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“That’s a BAD IDEA fellas”

10 PAX nearly got mauled by a pack of rabid German Shepherds at #TheFloater.  Or at least that is what flashed before the eyes of one very surprised gentleman on the mean streets of downtown Waxhaw.

YHC rolled into the parking lot with one eye open after staying up late and nodding off watching the Red Sox win yet another crazy game.  #5MoreWins.  Following the Red Sox motto, my intent was to #DoDamage.


  • Mosey to the other side of the tracks to open parking lot near Waxhaw Women’s Club (get your mind out of the gutter . . . not that type)
  • Stuttering disclaimer given
  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10
  • Merkins x 10
  • MC x 15
  • Plank Jacks x 20
  • One-legged knee dips x 12 (most PAX quit at 10 . . . #NoHalt)


  • Start the mosey to Mount Thin Mint (aka “Bad Idea”)
  • As we turn the corner, a gentleman was walking 3 BIG German Shepherds on the sidewalk
  • He just kept saying “That’s a bad idea fellas!”
  • We each stopped to pet the adorable creatures quickly hopped off the sidewalk and ran by him on the street
  • Continue to the school while discussing if that dog walker was a prophet and he really meant WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO DO is a bad idea
    • Wall-sit with air presses x 30
    • Supines x 20
    • Railing squats x 20
    • Supines x 20
  • Continue to Mount Thin Mint for some partner work
    • 200 Merkins and 300 Squats
    • P1 runs up hill to cemetery and considers taking a dirt nap returns to flapjack until total reps complete
  • Mosey to back of school for more partner work
    • P1 does side steps ups on Jersey Barrier blocks
    • P2 does railing crawl up ramp + 10 supines and returns to Flapjack
    • 4 reps each
  • Mosey back to start with some plank work and an AYG run up to the smell of Bacon bridge


  • Smaller crowd with less mumblechatter for sure
  • Most of the talk centered around the dogs and the Bad Idea premonition
  • Great to see Rudy and EHarmony back out after some time away
  • Nice work by Dana throughout, especially the last AYG run up the hill . . . He commented that I gave him a double take when I saw him chase me down . . . #SprintingForBacon
  • Well done by Foundation and Dancing Bear setting the pace all day
  • Doughboy continues to say he is a Clydesdale but he’s shedding his mane quickly . . . Would have been fun to get Bread Bowl’s commentary on the dogs
  • Southern Belle was in a full stretch on the railing crawl . . . #DidIHearAGoodfellaJoke
  • Posse and Xerox were sneaky fast on the hill today


  • THIS SUNDAY at 10:30am:  Forest Hill is holding an outdoor service at Cane Creek Park.  David Chadwick will be preaching live (see Dana for more details)

Novel Idea: Gear at a Gear workout

20 PAX for a gear workout at a gear AO . . . Imagine that!

With a full dose of Q Juice flowing, YHC woke up at 0315 with all sorts of thoughts of what he could do to his weinke.  After much toying with and fiddling around with the weinke, finally got out of bed at 0430.  Headed to the new well-lit Five Stones AO to see how I can implement the weinke with as much sleep-deprived anger as possible.  SURPRISE SURPRISE, when I arrived at the AO, there was actually gear there to use.  Imagine that!  YHC had heard some horror stories of this AO only being able to work in aerobic and pelvic thrust exercises.


  • Disclaimer given #FormPolice
  • Mosey to other side of parking lot
  • Big 10s x 20
  • Merkins x 5
  • MC x 10
  • Plank Jack x 15
  • Bobby Hurleys x 20


  • Station and Partner work
  • 10 Stations all with gear
    • WW2 sit-ups
    • Plate thrusters
    • Curls
    • Rope
    • Shoulder Presses
    • Weighted squats
    • Kettlebell Swings
    • Figure 8s (with Kettlebell between legs)
    • Jump Rope
    • Sand bucket shrugs
  • Timer: One group runs over and back of Chiseled Mountain x 2
  • All other groups do their station until Timers are back
  • Rotate BUT before you do, 10 Hand-Slap merkins everytime
  • Mosey before 2nd rotation
    • Timer group only runs over Chiseled Mountain once
    • 5 Bobby Hurleys before rotating
  • Move to Plank/Merkin/Weight circle
    • Each PAX planks in tight circle
    • We passed 2 weights clockwise and 2 weights counterclockwise
    • Everytime PAX passed a weight, do a merkin
  • Mosey around Chiseled Mountain and back to Squat/Weight circle
    • Each PAX holds squat in tight circle
    • We passed 8 weights clockwise for a couple rotations and then counter-clockwise for a couple
    • Everytime PAX passed a weight, touch the ground
  • Finish with an AYG sprint to Monroe the other side of the parking lot


  • Shake n’ Bake was about to kiss me high five me when I called an audible on Hand-Slap merkins only to want to kill me when I called the same play
  • Damascus does not follow the rules of Asylum (no talking during workouts) . . . It’s amazing he could lift any weights while he was talking that much . . . Oh wait
  • Great to welcome another Boston sports fan into the mix.  Welcome FNG Minuteman . . . People thought it was cuz he was wearing a UMass hat but somebody might have talked to his M for intel on him
  • Kudos to all the guys doing a pre-run this morning.  Must have been 10+.  Impressive.  Lots of skinnier/faster dudes out there like Jingles, Wedding Singer, Deadwood, Zinfandel, Shake n’ Bake, Damascus, Rubbermaid, Dana
  • Great job to Fuse Box and Banjo for starting this workout and already have it be this successful!  Thanks for the leadership and the passion to make this a success


  • Five Stones is starting a Men’s group study on Wednesdays at 0615.  Perfect timing for you to attend Chiseled and then roll into the study and grab some free breakfast (right Dana?)

Thanks to Damascus for taking us out in prayer!

Hurricane Flo – Fundraising AMRAP

25 PAX gathered at Impromptu to help raise money for F3Carterico and their great cause to help their local community after Hurricane Flo.  Kudos to Zinfandel who was the #DancingIdiot and Rudy who was the #1stFollower in a last minute push to get our area PAX to run laps for something more than just bragging rights . . . This time, the PAX ran hard so we could make those who pledged $/lap, to really feel the pain of a late-night drunken decision to pledge.


  • Pretty cool to roll into the parking lot and see 4-5 shovelflags and all the PAX dressed in Red (albeit YHC’s red shirt was smelling like Doughboy’s gloves in the laundry so red shorts would have to do)
  • Disclaimer and Instructions given re: AMRAP protocol
  • Mosey backwards on AMRAP course explaining stations and performing some exercises


  • AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
  • .5 mile loop around Middle School
  • 7 Stations
    • Derkins x 20
    • Bear Crawl length of football field portico
    • Dips x 20
    • Donkey Kicks x 20
    • Overhead rock carry for too long length of light poles and back
    • Jump Squats x 20
    • Burpees x # of laps completed


  • Pax August September
    Banjo 4 4
    Bottlecap 3.5 4.2
    Breadbowl 3 3.1
    Chicken Little 3.5
    Damascus 4
    Dana 3.1 3.4
    Dancing Bear 4 4
    Dasher 4.4
    Deadwood 4
    Deflated 4.1
    Doughboy 3.5 4
    Easy Button 4 4.1
    Foley 3.4 3.5
    Foundation 4.1
    Fusebox 3.5 4
    Halfback 5
    Hollywood 4.5
    Hooch 4
    Jingles 3.5
    Joy 3.4
    Legalized 3
    Maddog 4 4
    Moneyball 4
    Posse 3.4 3.5
    Radar 2.5
    Recalculating 4
    Rockwell 3.5 4
    Rubbermaid 4
    Rudy 2.2
    Southern Belle 4 3.6
    Stub Hub 4.2
    Wedding Singer 3
    Xerox 3
    Zinfandel 3.1 3.1
    Total Laps 85.6 91.3


  • It was a SMOKER today; the course didn’t have an easy section
  • YHC kept thinking of how HalfBack got 5 laps in last time . . . Impressive but where were you today?
  • I would say the course won BUT the obvious winner was F3 and the community
    • F3 Carterico:
      • Over $2,000 was raised and the number is still climbing
      • Excited to see additional videos of the impact they are making in that community . . . Well done fellas!
      • You can still donate; check out their website:
    • F3 Western Union:
      • 25 guys showed up but others who couldn’t even make it still donated
      • Great to see SO MANY different guys stepping up in different ways . . . Proud to be a part of this group #Sappy
  • Great work by Dasher pulling everybody along this morning
  • Nice work by Fuse Box shaking off the ghost of Moneyball and getting to 4 laps despite substituting lunge walks
  • The number of PAX who got to 4 laps is very impressive (14 out of 25)
  • Awesome to see some of the newer/Kotters/injured/2.0 PAX still pushing to complete the next station . . . #LotOfHeavyBreathing
  • Thanks to those who brought out the speakers to have at the different stations . . . Special shout out to that terrible music by the burpees
  • Great to see Radar . . . SANTA!


  • Bonefrog Obstacle Course event:  Nov 10th in Concord.  Western Union has put in our own team.  Need more PAX.  See Deadwood for more details.
    • Asylum:  Launching Monday.  Wesley Chapel Brooklyn Pizza.  0515-0600.  Transporter and Damascus are Site Qs.  Medium to High Intensity with some gear
    • Ignition:  Mondays at Cuthbertson Middle.  0515-0615.  Min. 4 miles plus bootcamp.  We will COT with Flash PAX.  Hollywood and Halfback are Site Qs
    • Chiseled:  Wednesdays at Five Stone (1117 Cuthbertson Road).  0530-0615.  Gear workout with minimal running.  Fuse Box and Banjo are Site Qs
    • Open Door:  Sundays at Five Stones office.  0700-0800.  Studying Acts Chapters 14 & 15 this week.  No pre-reading necessary.  Come and participate with other flawed men as we try to build each other up to become better husbands, fathers, and community members
    • Sanctuary:  Mondays at Brooklyn Pizza.  7:30-8:30pm.  Come out and enjoy a discussion along with some beer and pizza

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out!

Are you REALLY talking during a workout?

8 “Wild and Crazy” guys paid no attention to the curfew and arrived exactly at 0700.  With our step brothers from Briarcrest and Millbridge holed up on a fartsack island, it was mainly the Lawson side of the family who canoed manned up at Cuthbertson for a “holiday hours” edition of Flash.


  • Cue the boombox with traditional terrible music (but no complaints – classy group)
  • Wet disclaimer given
  • Mosey to front of middle school for COP
  • SSH x 20
  • Tempo Merkins x 20
  • Slow Peter Parkers x 10
  • LSS x 20


  • On the mosey to high school stairs, we made 2 pit stops
    • 4-count donkey kicks x 20 (hold for 3-count)
    • Box jump burpees x 10
  • Mosey to stairs to find some gear sitting there . . . #WellPickEmUp
  • Partner up and go to one of 4 stations
    • Curl to Press with Dumbbells
    • Slam ball squats
    • Kettle Bell swings
    • Goblet squat with Kettle Bell
  • P1 does exercise until P2 gets back
  • P2 does lap down ramp, up stairs, down stairs, up stairs and then flapjack
  • Do each exercise twice
  • After 2 rounds, plank work
    • Circle up and roll the Slam Ball around circle
    • Merkin after you pass the ball
    • x 5 in each direction
  • After 4 rounds, core work
    • Circle up on back and pass Slam Ball around circle
    • Keep doing WWII sit-ups until ball passed 3 times in each direction
  • Mosey to Transporter’ office
    • P1 does Supines
    • P2 sprints to lightpole x 2
  • Mosey back to Finish


  • Thanks to Run Flat for pointing out the dangers of the Box Jump Burpees on the stone benches . . . #DisclaimerGiven
    • Run Flat wasn’t living up to his name today . . . Nice job #RunFast
  • Dana had some great form in the plank circle . . . #WatchTheBallGoByYou #LetOthersDoTheWork
    • He was slinging the weights during stations so we’ll give you a pass this time
  • Frack would have been PISSED to see saw Longhorn and Moneyball carrying on a conversation during the workout . . . #ComeOnGuys #GetARoom
    • Hooch must have been jealous watching Moneyball with Longhorn
    • Nice work by all leading the majority of the workout
  • Easy Button carried his partner all day . . . #Speedy
  • Ole MacDonald worked hard despite his orange hands . . . #FakeLeather


  • CHISELED – OFFICIAL LAUNCH:  Wednesday Sept. 26th at Five Stone campus (1117 Cuthbertson Road in Waxhaw).  0530 – 0615.  Gear workout.  Fuse Box and Banjo are Site Qs.  Do you have gear to donate to keep on campus?
  • OPEN DOOR:  3rd F opportunity.  Sundays at Five Stones 0700-0800.  Studying Acts Chapters 12 & 13 this week.  Show up and become part of a smaller group of men trying to get better by discussing a chapter of the Bible each week.  Doesn’t matter where you are in your faith walk.  All are welcome.
  • Thanks to Ole MacDonald for the takeout and the reminder to rejoice in the tough times which is easier said than done



Posted on behalf of Big 10

With college football back in all its glory this weekend, we had a little fun and broke a sweat along the way, Four quarters, four workouts. Thanks for everyone that was able to contribute footballs.

Warm up:

  • Short 30 foot mosey
  • Potato Pickers X 10
  • Imperial Walkers X 10
  • Mountain Climbers X 10
  • Merkins X 10
  • Calf Stretches
  • Shoulder stretches (everyone was a QB today)

The Thang:

  • 1st Quarter: RB workout. High knees for 5 parking lot stripes and then 5 pushups at each. Did the stretch of the CMS parking lot, back and forth.
  • 2nd Quarter: Mosey to the wet grass with low visibility (best I could find). Broke out the whistle for running in place to lineman spin moves. Did this until I was about to pass out. Not easy.
  • 3rd Quarter: Mosey to the football parking lot. Time to run some routes. 5 teams. Rotating QB and WR, 10 yard post patterns. This was on pavement and the Q was very concerned someone would dive for a pass with visions of grandeur. Thank heavens no one did. Kept this moving. Combine style.
  • 4th Quarter: Mosey back to the middle school. Brief stop for 30 dips. I know the hardcore workout folks were grumbling at this point.
  • Kick-off fun time. Returners deep. Each team chucked it, if the returner caught it, you sprinted to him. If he missed, you sprinted and did either merkins X 10 or squats X 10.
  • Overtime: Got some plank work, some merkins and some SSH’s in. The Q abstained from most of the SSH due to serious opposition.


Appreciate everyone playing along today for a little football fun. A lot of the fellas wore their school colors with pride. Foundation wins the award for “best dressed.” When I showed up, he was donned in a jersey and helmet! Now that is some serious dedication!

A big boy shout out to Beckham. After my last Q, he was basically airlifted out of the HS parking lot. When I saw him this morning, I thought maybe he was there to settle the score. Cool deal for him to be there and get back in the saddle with our fitness fam.  That meant a lot to me.

Final thought, this is my last Q here. Really appreciate all you fellas being so good to me. You are great men, great leaders in the community, great fathers or husbands or friends. You all make a big impact on those around you. That is what this is all about. And you guys are the best at it. It has been my privilege to be a part of this messed-up collection of dudes!

Duck, Duck . . . No!

Published on behalf of Big 10:

Wow! 35 Pax came out to start the week off right! Or to see me fail, and fail I did but you all killed it! If I give it, I gotta take it. Fair is fair and I heard all of your comments, so payback will happen!

Waking up to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” was a great way to start this fiasco! So let’s do this.


Moseyed 50 feet (felt right)

* No SSH, because those are banned for being silly.

* Shoulder moves, a clue to the rest of the morning.

* Merkins X 10

* Potato pickers

* Lunges


Mosey’ed to the hill. Time to work the shoulders and chest. And time to figure out what the heck we were gonna do. I really thought this was all a joke, in case you didn’t know.

* 25/20/15/10/5 Merkins and hill climbs between each rep.

* 7-1 burpees with hill climbs in between each rep.

* Moneyball with the count… he’s slow. Why I picked him.

At this point, I was not happy with the Q which was me and made it all the more awkward.

Mosey to the big lot. Time for some really bad decisions.

* 20 curb merkins to dry the shoes for the worst Q ideas in the history of worst Q decisions!

* Duck, Duck, Goose time. Big circle w/ planks and squats as we raced around the circle for a little competition. Beckham was the real hero today… he was chasing hard and met the pavement. Stuck it out like a trooper and had the scrapes to prove it!

At this point, realized this was an awful idea. Everyone took a lap around the big circle and we moved on.

Moseyed to find light poles and did Merkins and Squats until we reached the shed. 2nd bad decision to see if we could kick the legs up on the wall and do upside down merkins. I heard audible gasps at this point. Horrible idea.

* Hit each light with assorted 10’s until we reached the rally point.

* Dealer’s Choice to finish it off… which was of course SSH’s. Jokers.

What an awesome sight to see such a huge turnout. Thanks for making my first (and likely last) Q such a blast!

#YOLO – You Only Lifted Once

20 PAX showed up at Commitment to see if the RECIPE or the ANTIDOTE for #TennisArms would be revealed.  Much to the PAX surprise, YHC actually put together a weinke with more upper body than running.


  • Appropriate and robust disclaimer given
  • Cue the boombox (no complaints about Imagine Dragons radio today?!?!)
  • Short mosey to student parking lot
  • SSH x 20
  • Parker Peter x 10
  • Imperial Squawker x 10 (in perfect Q-School cadence)
  • Tempo Merkins x 20
  • Flutters x 10


  • A lengthy explanation given of today’s “partner” work (cue Damascus’ smile)
  • All you got (AYG) around parking lot to the coupon stations
    • 2 PAX per coupon (Ranged from Buckets of Sand, 45lb plates, KBs of various weights, and some awkward dumbbells
    • Carry your weight to the lead blue paint railings
  • YHC explained that your “partner” is actually your “opponent” (cue Damascus’ frown)
    • Partner 1 does exercise and keeps cumulative count of reps
    • Partner 2 runs a lap with coupon
    • Flapjack for 2 laps each
    • Winning partner gets a “Victory Lap” (ie losing partner has to carry coupon to next station)
  • Station 1 (blue railings)
    1. Supine pull-ups
    2. Run to school and back along path
  • Station 2 (half wall)
    1. Scorpion Derkins
    2. Run around building to tennis court fence and back
  • Station 3 (elementary school flag stand)
    1. Big boy step-ups
    2. Run loop around path
  • Station 4 (elementary school swingset)
    1. Pull-ups
    2. No coupon – AYG to end of parking lot
  • Station 5 (high school concrete bleachers)
    1. Balls-to-Wall shoulder taps
    2. Run down stairs and back
  • Mosey back to front of high school with various stopping points
    • Jump squats
    • SSH
    • Hourglass/X
  • COT
    • 2 minutes of planking
  • DONE!


  • Great to have some Kotters show up; welcome back T-Ball and Pogo
  • Awesome to have some “Journeymen”; General, Erector, Das Boot (if he counts as Journeyman) and Mighty Mite CRUSHED it today
  • Always cool to be able to bring 2.0s out to these workouts; our group does a nice job of making 2.0s feel so welcome and part of the group (keep bringing them out this Summer)
  • Solid work by Shop and Dirty Bird today carting around that awkward 35lb dumbbell; that coupon is sneaky heavy and noticeably awkward (similar to me a few years back)
  • The usual crew up front is impressive to watch; Dasher, Goodfella, and Hollywood continue to set the pace which is painful awesome for the rest of us to chase
  • The Clydesdales (Damascus, Doughboy, Posse, and Run Flat) and Respects (Shop, Recalc, Southern Belle) all disproved their “identities” and smoked it today
  • Special shoutout to Goodfella for foregoing his “Victory Laps” over YHC and carrying the coupon most of the time


    • SandBox:  Great serving opportunity.  This group of F3 guys (led by Soft Pretzel and Transporter) works with The SandBox organization to help families dealing with children with tough illnesses.  Check out “the_sandbox” channel on Slack for more details
    • Open Door:  Meeting Sunday mornings at 0700-0800 at Five Stones office (1117 Cuthbertson Road).  Casual group discussion on a chapter of the Bible.  What does the passage say to you?  What application points can you take away from it?  TOMORROW:  John Chapters 16 & 17 (don’t have to pre-read it; just show up and join in)
    • Sanctuary:  Meeting Monday nights at 7:30-8:30pm at Brooklyn Pizza Parlor (Wesley Chapel).  Casual group study of the parables.  Don’t have to pre-read anything; just show up and enjoy some pizza, beer, and discussion
    • 3rd Annual 3 on 3 Basketball tourney at the Nali house (Screech Owl Road).  4-7pm.  Middle schoolers and above are welcome.  $5/guy.  Teams will be made at the tourney so no need to come with a squad.  Bring a dish to share.  BYOB (ensure NA products are Coke products only please)

Bro-lympic Team competition #WINNING

27 men came to stomp on and make fun of Participation Trophies at Dromedary on a 100% humidity morning.  After YHC’s preblast called out all the competitors, I was interested to see who showed.  Not To my surprise, there were only a few that took the morning off for good reasons.  #DoctorsNote.  Thanks to some brainstorming with Foundation the night before, YHC tried to implement some friendly competition into the workout.


  • Disclaimer given prior to launch about not suing F3 cuz we have no money or Marvin Ridge but they are flush with cash
  • Short mosey to front of parking lot with 90’s Rap on the BoomBox #IceIceBaby
  • SSH x 15
  • Imperial Squawkers x 15
  • Tempo Merkins x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 15


  • Mosey to back of parking lot where lots of weights await
  • 7 different stations set up with 2 weights each . . . Heavier weights at first station and getting progressively lighter down to seventh station
    • Weights consisted of 45lb buckets of sand, 45lb plates, 35lb dumbbells, 30lb kettlebells, Cinder blocks
  • 4 PAX to 1 station and partner in teams of 2
    • Team 1 does exercise while Team 2 runs around island at top of parking lot with weights
    • Flapjack x 2 rounds
    • Cumulative total of reps wins
    • Winners move up a station and split partners
    • Losers go down a station and split partners
    • Round 1:  Handslap merkins
    • Round 2:  World War II situps
    • Round 3:  Partner jumps over planking partner
    • Round 4:  Burpees
    • Round 5:  Squats with weights (other team runs backwards up hill)
    • Round 6:  Derkins on planking partner
  • Winners’ Rewards = Grab weights and mosey to my “FamilyTruckster
  • COT for some Mary
    • Heels to Heaven x 15
    • Diamonds x 10
    • Hourglass x 10
    • Amy Grant x 10
  • DONE!


  • Kudos to the group for being able to pull this off with my usual poor minimal explanation
  • Thanks to the guys getting and returning the cinder blocks (Goodfella, The Grease Monkey, Rockwell, Run Flat, Halfback, Delta)
  • Great to have some of the Cuthbertson crew venture away from the comfort zone (Hooch, Longhorn, Big 10, Foley, Duck Dad, Easy Button, Moneyball)
  • Jingles was back to his usual SJT (Standard Jingles Time) after a few days of posting early
  • Happy Birthday to 2.0 Tupperware (or is it Rubbermaid)
  • Nice work by 2.0 Epsilon staying towards the top groups
  • StubHub and Halfback are doing a great job pushing each other to post often . . . They are getting Fast
  • Great to see Soft Pretzel pushing through an injury
  • Shake n’ Bake and Boucher are country strong . . . and not slow either
  • Das Boot and Bratwurst claim to be runners but didn’t see much issue with them running with those weights
  • Hollywood and Dasher continue to set the pace . . . Way not to slow down so we can catch you
  • Much respect for Johnny Utah for the effort each week (and for taking us out with an awesome prayer)


  • F3 Pool Party Friday June 8th:  Please find Signup Genius link on Slack and/or GroupMe or reach out to Soft Pretzel or Transporter for more details
    • Please sign up so we know how much beer and pizza to get
    • $40/family goes to benefit The Sandbox charity
    • 8-10pm at Lawson neighborhood pool
  • Shake ‘n Bake on Q at #TheFloater Thursday morning at 0530 in downtown Waxhaw
  • Delta on Q next week at Dromedary

This is Bushwood, and we never “Crawl Bear”

21 PAX never touched the parking deck at Cerberus but still managed to celebrate #NationalWhineDay with a full carafe of Merlot(s of complaining).  Since Cerberus is situated in the mean streets of Waverly, YHC had to coerce some Waxhaw gang members to join me for the 2 hour horse-and-buggy ride north.


  • Since we were in Corporate land, a full and robust disclaimer was given
  • Mosey across parking lot
  • SSH x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • IW x 15
  • LSS x 15


  • Mosey behind Truliant to the railing
  • Hill Partner work
    • P1 does side-to-side Supines
    • P2 does 2 laps up and down grass hill
      • Crawl Bear up the hill
      • Bear Crawl down the hill
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  PAX commenced with Whining leaning towards INSUBORDINATION
  • Flapjack for 2 rounds (Q audible to 1 lap on second round)
  • Mosey to apartment area with some SSH along way
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  Dirty Bird is a mind reader
  • Escalator on hill by retention pond
    • 40 Merkins, 4 laps up and down hill
    • 30 Merkins, 3 laps up and down hill
    • 20 Merkins, 2 laps up and down hill
    • 10 Merkins, 1 lap up and down hill
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  Alf crushed the hill.  Noticed SEVERE modification on this exercise (apparently PAX are afraid of ant bites)
  • Mosey to half wall circle in front of hotel with SSH along way
  • Derkin circle
    • All PAX hold Derkin Plank position
    • 1 PAX bunny hops around entire circle
    • For each PAX that passes, a Derkin should be performed
    • Continue until all 21 PAX bunny hopped around circle
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  Forgot that you #CitySlickers don’t see bunnies so the Bunny Hop form was shaky at best
  • Mosey to roundabout by houses with SSH along way
  • 10 Trees
    • Run to bottom of hill (10th tree) and do 10 Merkins
    • Run back to roundabout and do a Burpee
    • Run to 9th tree and do 9 Merkins
    • Run back to roundabout and do a Burpee
    • Continue until 1st tree and 1 Merkin
    • EDITOR’S NOTE:  Hollywood smoked the hill.  The whining either died down for this part or my ears were clogged with sweat
  • Mosey back to COT
    • Finish with some Mary including Amy Grant x 20 which was a real crowd pleaser stumper . . . #AmyHasItAllOverJLo
  • DONE!


  • 2 FNGs:
    • Homer:  Welcome Brian.  Former Navy.  Current Lawson resident.  Look forward to having you in the mix with us
    • Eggcellent:  Welcome Brandon.  Former Cali kid (think Bill and Ted).  Current construction manager.  Nice job putting in the hard work today
  • Convergences:
    • Saturday:  0700 at Calvary Church
      • 3 Medal of Honor citations throughout the workout
      • PreBlast Link
    • Monday:  Speed for Need & Patriot 5K
  • F3 Pool Party to support The Sandbox:
    • Friday June 8th at 8:00pm
    • Lawson Pool
    • All F3 members welcome and encouraged to bring wives and 2.0s
    • $40/family includes Beer and Pizza
    • Please RSVP so we know how much pizza and beer to get
    • Signup Link


  • Thanks to Transporter for pushing me to Q at this site . . . Lots of opportunity
  • Thanks to my fellow WUCies for making the trip north to support my Q . . . At least a few people got my sense of humor
  • Solid whining by some guys
  • Terrific modifications by a few guys
  • Great work by all guys
  • Come on down to WUC sometime . . .Would love to have you Q . . . All our AOs are accessible by car if you don’t mind some dirt roads

THANKS ASTRO FOR TAKING US OUT!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend fellas

Forget the Clock and Grab a Rock

POSTED ON BEHALF OF HOOCH (last time before he gets his own login credentials):

22 PAX (one with a Classy ‘Stache) woke this morning for a nice run and a little lifting.   Everyone seemed to enjoy/endure with not a ton of #mumblechatter.   And if it wasn’t for all the “clock watchers” who like to speak up, we may still be there doing bleachers.  It seemed to hit all the sore muscles created on Monday with that “Stupid Log” idea, special thanks to BC.   Also, this was actually the alternate workout due to the awesome turnout this morning.   The other beat down (of a smaller group) will now have to wait.

Warm-up – Disclaimer and Introduction. (I did better counting this time)

  • Plank/Plank Stretching
  • 20 Merkins
  • 20 Potato Pickers
  • 20 SSH

The Thang – And off we go:

  • Light poles from the Parking Lot – 10 Merkins and 10 Plank Rotations each light – Mary
  • Grab a rock and Mosey to Corner – Partner Curls (150), Partner Thrusters (150), OH Press (100) while alternating partner ran to the steps, up, down and back. – Mary
  • Mosey to the Track – Bleachers one way with 20 Dips at the bottom of each as time expired.


Beautiful morning to celebrate a good butt kicking.    There is a weirdness to all of this as one feels by Qing that he is graded on the amount pain he can inflict on his fellow brothers.   Like “Fight Club” minus the fighting.

And several PAX fought through today.   Too many to really name them all.

Dasher, Hollywood, Halfback and Easy Button appeared to lead the way.  At least from my view further back in the pack.  BottleCap hung back a little with his new “Craft Fair” FNG Fred.   Everyone else powered through with little to no complaining and limited questions.

I truly thank everyone for enduring, encouraging and doing their best to enjoy a good hard workout.

Special Shout out to Craft Fair Fred who made his first workout.  I feel Fred will definitely be back once the soreness wears off.  He definitely did not skimp or modify much at all.  Well Done #MeatBall.     Fred grew up in Sweden, hence we now have MeatBall.  Please contact MeatBall with any Marketing needs.


  • F3 Family workout 9:00 Saturday the 12th
  • F3 Lawson Pool Party will be June 8th – $40 to cover with Funds going to Sandbox

Wrap up and Prayer:

Thank you BottleCap for taking us out