workout is meant to be more intense by going for a full hour and hitting a minimum of 4 miles.  Doing and accomplishing tough things with others . . . There is STRENGTH IN THE SWARM!


  • Are you trying to get better in a particular area of your life?
    • You better be!
    • Have you announced that goal(s) to anybody?
  • How are you planning on getting better?
    • Trying something new?
    • Got somebody to hold you accountable?
  • I LOVE F3 Waxhaw!
    • There are so many of you who I know are TRYING to get better
    • There are so many of you who I know are WANTING to be better at all 3 Fs
    • Those are the guys I try and surround myself with . . . PUSHING me to be better
  • There are also some of you who I know are COASTING
    • If there are PAX that started around the same time or after you and they are way in front of you, you’re COASTING!
    • Get out of your comfort zone and announce your goals, start at the front of the PAX at a workout, and stay there as long as you can
    • That might be 5 minutes the first time, but then it might be 10 minutes or more after a couple weeks
    • Also, find yourself some PAX that you know will challenge you (maybe a little stronger or faster than you) and try and keep up with them
  • Shout out to Gerber, Wolverine, Hollywood, Dasher, Goodfella, Transporter, Glidah, Legal Zoom, Deadwood, Zinfandel, Easy Button, and a few others that I’m sure I am forgetting
    • You guys push and pull me during workouts (and other 2 F’s)
    • You guys make me want to be better/faster
    • YOU GUYS ARE MY SWARM and greatly appreciate the Strength you give me!


  • Timed Mile on the track
    • Team up in groups of 3-5
    • Indian Run for 4 laps
    • Several PAX got their personal record by doing it in this format
  • Hit the weights
    • Partner up with someone like speed
    • P1 does exercises
      • 30 Curls, 20 Overhead Presses, 10 Pull-ups, repeat
    • P2 runs a lap
    • x2
  • Catch me if you can
    • P1 runs with weight
    • P2 does 10 merkins and catches P1
    • Flapjack until 2 laps completed
  • Cul-de-sac running
    • P1 and P2 run in opposite directions
    • When they meet, 10 hand-slap merkins
    • Complete 50
  • Plank work
    • Roll smashballs around circle
    • Each time is passes a PAX, do a merkin
    • Indian run to Rudy’s Outhouse
    • More plank work