Last Call goes old school

Last Call goes old school

4 PAX at Last Call for a change of pace.

THE GOOD NEWS:  With the small crowd, it allows the Q to use gear and do different things . . . Kind of like when I started F3 and Transporter used to come rolling into Cutty Middle dragging his trunk due to all the gear . . . for a 5 man workout.

THE BAD NEWS:  Not really any place to hide . . . If you want to modify or coast into the weekend with limited efforts, a small crowd makes it difficult . . . Since Dasher is staring at you the entire workout


  • Mosey to front of high school for some warmup
  • Grab the gear out of the truck and lug back to same location
  • Rotation #1:  3 weight stations plus a timer (run lap with sandbag)
  • Rotation #2:  3 weight stations with timer (8 sandbag burpees)
  • Rotation #3:  2 weight stations with timer (20 slamball squats) . . . Fiji had to take off early
  • Mary
  • Great mumblechatter during these workouts
    • Fiji took a 6 month vacation to Antarctica
    • High Hat almost refused to workout with Dasher and YHC due to our lack of effort
    • Dasher won an ultra marathon trail race last night at WhiteWater Center
    • The Site Qs showed up and offered encouragement, brought drinks, and gave us a shovel flag
  • Service Opportunities tomorrow
    • 0800 at Cutty Middle . . . Bring blowers, shovels, and wheelbarrows to help with cross-country course
    • 1000 at Christ’s Closet . . . Bring your truck, trailer, and some extra help


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