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A little grass in my Gunga Galunga

Tee times started at 5:30am and 11 golfers showed up, 9 of which adhered to the proper dress code (#CollaredAndSleeveless). The other 2 will be forgiven this time since they were apparently scarred from their military hazing days.


  • DCCS given
    • Working with weights so modify as needed
    • Keep up with the group in front of you
    • “Cart Path Only
  • 2 lap mosey to COP
  • SSH x 18
  • Merkins x 18
  • Peter Parkers x 18
  • Lunge Squats x 9 each leg


  • Pace too slow so group was asked to split into Threesomes
  • Group 1 (shoulders):  2 guys squat thrust large weighted golf bag, 1 guy shoulder press small weighted golf bag or hand over hand weighted golf club
  • Group 2 (Cardio):  Either jump rope or agility ladder (2 up 1 back)
  • Group 3 (Chest TIMER):  Hand release Merkin wave to 72
  • Group 4 (Abs):  WW2 sit-ups with side/forward ball toss


  • Mosey to track
  • Gopher search: Hop over/crawl under partner x 10
  • Par 4:  P1 Maktar N’Dyaiye until P2 Sprints lap
  • Par 3: Pull-ups x 10 while P2 does Merkins


  • Mosey to wall
  • Head Shoulders Knees Toes x 9
  • Balls to Wall shoulder taps x 9
  • Let’s play that hole again


  • Bushwood is a great new AO. The goal is to bring in new PAX from SOB/Area 51/Waxhaw. Please be intentional and reach out to friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. DISCLAIMER: The recommended dress code is Collared Shirts and/or Sleeveless to ensure Judge Smails stays annoyed with us caddies.
  • Great to see Delta back again. As usual, he was there early to do his putting stretching routine
  • Good amount of talking in the backswing today; found out that Illiterate and Hollywood share the same love of heavy metal music
  • The grass is always a fan favorite. Who knew that Marvin doesn’t pony up for grass that doesn’t itch . . . What kind of country club do they run?!?!?
  • Kudos to Mad Dog for showing up despite having a hitch in his giddy up. Call out to all of you who use the excuse of an injury to not post . . . Don’t let that jester’s voice define you.


  • YHC shared the cliff’s notes version of the recent F3 podcast with Slaughter. All PAX are HIGHLY encouraged to take 20 minutes (on 1.5x speed) to learn about where we’re going as an F3 organization and the possibilities of what we can do together as a group of leaders in our communities.  It’s perfect timing to understand and think about the BIG picture as we launch our new Region.  Listen to Podcast here
  • LazyBoy and Illiterate warned all dog owners to be vigilant about the water that their pups are drinking; there is an algae in standing water that can be deadly . . . Marvin dog owners should be safe since they apparently serve sparkling water to their dogs.


Feels like the first time

So a week ago I went to my first Clyent Dinner. There was only three of us and the weather was ideal, so when Bottle Cap said that I could (should) Q this week I remembered Q’ing Adelphos last summer and thought it would be a good idea. Or at least it seemed like a good idea at the time, I’d help contribute to the August Single Q Challenge and it’s always a gift to lead…scary as hell and as soon as I remembered my VQ at Watchtower and second Q at Outland I started to have a lot of doubts. I’m not fit enough to lead, what about my Achilles, what if a bunch of pax show up, what if no one shows…scary as hell.

So I made a commitment and I am fit enough to workout and I had a great time getting my butt handed to me by Legal Zoom and Bottle Cap last Thursday. Even if no one shows up I Q (Adelphos) and I just need to be flexible with the wienke. 

So here’s the plan…Tour de Cuthbertson: run around the campuses repeating some of the more memorable parts of my workouts there;  dips over there, box jumps over here, lifting rocks, supines, don’t forget that hill, burpees back there, oh and don’t forget that trail, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Wait there’s another challenge? The Octopus? I can incorporate that…

So here’s the plan…Tour de Cuthbertson with eight stations. Wait it’s going to be hot as blazes and the Site Q says let’s keep it shady. Time to tour the school and look at where the shade is around 17:30-18:15. Okay so there’s a lot more people at the middle school around 6pm than I expected. That’s okay the high school seems quiet and shady – perfect.

So here’s the plan…warm up around the middle school and head over to the high school for the main event. The high school entrance is shady and has that nice small loop right in front of it – perfect. Wait there is a new challenge: 7 workouts in six days and a coffeeteria….my workout will be one of those… there’s going to more than three pax. Oh shiitake mushrooms.

So here’s the plan…high school entrance, partner up… wait what can I do with eight???  I keep coming back to crazy eights and running around like crazy fools… I have that F3 deck of cards just collecting dust. 

Wait…Yella wants to run 10km the night before my Q.  We need to prep for our OrthoCarolina 10K coming up on the 17th he says… I just ran a 5k Tuesday night… Okay I’m down, let’s do this! Maybe Posse was right, maybe I am a moron. We get back from the run and we’re both wiped out. Yella is threatening bodily harm if I include a lot of running or most anything involving legs. I keep thinking about running around like crazy fools and crazy eights.  Modify as needed brother.

So it’s Thursday and I am praying for God to show up and give me strength to lead these mighty men and not be afraid to be vulnerable and look like a crazy fool but have a blast doing it. I’m praying and driving and pothole and problem. I have blown out one, maybe two tires. As providence would have it I’ve just turned on Cuthbertson road…the school never seemed so far away…and no shoulder. So I’m driving and watching and hearing the chunks of tire flying off the car. I ask God is this how you show up and show out?


Yella shows up just behind me and we head over to the rest of the pax. Only one tire shredded. Thanks God. Wait…what are all these people doing at the high school? Gonna have to figure out another plan.

I’m sticking with the deck of cards, the modified crazy eights, and the running around like crazy fools. I’ll figure out the rest with my brothers. 

The Warm up

Some SSH and mountain climbers… I’m in a hurry and distracted by the tire and the amount of people both pax and bystanders. 

Let’s move on to The Thang; where ever and whatever that is. Over to the high school, and two alcoves that we can run around and stay shady. Luck of the draw helps me keep my heart rate up… I hear it in my ears and I’m feeling like merlot could be in my future. I’ve got to keep working on my fitness.

We are near the car so I shut down the work out early and we all your over to see the tire. Site Q makes the call to take back most of the pax to our starting point while four HIMS put NASCAR tire changers to shame. We grab the refreshments from the car and head back to the rally point. I’m blown away by the attendance and effort and servant hearts of my brothers. Then I proceed to mess up the name-a-rama and circle of trust and everything else that I’m supposed to do to close out the workout.

Thank you for letting me attempt to lead you. Thank you all so much for letting God show up and show out. 

Repetitive Wording – Impromptu Substi-Q

8 flatulent PAX rolled themselves off the toilet out of bed and made it to Impromptu. After YHC was knee deep in hot dogs and beers at Foundation’s Pig Roast, Tupperware came up crying to me and Recalculating about missing yet another Q to RESPECTfully ask for a substi-Q. Since Hooch and Recalculating are in the midst of a lover’s quarrel Site Q communication gap, I decided to step up and offer my services.


  • DICCS given . . . and received
  • Mosey with various twisting exercises to front of Middle School
  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Imperial Squawker x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 5 IC
  • MC x 10 IC


  • 1st Triple Nickel
    • Top of High School alcove: 5 Mike Tysons, 5 Diamond Merkins, 5 Donkey Kicks
    • Bottom of High School stairs: 5 Bomb Jacks, 5 High Knees, 5 Mary Catherines
    • Complete 5 times
    • Calf raises on stairs waiting for 6 . . . IT BURNS . . .WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FINISH?
  • 2nd Triple Nickel
    • Gate by Football field: 5 Overhand Supines, 5 Underhand Supines, 5 second Supine hold
    • Run around circle to sidewalk: 5 WWII Sit-ups, 5 no-hand Flutters, 5 no hand Dollies
    • Complete 5 times
    • Plank moves waiting for 6 . . . Carb Load made us do uncomfortable planks
  • 3rd Triple Nickel-ish
    • Dips behind high school: 15 left leg up, 15 right leg up, 15 regular
    • Bear Crawl the grass triangle with 5 merkins at each corner
    • Repeat twice
  • Mosey back towards COT with pit stop
    • Partner up on Middle School benches
    • P1 – 30 merkins
    • P2 – Plank bunny hops over bench
  • Final sprint to the ShovelFlag


  • Great to see Hermie out for his once a quarter check-in . . . He was up front all day so just imagine if he came more often (“That’s what she said”)
  • Carb Load and Chicken Little were at the front most of the day pushing each other . . . Both of you guys probably push harder than anybody out here day in and day out . . . Well done!
  • Ricky Bobby and Spike continue to show up and get better . . . And they does it with a smile on their face. Great to have you guys out.
  • Chainsaw is impressive. He doesn’t cheat himself and goes hard the whole 45 minutes. Impressive to see him knock those 30 merkins out at the end of the workout without smelling cat pee knees touching.
  • Recalculating is pro’s pro. He does it all: Works hard, Talks junk, Complains, Compliments, Takes some crab, Dishes it out . . . Dickie V would call him a PTPer!


  • Third F Opportunity: Sunday mornings 0700-0800 at Five Stone office building (1117 Cuthbertson Road). We cover a different chapter in the Bible each week and discuss how to apply it to our lives as Husbands, Fathers, and all-around broken men. Great group of guys to take F3 beyond the surface in relationships. Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed.
  • F3 Dads: Saturday 7/6 0900 at Dogwood Park in Wesley Chapel. Gerber is on Q. Great opportunity to bring your 2.0s and have fun while being active.
  • Commitment: Dancing Bear on Q. Nesbit 0630-0730 Saturday.


New AO & New Site Q?!?!

32 PAX came to help plant the Watchtower flag at Newtown Elementary as F3-“Region to be named later” continues its insatiable march for more AOs inside of a 10 minute driving radius territory.

PAX seemed to get the message to use parking lot to far right of school. And even Jingles wore a 3 piece suit arrived on time for the big occasion. A short but cute proper DCCS was shown and off we went with the boombox.


  • Mosey around parking lot to COP
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Imperial Squawker x 10 IC
  • Flutters x 10 IC


  • Partner vs. Partner
    • Opposite curbs in middle of parking lot
    • Various Merkins and Ab exercises called
    • Once complete, race around lot back to starting spot
    • Loser does 5 burpees
    • 4 rotations
  • Partner with Partner
    • Swingset behind school
    • P1: 5 pull-ups (or 10 second arm hangs), 10 Diamond Merkins, Jump Squats til P2 returns
    • P2: Run to track stairs and back, flapjack
    • 10 5ish rotations each
  • Partner touches Partner (Damascus getting upset as he reads this)
    • Track/Field behind school
    • P1: Bear crawl/Wheelbarrow across field
    • P2: 2 burpees and catches partner; grab legs and wheelbarrow rest of way
    • Flapjack back to starting side of field
    • Partners run opposite ways on track
    • Meet and do 5 high five burpees
    • Repeat twice
    • Makhtar Ndiayes x 15
  • Mosey back to COT for 3 minutes of Flutters, chauvinistic Dolly’s, and sexist Supermans


  • Welcome FNG Gaylord (Drew). There’s gotta be another famous male nurse besides Gaylord Focker, right? Nice job jumping right into the GroupMe fray as well. Looking forward to seeing you milking some nipples in the hood (#Lawson) and many more workouts
  • Nice work by Carb Load getting back on the horse again today after mistakenly joining in the Ignition run club group yesterday. Great to have you in the mix.
  • Good to have Easy Button back out there after battling some injuries . . . Are you surprised Tim that I haven’t said anything sarcastic yet?
  • Love having Chipotle, Big Tuna, The Knish, Chastain, Toto, and the Providence Downs Clown Car make their way to the new AO after being regulars at the old AO
  • Brutus, Schneider, Eli, and Blue Screen back in force lately . . . Keep posting fellas. Love having you out.
  • Does anybody love their F3 nickname more than Dana Krusty? I love how he YELLS “Krusty” with a big smile on this face
  • And then there was the group of “Regulars” who I greatly appreciate (Wolverine, Dasher, Zinfandel, Shake n Bake, Deadwood, Hollywood, Foundation, Chicken Little, Goodfella, Recalculating, Rubbermaid, Dancing Bear, Doughboy, Posse, Dana, Jingles, etc.). You guys make me better everyday. I appreciate your dedication to post as often as you do as it makes me better physically and mentally and I trust that it does the same for many PAX. Power in numbers and power in leadership. #IronSharpensIron


  • NEW SITE Q: Congrats to Dancing Bear and a big THANK YOU for stepping up into another leadership position in F3. THIS is what F3 is all about . . . “Male Community Leadership” . . . Lead something and PAX will follow. Thanks to Deadwood for being Site Q and identifying a new leader to take his spot. Excited to see what is next for you DW
  • Christ’s Closet: Third F opportunity this Friday evening (loading the truck) but more of a need is Saturday morning in Salisbury (unloading the truck and handing out clothing items). Reach out to Shop Dawg, Legal Zoom, or Ackbar for more details (and see GroupMe/Slack)
  • 2nd F Opportunity/MoneyBall going away Party: This Friday 7-9pm in Downtown Waxhaw. Bring the M’s and 2.0’s and hang out at Jammin’ on the Tracks. Planned meeting location is dirt lot outside of Mary O’Neil’s
  • Shampoo Crew: Dancing Bear still collecting toiletries for the Union County shelter. Also, be on the lookout for more opportunities to serve at the shelter in the coming weeks. Are YOU available to step up and lead a group service project?
  • Fixing It For Christ: Weds June 19 – Sat June 22. Need volunteers to help fix some homes in the community that are in desperate need. It’s a HUGE ministry project (40 homes) so they need any time/skills you can volunteer during those days. M’s and older 2.0’s welcome. See Jingles for more details.
  • WAMRAP: Come out to Marvin Ridge High School tomorrow for the monthly AMRAP (As Many Reps/Laps As Possible). Challenge yourself.
  • Chiseled: Rudy takes the toilet reigns at Five Stones church for a gear workout.

Prayer of THANKS at the end . . . Let us LIVE out that thankfulness by helping others everyday!

Chiseled Redemption

ANNOUNCEMENT: Clyent Dinner happens Thursday nights 5:30-6:15pm. Bootcamp at Cuthbertson Middle. Deadwood on Q tomorrow night! Best evening workout in Western Union!

13 PAX, including 1 FNG and 1 site FNG (2nd workout), showed up at Five Stones Community Church for a gear workout out of curiosity to see if the Q was actually going to use gear for 2 reasons:

  1. YHC has been whining about nursing a bad back after Chicken Little stupidly made him do brick-slap merkins 2 weeks ago
  2. YHC’s biceps can also double for kabob sticks


  • D(isclaimer) C(ell Phone) C(pr certified) S(afety overview of site) given as well as waivers signed (for church property)
  • Quick mosey to other side of parking lot
  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • MC x 10
  • PP x 10
  • LSS x 5
  • Lunge Squat x 5 each side


  • Make 3 man teams of similar strength (commence with penis measuring awkward discussion)
  • Bicep work
    • P1: Hand Release Knee Slap Burpees x 100
    • P2: Hairburners with plates (35-45lbs)
    • P3: Dumbbell curls (35-45lbs)
  • SlamBall team work (teams of 2 or 3)
    • Squat with SlamBall and launch it forward (think Volleyball set)
    • Do 2 burpees
    • Run and get SlamBall while Partner(s) do 2 burpees
    • Go to end of parking lot
  • Burpee Indian SlamBall Run
    • Front PAX holds SlamBall
    • Last PAX does Burpee and runs to front of line and grabs SlamBall
    • Run around outside of parking lot
  • Shoulder work
    • P1: Bombjacks x 100
    • P2: Run/Walk with plates overhead
    • P3: Shoulder presses with dumbbells
  • Bicep/Shoulder work
    • 10 minutes of various called exercises
    • Rotating Biceps, Legs, Shoulders


  • Awesome to see Flow post at Chiseled after posting for the first time in SOB earlier this week. Welcome. Looking forward to having you around. (And nice job jumping right into the Playhouse on GroupMe . . . Good life tips coming from there today)
  • Welcome FNG Blow Out (Anthony). Clearly one of the smartest PAX to come out of the Briars and Crest . . . Since he is already moving. Well done!
  • Lots of serious #RESPECT this morning for Chainsaw . . . At one point he asked if I was trying to kill him but he seemed to have no trouble throwing the weight around
  • Not to be outdone, Xerox’s shoulder is apparently feeling better. When pushed towards a smaller weight, he grabbed the 45lb dumbbell for overhead presses . . . #CopyThat
  • It was nice to see “Mr. Invitation” Recalculating showing up at an event even though it wasn’t in the GroupMe calendar
  • It was nice to see “Mr. Evite” Zinfandel actually give some props to Recalc for showing him the light on the calendar function and then blowing up the GroupMe thread with a million invites
  • Apparently Doughboy and Blades of Glory were on the US National Shotput team . . . Tossing the Slamball like YHC toss a tennis ball
  • Damascus has completely morphed into a Gazelle right before our eyes . . . Nice work throwing the 45lb Dumbbell around in that last circle
  • Chicken Little‘s neck continues to get skinnier as well which is allowing his barking to get louder
  • Speaking of skinnier, Tupperware continues to post (and even Q) and the results are impressive. Awesome to see a 16/17 year old making positive life changes . . . Stick with it brother!
  • And then there’s Deadwood who has gotten so skinny that he is putting weight back on via a 20lb weight vest today . . . And thanks for helping me set-up and put away the gear


  • Prayers for McFly who is battling health and family issues
  • Watchtower is MOVING: Tuesday bootcamp 0530-0615 at NewTown Elementary starting this Tuesday 6/4 . . . Bottlecap on Q
  • What’s my name?: WUC is starting a new Region and need some ideas for a creative name that contains some geographical reference to our area. Serve up your names.
  • Floater tomorrow: Tupperware has Q 0530-0615 in Downtown Waxhaw (meet in front of Waxhaw United Methodist). #TinyWeinke

Thanks to Doughboy for taking us out and lifting McFly up.

WUC Transition – 2nd Board Meeting

7 gathered to discuss a few relevant topics from the initial board meeting.

  1. What the heck is our Region name?
  2. What is IT, why is IT important, and what does IT3 have to say about it?
  3. Updates from functional Qs; 1st F – Hollywood, 2nd F – Zinfandel, 3rd F – Foundation


  • Let’s get it right! Everybody was in agreement that our name is important but we shouldn’t rush to a name just to have one
  • Summary: Our Region name should contain a reference to our geographical area
    • Other Region Examples: SOB (Sons of Ballantyne), Area 51 (reference to Pineville-Matthews Road)
    • Ideas that are geographical for us: F3Union, F3Sweet16 (Providence Road), F3W3 (Waxhaw, Weddington, Wesley Chapel), F3WUnion
  • Next Steps: The Board will pull together the best 3 or 4 names and poll the PAX in the next month or so
    • Get the beers creative juices flowing and think of a good name and share it with a Board member ASAP

IT (Information Technology):

  • Thanks to Wedding Singer and Legalized for stepping up and exploring current and future needs for our Region
  • Summary:
    • We are keeping status quo for now in regards to website (
    • IT3 (Wedding Singer, Legalized, and Deflated) have access to sites and work closely with SOB’s IT guru, Wingman, to understand future ideas (ie having our own landing page/site to store documents and/or announcements)


  • 1st F (Hollywood): Discussed workouts that need more energy, workouts that might need splitting up, and other AO possibilities in the area
    • Asylum: Let’s get out and support this site. Damascus is also looking at possibly changing time to attract more. This site might get more people when Watchtower moves to Newtown on June 4th.
    • Impromptu: Keep eye on the numbers. If getting consistently more than 20, start exploring launching another workout.
    • New AO possibilities: A number of schools in our area are not being used for workouts currently. Let’s get out and survey these to see if there are good options; looking for good variety at the site, good lighting, but also a different area.
      • Some of these include: Marvin Elem, Sandy Ridge Elem, Rea View Elem, Waxhaw Elem
      • Any other non-school sites that could work where we have connections? Optimist Park? Weddington United Methodist?
    • Site Qs: We generally have 2 PAX who take the responsibility for each workout (ie getting a Q, understanding safety in area, doing something unique at your workout, picking up the 6, etc.)
      • These positions don’t pay particularly well so we urge others to step up and look to lead (maybe a year commitment)
      • Current Site Qs should do an evaluation: Are they still energized to lead? Do they need to roll off and let somebody else take the reigns for a bit? Have they identified any PAX who is ready to step up?
  • 2nd F (Zinfandel): Unfortunately he couldn’t be present but he has a number of events lined up and/or tentatively planned for remainder of year
    • Zin will be announcing these as they arise
    • This is a LOT of work and coordination so please get up with him if you would like to volunteer your help with one of these events
    • If you have 2nd F ideas that you would like to see implemented (ie F3Dads, Date Nights, Happy Hours, etc.), get up with Zin
  • 3rd F (Foundation): He also wasn’t able to make it but he has some ideas for events for the remainder of year
    • Get up with Foundation if you would like to help him in this area

The Board is excited for the next steps for our Region. As you can see, there are a lot of things to think about (who knew?). F3’s mission is about “invigorating male community leadership” and this Region does a great job of sharing in this leadership. If you haven’t had a chance to lead in F3, what is holding you back? Do you just need to be asked? Then consider this the ask, CAN YOU HELP US OUT? Lead a workout, lead a site, lead an event, bring an FNG, volunteer with one of the Functional Qs, etc. Just LEAD and somebody will follow. Let’s do this!

Neil Diamond invented the Merkin?

26 PAX showed up at Watchtower to see if YHC could actually do a Q with minimal running. The Verdict? Undecided.


  • DCCS given
  • Mosey to PetSmart for COP
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Various Merkins x 15 IC
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10 IC


  • 4 corners w/ 10 Bobby Hurleys at each
  • Partner up for some Gear competition
    • ROUND 1 (3 times each)
      • Plates:
        • P1: Hairburners
        • P2: Burpees
      • Dumbbells
        • P1: Run backwards to end of lot/Sprint back
        • P2: Curls
    • ROUND 2 (3 times each)
      • Switch from Plates to Dumbbells or vice versa
    • ROUND 3 (3 times each)
      • Plates:
        • P1: Overhead plate run
        • P2: Plank Jacks
      • Dumbbells
        • P1: Bear Crawl
        • P2: Thrusters
    • ROUND 4 (3 times each)
      • Switch from Plates to Dumbbells or vice versa
  • More 4 corners, 3 corners, and 2 corners
    • 10 Diamond Merkins as a group
    • Sprint to next corner and hold plank until 6 gets in plank


  • Thanks to Moneyball for helping me set up all the gear this morning and for riding in the front seat to help off set the weight in the rear of the car
  • Appreciate the group bearing with me during instructions with limited questions; I had to grab Damascus as a partner cuz I knew he would need further clarification
  • 26 guys is a lot for a gear workout so I apologize if you didn’t get to mix and mingle with the whole group
  • With the limited moving of partners/competitors (and my bad eyes), I couldn’t tell how most of the PAX were pushing but I will say this:
    • In a workout like this (gear), the EASY CHOICE is to COAST during the exercises and go hard when you are running/hairburner-ing, bear crawling.
    • The HARD CHOICE is to BUST IT during the exercises and the cardio. Pick a partner that will hold you accountable during the workout.
    • Don’t waste a 5 o’clock wake up call by coasting
  • Thanks to Deadwood for pushing me (not just asking me) to Q at this site. I have been on record that I don’t like this AO but that didn’t slow him down from challenging me. Appreciate the push. If you keep this up, maybe Doughboy and Bread Bowl will add you as a Site Q one day.


  • Convergence this Saturday at Stonehenge with SOB brothers. Vine Restaurant at 0600-0700. Coffeeteria after at Einstein’s. Come out and get out of your comfort zone and engage with other area PAX.
  • The Murph challenge: On Memorial Day, we will be doing “The Murph” but to prepare for this, Zinfandel has put together a daily challenge to allow us to build our bodies up and be ready. Grab a partner (see “accountability”) and join the “42 days to Murph” GroupMe channel to help keep you on track.
  • Thanks to Moneyball who took us out!
  • Happy Easter my brothers. I hope this week you will focus on and celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice and greatest miracle available to each and every one of us. Have a great week.

One small step for F3, One giant leap for South Charlotte

Western Union is embarking on the exciting journey of becoming our own F3 Region. While the official Region name and the launch date are still TBD, we have started the process so wanted to keep everybody in the loop. This will somewhat surprisingly require a lot of work and not so surprisingly a lot of PAX stepping up into leadership roles. Thanks to Thin Mint, Nantan of SOB, for the guidance and the push to explore this launch.

WHY: To expand and grow the F3 mission of invigorating male community leadership. This new region will bring new and more leaders into the fold and allow our area to create its own unique culture rooted in F3’s core principles

WHO: A new 7 person Board has been created to help guide the process. The “WUC Transition Committee” (Goodfella, Mad Dog, Posse, Bottlecap), who were initially selected by Thin Mint and the SOB Board, then selected 3 additional Board members (Hollywood, Zinfandel, and Foundation)

WHAT: The Board held its first meeting on Saturday 4/6 and will hold monthly meetings going forward. A few items discussed were:

  • Region name: TBD (looking for strong name that identifies with our geographic region, would work well in marketing, and would be easily explained to other PAX/FNGs)
  • 2019 Goals (ie Service projects, F3 Dads, Family BBQ, etc.)
  • Board Operation/Term Limits: All 7 members have been asked to commit to serve on Board til at least end of 2019
  • Roles:
    • Co-Nantan: Goodfella and Bottlecap – Own the vision and outcome of the Region across all 3 F’s
    • Co-Weaselshaker: Mad Dog and Posse – A COO-type working very closely with Nantan(s), unafraid to confront those who try to weasel out on commitments
    • 1st F Q – Hollywood – Constantly finding new ways to grow and challenge the PAX physically. Responsible for Q School and ensuring diversity in workouts and AO’s
    • 2nd F Q – Zinfandel – Helps entire group and individual PAX connect. Explores, creates, and implements events for “men only” as well as our families
    • 3rd F Q – Foundation – Understands F3’s definition of Faith and lives it. Promotes community and something bigger than himself by identifying service opportunities in our area

WHEN: Official Launch Date: TBD (looking at Fall or early 2020)


  • This is a BIG deal and we need to be prepared to launch with excitement . . . There are a LOT more Sad Clowns we can reach in this area that need F3 in their lives
  • We will need a LOT of help so be ready to volunteer or be tapped/voluntold
    • Each of the Functional Qs (1st F, 2nd F, 3rd F) will be looking for PAX to lead in specific areas (ex. Q School lead, F3 Dads Q, Service Project Q, etc.)
    • If you have a particular passion/skill that you think would be valuable to the group, please reach out

This is an AMAZING group of men. We are extremely grateful for F3, SOB’s leadership, and for each of you who have already stepped up in a leadership role (Qing a workout, Site Q, coordinating a 2nd F event, serving at a 3rd F event, etc.). We are PUMPED up for what the future holds and how we can best position ourselves to #GiveItAway. Let’s leave NO MAN BEHIND IN (insert new Region’s name here)!

See you in the Gloom!

Impromptu Field Trip

20 PAX gathered at Cuthbertson Middle for a good ole fashioned field trip. One PAX actually got dropped off by his mom wife (oh wait, that was Centerfold at his VQ last night at #ClyentDinner). Speaking of children, the impatient Tupperware got a little ahead of himself by asking about YHC’s DCCS. Settle down young fella. I whip out the DCCS on MY schedule.


  • Plenty of CPR, Cell Phones, and Chap Stick and we even had some headlamps per YHC’s preblast (seriously, please start bringing these on a regular basis just in case)
  • Mosey along path and stop near rocks
  • SSH x 20 IC
  • Merkin/Mt Climber ladder
    • 10 Merks/10 Mts
    • 9 Merks/9 Mts
  • After we did 7, we moseyed into the new side of Lawson via a treacherous nice little path
  • Finished the ladder on the other side


  • At each lightpole along Surveyor General Drive – 10 hand release/shoulder tap merkins
  • Lucky 7s: At Paw Paw Road – 7 knee-ups at top of hill, 7 bomb jacks at bottom of hill . . . Rinse and repeat 7 times
  • CHARIOT TIME: Rubbermaid had a couple chariots ready with 90lbs of weight
    • 2 Indian Run lines: 2 PAX push chariot up front, last 2 PAX, do burpee and run to front
    • We did this 3 times up and back on Surveyor General
    • Return the chariots
  • Lightpole sprints with exercises
    • Sprint to each lightpole and hold Al Gore waiting for the 6
    • Exercises in cadence (mini squats, Bobby Hurleys, one legged dead lifts, slow jump lunges, Scorpion Dry Docks)
  • Return to Middle School path
    • Plank work
    • Jailbreak to COT


  • Thanks to Rubbermaid and Tupperware for having the Chariots prepared
  • Strong push by all on the Chariots . . . That pace on the Indian Run was FAST. Particular shout out to Ackbar, Foundation, Deflated, Dana, Rockwell, and Loafer for pushing the pace
  • Trojan, Gerber, and Easy Button were CRUSHING it on the Lucky 7s up the hill. Well done
  • Nails is getting faster . . . Rumor has it that he is itching to get back to his high school track times and squeeze into those short shorts
  • Much respect to GatorCub, Xerox, and Recalculating for not showing your age at all
  • Posse astutely pointed out to Finch that the length of the hill was about the length of a double in softball . . . Finch gave him a death stare and swore smiled and nodded
  • Mad Dog apparently sandbagged the first part of the workout cuz he had PLENTY of gas in the tank on the last jailbreak
  • Last but not least . . . Frack. I’m a little perplexed that Frack didn’t have any crotchety one-liners today. Did he not like the workout? Was he working that hard? Could he not find a punching bag in the crowd? Or has he finally softened up? #InquiringMindsWantToKnow


  • Dash for Down: Tomorrow (Saturday) at Blakeney. Come out and run/walk or just show up with a coffee and support from the sidelines with the family. THIS is when F3 is at its best . . . BEING the hands and feet in the community and helping others. Well done Rubbermaid for Qing this great event. Looking forward to it. Race starts at 8:30am. Runners get there at 7:30am to meet the Track Commanders (the kids that will ride in the chariots)
  • Next Saturday: At Commitment, we will be “Ghost Running” an 8k in honor of Christina Latini, daughter of an F3 brother who passed away a few years ago at 8 years old. Click HERE to register.

THANKS to Mad Dog for taking us out. Prayers for Xerox’s family as well as the Longo family. Have a great weekend!

Now that you’re done filling out your brackets…

On the opening day of the NCAA tourney, productivity comes to a halt at noon, and we overload ourselves with hoops for the next 12 hours. Some of us have skin in the game with an alma mater to root for, or most have a few brackets you filled out hoping to win some dough. It’s probably not going to take long before most guys’ brackets blow up, but just sit back and enjoy the upsets, that’s the beauty of the next three weeks. It’s one of my favorite sport days of the year and I’d probably prefer to have a beer in hand, but I’ve got my first Q to get ready for. I don’t want to disappoint, so I put in time planning, trying to get creative and throw in a few new exercises. Will I cover the 45 minutes, will I challenge the Pax to break a sweat and groan, we’ll find out soon enough. I’ve got hoops on my mind so I decide to integrate the tourney into the workout. We’re going to stick with numbers like 64/32/16/8/4/2 throughout the session.

On to the workout- The site Q probably has a backup plan as there is definitely some concern if I will be there on time- I have a little history of getting to Clyent dinner after appetizers have been served. I’m happy to say I made it on time, and yes, that was my wife dropping me and Cavalier (2.0) off, since we were short a car today. I hear someone say, “you might be the first Q to get dropped off at a workout by your wife.” another first to go along with my first Q….

DiCCS reviewed, and we are ready for the tip-off


Mosey around to the back of the middle school, Circle up for warmups:

16 SSHs IC

16 Imperial Walkers IC (sort of, I have some counting problems here)

16 Potato Pickers IC

8 Bobby Hurleys

Mosey around the school towards the front at the benches

Like a NCAA bracket, I break the next drill into 4 different regions- Merkins/Derkins/Carolina Dry Docks/Mountain Merkins

We start with 16 reps of Merkins then Derkins, Dry Docks, and Mountain Merkins. Repeat 8 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps. I audible on the mountain merkins (and do half the number since it has 2 merkins per rep)

Mosey over to the long sidewalk near parking lot

Eight light posts, at each post we do an Ab exercise IC, then run to the next post

8 x Flutters, Big Boy sit-ups, Rosalitas, LBCs, Heals to Heaven, Never Cross Dollys, American Hammers, Reverse Crunches

Mosey up to the High School by the wooden benches-

We are going to use the 30 second shot clock for this part-

30 seconds of an exercise (amrap), then 30 seconds of running so on and so on

Dips, Run, Squats, Run, Protractors, Run, Run, Step ups, Run, Bobby Hurleys, Run, Bear Crawl around triangle, Run, LBCs, Run, Russian Dips, Run

Mosey around towards stadium parking lot and back toward shed

Grab some wall, not much time left, have to audible

32 air presses, 16 donkey kicks, 8 Mike Tysons, 4 Burpees

Run back on long sidewalk towards parking lot, Jail break from the last two light poles to parking lot. Al Gores and SSHs to kill the last 45 seconds.



Bottlecap on Q for impromptu in the morning

Not to late to get involved in the Dash for Down on Saturday morning, lots of fellow Pax involved, should be a great day


My first Q- Just like a team who is making their first trip to the ‘dance’, they really just want be respectable and seem like they belong there. VQing is similar in way, you want to make sure you have a good game plan, challenge you fellow Pax and hope they broke a sweat. We didn’t get in as much running as I would have liked, 2.5 miles, not sure where all the time went. Maybe being focused on my weinke, the time went by quicker. The first chest exercises kicked my butt, on paper it did not seem like it would be nearly as hard as it was. I heard some groans, (maybe those were just mine), which put a smile on my face, maybe I did something right. I hope I don’t screw up posting my first BB as well. A lot of scrutinizing of format for BBs in Union Co lately. I’ve been at F3 now for almost three months, so still a relative newbie, I’ll get better but honored to workout along side a great group of guys. Great motivation, makes us want to keep pushing harder every day, not just working out, but in everything we do.

Go Heels! (As a UNC parent, I guess I do have a rooting interest) and yes, my bracket is already busted.