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A PitchforkFlag for the new Site Q

95 degrees, humid, sunny, worked out at The Floater in morning, and donated blood today . . . Other than that, I can’t think of a good reason not to go to ClyentDinner for the evening buffet workout.

WARMUP:  None needed since it was a steam room . . . But DCCS was explained thoroughly

THANG:  Cinderblock/Rock circle of fun

  • One PAX does 10 jump over block burpees
  • 11 PAX do called exercise until PAX #1 done
  • Several water breaks
    • Yes . . . Part of DCCS is SAFETY
    • Don’t be so “macho” that you lose sight of being smart/safe
    • YHC brought cooler of icy cold and delicious Dasani bottles
  • Jack Webb
    • Merkins
    • Air presses


  • It was nasty and dangerously hot but everybody fought to get all the reps in
  • Welcome to 2 FNGs
    • Crime Dog:  2.0 of Blart.  Likes Atlanta Braves
    • Whaler:  Friend of Blart.  Long Island transplant, hockey player, gambler
  • Kudos to Showgirl and Wrigley for recognizing and staying with Johnny5 who wasn’t feeling good and rushed to get him some water
  • THE REAL REASON YHC decided to show tonight was to celebrate Wrigley being ordained announced as co Site Q
    • He’s been doing F3 for about 6 months
    • He has Q’d several times
    • He went to Site Q school . . . And already implementing tactics but helping other PAX during the workouts
    • He has brought several FNGs
    • He was a great role model during COVID by consistently working out in the early morning afternoon with his wingman fellow wet bandit, Drumstick
    • He’s not afraid to mix it up in the Playhouse
    • He enjoys beer has jumped into many 2nd F events
    • He is active in 3rd F . . . Christ’s Closet and Open Door
    • He is a great Dad
    • He is a HIGH IMPACT MAN!
    • Couldn’t be prouder to be a co Site Q with Steve
    • Now we just need to make a permanent PitchForkFlag to keep the theme of ClyentDinner alive and well


  • Q School tomorrow/Saturday at 0630 at Cuthbertson
    • You will get a good workout
    • You will learn some tips/tricks
    • This is an important step to help F3 grow
    • Just do it . . . You will be glad you did

PRAYER of thanks . . . OUT!

Diamond Mike Tysons?!?!

18 sleeveless men showed up to beat Bushwood after preblast warned them about some Diamond Mike Tysons on the weinke.


  • DCCS given (2 Q fails:  Not grabbing a cell phone even though we were staying attached to the parking lot and no mention of COVID distancing . . . When is Q school?)
  • Mosey to bus lot for SSH, Diamond Mike Tysons (here we go), Diamond Peter Parkers, Wide Arm Merkins, Low Slow Squat with knee slaps


  • All you got back to parking lot and partner up with similar speed PAX
  • On either side of island facing each other, we did called exercises and then raced around a loop back to your parking spot
  • We did this 6-8 times
  • Exercises included:
    • Backwards hand merkins (bicep exercise from LazyBoy)
    • Knee slaps
    • Carolina Dry Docks
    • Staggered merkins left and right hand on curb
    • Diamond Mike Tysons
    • Knee slap Burpees
  • Loser of the races had to do another exercise that winner called
  • Winner of the races had to do one of the leftover exercises that loser called


  • Mosey to hill by track for Sevens
  • 6 knee slap burpees at bottom
  • Crawl bear back up hill
  • 1 bomb jack at top of hill
  • Repeat until 1 burpee at bottom and 6 bomb jack up top


  • Mosey around track to the wall on school
  • Balls to wall shoulder taps x 10
  • People’s chair shoulder presses x 10
  • Repeat 3 times
  • 10 Diamond Mike Tysons


  • Mosey to parking lot
  • Suicide across lot
  • Stop at each of the 4 lines for a knee slap burpee
  • Upon each return, one Diamond Mike Tyson

FINISH with a Have a Nice Day (30 seconds)


  • Great feedback from the group on this workout
  • Lots of compliments
  • Some wished it was harder
  • Chainsaw saw even said it was “too nice” of a workout
  • Zin refused to do modified exercises which is perfectly ok for somebody who has been away for 3 weeks hurt
  • Good to see some Briars and Crests not at a bar back at a workout (Chicken Little, Schneider, Ricky Bobby, O-69)
  • Catfish and Glidah going toe-to-toe on the races . . . Well done
  • Surge has no quit . . . Nice job on Crawl Bears
  • Recalc, Glidah, and Easy Button graced us with their presence turned in the Waxhaw Express card and came out for a real bootcamp workout
  • Sledge-o-Matic was noticeably enjoying himself after he tore off his sleeves prior to the workout
  • High Hat, Mad Dog and Rockwell don’t talk much but they get after it each workout . . . 3 Respects we can learn from
  • Mayhem and Centerfold did the MASH . . . Their arms are looking like Easy Button’s guns


  • Site Q School this Sat
  • Q School next Sat
  • Blood Drive next Thurs
  • Prayers for Catfish’s co-worker Rhonda going through family health issues, Centerfold’s wife Karen recovering from surgery, Goodfella’s wife Renee recovering from complications from recent birth


Old SCHOOL Floater

11 Men went back to school at The Floater.  As one of the original Site Qs (along with Moneyball), I might be a little biased, but downtown Waxhaw is my favorite AO.  Lots of unique options and the traffic scenery is much different than our typical AO.


  • DCCS given with emphasis on Safety . . . Guys, we are getting a little lax with reflective gear.  #LockItUp #BlackIsNotVeryReflective
  • Mosey to basketball court by school for typical exercises some yoga and a new exercise (one arm Plank with other elbow tapping the ground)


  • Partner up
    • P1 runs lap around racetrack
    • P2 does up and overs on uncomfortably high cement block
    • Repeat x 2
  • Partner up
    • P1 does supines
    • P2 does Diamond Mike Tysons
    • 4 Rounds (20, 15, 10, 5)
  • Partner up
    • P1 does arm hang knee ups
    • P2 does 5 up and back burpees
    • Repeat x 2
  • Mosey until you can smell the bacon at bottom of hill
    • At each telephone pole, 1 burpee and 5 knee ups
  • Mosey to Main Street Half Wall (aka “The Full Goodfella”)
    • 20 Heel touch box jumps
    • 20 Derkins
    • 10 Heel touch box jumps
  • Mosey to COT
    • 30 seconds of Have a Nice Day


  • OF COURSE I was going to keep the streak alive . . . Derek and I started that stupid thing . . . Almost 2.5 years of Backblasts every single week . . . #NotOnMyWatch
  • It feels like the Respects are starting to outnumber and even outwork the younger guys . . . Well done Hot Yoga, Surge, Sugar Daddy, Recalculating, Rockwell (Recalculating Jr.)
  • Easy Button realized that only doing the Waxhaw Express workouts makes his arms start looking like mine . . . I hope ClyentDinner used some rocks tonight
  • Chastain thought he found a shortcut by running the racetrack backwards . . . How did that work out for you?
  • Twinkle Toes is very honest.  He actually asked if his butt should be resting on the wall during the arm hang knee ups . . . #DontAskJustModify
  • Carb Load does a great job as Site Q . . . Pinging me during the week to see how he could help and then always looking out for the 6 during the workout.  #SiteQCampCounselor
  • Oh Yeah, I can’t forget about Loafer.  Oh Yeah, he left early but Oh Yeah, he put in a lot of effort.  #SubtleOhYeahsThroughoutWorkout #SomeOfThemSoundedDirty
  • SAFETY:  As we get more traffic in the mornings, let’s yell at encourage PAX to wear something bright and/or reflective.  #QsLeadByExample


  • Q School and Site Q School:  July 25 and 18th respectively.  Participate and stop leaching off of F3 . . . Get involved
  • Blood Drive . . . Thursday July 23rd.  See NewsChannel and/or Fuse Box for more details . . . Give a pint, get an antibody test

Prayer for Goodfella and his wife as they are back in hospital for more observation.

Who/What is HIM?

Have you heard of the F3 acronym HIM?  Stands for High Impact Man.  To me, it simply means that you aren’t sitting around waiting for others to step up and do things.  YOU do it!  YOU lead!  For whatever reason, today was a very glaring example of just how many HIMs we have in F3 Waxhaw.

14 showed up at Dromedary in a somewhat somber mood with the news of Site Q Goodfella’s wife battling some health issues after the birth of his 1st, 2nd, 3rd latest son.  But we know that God will use this situation for good and we pray for a quick and full recovery for her.


  • DCCS including Social Distancing warning
  • Long Mosey, SSH, Merkins, MC, Diamond Merkins, Slow PP, Wide Merkins, Imperial Squawkers


  • Grab a lifting rock and head to the track
  • Do exercise with Rock x 20, Go across field in various ways, Burpees x 5, Run Backwards to Rock
  • Repeat: Exercise with Rock x 10, Sprint across field, Burpees x 5, Run Backward to Rock
  • Exercises consisted of Tire Changers, Squatted Front arm raise, Squatted shoulder press, Alternating Side Shoulder Press
  • Going across field exercises included Army Crawl, Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, and Crab Walk
  • Partner up
  • P1 does squatted curls while P2 runs to other side of field for Burpees x 5 and runs back
  • Repeat
  • Rocks back and mosey to tables at Middle School
  • Derkins x 30, Dips x 30, Derkins x 10, Dips x 10
  • Mosey to parking lot for some closing merkins, sprints, and J-Lo’s


  • HIGH IMPACT MEN in our midst:  A few examples just this morning at the workout
    • SPRINKLES tells me that he has already contacted F3 Tallahassee (Go Noles) and that he is planning on starting a couple workouts on campus when he arrives next month to start getting other college kids to join in . . . AWESOME!  That is LEADING!  And for an 18 year old kid?!?!  No wonder why you chose FSU to be around all those brilliant minds/leaders.
    • POSSE gets a hard time for being the “announcement man” sometimes but his passion for getting others involved in more stuff is incredible.  He has his hands involved in a lot of different F3 things that make big differences in our community.  INSPIRING!
    • LAZYBOY graciously donated $1,500 high-end leather recliner to raffle off for 100 PAX Challenge.  The guy hasn’t been coming to workouts due to some knee issues but still lurks checks on GroupMe to stay engaged cuz he knows F3 is bigger than the first F.  GENEROUS!
    • SHOP DAWG is leading/winning in all 3 F’s.  He told us today that he is down 45lbs since January.  WOW.  He has been hosting QSource.  He brings black oil coffee for the PAX to enjoy.  He facilitates an Open Door group.  And he has been leading the building project for Christ’s Closet.  CRUSHING IT!
    • There are so many more but those were just a few examples that popped up just today . . . So blessed to be doing life/community with you men!
  • Speaking of HIMs, Goodfella and his wife were lifted up in prayer today . . . Get back soon my friend.
  • Another close relative of HIM is the AFP (Aussie Form Police) . . . Thanks to Dasher for pointing out that my junk hits the ground during all some merkins . . . #PeckerScraper #TuckItInNextTime


  • Saturday July 4th Convergence:  Blackhawk takes place at Walnut Creek park at 0700.  Celebrate Independence Day with a “1776” workout
  • 100 PAX Challenge Raffle:  Raffle tickets are available ($10 for one or 3 for $25) to enter for a chance to win a $1,500 Leather Recliner or a $1,500 gift card to do some shopping at his website (  He has some incredible high end items and even said he will cover the delivery, taxes, etc.  Please find or reach out to Centerfold to get your raffle tickets ASAP
  • July 18th 5k/10k:  Put on by the F3 SOB Region.  Will take place in Ballantyne.  They are asking for a $33.33 donation which includes a shirt.  All proceeds will go to local charities (similar to how 100 PAX Challenge is working for us).
  • Body Shop:  New bootcamp workout at Rea View Elementary on Thursdays @ 0600 . . . Mad Dog is the lead mechanic tomorrow . . . MASH unit will be taking one bay of the garage as well
  • Floater:  Old bootcamp workout in Downtown Waxhaw on Thursdays @ 0600 . . . Deflated is the head eskimo tomorrow #Layers

YHC took us out with a prayer for Goodfella, his wife, and a call for all of us to appreciate the family we have in our lives each and every day!

Grand Opening – THE BODY SHOP

25 guys showed up to get their oil changed the grand opening of the BODY SHOP (Bootcamp at Rea View Elementary on Thursdays from 0600-0645).  YHC arrived early and got lots of PAX help gathering some rocks for transport to the main garage.

DCCS given

  • Disclaimer (not a professional mechanic, modify as needed, not wanted)
  • Cell phone (who is going to carry once Goodfella has his 9th kid?)
  • CPR (a couple customers looked all too happy to pucker up)
  • Safety (watch the random tools laying around . . . And for cars speeding into the garage parking lot)


  • SSH, Merkin variations, PP, MC, Imperial Squawkers


  • Partner up . . . 1 customer and 1 mechanic
  • Customer runs up and down the hill 3 times
  • Mechanic does exercises until customer complains enough returns
    • Tirechanger (NEW EXERCISE): Low squat with rock, push rock out, turn rock clockwise/counter, and then stand up
      • Repeat 10 times
    • Overhead press with rock:  Repeat 10 times
  • Do this four times for all 4 tires


  • First with no rock:  1 x Derkin on curb, bunny hop across parking lot, 4 Dips on curb
    • Repeat until 10 Derkins and 40 Dips
  • Second with rock:  10 x squat straight arm front raise, move to back for 40 checks of the oil chest press
    • Repeat descending until 1 front raise and 4 chest press

Mary to almost finish out . . . End with the Have a nice Day (30 seconds of awkward silence)

Unlike a real body shop, THIS Body Shop finished on time except for the 12 minutes of announcements


  • Body Shop is F3 Waxhaw’s 18th official workout (you know Bushwood is jealous of that number) . . . Spread the word to your friends during upcoming Zoom calls BBQs
  • Well done and a big THANKS to the Site Qs: Centerfold, Boitano, and Das Boot . . . Not only did they build a great ShovelFlag (with a Tire Iron), they got to the site early to help with rocks/direct traffic, stayed with the 6 during the workout, and then stayed late to help clean up the rocks garage bays
  • Great job by the MASH unit (Centerfold, Ditka, Damascus, and Riddler) . . . It is very important to stay engaged with your F3 brothers and this is a great way to do it.  Bring a cinder block and get to sweatin’ and enjoy the gloom with your bros again.  No excuses.  Reach out to Centerfold to find out where they are meeting DAILY
  • Nice work by Kenobi showing up for the second week in a row . . . Apparently the staff treated him well enough the first week
  • Great meeting Fruit Loop and Prohibition . . . And awesome to have Midriff and Chopper show up again
  • Thanks to all the “Waxhaw Regulars” who made a special trip to help launch this site . . . It doesn’t go unnoticed


  • Growth is F3 is good.  Guys stepping up to lead is the goal.  This group is not run by anybody.  We all need to pitch in.  Get out of your comfort zone and jump into the next F . . . Read this link if you want to understand more What (the) F?
  • Save the Date:
    • Saturday July 25th:  Q School – If you have Q’d 3 or less times, you should attend.  This will be a morning workout with some helpful hints/ideas/truths about leading an F3 workout . . . If you have been to a bad workout, you KNOW that there is a difference between a good Q and a bad Q . . . Don’t be THAT guy . . . Take it seriously and attend.  You will be glad you did.
    • Saturday July 18th:  Site Q School – An opportunity for those who have been around 4+ months, have been to Q school, had multiple Qs, and want to take the next step of helping out and potentially being responsible for a Site.  What does a Site Q even do?  It’s not a very time-intensive role but there are several important things you need to know to be successful and make sure your site is welcoming and growing
  • BODY SHOP:  Name comes from our first exploratory workout a few weeks ago when the PAX in attendance, after COT, changed a flat tire on one of the school workers’ cars.  Simple, yet great opportunity to serve.  And always better to serve alongside brothers than alone.

YHC took us out with a prayer of hopefulness . . . That this AO and these men would be used in a mighty way to reach lost men

What (the) F?

9 guys came out to Blackhawk on a beautiful morning to begin a great day if you are associated with F3.  You are likely familiar with the 3 F’s by now; Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  But my question to you is WHAT F ARE YOU CURRENTLY IN AND/OR FOCUSED ON?

That’s right . . . Soapbox time!

As I mentioned at the top, this was a great and full day for F3 men in Waxhaw.

  • 1st F:  3 workouts to choose from
  • 2nd F:  F3 Dads in TWO locations (Newtown boot camp or Hooker Falls hike) and some coffeeteria after workouts
  • 3rd F:  Service opportunity at Christ’s Closet

All this activity got me thinking about the importance of each of the F’s.  It also got me thinking about which of the F’s I focus on.

  • “THE HOOK”:  If I’m honest, at times I focus too much on the 1st F; working out 6 days a week, squeezing in ClyentDinner, doing the Waxhaw Express, etc.  It is what gets me up in the morning and drives me to a healthy lifestyle which is not a bad thing but there is more to F3
  • “THE GLUE”:  There are certain times when I live for the 2nd F; lunches, happy hours, Coffeeterias, EFFEEs, banter in the Playhouse, etc.  This has given me some much needed comic relief, unbelievable friendships and even created business opportunities but there is more to F3
  • “THE DYNAMITE”:  I am starting to better understand why this F has an explosion-type effect.  Through service projects and Bible study groups, my relationships with some of you have grown tremendously.  But more importantly, my relationships with my wife, my kids, and my neighbors have gotten a lot better.  If you re-read that last sentence, you might be thinking, “why would THOSE relationships benefit from me spending time with F3 guys?”  That is the mystery.  But I will admit, as I started serving and focusing on others more than myself, I get a clearer picture of how I can serve those in my family/close circle even better as well.

So my original question was WHAT F ARE YOU CURRENTLY IN AND/OR FOCUSED ON?  If you are just a 1st F guy, get more involved and look for opportunities in 2nd F.  If you are in the 2nd F mode, time to get more vulnerable and honest with a couple guys and start doing some 3rd F stuff.  You might will be surprised at how much different your outlook on life will change.


We did a lot of rock work and then did a little bit more rock work.  Finished with the Have a Nice Day exercise.  THE END!

Swarm AMRAP x 2

14 sweaty dudes . . . THE END!  You know I can’t do a short backblast.  Texting with Dasher last night about ideas, he actually mentioned a workout idea that was my backup weinke for this past week’s Ignition.  So that must be a sign, let’s do it!


  • DCCS recited including the COVID disclaimer about #SweatPilePolicing . . . But that made me think, when was it EVER ok to lay down in another man’s sweat pile?
  • Mosey to Bus loop
  • SSH x 15, Merkins, PP, Merkins, MC, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats


  • 15 minutes around “The Original” course
  • 15 of each at various stops:  Derkins, Bomb Jacks, Al Gore Front Shoulder rock raise, Mike Tysons
  • 1 hand release knee slap burpee for every lap completed
  • 5 laps completed for all


  • 15 minutes on “The Hill” course
  • 4 runs up the hill (sideways left, sideways right, backwards, and straight), 15 BTW shoulder taps, 15 donkey kicks against HS wall
  • 1 hand release knee slap burpee for every lap completed
  • 4 laps completed for all


  • Partner up for lap around bus loop
  • When you meet, 5 hand release knee slap burpees
  • Sprint every other light pole back to COT


  • The plan was three 15 minute AMRAPs but ran out of time due to some moseys and mary
  • Tool Time and Dasher killed it out front all day . . . Dasher even had time to complain about how easy the workout was due to him modifying the exercises
  • Kudos to Premature for getting out of his comfort zone and making another appearance at the hour long workout . . . Well done brother!
  • Good to have Smithers back . . . At least that is what this skinny guy is calling himself
  • Deflated with gas left in the tank on a few of the late runs . . . Must have heard the also skinny Foundation compliment Smithers and got jealous
  • Speaking of skinny guys, who is the guy claiming to be Nails . . . The puffy jacket has been replaced with the skin shirt
  • It’s about time Sprinkles made his way back to the hour long workout scene . . . And glad to see he is under the tutelage of Zinfandel as they were both offering great encouragment/compliments to the Q today
  • Fellow Waxhaw Express teammates Easy Button, Gerber, Hollywood, and Glidah continue to push hard . . . it’s awful awesome to be looking at your backs have you guys at workouts


  • ACKBAR: Union UMC is collecting kid-friendly food items and toiletries to be given out.  The weekly Thursday food pantry (giving items in addition to the regular groceries for our beautiful guests). This drive will last for 2 weeks, and the donation boxes are near the entrance to the sanctuary, to keep it out of the rain. The following items are needed: Toiletry items: shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, toothbrushes, tissues.  Kid Friendly Foods: individual servings of chips or crackers, fruit snacks, applesauce, PB & Jelly, fruit cups, Mac and cheese, etc. Anything that would fit in a lunchbox. We will collect for the next couple of weeks.
  • DASHER:  Spartan race Saturday June 27th at Cuthbertson.  This should be a fun but challenging workout for all PAX with great 2nd F opportunity.  Signup in GroupMe under Calendar to let him know how many are attending.
  • ZIN:  National Donut Day but nobody got the details cuz Mad Dog didn’t care
  • MAD DOG (and others):  Great recap of yesterday’s rally but more importantly about how we look to go forward as individuals and make changes in our lives and our circle of influence

YHC prayed us out with an appreciation for this week’s events/conversations and an ask for wisdom for our actions in the coming weeks

Bushwood – THE MATCH

14 golfers PAX showed up to the first tee box mostly in appropriate “Country Club” attire (Sleeveless Collared Shirt).  Last night, Judge Smails YHC put out the challenge: For every well-dressed PAX at Bushwood, YHC would donate $10 to the 100 PAX Challenge.


  • 1 minute warning and announcement of DCCS (Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, and Safety – Area and COVID)
  • Quick mosey, SSH, Merkins, Peter Parkers, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Merkins, Stretch, Squats


  • All PAX grab a partner opponent
  • P1 runs lap while P2 exercises
  • Golfer with highest reps wins the hole (ex. Up 1, Up 2, Down 1, All Square, etc.)
  • Front nine exercises:  Knee slap burpees, Aussie In/Outs, Hand Release merkins, Bobby Hurley knee slaps
  • Back nine exercises against wall:  Air presses, Donkey Kicks, Wall-facing squats
    • P2 back and forth across parking lot with bear crawls, crawl bears, bunny hops, 1 legged hops
  • 19th Hole exercises:  Curb Merkins medley, Burpee Lap, Capt Therkin Webb
  • Settle the bets: Losers and their opponents do 5 knee slap burpees


  • The workout was designed to ensure you push yourself during the run and during the exercises . . . No sand bunkers bagging
  • Welcome to our 2 FNGs
    • Crumbcake (Joe):  Buddy of Goodfella who had great college, work, and faith things to help with nickname but since his wife sells homemade crumbcakes, he had no shot at getting a cool nickname
    • Foot Fault (Berhe):  Buddy of Bottlecap who grew up playing tennis and now owns Blakeney Racket Club . . . his arms are also huge
  • Welcome to Hot Yoga who moved down from Dilworth recently and now lives in Cureton . . . Looking forward to seeing you in the gloom more often
  • Thanks to Fiji and One Star (if he is in cell range on his 32nd straight week of vacation) and Knish (if he is still checking backblasts) for asking me to lead . . . love this site and the banter that comes with it


  • Thursdays:  New bootcamp workout.  0600-0645 at Rea View Elementary.  Das Boot on Q this week
  • 100 PAX Challenge:  YHC paid up on his challenge of $10 per PAX for $140 . . . Then Fiji decided to match . . . And then our FNG Foot Fault said he was in for $100 as well!  BOOM!
    • We are almost to $7,500.  I am excited to see how this money will impact the selected charities, the local people in need, and just as important, how it will impact the F3 Waxhaw PAX as we more freely give and joyfully serve our community in a united front.

YHC took us out in a prayer of thankfulness and a petition for more courage to act.

Shake ‘n Bake speaks from the heart

With all that has been going on in our country over the past week, it has become more evident than ever that the “Waxhaw bubble” that we are blessed to live in is not the “real world” by a long shot.  Lots of heavy and disturbing situations which make for uncomfortable conversations with your family, friends, co-workers, and others.  But F3’s principles push us to not only confront the uncomfortable but to step up and lead during the messy situations.

One man who seemingly sprints towards the uncomfortable during workouts is Shake n’ Bake.  He has often seen sprinting up hills at the end of workouts, calling himself names to “encourage” more effort, slapping his own ass, and coming alongside other PAX to call them out in a “loving” way to push harder.  So YHC reached out to him last night to see if he would share some of his thoughts.

So after name-o-rama, Shake n’ Bake commanded the circle of 38 PAX for about 5 minutes.  Not a peep, burp, or fart could be heard.  He NAILED it.  He spoke from the heart about what he HAS and IS experiencing in his life because of the “uniform he proudly wears.”  He eloquently explained some of the day-to-day things that he has to endure that are MUCH different than most of us could even imagine.  Shake got emotional when talking about the terrible conversations he has to have with his 7 year old son about “being different even though he is not different.”  He illustrated how fear creeps in during situations with his wife and son during what most of us would consider “ordinary” activities.  

Shake finished the impassioned speech with a simple yet powerful ask:  Be the difference, don’t sit and not say something!  Whether it be at work and you hear something in a conversation, DON’T JUST SIT IDLE.  If out in the community and you see some injustice, STEP UP AND SAY SOMETHING.  Be “That Guy” who people know that bad language, bad actions, bad intentions, etc. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.  Because if nobody else will, you will SAY SOMETHING.  

I know the above typed words don’t do Shake’s speech justice but hopefully you got enough out of it to prompt you to have some uncomfortable conversations with people you know and don’t know.

WORKOUT:  We ran 1/4 mile intervals at fast-ish speeds for a total of 4 miles with some exercises mixed in

MOLESKINE:  A couple dry heavers.  Impressed with #Kotters Dancing Bear and Ignition FNG Fiji.  Well done fellas!


  • 100 PAX Challenge:
    • Goal = 100 PAX donating and $10,000
      • To Date:  $5,550 and 50 PAX
      • Purpose:  Give all $ to 2-3 local charities with best plan to impact lives in our community
    • To Donate:
      • Venmo:  @F3Waxhaw
      • Paypal:
    • Matching Gift: One anonymous PAX will match up to $1,000
      • Next 10 PAX to give by Friday
    • New Podcast from Transporter:  Take a listen to this 10 mins

Coke vs. Pepsi? No competition

8 Coke-loving PAX were lucky enough to be every other PAX counted selected into the good RED group at Impromptu.  Since Deadwood took the BLUE group counter clockwise, we went clockwise.


  • SSH x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • PP x 10
  • MC x 10
  • 6″ Plank Jack x 10
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10


  • 11’s:  Donkey Kick x 1/Hold for 10/Merkins x 10
  • Rock 4 Corners:
    • Rock work for various exercises x 20
    • P1 and P2 run opposite ways around parking lot; meet and do exercises
      • Knee Slaps x 20, Dorothy Hurleys x 10, Burpees x 5
      • Race your partner back to start for 5 loser burpees
  • Plank Work
  • Derkin laps
    • P1 runs lap, P2 does Derkins x 2
  • Sprints to finish
  • COT for Have a Nice Day . . . Best finishing exercise in the land


  • SICKNESS ALERT:  A new sickness called “COMFY-20” is trying to take over COVID-19 as the most dangerous disease in the area
    • This sickness has many symptoms:  Fartsacking, Back-of-the-Pack-itis, Loneliness, Same ole workout schedule, First F-itis
    • First step to avoid it:  Be sure to wear a mask text a buddy and hold each other accountable for showing up
    • Get Tested:  Try something new (ex. Ignition/Running workout, 2nd F Happy Hour, 3rd F QSource/Bible Study)
  • I know it is said a lot and sometimes people might not mean it but these men worked hard today
    • Those runs back to the rocks competing against your partner added a bit of energy
  • Shop Dawg is getting fast . . . Nice work pulling the group today on the fast mosey . . . I especially liked the pep talk you gave yourself
  • Job well done by Fiji today working with BreadBowl and encouraging him the entire time . . . Thanks for your leadership in this group and congrats again on becoming Site Q at Bushwood
  • Doughboy said he was feeling the 2 weeks off . . . With your work ethic, you will be back in shape in no time
  • BreadBowl was not his normal self today . . . I didn’t hear one wise crack
  • Recalculating might be crusty but the old young guy keeps crushing workouts even with some injuries . . . Love working out with you
  • JWow has been showing up on weekdays and it is paying off . . . You were leading the way on sprints
  • Chainsaw SNUCK by without letting anybody know it is his birthday today . . . I could have used 61 burpees to close out that workout . . . Well done on earning RESPECT x 2 by pushing at every workout
  • AWESOME to see the campus buzzing today . . . 3 workout groups, lots of 2nd F conversations, QSource, and 100 PAX Challenge committee meeting . . . If you weren’t involved in any of that, you are missing out . . . Get plugged in . . . F3 is not F1


  • Saturday:  3 workouts in Waxhaw @ 0700 (Nesbit, Walnut Creek, Weddington Middle)
  • Memorial Day:  Holiday hours (Ignition @ 0645 and Flash @ 0700)

YHC took us out . . . Happy Memorial Day Weekend . . . Lots to be thankful for . . . Look around and give back/thanks