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Ignition Gets Back To Its Roots

12 of Waxhaw’s finest (yes, Moneyball, we include Mineral Springs as part of Waxhaw . . . but not Monroe DW) adhered to the call for headlamps and reflective gear as we were going old school.  When Hollywood and Halfback started this workout, they created a strict set of rules to follow so YHC wanted to ensure this long list was followed to a T.


  • Toughest workout in Waxhaw
  • Minimum 4+ miles
  • No Mary
  • Opening 1 mile at faster than mosey pace


  • Opening mile to Lawson clubhouse
    • SSH, Imperial Squawkers, Mike Tysons
  • Mosey to an open garage and steal some heavy weights
    • P1 runs with weight / P2 does 10 T-Tap merkins and catches P1
  • Bottom of Dearmeadows nasty hill . . . Do we have a name for this hill?
    • 3 burpees at top of hill
    • Exercises at bottom of hill
      • 3 sets of shoulder presses (Reps = 70 minus # of lbs of your weight)
      • 3 sets of bicep curls
      • 3 sets of goblet squats
  • Mosey back the garage
    • P1 runs up 2 mailboxes and does Dorothy Hurleys
    • P2 runs with weight overhead
  • Fast mosey back to COT with some exercises along way


  • Hollywood also created the Ignition MVP award where he gives out a “Party Rock” shirt to the winner
  • If you haven’t received one yet, you aren’t trying hard enough in his eyes
  • Not sure who was the MVP from today as Hollywood likes to give the award in private but I have my guesses
  • Thanks to Carb Load for bringing the phone (that is a MUST if you are going any distance away from COT)
  • Legal Zoom was a heck of a partner today . . . Thanks for getting to me so quickly on that last weighted mosey
  • Easy Button is getting faster . . . Dude was crushing the hill today
  • Glidah and Gerber were seemingly getting faster up the hill each time
  • Wolverine and Hollywood aren’t human
  • Zinfandel back strong today after Mr. Mom weekend
  • Recalculating and Deflated impressed me today with no slowing down despite nagging injuries
  • Dasher is so consistent . . . Always up front and pushing


  • March is “1 Q” month:  60+ workouts need 60+ PAX to step up and lead . . . Do your part and ask somebody.  Don’t wait to be asked.  Be a leader!
  • Prayers needed:
    • Posse:  Lost his job recently.  Looking for title of CEO, Chairman of the Board, or Housewife (I believe I caught that correct but I’ll defer to Goodfella’s backblast).  Reach out to him on LinkedIn and see how you can help.
    • Gator Cub:  His son has been battling an illness and was recently diagnosed.  Thankfully it appears treatable.
    • Easy Button:  Him and his wife (who is a lot faster than him) recently became foster parents to a teenage girl.  Lots of adjustments for them so reach out if you can help in anyway.

Goodfella took us out with a Ball of Man around Posse . . . #IronSharpensIron

Frack misses tee time . . . Tee box is open

14 Golfers, including 1 FNG, jumped the fence at Bushwood and snuck in 18 holes before the sun came up.  YHC opened up GroupMe while using the Squatty Potty restroom and realized Frack sent out a late night plea asking for a substi-q.  I thought Why Not, and grabbed the Bushwood uniform (sleeveless collared shirt) and off we went.


  • Quick mosey
  • SSH, Merkins, LSS, Peter Parkers


  • 4 corners
    • Run 4 corners, do 36 reps
    • Run 3 corners, do 27 reps
    • Run 2 corners, do 18 reps
    • Run 1 corner, do 9 reps
  • Round 1: Merkins
  • Round 2:  Dorothy Hurleys (heel touch squat, heel click jump)
  • Round 3:  Flutters


  • Partner Foursomes
    • P1:  4 Pull-ups, 8 Merkins, 12 Dorothy Hurleys
    • P2:  Lap around track
    • 20 total times


  • On way back to COT, we got side tracked
  • Finish off Round 4 of 4 corners
    • Carolina Dry Docks


  • Welcome FNG Baby Face . . . Last name Gerber but I’m pretty sure LazyBoy was just looking at this guy when he blurted it out
    • Current FDNY firefighter commuting back and forth for a few more months before he officially retires to the South.  Welcome to New York South!
  • Congrats to Big Ben who continues to lose weight . . . Yelling out “245” in name-o-rama . . . If that is actually his age, he looks tremendous . . . I smell a VQ coming up!
  • Kudos to The Knish, One Star, LazyBoy, and pseudo-Site Q Boitano . . . This site is great and continues to pull in solid numbers and I obviously love the golfing angle
  • TERRIBLE JOB by The Knish, One Star, LazyBoy, and pseudo-Site Q Boitano . . . This site was built on integrity and proper Dress Code . . . Wayyyyy too many sleeves this morning
  • Thanks to Delta for joining YHC with the sleeveless today
  • Noonan and Fiji are getting fast!
  • Long Haul and Carb Load have always been fast and showed it today . . . Well done on that last round of CDDs
  • Wrigley and High Hat are hard workers . . . I hear those grunts


  • Christ’s Closet giveaway this Saturday 9am-3pm.  Need help during the event to restock and organize items (even 30 minutes) as well as before the event bringing furniture from the house (trucks especially needed)
    • Reach out to Dana, Shop Dawg, Ice 9, and/or Ackbar for more details
  • March 1 Q Challenge:  We will need 67 separate men to lead a workout . . . Each workout needs to have a different Q throughout the entire month.  Don’t wait for people to ask you, please reach out to the Site Qs:
    • Flash:  Rockwell, Chicken Little
    • Ignition:  Gerber, Hollywood
    • Asylum:  Damascus, Swimmers
    • Watchtower:  Doughboy, Smithers
    • Bushwood:  One Star, Knish, LazyBoy
    • Dromedary:  Goodfella, Dana
    • Chiseled:  Rudy, Fuse Box, Glidah
    • Floater:  Foundation, Carb Load (no, it’s not you Deadwood)
    • Clyent Dinner:  Centerfold, Bottlecap
    • Swarm:  Deflated, Hooch
    • Impromptu:  Ackbar, Recalculating
    • Diesel:  Chastain, Brutus
    • Homecoming:  Banjo, Posse
    • Commitment:  Run Flat, Rubbermaid

YHC took us out.  #CradleToGrave . . . Let us see and treat people the way Jesus did!

My wife thought my weinke was too hard

7 beasts and 1 tennis player got after it at the only best 0.0 Gear workout in Waxhaw.  In preparation for my first Diesel Q, I dusted off the ole weinke machine.  Since it was the night before Valentine’s Day, I gave the M a sneak preview.  To say she was not impressed would be usual an understatement.  After she said “That is too hard.  I’ve never seen anything like that.”  I decided to modify the plan a bit.


  • Mosey Circle up right where you are standing
  • SSH, Merkins, Peter Parkers


  • Partner up
  • 8 stations
    • 45lb dumbbell Chest Press/Cinder Block Jump Overs
    • Forearm Slamball Grab Overhead Toss/Big Boy Slamball sit-up
    • 55lb bar curl/Flutters
    • 50lb Bucket Shrugs/Dorothy Hurleys (heel touch, heel click)
    • 40lb Dumbbell Shoulder Press/Knee ups
    • 35lb Hammer Curls/35lb Goblet Squat
    • 30lb Kettlebell Swings/Bomb Jacks
    • 20lb Shoulder Flies/J-Lo’s
  • P1 does 30 of weighted exercise / P2 does 30 of other exercise
    • Can’t stop until second partners does 30
    • Flapjack
    • Then 20 of each
    • Flapjack
    • Then 10 of each
    • Flapjack
    • Switch stations until all 8 are complete
  • Farmer Carry around parking lot to my car


  • Turnbuckle really impressed me today.  The man didn’t shortcut any reps.  Even though I was begging him a couple times.  Well done brother
  • Mayhem and Draper keep showing up and pushing hard.  Time to get out of the friendly confines of Five Stones AO and venture to other workouts
  • Gerber showed up with a USA wifebeater and jorts . . . Not sure what he did after that as I was so distracted
  • Big 10 is a weird guy to figure out . . . He acts/talks like he can’t keep up but the man pushes hard and can throw around some weight.  No quit
  • Chastain and Brutus are a great power couple . . . They not only are doing great at being Site Qs (thanks for the help in setting up and tearing down) but they push each other and everybody else at each workout I see them at (except for today’s Homecoming when Chastain was sandbagging)
  • Diesel is a great workout and kudos to Chastain and Brutus for starting it.  Great option for FNGs and MASH (injured guys), but I would urge all PAX to check it out as a nice change of pace.  There were some heavy weights out there and we don’t do that at our boot camp workouts so you are working out different mucked and/or working muscles differently.

#CradleToGrave prayer by YHC . . . We are truly blessed . . . Let’s live like we know that!

Waxhaw raids The Arsenal

7 guys got tricked into showing up at The Arsenal.  Very slick gracious move by the Site Q (Happy Meal) to beg invite YHC to Q and then purposely not show up but unfortunately he was sick and couldn’t post.  With the horrible forecast, I was not sure what to expect but got good news when a few HCs popped up on Waxhaw’s famed GroupMe Playhouse.   Due to how whiny those Waxhaw PAX are the rain, YHC did a site visit last night and found a LONNNNNNNG covered area.  Showed up this morning to drop off some coupons at that covered area but got chased away by the Bus maintenance crew Chastain and Brutus (why were you lurking in the bus lot?).


  • SSH
  • Grab the weights out of the car
  • Merkins
  • Squats
  • Mosey to long portico


  • Partner work
    • P1 – Does Pull-ups (Audible due to lake) Curls, Shoulder Presses x 200
    • P2 – Runs length of portico inhales Marlboro smoke and returns
  • Partner work Part 2
    • P1 – Broad Jump Burpees
    • P2 – Runs length of portico does 5 Dorothy Hurley (heel touch squat exploding up with a heel click at top) and switch w/ P1
    • Go length of portico
  • Partner work Part 3
    • P1 – Frog Jumps length of portico
    • P2 – Merkin shredders x 10 and switch w/ P1
  • Circle work with weights
    • Various leg exercises
    • Various plank exercises


  • I appreciate the Waxhaw PAX coming and supporting my Q
  • It doesn’t go unnoticed when someone goes out of their way
  • I signed up to Q so I have to show up
  • You fellas drove further for this workout without knowing what to expect on a terrible weather day
  • This is another example of “THIS is what F3 is all about” . . . Set your alarm a little earlier, drive a little further, go somewhere new, support one of your fellow brothers . . . LIVE 3RD!
  • Being unselfish and/or realizing that somebody would feel better Qing a workout with some familiar faces
  • I am in debt to you clowns and plan to pay you back . . . Just let me know when you need me!
  • Chastain and Easy Button are getting fast
  • Frack was bored with a 30lb kettlebell (sorry)
  • C3PO crushed it today . . . Especially on the leg exercises
  • Brutus and Rockwell don’t get cheated at a workout . . . Great effort
  • Happy Meal owes me . . . When are you Qing Clyent Dinner?  Your name is MADE for it!


  • Frack was supposed to be on Q at ClyentDinner . . . Next week be ready!
  • Q School on Saturday:  0630-0830 at Cuthbertson Middle School
    • Stop thinking that “Somebody else will lead” or “I’ll lead when I get in better shape”
    • We need YOU!  Everybody needs to pitch in.  This Q School is a great way to get a better understanding and some tips on making a successful workout
    • This is also a workout so you get a 2 for 1

Q with the takeout . . . #CradleToGrave

Striving for Better . . . Strength in the Swarm

13 PAX lived up to the BB title at the Swarm.  Actually, the whole idea of a Swarm workout was born out of a few PAX wanting to get better.  This workout is meant to be more intense by going for a full hour and hitting a minimum of 4 miles.  Doing and accomplishing tough things with others . . . There is STRENGTH IN THE SWARM!


  • Are you trying to get better in a particular area of your life?
    • You better be!
    • Have you announced that goal(s) to anybody?
  • How are you planning on getting better?
    • Trying something new?
    • Got somebody to hold you accountable?
  • I LOVE F3 Waxhaw!
    • There are so many of you who I know are TRYING to get better
    • There are so many of you who I know are WANTING to be better at all 3 Fs
    • Those are the guys I try and surround myself with . . . PUSHING me to be better
  • There are also some of you who I know are COASTING
    • If there are PAX that started around the same time or after you and they are way in front of you, you’re COASTING!
    • Get out of your comfort zone and announce your goals, start at the front of the PAX at a workout, and stay there as long as you can
    • That might be 5 minutes the first time, but then it might be 10 minutes or more after a couple weeks
    • Also, find yourself some PAX that you know will challenge you (maybe a little stronger or faster than you) and try and keep up with them
  • Shout out to Gerber, Wolverine, Hollywood, Dasher, Goodfella, Transporter, Glidah, Legal Zoom, Deadwood, Zinfandel, Easy Button, and a few others that I’m sure I am forgetting
    • You guys push and pull me during workouts (and other 2 F’s)
    • You guys make me want to be better/faster
    • YOU GUYS ARE MY SWARM and greatly appreciate the Strength you give me!


  • Timed Mile on the track
    • Team up in groups of 3-5
    • Indian Run for 4 laps
    • Several PAX got their personal record by doing it in this format
  • Hit the weights
    • Partner up with someone like speed
    • P1 does exercises
      • 30 Curls, 20 Overhead Presses, 10 Pull-ups, repeat
    • P2 runs a lap
    • x2
  • Catch me if you can
    • P1 runs with weight
    • P2 does 10 merkins and catches P1
    • Flapjack until 2 laps completed
  • Cul-de-sac running
    • P1 and P2 run in opposite directions
    • When they meet, 10 hand-slap merkins
    • Complete 50
  • Plank work
    • Roll smashballs around circle
    • Each time is passes a PAX, do a merkin
    • Indian run to Rudy’s Outhouse
    • More plank work


Clyent Dinner – Patio Seating available

11 guests opted for the new patio seating area at #ClyentDinner.  Our motto is to be the only best nighttime workout in F3 Waxhaw.  Co-Site Qs Centerfold and Bottlecap have strived to make many improvements but to keep the whining PAX happy, we kept the buffet under cover.


  • 2.6 miles covered
  • Partner work with 200-ish Mike Tysons
  • Tabata with Legs and Chest and complaining
  • 5 animals (Bear Crawl, Frog Jump, Duck Walk, Crab Walk, Bunny Hop)
  • Column work (6 count merkins, Peoples chair stuff)
  • Lots of Mary


  • 11 PAX including 2 2.0s was a great showing for an evening workout
  • Maybe it’s New Year’s resolutions bringing PAX out
  • Maybe it was tough to wake up for this morning’s workouts
  • Whatever it is, this “different” workout is now over a year old
  • It fills a void for some PAX
  • All it takes is for someONE or TWO to step up and try something
  • What workout, project, event, etc. will YOU step up and lead in 2020?  


    • Swarm:  Official Launch.  Dasher on Q.  0515-0615 at Cuthbertson Middle.  Similar to Ignition; 4+ miles.  Bring a headlamp.
    • Diesel:  VQ from Mayhem.  Come show him some love at 0530 at Five Stones for a gear workout.
  • DONATIONS NEEDED:  Bring toothbrushes and toothpaste to a workout for us to donate to Ray of Hope for needy families
  • GLADIATOR:  Saturday Jan 11th 0630-0730 at Marvin Ridge High School.  Gerber is leading this month’s edition of the Black Diamond workout.  Come test yourself.
  • CHRIST’S CLOSET:  Saturday Jan 11th after workouts will be a folding party.  Dana and Shop Dawg will be providing location and more details.
  • NEW YEAR’S GOALS:  One Star shared about his experience down in F3 LowCountry where they opened up a sealed envelope with last year’s goals.  They read them aloud.  One letter stood out from a PAX whose goal it was to “complete 5k” . . . That guy just completed a marathon.  AWESOME stuff.  What goals are you going to put out in front of your F3 brothers so we can hold you accountable?  Is 2020 going to be a year where you ACCELERATE OR COAST?

Thanks to Nails for taking us out!

F3 Waxhaw’s 3rd F goals/strategies for 2020

7 PAX met at Dreamchasers on Thursday night to have beers and get away from wrapping presents brainstorm on what the 3rd F (Faith) means and how F3 Waxhaw should live it out in 2020 and beyond.


  • Deadwood and Bottlecap have stepped up to be the Functional Qs for 3rd F on the F3 Waxhaw Board
  • DW and BC voluntold identified several HIMs (High Impact Man) to participate in a 3rd F Sub-Committee
  • Meeting Goals:
    • Explain what “Faith” means to Banjo
    • Identify priority local charities/ministries that fit into F3 Waxhaw’s DNA
    • Discuss which 3rd F groups should F3 Waxhaw focus to grow
    • Select Site Qs for each area under 3rd F

LOCAL CHARITIES/MINISTRIES/PROJECTS:  The below charities/ministries are what the group identified as our initial priorities.  Are these perfect?  Maybe not.  But let’s put our coordinated efforts behind these few initiatives and see if we can make a difference before we extend ourselves too much.

  • Christ’s Closet
    • Site Qs:  Dana and Shop Dawg
    • What is it?  A local Wesley Chapel charity started by the F3 men of Sanctuary that collects and provides clothes, books, and furniture to the less fortunate
    • How can we partner?  Many local opportunities to provide physical help (ie Folding clothes, sorting) as well as participating at giveaway events.
    • COMING SOON:  A new site coming soon.  Dana and Shop will be leading (Insert Name Here) which will be a sort/fold/fellowship “workout.”  7:30-9:00pm on 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at Christ’s Closet.  Details coming soon.
  • Ray of Hope
    • Site Qs:  Dancing Bear and Bottlecap
    • What is it?  Local charity based out of the Sweet Repeats building in Downtown Waxhaw.
    • How can we partner?  Work with Nicole Jordan, founder, on adhoc requests (ie elderly lawn project, single mom needs help installing washing machine) as well as partnering on their bigger projects (ex. Christmas party, Back to school, Food pantry).
  • Waxhaw Service Projects
    • Site Qs:  Deadwood and Carb Load
    • What is it?  F3 Waxhaw adopted area downtown.  Also, explore partnerships with local schools on cleanup/beautification projects.
    • How can we partner?  Quarterly cleanup projects in downtown.  Adhoc projects with the local schools (ie Mulch, Painting, Career Day)
  • Union County Homeless Shelter
    • Site Qs:  Dancing Bear and ?
    • What is it?  Homeless shelter in Downtown Monroe
    • How can we partner?  Be the MEN to treat the homeless as peers, understand their situation, and to help them take their next step.  Figure out small ways to make  big impact in their lives (ex. Shampoo Crew, Job Fair, Weekend workout, etc.)

3RD F GROUPS:  These groups take F3 to the next level for all PAX.  We are not built to do life by ourselves so this is an opportunity to be vulnerable and realize that we are all broken men that need help as Husbands, Fathers, Son, Friends, Brothers, Neighbors, etc.  #IronSharpensIron

  • Open Door
    • Site Q:  Bottlecap and ?
    • What is it?  Sunday morning 0700-0815 Men’s Bible study group that meets at Five Stones office building.
    • Purpose?  Allow men, regardless of where they are at in their Faith journey, to read a chapter of the Bible each week and then discuss how we can apply it to our lives.
  • Sanctuary
    • Site Q:  Ice9 and Ackbar
    • What is it?  Monday evening 7:30-8:30pm Men’s group that meets at Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel.
    • Purpose?  Read a chapter in a book, usually a Christian-themed book (ie C.S. Lewis), and discuss how it impacts and applies to our lives.
  • Q Source
    • Site Q:  Shop Dawg and ?
    • What is it?  An F3 leadership course curriculum delivered weekly.  Generally held for 30-45 minutes after a workout.
    • Purpose?  Discuss the weekly leadership topic and applicable questions to see how we can apply it to our lives


  • Fundraising:
    • “100 Men”:  Another F3 region does an annual event where 100 PAX put up $100 each ($10,000 total) and ask 2-4 charities to present their ideas to be granted all or part of that money.
    • Do we need $?  This is still a very big conversation wondering if we need money, how we get money, and what we would use the money for in our area.
  • Future Events:
    • Monthly/Quarterly “Donation Drives”:  We are planning on putting together a calendar where we are intentional about collecting certain items (ie Laundry Detergent) at certain times (ie first 2 weeks in May) to benefit our “Priority charities”
    • Come to the Table Luncheon:  For those whose attended or heard about the recent lunch that F3 Metro put on, it was incredible.  Something that F3 Waxhaw should strive for.  They were trying to raise $150,000 at ONE EVENT.  Incredible, not because that they got a lot of money but that they are trying to use their resources to make a difference in their community.  Truly putting F3’s mission (“Invigorate male community leadership”) into action.
    • Fixing It For Christ, 2 PAX and a Truck, Sandbox, etc:  What are other projects/ministries that F3 Waxhaw PAX want to pursue?  What are YOU passionate about?  If you lead, others will follow.


  • We have a big OPPORTUNITY:  How many sad clowns need to find their purpose or just something “more than a workout”
  • We have a bigger RESPONSIBILITY:  We have been immensely blessed and it is time to #PayItForward with our Time, Money, and Gifts.
  • RAISE YOUR HAND:  Are you ready to do more within F3?  Reach out to any of the 3rd F sub-committee PAX (or Banjo).  There is no time commitment, just an acknowledgment that you are ready to #Live3rd.  You will be AMAZED how God uses you.
  • NEW GROUPME CHANNEL:  Just what you have been asking for.  This will be a communication platform for PAX who want to help with 3rd F opportunities.  Think about a time when we get a request from Ray of Hope that an elderly lady needs somebody to pick up and move a washer/dryer for her house.  We would send out this request on that channel to get a volunteer.

May God bless you and your family this Christmas season and prosper each of us in 2020 in order to better serve our communities.


Backup at #TheFloater

20 PAX got a flavor of what it was like when #TheFloater originally launched when Recalculating was only 53 almost 2 years ago. When Moneyball and YHC launched this site, we just about got chased out of town by the police thought we only had a couple areas to work with. Even though we later have seen how great and large this AO can really be (thanks to guys like Thin Mint and future Site Qs like Deadwood and Zin).

Soooooo, this weinke was to go back to the roots of the original workout areas. YHC gave a self-admitted very limp DCCS and we were off.


  • Quick mosey to the original launch point of #TheFloater
  • SSH x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10


  • Bridge burpees
    • 10-8-6-4-2
  • Half wall escalator
    • 30 Derkins
    • 30 Heel Box Jumps
    • 30 Side step up kick outs
    • Repeat with 20-10
  • Keith Jong Hill Partner work
    • P1 crawl bear from 1st stop sign to 2nd stop sign
    • P2 sprints to SECOND telephone pole after stop sign and back to relieve
    • Repeat with first telephone pole
  • Keith Jong Hill running
    • P1 runs backwards up hill
    • P2 does 3 burpees and runs
    • Once they meet, they race to laundromat
    • Repeat down hill and then flapjack
  • Keith Jong Hill partner push
    • P1 pushes P2 til telephone pole
    • Flapjack
  • Mary with sprints to stop sign and 2 burpee intermissions
  • Jailbreak to FINISH!


  • Lots of complaining compliments this morning . . . Such a positive group
  • Celebrity sighting: Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) joined us for the Bridge Burpees and even stuck around for the Half Wall work . . . G’Day Mate!
  • Great to see Deadwood back out this morning
  • Shout out to Goodfella, Hollywood, Easy Button, and Rudy for crushing the Keith Jong Hill part of the workout
  • Thanks to Illiterate, Blue Screen, and Posse for posting at #TheFloater for the first time or because it is better than Pursuit
  • Thanks to Deadwood, Carb Load, Zinfandel, and the new Site Q, Foundation for stepping up and being involved Site Qs . . . #TheFloater was started as a unique AO and you guys have continued on the traditions and added to it . . . #MFGA
  • OCTUPLE ALERT – Brutus and Chastain both quietly not anymore going for the rare “Post at 8 workout/2nd F events in a week and get a pat on the back free drink from Zin” challenge


    • Clyent Dinner: 5:30-6:15pm bootcamp at Cuthbertson Middle . . . Legal Zoom on Q
    • F3 Waxhaw Happy Hour: 6:30pm at Hickory Tavern in Wesley Chapel
    • EFFEEs: 8pm at Briarcrest clubhouse . . . 3rd Annual F3 Waxhaw roast . . . This is a MUST . . . BYOB and BYO Sense of Humor
    • MOVING DAY: Ole McDonald is looking for some help to move items from his house into PODS. All day Saturday and afternoon of Sunday. Free Filet Mignon and Boones Farm. Please keep his family in your prayers as they move towards Spartanburg for their next chapter
    • Homecoming: 6:30-7:30am bootcamp at Weddington Middle School. Snowflake on Q. Posse and Banjo are supposedly Site Qs
    • Gladiator: 6:30-7:30am Black Diamond workout . . . Location TBD Rea Farms
    • Jingle Jangle Beer Exchange: Zinfandel’s party . . . Avoid the Russian Roulette according to Banjo


Ignition – With Gear?

6 PAX signed up for the minimum 4+ mile bootcamp even after some questionable intense marketing by YHC on GroupMe last night. Not a full length weinke was planned but YHC had some ideas of what was to come with the off-campus tour.


  • DCCS loosely given but strong emphasis on the S(afety) portion . . . Headlamps and reflective gear
  • Run around MS and head into new side of Lawson
    • SSH x 15
    • T-Tap Merkins x 10 (T-Merkin with should taps)
    • Reverse Plank MC and PP


  • Every street light til Papaw Lane: 5 T-Tap Merkins
  • All you got to the cul de sac on Great Road where some gear magically appeared
  • Team up in groups of 3
  • Catch me if you can
    • P1s: Run with Slamball up Great Road til 5th street light
    • P2s & P3s: 25 overhead presses with 40lb dumbbell and catch the P1 from the other team
    • Complete as many T-Tap merkins as the P1 made it before you caught him
    • Repeat 6 times up and down (5 burpees on way down hill)
  • Burpee Indian Slamball Run (BISR)
    • PAX in back does Burpee, picks up 20lb slamball, and runs to front of line while dropping the slamball as he passes the last guy
  • More T-Tap merkins
  • More BISR
  • Some 7s on Hill with sprints and Knee ups
    • Audible due to neighborhood kennel waking up
  • More BISR
  • More Reverse Planks (Flutters, MC, and PP)
  • Finish with All you got up and down path (half running backwards)


  • Thanks to Hooch for texting me about the reverse plank moves last night; always like to try new things
  • Kudos to Hooch for BUSTING it today and not letting Hollywood and Carb Load catch him
  • Hollywood showed up this morning after doing the Spartan on Saturday . . . Well done and very impressive
  • Rubbermaid is a model . . . of consistency. Always great to have in the group and never quits
  • Goodfella and Carb Load set the pace today and you could tell they were pushing themselves to the limit on a number of the runs . . . When you are pushing yourselves you are often pulling me along with you so I appreciate the help


  • See Flash Backblast for the announcements . . . Thanks Easy Button
  • Dec 14th Service Project: Clean up Downtown Waxhaw. Post-Commitment workout. Look for details from Carb Load. #ThirdF
  • Tuesday:
    • Rudy on Q at Bushwood.
    • VQ ALERT: Smithers at Watchtower
  • Friday:
    • Workouts start at 6:30am (Holiday hours)
  • Thursday:
    • Turkey Trot at Millbridge and Lawson
    • Football at Elon Elem . . . See Easy Button or Dasher for details
    • Mad Dog’s Father-In-Law went in for heart surgery today


Evening Bootcamp – What is your excuse now?

5 PAX including 1 FNG woke up showed up early for the only best EVENING workout in Waxhaw F3 Nation. What makes it the best? Maybe cuz this Site is RAINING FNGs over the last 2 weeks . . . 2 in 2 weeks! What other evening workout is producing those kind of numbers?!?!


  • Chilled DCCS
  • Warm Lap
  • Sweet and Low Slow Squats
  • Merkin Soup
  • 6″ Plank JackFish


  • Light Pole stuffing
  • Jack Webb Grass puddin’
  • Bicep/Shoulder/Innards
  • Hairburner of the dog


  • SlamBall Circle Jerk Chicken


  • Welcome to Corn Dog (Big 10’s 2.0)
    • He likes to run FAST . . . Boring
    • He likes to eat at Cookout . . . They have Corn Dogs
    • The kid crushed it . . . Appreciate you slowing your pace down so Legal Zoom and I felt like we were keeping up with you a couple times
  • 2nd welcome to Drive By (Posse’s prey on the mean streets of Lawson)
    • Guy has a lot of serious injuries from crazy past (stay away from him in a fight)
    • Well done toughing it out on every exercise and only modifying when NEEDED not WANTED
  • Good work by Big 10 forcing bringing out his first an FNG
    • Coming off the recent trip on the IR
    • Even with a bum knee, you were still able to complain push through every exercise
    • Great job hopping back on the saddle for round 3 of the hairburners
  • Legal Zoom continues to get it done
    • Appreciate him showing up consistently to Clyent Dinner even while changing jobs
    • LZ busts his butt at every workout while talking my ear off
  • All of these guys have issues/injuries that they are dealing with but they showed up, battled tonight and are better men for it


    • Why can’t you wake up in the morning?
    • Why aren’t you posting at all/more?
    • Why aren’t you offering to help?
    • Why aren’t you bringing FNGs?
    • Why aren’t you reaching out to guys who haven’t posted in a while?
  • I’m not asking you to post at Clyent Dinner
    • My point is that you need to DO MORE
  • I’m not asking you to just do more for F3 Waxhaw
    • I’m challenging you to DO MORE with your wife, your kids, your faith, your neighborhood, your friends, your work, your community, etc.
  • What area of your life are you struggling and making excuses?
    • CALL/TEXT ME (910-233-9500)